My Opinion on The King 2 Hearts Episode 8

No, I was wrong. This is the saddest episode. Just seeing Jae Ha’s sad face breaks my heart. He shows a strong character on the outside but really he is a softie inside. This just makes me miss Jae Kang all that more. When Jae Shin found out that her legs were paralysed, well that just breaks my heart as well. Seeing their mother break down just breaks my heart too. See how much times my heart got broken in this ep? When the Bong Goo (yeah, I found out his name. hehehehe) arrived, that just ruined that beautiful night Hang Ah and Jae Ha shared. Hehehe

My Opinion:

It turns out that I was wrong – Secretary Eun never intended to betray the king. He just doesn’t have a very bright mind or well, maybe he did intend to betray the king by accepting the gift. My question is why would he do that? Considering that he is the king’s right-hand man, he really had no reason to betray the king. To make matters worse, Secretary Eun is actually siding with Bong Goo. Well, he did admit to Jae Ha that he was the cause of the king’s death but he never ever mentioned how he was really the one who betrayed the king. All he did was say that he didn’t inspect the holiday house properly. I get that he is trying to protect himself. I mean who won’t protect themselves? And I get that he is siding with Bong Goo for that purpose but doesn’t he want the country to run smoothly? Isn’t he the king’s most trusted right-hand man. I can’t even imagine how Shi Kyung will react when he discovers that his father is a part of all this.

Jae Ha is a strong character. He not only has to mourn over his brother’s death but he has to take over the position of king that he never wanted. He but he is doesn’t have the essence of a king yet but he is slowly getting there. He really is handling this role well. (: Although he is a strong character on the outside, he hides his emotion on the inside. His hyung’s death has affected him greatly. As job as the king keeps on giving him memory of his hyung. I think this is what is actually helping Jae Ha to stand and strive.

Ahhhhh, Hang Ah. She really knows how to open up people’s hearts doesn’t she? Just the way she was able to help Jae Shin showed that she is able to take control.  Just the way she was able to coax Jae Ha to pour everything out of his heart proves how much he trusts her. Though I do believe there are many types of trust. Ahahahaha, her Bo Peep Bo Peep dance was so adorable!

Poor Jae Shin. Not only has she lost her brother and sister-in-law but now she has a pair of paralysed legs. She is a strong independent girl but now she has to depend on others. I just hope she will be able to be the strong girl that was once. And how much I wished for Shi Kyung to rush in and be by her side but I know that she does wants to be independent. I can’t wait to see them together.

Jae Ha and Hang Ah make such an adorable couple don’t they? They were so cute with their moment together. They are also growing much more closer and intimate with each other. Hehehe

The preview for episode 9 but ruins the happy couple. Arghhhh, Bong Goo! Why doesn’t he keep sabotaging the royal family? What have they ever done to him?

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