My Opinion on The King 2 Heart Episode 11

Finally, things take an opposite turn. Since Hang Ah had her stay at South Korea, it is not Jae Ha’s turn to have a stay at her hometown. After he has shooed her back to North Korea, he soon has his regrets so he decides to go on a mission to woo her back. Well he better has the heart to do so because Hang Ah is not to going to be easy to get. Jae Ha is really trying to reach his softer and emotional side. You can also see that Jae Shin is quickly developing feelings for Shi Kyung. (: I look forward to them together.  


My Opinion:

Jae Ha was practically in a jail. Secretary Eun seem to very controlling. He is even trying to take over making decisions for the king. The king can’t even make a decision without consulting with him! Yeah, I get that he thinks that Jae Ha is unsuitable to be king and that’s why he wants to make decisions for him but can’t Jae Ha just make the decisions himself? Afterall, he is king.

What I loved is that Jae Ha is really growing to be a wonderful king. His love for Hang Ah actually empowers him. He is able to override Secretary Eun to show his love for Hang Ah. Secretary Eun forbidden him from making a statement about Hang Ah or to declare North Korea’s innocence from the late king’s death. However, from his jail Jae Ha managed to make a statement admitting that he the child is indeed his and declare North Korea’s innocence from the late king’s assassination. By the time that his statement was released to the media, he had already made his way towards North Korea.

I have to praise Lee Seung Ki’s english. Although he has an accent, it is not very strong and his english is very good! I can’t wait to hear more of his english! It’s adorable!

When Hang Ah miscarried, I expected her to be balling out tears because she is such a strong woman I would have thought she had fallen because of this. However, she is still as strong as she is. Actually, I am glad that she didn’t come balling out with tears because it would have just ruined by image of her. She will always be that strong woman who tries to remain strong. I was even more glad that when she met Jae Ha, she was able to let out her tears.

Hang Ah clearly loves Jae Ha and is constantly on the lookout for him in many ways. However, when Jae Ha came, she turned him back, in her attempt to shut him out of her life. He wants to reconcile, but she doesn’t. ): But I am happy that she is making it difficult for  him to get her because it will just make him go that extra mile.

Bong Goo, oh Bong Goo. He really is secretive because all along his target is Jae Ha and not Jae Kang. What is it exactly does he want from Jae Ha? The more and more I see Bong Goo, the more I see the pure evilness within him.

I am growing more and more fond of Jae Shin and Shi Kyung. I can’t help but put this cute picture of them 🙂 

She is really showing her fondness of his while he is in quite an awkward position with her. He is also growing some feelings towards our princess. At first I thought that Jae Shin would be depressed or whatnot because she is such a strong and independent woman but now with her paralysed legs, she is still that independent woman but she isn’t letting her legs ruin her life. She is a strong woman isn’t she? Ahahaha, I love the way that Shi Kyung tries to avoid eye contact her because one look into her eyes and he will be mesmerised. Another thing about Shi Kyung is that he isn’t going to let his personal matters take over his dedication to what is right. He would even disobey his father to do what he thinks is right. I really want this couple to be a couple already.

This episode was ‘dense’ as Hang Ah would say but it’s quality and attraction seems to have dropped from the last episode. It doesn’t matter because I’m sure it will lead up to some heated episodes. I really can’t wait to see Hang Ah be the saviour to Jae Ha. Hang Ah’s miscarriage has caused a bond and connection between her and Jae Ha that will forever tie them together. Now all they have to do is strengthen this bond.

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