Skip Beat! Episode 3 Recap

Gong Xi is listening to the conversation on the phone. The speaker on the phone says, “Sorry, I was too stubborn, too selfish, too heartless. ” Hearing these three words, Gong Xi recalls Shang using the exact words to describe her. In her imagination, Shang appears and says, “After breaking up with you, I dated many women but there was never a good ending. They each told me that I only loved myself and never gave back. Now I realise that you are the only person who is completely true to me. For me, you gave everything without limit. You never complained to me. To help me pursue my dreams, you were willing to give up your own life. Gong Xi, sorry. I know that I was wrong. You still love me right? You are willing to give me another chance right? Let us start over again okay?

After hearing what Shang said, her face is filled with emotions. She cries as she answers, “I am very happy. I always believed that you will say that to me one day, to return to your side.”  The judges are impressed, really impressed.


Gong Xi bows her head to Shang. Her spirits kick in. She throws the mobile phone and says to Shang, “Did you think I would love you again? Do you think I am an idiot, you bastard!” The judges are shell-shocked, probably at her change in motion. She drops to the floor and cries.

Gong Xi finds out that she got eliminated from the audition. She goes to Manager Shen to ask for the reason that she got eliminated? Is it because the president doesn’t like her performance? Is it because she broke the phone? She learns from the manager that an artist has to depend on the audience’s support and encouragement in order to exist. Where would they get the support and encouragement? From love of course. An artist needs to love the audience in order to grow and exist. She realises that she is lacking the emotion of love.

Lian sees Gong Xi leaving on the escalator. Her face offers no emotion. Lian watch her from a window as she leave the building. Back at the restaurant, her boss tell her to go upstairs to her room because she doesn’t have the right to serve the customers with such a dead expression. She spends her night crying and recalls that everything she did was for Shang.


The president is up thinking. His granddaughter asks if contestant 101 was recruited. He tells her that she is not bad but she got rejected. The girl’s response was that it was unfortunate. Just then Manager Shen calls the president and asks him isn’t a pity yo just let go of Gong Xi just like that.

After crying, Gong Xi goes to find her rock (which is supposedly called Corn) and remembers that when she was little, all she had to do was take out the rock and absorb all of her sorrows. Someone once told her that it is a magical rock that can eat up all sorrows.


Gong Xi gives up on all her hope of working in the showbiz industry. She finds a job working at a petrol station. She sees Lian on the news and decides to change the channel because she doesn’t want to see him. She doesn’t change the channel because Lian says some good words in front of the media but some very different words to her. She strangles the TV Lian. Her co-workers sees and wonders if she has a problem… Gong Xi is doing her best at work trying to forget about entering the showbiz industry.


Gong Xi sees Shang’s car at the petrol station. Uh-oh! She imagines him with a spanner and wacks her face. She decides that she can’t let him know that she works here. One of her co-workers go up to Shang and tells him that she bought one of his newest posters and she points to Gong Xi as well. Her co-worker tells her to go up and tell Shang how much she loves him. She bob down her head and tells him that he is much more handsome than Dun He Lian. Gong Xi goes up and sees Shang face-to-face. He offers for a handshake but she doesn’t accept. Much to her dismay, he doesn’t even recognise her.

She returns home and lets out her anger onto her voo doo doll of Shang. Her bosses are cosplaying again and they hear Shang in her room. Her boss goes and tells her to not give up.


Gong Xi takes up her boss’ advice and decides to sneak into LME. She successfully sneaks in but runs into an older actress. The actress says that she must be that person from the new department and makes her carry her luggage in. There she runs into Lian and Manager Shen. Manager Shen tells her to start with the work at hand (helping the actress carry her luggage) while he goes to tell the president. To Gong Xi’s surprise, Lian offers to carry the luaggage instead. She wonders if he at the wrong medicine today and that maybe she has misunderstood him.

Lian explains to Gong Xi that she is the member of LME’s newest branch – Love Me Branch. The Love Me branch is a newly estabished branch by the president for people who lack the skills and hesitates. She learns that she is the only member there and people will award her points if she does a task well. If she gets enough points, she can debut. She receives a -10 point from the actress because she made Lian carry the luggage when she was supposed to do it. She suspects that Lian is fooling around with her, which he is doing.

Manager Shen and Gong Xi meet the president in a very very very cool room with furniture that moves. The president tells Gong Xi that she will work in this department from now on.

As a member of LME, Gong Xi has to wear a bright pink suit for suit. Gong Xi’s first job is removing bubble gum from the floors.


Shang and Lian, coincidentally, are in the same building. Shang sees Lian and says that it is great because he has been thinking for a very long time what attitude should he have to start a war with him. Shang imagines that Lian bows to him and tells him that he is the most handsome man in Taiwan. Yet in reality, Shang says that he is too handsome and even takes off his jacket to show off his muscles. Shang trips a flower stand in front of Lian. The two men lock gazes.


My Opinion:

This drama is getting better by each episode. The real drama are going to start soon! Yippee! I love how Lian is toying with Gong Xi. They are so cute! Siwoon’s expressions are getting better, filled with more emotion. From his smile, you can tell a lot. 😀 I love his smile! It’s so handsome, cute and adorable! I also love Ivy’s emotions. She is good and her emotions fit in really well with the drama. Oh, and I really like the two guys! They are so cuteeeeee!

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