My Opinion on Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO Episodes 14, 15 & 16

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 9.51.46 pmThis is another joint review this time on episodes 14 ,15&16 because I have once again caught myself busy in the midst of real life and then I got really lazy in writing this post. I did manage to squeeze in some time to finish it and while the drama had a poor start, it managed to finish on a better note which is a very nice way to draw a conclusion to the story that was quite a struggle for me to even get through the middle few eps of the drama. As a sequel, I loved how flowed on from the first season visually. Whether it be the casting, the setting to even the colour tones used, it was just like that of the first season and that is something that really constitutes it as a sequel. I really enjoyed how it seemed to flow so seamlessly from the first season through to this season. Read more

Ella Koon and Hubby Announces Pregnancy

1I love writing about happy news because every one deserves happiness and there is nothing better than to share the happiness around. Recently, the Chinese-entertainment industry has been plagued with pregnancy news and today there is another one to add to that plague. Hong Kong singer-actor Ella Koon dropped that she is pregnant with her doctor hubby Juan-Domingo Maurellet‘s first child. The two met through speed-dating back in 2009, got engaged in November last year and got married in February of this year. The two dropped with announcement on Weibo with the caption “We would like to share this exciting news . . . JE SUIS ENCEINTE! ?? 我们要宣布 . . . 我怀孕了! 这是上天赐给我们最好的礼物!感恩!” accompanied with the picture (above) of Ella smiling ever so brightly with a Scrabble board spelling out the words “I am pregnant”. This pregnancy was unexpected for the couple and threw Ella’s work schedule into chaos. Scheduled to release a new album later this year, she will be pushing it back and she will be easing off her workload in preparation for the arrive of her bub. At 36 years old (she doesn’t look like it), she has always been quite worried about being a high-risk mother and is taking the necessary precautions to ensure that her bub arrives safely.  Read more

Chris Wang Becomes a Father to an Adorable Baby Girl

3It’s baby news all around Taiwan because that seems to be the thing lately. Chris Wang is officially a father to a baby girl with his former manager-fiancée Xiao Xian. The two have been in a relationship for quite a while but kept denying that there was anything going on between them until pictures of them surfaced last year but gave them the push to admit to their relationship. It was only a case of time with their precious creation. The parents are extremely ecstatic to this new addition to their life and who wouldn’t be with this cute bundle of joy? Chris posted on Facebook a picture of him and his fiancée holding onto their baby’s hand in announcement of the arrival of their baby. Read more

Beatrice Fang and Baby-Daddy Yang Ming Wei Have Tied the Knot


It was only a few days ago when news exploded of Beatrice Fang being pregnant with fellow actor boyfriend Yang Ming Wei‘s boyfriend and while they spoke of getting married soon, “soon” came faster than I could even blink my eyes. News of their pregnancy was supposed to come after wrapping up their current drama Dear Mom but it came out earlier than they had expected, much like their marriage and pregnancy. Those who have been watching Dear Mom have been noticing with steady eyes of Beatrice weight gain and the drama even wrote a pregnancy storyline for her character but who would have thought she’d be pregnant in real life.  Read more

Wedding Bells for Sunny Wang and Celebrity Girlfriend Dominique “Dizzy” Cai


The wedding bells are ringing for Sunny Wang and celebrity girlfriend Dominique “Dizzy Dizzo” Cai. Yuupp, you read it right, Sunny is officially off the markets! Who would have thought, especially with his status of being the playboy of Taiwan. Sunny has had quite the number of celebrity hook-ups so much so that it’s quite easily to lose track of who he is dating, and there definitely wasn’t any sign for him to get married any time soon but when the time comes, it comes and sometimes it comes when it is least expected.  Read more

Beatrice Fang Pregnant with Dear Mom Co-Star Yang Ming Wei’s Baby


It is just happiness on top of happiness for Beatrice Fang who is enjoying her career high having achieved household recognition with her roles in the drama Fall in Love with Me and more recently in the daily Dear Mom with her recently announcing that she is pregnant with frequent co-star Yang Ming Wei‘s baby. The two first met on-set during the filming of FILWM where they clicked, something which they got to develop during the filming of Dear Mom and now with a baby on the way, it will be something that will forever bound these two together. The two are going to be such adorable parents and the pregnancy comes at the right time with Dear Mom wrapping up in a few days, giving the parents-to-be some time off to adjust to this bundle of joy heading their way. Marriage is on the way for them with them dating on the premises of marriage and with their bundle of joy in the coming it’s double the happiness for them. Their pregnancy news was supposed to be revealed after Dear Mom wrapped but it surfaced earlier than expected and now it’s news we all know.  Read more

Rain and Tiffany Tang Headline Diamond Lover

1Tiffany Tang took over Chinese television back in January and February with her three back-to-back dramas My SunshineLady and the Liar and Legend of Fragrance which were all ratings hit, cementing Tiffany’s status as one of China’s most sought-after television leading lady. You’d think that after those juggernaut hits of hers she would be off the radar for a while but she is back sooner than you can even get her to sit down. Her leading men have all been quite the superstar themselves but this time she is crossing the strait to Korea, or rather, her leading man is crossing the strait from Korea to China. Tiffany goes for her big names because her leading man is none other than Rain. This is the second time the two are working together with them having previously worked together with him in the movie For Love or Money. Rain has been based in China since My Lovely Girl, which was a stinker of a drama that dipped low in ratings and wasn’t well-received.  Read more

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan Announce a Xiao Chou Chou is On The Way

3Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan‘s extravagant, extravagant, extravagant weddings back in January is one of the most-talked about celebrity hook-up in TW-ent. It has just been raining happiness for them with their three weddings allowing them to travelling around the world. The happiness continues to rain for them with an oven in the bun! Awww, congrats to the parents-to-be! We all knew this was in the coming especially when Jay vocally expressing that he would like to have many kids. The couple stuck with the tradition of keeping mum for the first three months of the pregnancy. The announcement came on Facebook where Jay posted two photos, along with the caption “Let’s see who looks better walking around with a ball”. It’s just bliss for this couple and it will only get better for them with their bun that’s cooking up.  Read more

My Opinion on Boysitter

Boysitter (1)This one is going to be a quickie before I put myself back into studying mode. 😛 I’m not even sure where to begin with Boysitter. It wasn’t a drama that grabbed my attention but at the time I just decided to watch it because I wanted something to live-watch and Boysitter so happened to be the available drama that seemed interesting enough for me to dedicate my time to. That’s what I thought because it turned out to be so otherwise. The pretty visuals was about the only thing that I enjoyed out of the drama and that was such hugely deceiving for what the drama offered. The pretty visuals is the surface only because once you start seeing the layers peel away, you soon come to realise that it is not what it seems. Boysitter was such a bore to watch and I struggled to force myself to finish watching it. Read more

Murphy’s Law Takes Over Next Week

2The drama that was Aim High even though it did not aim very high recently concluded and that means SETTV is ready for a new Friday-night drama is ready to take over that slot. That drama is Murphy (莫非,這就是愛情; Chinese translation: Could this be love?) starring Danson Tang and Ivelyn Lee. The official title is something quite expected. It is lackluster on paper but that one word “Murphy” actually holds a heavy definition to it. SETTV is known for giving dramas recycled, cheeky titles but this time around, I actually prefer the literal title which sounds even better in Chinese. I haven’t seen Danson in ages since Hana Kimi which is a very long time ago and I have never seen Ivelyn around but they do make quite a refreshing couple. Starring alongside them is Jolin Chien who will cause a stir in Danson and Ivelyn’s relationship. This drama doesn’t seem to excite me all that much but hopefully it will lift things up from Aim High.  Read more