In Time With You Episode 3 Recap

Nic is helping You Qing to carry some boxes of shoes when her phone rings. Nic gets her phone out for her from her pocket. It’s her high school friend, Zhang Mei Mei, who has called to tell her that she has gotten a divorce. (I am surprised that Mei Mei has her number). She goes to console and comfort her while Nic watches from behind a window. Mei Mei tries to act if everything is fine. You Qing holds up a mirror and tells Mei Mei to face herself.

At work Da Ren gets called in and is told that he got a promotion which means a relocation. He should be happy right? However, he is not, maybe because he has to relocate. Who knows? One of his colleagues come and tease him about “Da Ren Ge”. He calls You Qing to talk to her about but she could barely reply that she is extremely busy before cutting off and watching customers fight over shoes.


After a long a tiring day, Nic notices that her feet are aching from wear high-heels all day long. So the attentive Nic goes and brings her some thongs.

There is a really cute note from Nic once again on her desk. The feeling of being pampered is good. Nic gives her a wake-up call reminding her that she has a meeting at 9am. She lies in bed wondering why he is being so nice to her and tries to assure herself that he just wants to do a good job as her assistant. She calls Da Ren, but he could only manage to say that he is extremely busy before cutting her off, mirroring her phone call earlier. The feeling of not being pampered is really terrible.

The airport is in a total chaos with passengers in frustration because of a delayed flight to Hong Kong due to a typhoon. After all of the passengers are taken care of, Da Ren seize the opportunity to grab some sleep. Maggie brings him a neck pillow and a bottle of water. As she leaves, she tells him that she is intentionally allowing him to get addicted to her.

You Qing is steps out and is welcomed with rain but she forgot to bring her umbrella. She watches as her colleagues are picked up by their boyfriends. She sees LaLa who is waiting for Henry to come and pick her up. Henry comes and picks up LaLa. They offer to give You Qing a ride but she refuses. Just at that moment, Nic swoops in with an umbrella to save her. She is flattered by all of Nic’s kind-doings.

I thought that You Qing was an only child but I guess not. She comes home to find her sister-in-law and brother taking advantage of her and her older sister just visiting. Her sister-in-law comes to take whatever clothes and freebies that You Qing has to offer. Her brother asks her to ask Da Ren to help him upgrade the plane tickets so his mother-in-law can sit in first class. You Qing tells her brother to ask Da Ren himself but he doesn’t feel close enough to ask. After her brother and sister-in-law leaves, she has a talk with her sister. They talk about men in general. She notes that Da Ren is charismatic. Her sister perks up at the mention of Da Ren because she has suspected that there was something going on between the two. She watches as her sister leaves and says that even though it is hateful to be old, then finding someone who ages slowly won’t be bad. Nic pops into her mind.

At work Nic and You Qing’s proximity is really close. He tells her that his perfume smells nice. (Okay, so you are hitting on her.) She leaves flattered to answer her phone. Da Ren invites her out for dinner.


She tells him about Nic saving her from the rain incident but he just doesn’t get it. She tells him that she doesn’t know whether Nic is treating him as a supervisor or a woman. He goes through the list of men that she dated and mentions that none of them are suitable for me. He mentions Ding Li Wei and she garners a reaction to this. He tells her that she treated him as Henry’s scapegoat. He points out that all of the moments that she had doesn’t result in anything yet she still continues to believe in those moments. Relecting on it, she realises that they have never been single at the same time. (Hmmm…are you guys both single right now? You aren’t in any relationship.)

Maggie calls Da Ren and asks him where he is. He tells her that he is at a dinner with a friend. You Qing invites her to come over. And she comes over in a flash. She calls You Qing Jie. Maggie has gotten on her bad side already, or well long ago when she realised that Maggie likes Da Ren. During dinner Da Ren and You Qing continue to talk about love, dating and past classmates with Maggie frequently interupting the conversation. Maggie asks them when their friendship started. They counteract each other; Da Ren says high school and You Qing says university. (Well they have been friends for 14 years. 30 minus 14 equals 16. I am pretty sure 16 is still in high school…)

You Qing excuses herself to go to the bathroom and tells her reflection that Da Ren’s taste in women is getting worse and worse.

After dinner, the two women wait patiently for Da Ren to come out of the restaurant not exchanging any looks or words. When Da Ren comes out, Maggie immediately clings onto his side. Da Ren offers to take her home but there is no need because she has called Nic to come and take her home. Nic offers Da Ren a handshake. Da Ren was reluctant to shake his hand.

On the walk home, You Qing explains to Nic that Da Ren is just a friend. Nic starts to hit on her again by saying that she hasn’t been aboard for a long time and that she needs a vacation soon. He suggests that maybe they can go on one together soon. You Qing can feel Nic’s hand touching hers so she immediately removes her hand and offers to pay for his taxi fee. He declines because she only sees him as working overtime. He just tells her that he was happy to receive her call. She wonders what his intentions are.


Da Ren takes Maggie home. Her place is filled with police because there has been a robbery at the neighbours’ place. Da Ren escorts her back to her apartment and seeks out the place just in case the robber is there. Da Ren is about to leave but she begs him to stay until she falls asleep. They talk and she tells him to sleep on the bed with her if he is uncomfortable. When he declines, she asks if he is gay. o.o (Wow, they aren’t even in a relationship yet and she wants to sleep with him. Fast mover! And no, if he doesn’t want to sleep with you,if doesn’t mean that he is gay. He is either not as opened-minded as you or he isn’t that into you!) She asks him why he always allow the girl to take initiative in everything. (Could it be that he doesn’t like you that’s why you are so initiative!?) He tells her he is think about everything related to love. She tells him to stop thinking and takes the initiative to kiss him. Then she lies on his chest. His phone rings but she tells him not to answer it.


He answers it anyway. She asks him why he hasn’t called to ask her about Maggie’s opinion. He tells her that he is unsure of how he feels towards Maggie. She tells him that he shouldn’t have chased her until he was sure of how he felt. He points out that Maggie is the one actively pursing him. She asks him about his opinion on Nic. He tells her that he is young and good looking. She then asks him about how far he and Maggie have progressed. He lies that they have held hands and then Maggie comes and allows You Qing to know that da Ren is at her house.

Knowing that he is spending the night at Maggie’s how, she immediately hangs up and sarcastically apologises for bothering them. She then wonders why she is so mad for. (Because you are in love with Da Ren sweetie! It’s just that you don’t know it yet.) She tells herself it must be because that she is afraid that she is lacking behind in progress.

Da Ren’s sister asks him to fund her motorbike. He asks how much and she tells him that it depends on how much he loves her. She asks how much she can take and he replies that it depends on how much she loves him. She tells him that luckily she doesn’t love him much.


Henry meets You Qing and asks her about Nic. She goes to her office to find her coffee cup empty.  She gets called to her boss’ office to learn that she has an unwelcomed promotion due to the workplace being short-staffed. He boss suggest that she take Nic along for the business trip but she declines.

Meanwhile, Da Ren is thinking about what his sister said about life being impossible without love and to confess before it is too late. He starts to send a text to Maggie but Maggie comes rushing in saying that her mother is involved in a car accident.

You Qing goes to the bathroom to hear people gossiping about her and Nic. After hearing this, it gives her the spirit to date Nic even more. So goes back to the office and tells Nic that they are going on a business trip tomorrow in front of everyone. He tells her that he was in a rush this morning so he forgot her coffee but it is there now.

You Qing is packing her luggage and is deciding whether to bring some lingerie or not. She decides against. Da Ren calls You Qing to talk. He tells her what she said was right – love is a matter of the moment. He takes it that he slept with Maggie. He starts to explain but she doesn’t want to hear the details – all she hear is that he slept with Maggie. She then goes on to brag that she will catch up to him soon. She tells him about her business trip tomorrow. He asks her if she is going to bring some lingerie along in case Nic comes knocking at her door. He tells her to make sure that he “is the one” before she does anything. She yells at him that she doesn’t love her because he is blind and can’t can’t see the great qualities that she has because she is better than “not bad”. She storms off and decides to bring the lingerie after all.


You Qing and Nic are on a business trip at Taichung. After work, he goes to retrieve her handbag which she forgot to retrieve, buys her coffee, shields her through the rain, pays her compliments and holds her hand as he takes her throughout the city for lunch. She wants to find out why he is treating her so well but doesn’t have the guts to ask him straightforwardly. So instead she asks him if it is because she is motherly. He just tells her that being with her allows him to feel happiness.


As they approach her room, Nic invites her to his room to drink whiskey. She agrees but changes into her sexy lingerie first. At his room she asks him why he doesn’t call her You Qing Jie. He tells her that she doesn’t feel like an older sister to him and that she is a little sister who needs protecting. She asks him if that is a confession. Just then the door rings and in comes Nic’s gay lover. He comes up and tells You Qing that Nic is just using her to climb higher and that he doesn’t like girls. (Damn you Nic! How can you use a woman’s feelings like that!? That is just despicable!

You Qing leaves in tears. She calls Da Ren who is just about to cook dinner for Maggie. She empties out her heart to him. She tells him that she is not even as good as “not bad”. She continues to cry as she tells him how stupid, how gullible and what a joke she is. He listens as she empties her heart out. She tells him to tell her what is wrong with her. He said that he will once she opens the door. And there stands Li Da Ren. (Awwww, so cute! You obviously love her!)

He shows her a mirror and tells her that he is here to see the real Cheng You Qing. She shows the mirror away because she doesn’t have the face to see the real her. He tells her that only he knows the beautiful side of her. He tells her that even if she is busy, she will drop everything to comfort her friend; doesn’t mind being used by her family because she finds happiness that she is needed; even when someone hurts her, she will still praise their strong points. He tells her that in this world there is no other Cheng You Qing and it was definitely worth the one and a half hour trip. He tells her to believe in herself and to stop crying. He asks him where all her tissue are. She tells him that she used them all. He lends her his shoulder for her to cry on.


My Opinion:

I knew that Nic is a gay guy but never would I have thought that he would use You Qing to reach higher levels in his career. I thought that only happens in Hong Kong dramas! I didn’t even know that he was using her. I just thought he was leading her on for some reason. But that was really low of him. How could you play with a woman’s feelings like that!?

Wow! I must say Maggie really wants to get a move-on with Da Ren. She is like hitting on him with every spare second that she has. She isn’t even in a relationship with Da Ren yet she is already to pounce on him. I know that she likes him but she isn’t even sure if he likes her!

I can’t wait to see the next episode. It seems as though our couple are going to get a move-on!


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