My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 6

This is my favourite episode by far. The princess came back. At first I thought she was a familiar face and a closer inspection uncovered that she was one of the teachers in Dream High! So much happened yet it doesn’t seem rushed and it all flowed together neatly. I find that our main couple just hold so much chemistry together. They don’t even have to say a word and you can feel everything there. Such a symbolic drama!


My Opinion:

Unable to face  the fact that Hang Ah is one step ahead of him, Jae Ha decides to make her actually fall in love with him before he dumps her. (That is already done). So he plans his plan. In this really mesmerising scene, Jae Ha plays the piano for her. Even though he is doing this to dump her, but I could feel the emotion there when he invited her to play along. So touching 🙂 I was so moved by it. I could really feel his love and sincerity. And then he goes in for a kiss, so close, so close, just so close. But he pulls away. Ahhhh, Jae Ha, why are you such a jerk for?

This was my second favourite part from this ep. So it’s a cold and snowing night and Hang Ah sees Jae Ha walking outside her place. And then she comes running out and gives him a hug. That was just so cute! I loved that! And it was so symbolic too. They just stood there and hugged each other without saying a word but their expression just displayed it all. Initially, he was stunned but he managed to give her a sincere hug.

Ahahahas, I loved how this experience made him change his plan. He has either come to senses or he just loves her. I think it’s the latter. LOL

To show his love to Hang Ah even more, at the press conference Hang Ah announces that she loves Jae Ha and that she is going to get married to him and he doesn’t even deny it. Brave huh? Instead he replies with a poem. Meaningful, but kinda hard to decipher…LOL

So this episode ends with a bang. A kiss from our two leads. I was just watching them going ‘Kiss, kiss, kiss!’ And they did. Gosh, it was sweet assssssssssssss! So two kisses or near kisses? Hell yeah! They totally just love each other. <3

Finally our princess arrives. Guess who her first encounter is with? Shi Kyung of course! I love her already. She is so opened minded and ready to lend out a helping hand but she is not afraid to get her own ways. I just can’t wait to see her development with Shi Kyung. Let the blossoms bloom!

I want to mention our side character King Lee Jae Kang. His role here has a huge affect on his siblings and the country. To me he seems to really connect with our leads. He seems so brotherly, too brotherly that sometimes I view his actions as fatherly. He seems to just have this relationship with his siblings.

The King 2 Hearts just gets better and better by each episode. Everything of this drama is working out great. The cast is amazing and has so much chemistry with each other. The script is beyond amazing. The cinematography is amazing, allowing us to view decipher the drama. They actors just portray this brilliantly. Their words seems to have come out naturally and not robotically.Just amazing!

I can’t wait to see the future developments. I really want to see Hang Ah and Jae Ha get married. Maybe I’ll see that in the next episode?

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