In Time With You Episode 5 Recap


Cheng Ma comes up to You Qing and asks her to help her remember her pile of passwords. You Qing thinks she is handing her some future matter but Cheng Ma tells that that’s not it; she just wants her to remember her passwords for her so if she forgets she can come and ask her. She complains that she already has her only pile of passwords to remember herself. Cheng Ma tells her to find someone who she can reply on to help remember her passwords for her. This leads to You Qing wondering who Li Da Ren can entrust his passwords to. No matter how much we deny it, we need someone who we can entrust our passwords to.

Later that night, You Qing is packing for the vacation trip with Da Ren. She looks down at her list of what to bring but can’t decipher what the ‘B’ stands for. So she calls her best friend to ask what word starts with ‘b’. ‘B’? Even the subject is too vast for him to decipher. She narrows it down and tells him that she is packing for the trip but can’t decipher what the ‘b’ stands for. He tells her that since she is going on a trip with him, the ‘b’ must stand for ‘book.’

Guess who has decided to tag along the trip uninvited? No other than annoying Maggie! You Qing is not happy. Da Ren whispers that he will explain later. Maggie apologises – okay, apologise is far from what she meant – and phrases her apology in a way that would make You Qing narrow-minded if she did not let her to join in on their trip. You Qing is not narrow-minded. She puts on a fake smile and tells her that she initially told Da Ren to invite her along.

Maggie takes  shotgun but Da Ren tells her to sit in the back because You Qing gets car sick easily. Seeing that Maggie isn’t buying it, she she takes the driver seat instead claiming that Da Ren drives like a snail.

Anyway, during the car trip, annoying Maggie keeps trying to feed Da Ren food. You Qing mentions that she is thirsty and Da Ren opens her a bottle of water. Maggie gets jealous and says she is thirsty too. He asks her what she wants. She tells him to guess but he gives up because he doesn’t know what is it that she wants. She ends up saying juice. Cheng Ma calls to ask You Qing what her favourite ice-cream flavour is. Since she is driving, Da Ren answers instead and tells Cheng Ma that it is dark chocolate. This makes Maggie ask her Da Ren Ge what his favourite flavour is. You Qing answers that he doesn’t like ice-cream. (Who doesn’t like ice-cream!?) Da Ren explains that if he liked ice-cream, it would be vanilla flavoured. You Qing’s answer to this is a severe turn and a toilet break.

While Maggie is on her toilet break, Da Ren takes this opportunity to explain that Maggie just turned up at his house in the morning and he couldn’t just leave her. You Qing feels like he values love over friendship. Da Ren explains that if he values love over friendship, he wouldn’t have taken her  on this trip. She tells him that he shouldn’t have told her but he tells her that couldn’t have just gone missing for three days without telling his girlfriend. Our annoying Miss Maggie returns from her toilet break and interrupts their argument asking them what is wrong. You Qing just tells her that it’s because he drives like a snail.


At the holiday resort, You Qing separates herself from the couple. Da Ren sends her apologetic looks while trying to invite her to enjoy them while Maggie also fakingly tries to get You Qing to join them ask well. While out purchasing food, Maggie tries to pry Da Ren away from You Qing. Da  Ren suggest that they buy what they want to eat and return to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, Da Ren is trying to get You Qing’s attention on the balcony. He is interrupted but our Miss Annoying Maggie comes to suggest a place to go tomorrow. He tells her to discuss it with You Qing first since she was the one who got added on to this trip.

That night Maggie ruins You Qing’s peaceful mood in the hot tub by exclaiming about beauty. In her mind, You Qing points out that her talkativeness is going to ruin the beauty. Maggie tells her that she and her Da Ren Ge has decided to go to the Flower Trail. She asks her if she is okay with it. What do you think Missy? You Qing leaves and heads to the sauna with Maggie tagging along soon afterwards. Maggie mentions that she intends to get married with Da Ren next month. You Qing asks a bunch of questions about Da Ren which she doesn’t know. The point that You Qing is trying to make is that she should understand Da Ren more before they get married. You Qing tells her that she is the person who understands Da Ren the most. Maggies says  “But you guys are just friends. So I win at love, but lose to time, right? From now on I will work hard to catch up” You Qing laughs and says, “I’m not your rival. Your true rival, is Da Ren’s heart.”


That night, Maggie wakes up to find herself alone. She barges into Da Ren’s room and makes him stay in her room until she fell asleep because she is afraid to sleep alone. Meanwhile, You Qing has gone to inquire when is the earliest bus that leaves to the train station. He notice that You Qing didn’t even take her books with her so he goes to find her. He finds her with her legs in the pool. She tells him not to be so good to her because it might not necessarily be good for them. She tells him that her intention was to torture him and make him feel bad for betraying a friend but now she has decided to give up because she doesn’t want to be a third party in his relationship.

She thinks about what he said about her being a ‘vacuum cleaner full of rotten men’ but tells him that his taste in women aren’t that good either. He says that Maggie is “not bad”s so he wants to try to see if they can be together. It’s not that he doesn’t like Maggie, it’s just that she is far from ‘love’. She tells him that she just wants him to be happy and that she would rather be overly jealous than be his love’s obstacle. They promised each other from now on, now matter who’s companion it is who has an opinion on their friendly trip, they would not force it any more.


The next day Maggie tells Da Ren that You Qing is missing. He thinks that it she must have left because she doesn’t want to be an obstacle in his relationship. They later find You Qing in the gym exercising. You Qing tells them that she wants to exercise and that they should go enjoy themselves. Maggie tells her that exercising is boring but Da Ren just drags her away. It starts to rain so I guess they won’t be going to the Flower Trail after all. The three end up spending some time back at the hotel room. Maggie is playing a guessing game with Da Ren and she insists that You Qing play as well so she won’t be lonely. You Qing guess that Da Ren’s number must be a 3 because he loves the number 3 so much. Maggie looks at the answer and finds that it really is 3.

On the trip back home, You Qing comments that Da Ren is like a grassland – when you are tired after walking in high heels, you just have to remove your shoes and step on it, then you can go back to how you were in the beginning. Maggie doesn’t understand what she means and describes Da Ren as a bed – a place where she can stay everyday. Maggie pesters him to describe her. He tells her that she is like a bookmark which You Qing explains that she can let him rest for a while after reading a book for a long time. (Not true, she bugs him 24/7!) Maggie then asks him to describe You Qing but because he understands her too well, he can’t think of a word to describe her.


You Qing returns home to find her nephew here because his parents (her brother and sister-in-law) had a fight. Meanwhile, Maggie makes Da Ren take her over to see his mother even though he clearly told her that his mother has a strict way of treating guests. But, she invites herself over anyway.

Da Ren’s mother is practising lines with Uncle Bai when Da Ren returns with an unexpected guest. Maggie calls Uncle Bai “father” which gives his mother a unpleasant feeling. Li Ma doesn’t even acknowledge Maggie’s presence. Instead, she scolds Da Ren for bring over guest without telling her first and that he has ruined all of her plans for the day. (Good job. Make Da Ren get scold at because of you!)

Uncle Bai later tells Da Ren’s mother that he finally realised that mother-in-laws are hard to please. She tells him that she isn’t hard to please. She doesn’t care about who Da Ren dates or who he is going to marry, it’s just that he has to follow her rules as long as he is living under her roof. Uncle Bai mentions that after breaking her rules once, he never forgotten them again.

While Da Ren is unpacking, Tao Tao tells him that he really has the guts to take Maggie on a vacation with You Qing. He tells her that it’s not guts; Maggie forced herself into the vacation and then forced him to take her to see his mother. She tells him that the “not bad” girlfriend must be irritating then. He tells her that Maggie is the first of his girlfriends to accept his friendship with You Qing. Tao Tao tells him that’s it’s weird. Unless…he is gay. He asks her why it is okay for his mother and Uncle Bai to be friends but not him and You Qing. She tells him that Uncle Bai is all over their mother. It’s only a matter of time before him and You Qing becomes a couple or that their relationship ends.

You Qing’s nephew is worried about the possible divorce between his parents. She talks to his brother to find to try to find out what happened between him and her sister-in-law. She finds out that his brother actually helped him to upgrade the tickets for him. He tells her that Da Ren said the situation is very simple. You Qing tells him that Da Ren helped him to solve this ‘simple’ situation by paying for the tickets himself. His remarks “Who is stupid enough to help someone that way?” You Qing tells him to stop being an opportunist who just asks for money. She tells him that if she had money she would never invest in him. She continues to tell him that he never knows where the problem lies. However she tells him that she’ll transfer $20,000 to his account tomorrow, but not for him but for her nephew, Kai Le.

You Qing meets up with her sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law tells her that she is jealous of her single life. She tells her that she has a mother-in-law who will call to keep apologising for her son, a have a husband who loves her even though she is not the prettiest person, and a son who worries about her and will comfort his mother should his parents get a divorce. These numerous loses made up for the majority of her life. She tells her sister-in-law that life is not perfect but that doesn’t mean it is not beautiful.


You Qing wanted to call Da Ren and invite him out for dinner but decided against that because she doesn’t want to be the third party. So she calls her mother instead asking if there is food at home. Meanwhile, Maggie is busy ruing Da Ren’s life by questioning him in order to “understand” him better. His mother then calls him reminding him of the favour that he has to ask You Qing, which he had forgotten to do so.

Da Ren invites You Qing out for dinner. He tells her of the favour that his mother wanted which is to pick a nice dress for Tao Tao to wear to their granny’s birthday. She asks him why he didn’t ask his girlfriend. He asks her if she think Maggie can accommodate to both his mother and sister’s taste.

They go to the department store to pick out a dress for Tao Tao. Maggie calls and ask him have he thought of which part he likes the most about himself. He quickly tells her that he is at the department store with You Qing. Knowing that Maggie will bug him even more if he doesn’t give an answer, he randomly tells her that he likes his ears the best.

Da Ren’s sister and mother both approve of the dress that You Qing picked out.

Maggie comes up with a plan so that she can really have Da Ren all to herself. She suggest finding a boyfriend for You Qing. Maggie tells him of all of the potential candidates but he rejects them all. Maggie burst out “Why don’t we just introduce Da Ren to You Qing?” (Yeahhh, for once you have  a great idea!)

He tells her that he has been been thinking for past few days if they are compatible. She asks him why he is saying that when he clearly knows that she is joking. But he knows that she isn’t joking because he knows that he trying to accept his friendship with You Qing is really hard. He tells her that asking those rigid question is really understanding him. She panics, grabs his hand and tells him to forget about the past few days and start anew and that it is because of her love for him that’s why she is doing these silly things. Maggie starts to sulk.


They walk out and they meet our second male lead. He comes up and introduces himself to Maggie and Maggie introduces herself as Da Ren’s girlfriend. He makes Da Ren give him his number. He calls Da Ren just to make sure he didn’t give him a fake number. He leaves and Da Ren spends the rest of the day debating whether to inform You Qing that Li Wei has returned or not.


Later that evening, the two men meet. The first thing that Li Wei does is give Da Ren a deadly punch. He tells him that he has been holding onto this punch for five years and if it wasn’t because of him, he would have still been together with You Qing. Da Ren returns the favour and gives him a deadly punch which he has also been holding onto for five years.

You Qing sneezes and LaLa tells her that someone must be thinking of her. You Qing complains that lately the only reason people come to see her or think of her is because they need her to help them with their problems. They talk about describing her but LaLa can’t describe her. She says that a friend of hers who understands her doesn’t know how to describe her. LaLa guess that it must be Da Ren. You Qing is surprised that she knows of Da Ren. LaLa explains that while on a date with Henry, he said that he wanted to punch Da Ren because he is the type of person to hold onto something they don’t want just to keep others from having it.

After punching each other, the two men go to a bowling alley. Li Wei tells him that he thought that when he came back from New York, Da Ren and You Qing would be together. Da Ren says that he is not someone who has to have something just because he likes it. The two continue arguing but agree that You Qing is a book you want to keep rereading.

Da Ren calls You Qing out to talk. She thinks that he had a fight with Maggie and that she hit him. He tells him that Ding Li Wei is back. He thinks that Li Wei hit hit and he didn’t fight back, but he tells her that he did. He tells her that Li Wei wanted her number. She asks him if he gave it but he doesn’t answer directly. He tells her that he came to common grounds with Li Wei today – that she is a book worth rereading.


My Opinion:

Wow, so we finally get to see Ding Li Wei. So she is going to get back with him, find out that he is cheating on her, breaks up with him and then end up with Da Ren? I hope it is along those lines. I really do want to see how Li Wei and You Qing’s development leads to a Da Ren and You Qing development.

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie. Annoying Miss Maggie. How much more annoying can she get? Every episode, she just gets more and more annoying. I know that she is a clingy and forceful girl but what she did in this episode is much more than clingy. She just doesn’t even want to give Da Ren any breathing space. She invited herself to the vacation and if that is not enough, she invites herself to visit Da Ren’s mother even though he clearly told her that his mother has her own rules. Hasn’t Da Ren been dropping enough hints already to let her know that he doesn’t like her? He is so emotionless when he is with her but he is a totally different character when he is with You Qing. Come on, Da Ren! Just break up with her already. The longer she is with you, the more hurt she is going to get.

I know it is not just me who is annoyed with her voice but I have to comment on how annoying it is. I especially hate it when she says “Yehhhhh”. So annoying! It’s not that I don’t like her as an actress, I just don’t like her clingly character. And I hate how she is trying to break up You Qing and Da Ren’s friendship.

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