Skip Beat! Episode 6 Recap


Gong Xi has accepted the challenge and now has to figure out how to act out the part. Nan Qing comes to see what she is up to. She tells her that she actually doesn’t know what to do, she just feels that after what Maria said, she fells that it isn’t really in context. Nan Qing tells her that she doesn’t care about her viewpoint on this issue, she is just worried that Gong Xi might ruin Love Me Department’s reputation. Nan Qing gives her some useful advice. She tells her that a script to an actress is like a bible so it is unquestionable. Hearing this, it gives her an idea. She hugs Nan Qing’s…leg out of happiness. The two head out. Maria and Nan Qing give Gong Xi there form of encouragement.


Gong Xi, Nan Qing, Maria and the president is watching from the side as two actresses act out the scene where one of the sisters is telling the little sister that no one blames her for their mother’s death. Maria, while watching this scene recalls her mother’s funeral and overhearing what her father said. Back at the scene, the little sister is crying saying that her father has been blaming her all along. The other sister goes to try to calm her down when Gong Xi comes in. According to the script, Laura comes in smiling while crying. Yeah, Gong Xi comes in with a light chuckle. Gong Xi acts according to the script, except she does everything in the opposite way around, being a cold sister not the gentle forgiving sister in the script. She then acts opposite to the script, telling her little sister that parents can hate their own children as opposed to parents won’t hate their own children and that their father really hates her as opposed to that their father really loves her. She leans in close to the little sister with a smirk on her face.

On the side note, Maria goes to talk to Lian, probably some time ago. Lian tells her that her father is really busy so he doesn’t have time to be by her side. Her father must feel as though he has wronged her. Her father just doesn’t know how to communicate with her. According to Maria, Lian is just like other adults who only says nice words to children. He says that she won’t be fooled because she knows that since a long time ago Dad has been … And then it returns back to the acting scene. (This scene sort of ruined the acting scene for me.)


…Since a long time ago, Dad has always been hating you. Maria cries, telling the president that she is crying because Gong Xi is acting to well. Gong Xi tells the little sister to accept the truth. The little sister calls her a liar. Gong Xi tells her with power that Dad doesn’t love her one bit. The little sister then realises she has fallen under Gong Xi’s trap and doesn’t know how to respond. She recalls the script and says the lines of Gong Xi’s role, Laura while Gong Xi says the lines of the little sister’s role, An Chi Er. The little sister says that her father does love her using different ways to prove it such as her father comes to her piano practices no matter how to busy he is and that he always buys her birthday presents. Gong Xi finds a way to contradict her each time. The little sister then says that he would always send her letters from America.  Maria hears this and recalls her father writing her letters, writing the same things each time.

Maria can’t take this any more. She interrupts the two actresses saying that her father would write her an e-mail every morning and night except he writes the same thing in every letter. Gong Xi continues her acting, but this time towards Maria. She tells Maria that writing the same thing in every letter is faster than making instant noodles. Maria tells her that her father is sincere. Gong Xi tells her that is might not be her dad who writes those letter. Maria says it is and she is sure of it because her father would never allow anyone is his mailbox. The president realises that what Maria says is what he uses to comfort her.

The other actresses and Nan Qing wonder what is the situation because Gong Xi has gone of script. She then returns back to the script asking Maria if she understands her dad because all she cares about is herself. Maria says that she does understand her dad because at the end of the letter, he would write ‘Maria, I love you’ but she has never replied to any of his letters because she thought that her grandpa told her dad to write the letters so her dad wouldn’t care if she replied to any of his letters or not. Gong Xi gives her a hug and she finally understands that she has created a barrier between herself and her father so that’s why he would never come close towards her.

Nan Qing later asks her if she planned the whole thing from the beginning – to switch the two sisters’ lines. She says ‘yeah’ because she feels that this is only way that the story will be able to progress on. She says that she is thankful that the little sister is quick on her feet to and helped her a lot. Nan Qing asks her what would happen if the little sister wasn’t quick on her feet. She tells her that it wouldn’t have happened because she has confidence that if she followed the script, the little sister would reply on the script to reply to her. Nan Qing asks her why and she says that she just followed what she told her – actors will always follow the script so if they have to improvise on the spot, they will rely on the script. Nan Qing then realises that Gong Xi is not to be underestimated.

Maria and the president then appear. Gong Xi and Nan Qing are filling in the applications for the acting class. Gong Xi says that after paying the instalments, she will be all done. Maria asks her if the president is going to pay it since he promised her. She tells Maria that she wants to depend on herself. Maria plans to write her dad a letter but she doesn’t know what to write. Gong Xi suggests that she call him instead.

After turning off all the lights at the training school, Nan Qing leaves. Gong Xi catches up to her and suggest that they leave together since they are partners. Nan Qing walks off thinking to herself that starting from today, Gong Xi is her biggest rival.

Maria and the president goes to find Gong Xi. Maria asks Gong Xi what she usually says talk to her father about. She says that she doesn’t have a father. Maria then asks her about her mother. Maria asks her could it be that she also doesn’t have a mother. After some time, she responds that she does have a mother. She tells Maria that she can tell her dad that she misses him and wants to see him. Maria says that she can’t say those things because the aeroplane will… Gong Xi reassures her that her father will come home safely. Maria leaves to call her dad. The president asks her if she told her mother about her joining the company. She doesn’t answer and the president tells her that if it is convenient, she should let her mother know. All she knows that is her mother doesn’t care what she does. The president realises that the acting scene earlier had some truth towards it. (Hmmm, I wonder if she did something to her father to make her mother hate her…) The president doesn’t pressure her any further.


Gong Xi is sitting in the stairs talking to her pet rock. She thanks it for taking away her sadness. (Okay…) Manager Shen then comes into the stairs to find Gong Xi, scaring her and causing her to drop her pet rock. She screams out ‘AHHHHHHHH’ (I found that sort of funny) and then goes chasing after it calling out ‘Corn.’ The rock lands in front of none other than the Dun He Lian.


She sees Lian and briefly asks him if he has seen her purple crystal. He doesn’t give her an answer so she continues her frantic search for her rock. Supervisor Shen catches up to her and asks her what she is searching for, something Corn. She tells him that it is a purple crystal rock and she named it  Corn because that was the person who gave it to her. Manager Shen says that Corn isn’t a real name. (Ahahaha, anything can be a name Mr. Manager Shen!) She tells him that she doesn’t know; the person told her that his name was Corn so she named it Corn. She explains that it is very precious to her and that when she was little, she was a cry baby and when Corn gave her the rock, he said that it could help her to rid her sadness. (I have a feeling this has to do with her mother?)

Gong Xi is crying her heart out when Lian presents to her her Corn. She thanks him and says that it is very important to her. (I have to mention this, when she says that it is very important to her, she sounded like she was suffocating from having no air. LOL) He then asks her if she lived in Tai Dong. She tells him that he is right but asks him how he knew. He tells her that if she lived in Tai Dong, she could not know that her rock was mined from Tai Dong. Really? She studies her rock. He then laughs and accuses of being deceived easily because the rock is sold in tourist stores. He tells her that someone as simple-minded as her gets deceived easily. He then takes it that she was deceived early on and guess that the person who deceived her is Bu Po Shang. She turns around to leave. He tells her that these things will be dug up and revealed so she should think about how to face these situations. She turns around and gives him the finger before leaving.


Lian is sitting, thinking. His manager asks him what happened. Lian says that he is thinking that people change a lot, recalling the crystal incident and then remembers that when he was little, he gave the crystal to Gong Xi. All in all, he realises that he change can’t be compared to his.


Nan Qing and Gong Xi attend their acting classes together. One of the exercises involved them getting into pairs and repeating what the other person says. Gong Xi tries to be friendly by saying friendly statements such as ‘You and I are good friends’ and ‘We are Love Me Department partners’ but she responds with the exact opposite such as ‘You and I are rivals’ and ‘We are Love Me Department rivals.’ The two then get into a cat fight. (Ahahaa, that was pretty hilarious) The two are punished to stand in a hugging position for the entire lesson. (That was even more hilarious.)


Gong Xi tells her that ever since she was little, other than the boy that she grew up with, she never had any other friends. She just tells him that the other students would bully her for her close relationship with “him”. Looking back, she thinks that her life is very dark because she didn’t have a friend who she could speak her heart out to. Nan Qing seems moved by her story. Nan Qing asks her about the boy because she still has him, doesn’t she? Her evil spirits then come out and she replies that because of the boy, she doesn’t have any friends. Nan Qing mentions of a eerie feeling so Gong Xi goes to pat her spirits away. Gong Xi then mentions that at her last work place, there was a girl called Wan Zi who was really nice to her. Nan Qing then tells her that that is called a good friend. Gong Xi tells her that she is scared to call her a good friend because she hid many things from her. Class ends and Nan Qing immediately pulls away and leaves. Gong Xi vows to make her become her friend.


Lian is playing with a train set. He smiles as he remembers giving Gong Xi the crystal as a little boy and then meeting her again when he found her crystal. Lian and Manager Du comes down the stairs. Gong Xi sees them and turn to walk the opposite way. Manager Shen comes to find Gong Xi to to her that Love Me Department has got a new mission. She immediately goes to find Nan Qing to tell her of the good news.


Gong Xi and Nan Qing arrive at the station to be audience members of a variety show. The program producer of Bird Rock, the name of the variety show, then call on Gong Xi and Nan Qing because one of the show regular isn’t able to make it so they are asked to to fill in. They leave to prepare. Nan Qing accepts the job. Gong Xi follows behind Nan Qing praising her for being so confident.


When Nan Qing finds that the job is to be a chicken mascot, she gives the job to Gong Xi. Gong Xi asks her why she accepted the job then. Nan Qing tells her that she accepted the job for her. Nan Qing had to drag her to go on stage. (Why is she always wearing some weird costumes? First it was a hot pink costume, then a turtle and then now a chicken.)


Gong Xi adapts to her role of being Coco the Chicken and tells herself that if she does well in this role, her acting path will have a wonderful beginning. Everything takes a turn-a-round when she finds out that the special guess is Bo Pu Shang. During a break, she goes in search for a murder weapon to kill Shang but decides that it isn’t a very good idea. Looking at the question eggs, she has thought of an even better idea – to embarrass him. She pretends to go to the toilet but instead goes to buy some strawberry pudding in her chicken costume.


Bird Rock tells him that the audience would like to know what he likes to do in his spare time. They ask him if he likes to watch television. He tells the audience that aside from vocal training, he spends most of his time composing so he rarely watches television. However, Gong Xi says to herself that he always records anime and watches it over and over again.

Gong Xi has switched the questions inside the question eggs to her own questions instead of the audiences’ questions. The first question that Shang picked up is what his real name is. Shang wonders who would ask this question because his real name is top secret. She wants him to admit that his real name is the ridiculously laughable ‘Sho Zan Yong’. However, he answers that he doesn’t want to reveal his real name because when he chose the path of showbiz, he decided to become a new man so he will no reveal his real name until he leaves showbiz.

The next question that Shang picked is about his love for strawberry pudding and his special way of eating it. The producer then starts to realise that there is something wrong with the questions… Since the show hasn’t prepared the pudding, Shang can’t demonstrate it. Then the chicken appears with a plate of five strawberry pudding. He stares at the pudding wondering what to do. He then tells the host that they have prepared the wrong information because ever since he was little, he didn’t like to eat sweet things. The host are lost with what to do. Still staring at the pudding, Shang says that since the audience is so eager to him perform his way of eating the puddings, he will do so. He performs a magic trick to make the pudding disappear.

Suspicious of Gong Xi, he attacks the chicken. He then touches her chest thinking that it is a male underneath. (Awks…) He guesses that she must be ugly and unsexy to hid under that costume. This really ignites her fire and she really tries to strangle him. They fight and the hosts don’t know what to do. The producer motions the host to make it seemed plan. Gong Xi and Shang fight and in the end the hosts make it seem as if Gong Xi has won.

Gong Xi gets punished and scold by the producer. He tells her if she didn’t change the questions and ruined the segment, Shang wouldn’t have lost it. He then further tells her that in order to apologise to Shang, they had to broadcast his mini concert for free.

She then hears the end theme song and goes to see Shang playing the piano.


My Opinion:

I actually didn’t miss this show after if went off air for one week because I was busy doing the In Time With You Recaps but after the recaps, I was actually excited to see this episode. I am actually disappointed. I haven’t read the manga or watched the anime but I feel that this show is progressing too slowly. I get annoyed with how quickly some dramas progress but I am annoyed with how slowly this drama is progressing. We are half way through the drama and I don’t see any revenge that Gong Xi wants to do nor do I see her relationship progress with either of the male leads.

I am also annoyed with the cutting of each episode. It feels like it doesn’t flow. Each episode ends as though as it is half way through a scene. That really gets on my nerves and I really don’t like it.

I just hope that this drama will move quickly. Also, I have heard that there is no ending with the manga so I wonder what would happen with the drama.

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  • March 7, 2012 at 4:13 am

    For me its all that silly voice over work. It’s tries to be a manga…but it’s live action. So BE live action.


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