My Opinion on She Was Pretty

17All the good dramas seem to be popping up all at once because out of all the dramas I’ve seen this year, the ones I really like are the ones from this past two month, and I’ve got another one to add onto my list. I’ve been hearing good reviews about She Was Pretty and caved in, marathoning through 15 eps in one day, and despite my current commitments, I have no regrets because it is just as good as everyone says it is. It’s a drama that has not only has both substance and fluff, but has them in perfect proportions. SWP is everything that I want from a drama and so much more and that is what makes it so great. Read more

G.E.M Tang Releases Breath-Taking Visual Album HEARTBEAT

1The very talented and China’s Taylor SwiftG.E.M Tang, just yesterday dropped her hotly anticipated fifth studio album HEARTBEAT right in the middle of her X.X.X. Live Tour. Despite how busy she is, she managed to create a visual album with each song on the album having their own MV to convey their deepest meaning. Not only that but she also personally penned the 10 songs on the album. I’ve gone through her entire album and again, and boy, does it make my heart beat.  Read more

Kingone Wang Back with Daily Love or Spend

2Some stars just never seem to give themselves a break and Kingone Wang is one of them with back-to-back dramas. No sooner does one drama end, but before I hear news about that drama ending, I am hearing news of his comeback drama. In 2013 he starred in the drama Happy 300 Days and followed that on with Spring and Tie the Knot. Without giving himself a break, this year he starred in the melo Somebody Like You, the heart-wrenching The Day I Lost U and now back with a new daily, Love or Spend. Kingone has got an impressive resume under his belt, having played an array of characters. Just this year alone, he has played two of his most challenging characters to date – a blind man in SLY and a spinocerebellar ataxia sufferer. Read more

Quirky Insights for Roy Qiu and Alice Ke’s New Drama Marry Me, or Not?

1I have been waiting for the premiere of Marry Me, or Not? since what feels like forever and now it is just a day away from our television screens. It will air on CTV, following the heart-wrenching drama fare The Day I Lost U which will be a nice change of tone from the offering of its predecessor. I am super duper excited for this drama and from what the teasers and previews have offered, this drama looks like it will be a beautiful, quirky offering, something that is right up my alley. I haven’t been captivated by any Taiwanese drama this year based on previews alone until this drama came along so it better be good because it has set my expectations high and I really want it to meet these expectations.  Read more

My Opinion on From Five to Nine (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made): First Impressions

5jikara9jimadeOh, I am hooked, seriously hooked onto From Five to Nine (5-ji Kara 9-ji Made) and I’m pretty sure that this isn’t a good time to get hooked onto any drama as I should really be studying for my exams. But once you’re hooked, you’re hooked and there’s no way out. 5–>9 is such a sweet drama; it’s captivating from right from the first ep and has a very luring charm to it that one cannot resist. It lured me in right from the very first ep and now I just cannot get enough of it. 5–>9 is a drama adaption of the manga of the same name. The manga is said to have more of an arousing theme to it while here that theme has been toned down significantly to better suit TV purposes which makes sense and is actually working well for the drama as it creating balance and smooth progression for the plot.  Read more

My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 13-20

5It’s been a while since When I See You Again finished airing and it was such a cutesy, fluffy drama to watch from start through to finish. Every ep was filled with fluff and that was what made watching it so easy. The fluff what basically what held the drama. There is no denying that the drama lacked substance but there was enough fluff going around to sustain the drama and that in it of itself is not something that many dramas can manage. Dramas that lack substance tend to fall flat but luckily WISYA does not fall in this category. WISYA, while lacking in substance, packed a punch in delivering for its worth, and really that is all that I could have asked for from it. With the direction that WISYA headed it, there was only so much that it could deliver and it did deliver which what all dramas should be going. Read more

Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy Tie The Knot in Lavish Ceremony

9Love is in the air for Chinese actor Huang Xiao Ming and his princess Angelababy who recently got married. To be fair, they registered their marriage a few months back but it was until just recently that they made a big celebration in Shanghai to commemorate their unity. Xiao Ming and Angelababy are big names themselves but their is no doubt that together, they have one-upped themselves up to being a power-couple with what the media describes has half the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment circle in attendance. They had 200 tables and 2000 guests with the names of Fan Bing BingRuby LinAdy An and Zheng Kai in attendance. Their wedding was very lush and fairytale-like, with a very romantic feel to it and has very element of blessed to it. They took their wedding photos in Paris and it is some gorgeous masterpiece!  Read more

Bii Ventures into Acting in New Drama with Megan Lai

1When I See You Again is almost finished with its run and while it wasn’t anything spectacular, it was quite a fluffy and cutesy drama that I enjoyed watching. Seems like SETTV is deciding to stick with rom-coms after its experiment with the melo Someone Like You as the follow-up drama will too be a rom-com. The follow-up drama has yet to have an English name but the literal translation would be “Falling in Love With the Guys” and from that and the promotion material that has been surfacing, it seems like there will be some gender-bender in play. Read more

Ariel Lin Arm in Arm with Vic Zhou and Bolin Chen at 50th Golden Bell Awards


Ariel Lin with Vic Zhou (left) and Bolin Chen (right)

Last Saturday hosted the prestigious 50th annual Golden Bell Awards, and a star-studded event it was with everyone looking stunning. There were some big winners who I was so glad to take home an award. Of course, fashion is always something to look forward to in events like this and it was definitely glam glam. But I don’t think anyone was as glam as Ariel Lin, only because she herself is a two-time Golden Bell Award winner walked down the red carpet with two arm candies side by side – Bolin Chen and Vic Zhou – who themselves are also Golden Bell Awards winners. The trio were clearly there to promote their upcoming movie Go Lala Go which will be out by year end (can’t wait!) but it was nice to be able to see Ariel reunite with Bolin after their winning drama In Time With You which brought them together as best friends.  Read more

My Opinion on When I See You Again: Episodes 7-12


When I See You Again has been such a cute and fluffy drama to watch and even now as we are hitting the middle point of the drama it still remains ever as cute and fluffy to watch. I love this because I don’t have to necessarily be up-to-date with the drama to feel like I am in it on the drama action. Its fluffiness makes it such a great watch for me, especially during my studies break because I don’t necessarily have to be up-to-date with it to feel like I am clued in on the drama action. WISYA isn’t a drama with substance, but it is a drama that packs a punch despite lacking the substance. It manages to keep me engaged ep after ep and I personally think that is a wonderful achievement for any drama, and especially so for this drama as it feels so minimal yet is able to achieve the achievement that many emotionally heavy dramas struggle to achieve. That in it of itself is already a winner for the drama. Read more