Alice in Wonder City Episode 2 Recap

Another slow paced episode with not enough music! I really wanted more to happen. Again I expected it to leap out but again it didn’t. However, on the plus side, Aaron is gradually improving! Yay! He is a cold person but you can see him grow. I’m sorry Aaron baby but Jei Kai is still outshining you.

Die Fei tries to sneak home without her father noticing but she cannot escape her father’s keen eye. Her father tells her to come for dinner and asks her where her sister is. Overtime. (Really? Overtime aye?) Her father tells her to thank her sister for everything that she has done for her, especially getting her the job. (Oh wow, it’s been one year and now you say this!?) After dinner, Die Fei returns to her room filled with posters and CDs of Ting Yu. She thought she could peacefully listen to one of Ting Yu’s CD but the rubbish truck just had to come now. She almost missed the rubbish truck. LOL


Ting Yu won’t begin work until he has his Hai Ou.’Why haven’t you been fired yet?’ She tells him that really didn’t loose his violin. ‘Could it be me then?’ She really has no energy to argue with him and seeing that he is not going to work, she might as well leave.

Yu Shu does her best to convince her boyfriend and Ting Yu’s manager, Tang Jin Cang, that her sister did not loose the violin even use her seductive skills.


It’s the violin testing day. Ting Yu gives Hai Jie a second chance. But is he going to take this chance? On his way to the testing, he sees a girl in a taxi who resembles Alice so he decides to chase after her instead. It turns out that he got the wrong person.

Hai Jie is the last participant and he is yet to arrive. Ting Yu is about to give up when Hai Jie arrives puffed and chuffed.

Hai Jie goes up on stage and talks to his violin before he starts to play. (Nawwww, how cute!) As he plays he recalls the time he spent with Alice. One night they share a kiss together and then he wakes up to find Alice not by his side. Of course he grows anxious and goes out to look for her and they embrace in a sweet hug.

After he finishes everyone just stares at him. Then Ting Yu gives out the first applauses and chooses him. ‘I didn’t just hear it, I also saw it. It’s you.’

Die Fei praises Hai Jie saying that she has never seen Ting Yu give praise to another musician. Hai Jie tells her that this Ting Yu is not the one that he knows and that he especially understands him. That feeling is like standing in front of him. When Ting Yu talks to him, it feels really earnest. However, it is a good thing because he always thought that his violin only calls out to Alice and never thought that it would be able to call up to one of his friends.


Hai Jie goes to visit his sister at a kindergarten and discovers that his niece, Su Mei Mei, has been skipping school again. Hai Jie tells her sister that this could be due to the fact that she is going to get married soon.

Mei Mei is skipping school, wandering the streets and the shops. Alice’s mother sees this wandering girl and follows her. She follows Mei Mei to a shop where she sees Mei Mei nicking a pair of earrings. She saves her from being caught and continues to follow her along to try and talk to her. She succeeds and manages to get Mei Mei to talk. During the middle of their conversation, Mei Mei receives a call from her uncle (her mother’s future husband) saying that he will always be her best friend…

Mei Mei arrives home with her uncle trying to coax her, which doesn’t end up so well. She confides herself in her room and looks through her bag. She discovers the earrings, a bag of yummy food and a card – Lisa King.


Alice arrives as a totally different Alice to gatecrash her mother’s Halloween party and to reunite with her mother. Her mother is still not convinced that Alice is her daughter until she explains it all. When her mother was twenty, she went to Beijing and met her father. They soon got married and gave birth to a girl. When she was three years old, her father encountered an accident. She apologises for her behaviour but tells that the feeling of being treated as a stranger by her own mother isn’t very appreciative.

Meanwhile, Ting Yu is out recalling his own mother.

Lisa is pouring a drink and has flashbacks of when she got separated from her daughter. It was at her husband’s funeral when her in-laws tells her that they want to take Alice and care for her themselves.

Ting Yu calls Lisa and tells her to come outside, he is downstairs waiting. He asks her should she be happy that she has found her daughter? She tells him that she doesn’t know what she needs to be happy. She never thought she would be able to see Alice again. She has never forgotten the last time she called her mother. Now the daughter standing in front of her face feels like a complete stranger and very unreal and she feels very distant from her.

The newly reunited mother and daughter share some bonding time together. Alice asks to stay for a while which Lisa agrees to. Lisa suggests that they go shopping to buy some pretty clothes together. Alice tells her that she doesn’t need pretty clothes, she only wants to spend time with her mother. Her mother tells that that year when her father passed away, she had a really high temperature. She stayed by her side the entire time, feeding her medicine changing her ice pack until her temperature went back to normal. Then she woke up to find her not by her side any more and a letter from her father-in-law saying that they took her away. Ever after that she searched and searched for her but she was no where to be found. Alice tells that everything is the fast and it doesn’t matter any more.

Ting Yu arrives at Lisa’s house with breakfast where he and Alice meet for the first time. She wants to eat xiao long bao and her mother is more than happy to go and buy some for her daughter, leaving Alice alone with Ting Yu. She thinks he is her mother’s boyfriend and well… they do not get along very well… She even managed to splash water on him. Hehehe Her mother returns and takes in what has happened. She tells Alice to and apologise to him because he is her good friend.


She goes to his house to apologise and manage to linger in his house. He can’t find a way to kick her out and is in a rush to head to rehearsals so he leaves her there. As soon as he leaves, she immediately searches his house… Something fishy going on


Ting Yu and Hai Jie share a harmonic rehearsal together. Later he invites Hai Jie out to eat. Oh, brothership here? However, there is a sudden change to Ting Yu’s schedule. He is invited to one of the sponsors’ house-warming party.  However he immediately declines because he is going to dinner with Hai Jie and does not like to change his schedule. Hai Jie suggests a way to kill two birds with one stone – they could go together.

Ting Yu plays at the house-warming party, eager to leave as soon as possible and doesn’t even take a bow. The two leads leave and share some brother bonding time together.


My Opinion:

Oh wow, another slow-paced episode. I am very eager to see this develop some more. I’m just afraid that with the slowness of this drama, everything will be just rushed through later in the drama. This is episode was so slow-paced that I am hardly seeing any of the characters develop. It left me with a lot of questions and not much answers.

With Alice and Lisa’s relationship, I would have thought that they would be over reactive about it. Instead they were very calm about everything. Lisa didn’t see too enthusiastic having found her daughter with Alice is very calm about meeting her father. I expected her to blame her mother for leaving her or at least be quite angry about it. Instead, they are the complete opposite of what I expected.

What’s different about this drama is the casting. By this I don’t mean the actors, but what I mean is how it is set out. (Are you getting me? LOL) Each of the character’s time is evenly spread out that you can’t really tell who is the lead even you know who are the leads and sometimes the second leads get more screen time than the leads. However, I quite like this. This allows each of the characters to show themselves and develop.

Also, what else I like about this casting is that the leads aren’t all just young idols. I really appreciate that they have cast a middle-aged woman as a lead.

The next episode looks…boring… I just hope this gets better in time.

5 thoughts on “Alice in Wonder City Episode 2 Recap

  • May 29, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    Ugh I’m already losing hope in this drama..I was hoping this episode would be better but it sounds like it’s still slow.

    I watched a few scenes in it and I was really surprised by how much Alice changed. o_o I was not expecting that at all. I think Alice was way too overbearing in this episode..I mean, when she started looking through Ting Yu’s kitchen cabinets when he was right there in front of her. And she refused to leave when he wanted her to. Really?!?!?

    • May 29, 2012 at 4:27 pm

      Same here. I’m hoping that it would pick up soon. I sure that when Die Fei becomes a singer things will start to pick up.

      Yeahhh, same here! Alice changed way too much! I liked her when she was the nice and innocent girl with Hai Jie. I really hope she would end up with Hai Jie.

      I think she is here for a reason. She must be here for a reason. Looking through Ting Yu’s cupboards, I think there is something fishy going on here.

      • May 30, 2012 at 11:18 am

        HMM things might change up a bit when Die Fei starts singing. Maybe I will wait a few more episodes to see how things go.

        Yeah it seems like Alice was there with a purpose, it wasn’t a spur of the moment kind of thing. I just thought there could’ve been a more subtle way of getting into Ting Yu’s house..she didn’t have to barge in there like that. Well since it seems like she has some sort of plan, hopefully that means she’s also very smart and clever.

  • May 31, 2012 at 1:36 pm

    I actually really liked the way Lisa and Alice reacted. I wouldn’t want Alice to be angry about it because it isn’t Lisa’s fault after all. I like her reserve around her mother – quite looking forward to see how this new Alice will develop.Their scenes make me uncomfortable though – in a good way, I guess. Alice is so mysterious and we don’t know anything about her yet, and so we don’t know what purpose she has in coming back and all that she’s doing. I think that’s what making me uncomfortable.

    I like Ting Yu’s and Hai Jie’s brotherhood. ^^ Yeah and I agree that there’s too little development in this episode. Too many questions unanswered. I still have no idea how Ting Yu and Lisa are good friends, what kind of relationship they share, what the heck is Alice doing, and why is Die Fei always so mad about throwing rubbish (I really don’t it and she doesn’t really have to take it out on the worker right?).

    I think episode 3 might turn out to be another slow episode. But I think it’ll give some direction as to where the plot is leading. Die Fei will probably start crushing on Hai Jie, haha. But in another sense, I don’t want them to rush the romance parts. Like in Love Buffet – the speed at which the girl liked, and stop liking the guys were ridiculous.

    Yeah I get what you mean about the screen time.:) I like it too! It shows that they’re going to develop each character properly and not just focus on the main leads.

    At the very least, the plot is moving with the missing Hai Ou and the concert world tour. I want Alice and Hai Jie to be together too! They were so cute together. And I really hope Die Fei will let her hair down. The ponytail does not suit her. :/


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