The Hippocratic Crush Synopsis

A group of medical interns and residents are training to become doctors. These medical interns and residents are on call 36 hours a day with the attempt to help there patients get the very best care and triumph through their illness.

Graduating neurosurgery resident, Cheung Yat Kin/Yat Kin Tau (Kenneth Ma), takes his work very seriously ever since he caused his brother Cheng Yat Hong (Nathan Ngai) to suffer from a pair of paralysed legs. His group of interns respect him as much as they fear him. Kin is working very hard in him job in order to earn enough money to fulfil his brother’s dream of going overseas to study medicine so he has always neglected his love life. That is until he met another aspiring neurosurgeon, Fan Chi Yu/Yu Jai (Tavia Yeung).

Transferring to her new hospital, Yu Jai not only meets Yat Kin Tau but two interns, Hung Mei Seut (Mandy Wong) and Yeung Pui Chung (Him Law). She soon finds out that Mei Seut is her little sister. At first, the two sisters do not get along, however, as time passes by, the two soon learn to grow fond of each other.

After following under Yat Kin Tau’s radar, Yu Jai soon grew to adore Yat Kin Tau. She showed no hesitations to pursue him. However, when she discovers that her sister also likes Yat Kin Tau, so she decides to let go…

One day, Yat Hong got hit by a beer bottle on his head and unexpectedly dies. This is a huge blow to Yat Kin Tau. He then becomes lost in his life. This in turn also affects his interns greatly including Pui Chung who he viewed as a brother and Yu Jai’s sister, Mei Seut.

Just when things couldn’t get any more worse in Yat Kin Tau’s life, he learns that Yu Jai is suffering from a serious illness that could be life threatening. Yu is persistent for a cure. This pulls Kin up to his feet to help support her. Yu has been going through treatment however, they have all been unsuccessful. Yu Jai has one last opportunity and that is to undergo a dangerous surgery. As her boyfriend, he supports her to undertake this surgery. However, when he discovers that his is the one who is to perform the surgery, he is uneasy because he is unwilling to lose another of his loved one… However, as a doctor, his  job is to do the very best for the patient isn’t it?…

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