Ti Amo Chocolate Episode 4 Overview

Ohkay, there is love in the air. (: Family is still just as strong. This is development. Emotions are here. Yay!

  • Mr. Chocolate says that he doesn’t like Xi En that much. Ahahahas, and Xi En smiles at this. (:
  • The chocolate team refurbish the store beautifully. As they are painting the walls, Shi Jia wonders if her child will be smiling as lively as them. It’s been 27 years already. (Omgggg, so you are Mr. Chocolate’s mother! I am right!)
  • Mr Chocolate’s younger brother goes to Xi Ping’s bakery to make a big order on behalf of the company.  Their father’s eye has always been towards Mr. Chocolate and now it’s finally his turn.
  • Xi En goes to return Mr. Chocolate his bag. She makes him sign an agreement but he refuses walking away with the bag. They push and shove each other when Xi En accidentally pulls the bag and breaks the teddy bear in it.
  • He tells her that this is the thing that his mother left him before leaving. She laughs and then realises the seriousness of this so she goes to help him. But he pushes her and she faints and has a nose bleed.
  • It’s the company’s function and the bread is here. But Xi Ping took a bite on every bread… He apologises and then goes to knock over a box which contains the auction piece…
  • Xi En is at the hospital asleep. Mr. Chocolate takes this chance to look at her notebook and reads her hard working earnings on each of her part time jobs.
  • Her mother calls but since she is asleep she can’t answer it so Mr. Chocolate does instead. Xi Ping is in trouble and needs help.
  • The Hong family apologises but Mr. Chocolate’s father isn’t satisfied.
  • He orders the family bakers to make 1000 bread in two hours but they are reluctant to do so…
  • He explains to his brother the problem and gets him to help. He will be in charge of the auction while his brother is in charge of the bread problem.
  • He is out looking for a piece for the auction and decides to steal it.
  • Xi En arrives at the scene just in time to see the matter solved.
  • Just as Mr. Chocolate’s brother is about to walk out, she calls out senior and introduces herself as Hong Xi En. (Oh, way to bust yourself).
  • From her senior, she learns that he also knows Mr. Chocolate. While he says how good of a person he is, she thinks so otherwise.
  • Mr. Chocolate goes to visit the artist of the masterpiece where he coincidentally meets his father and gets a slap in the face. The police comes and his father admits his own son in.
  • So she and her friend has a huge crush on Mr. Chocolate’s younger brother, Lui Jia Rui (Michael Zhang).
  • Jia Rui manages to get daddy to help his brother. (Are you really going to send your own son to jail?) Father Lui tells him that his is so strict with Mr. Chocolate because he wants to make him a suitable person to take over the company.
  • Xi En discovers that Mr. Chocolate has signed to all her conditions and what he owes her even though the prices are unreasonable.
  • It’s late and Mr. Chocolate hasn’t returned yet. She thinks it’s because he is angry at her. She waits, while sewing up his bear for him.


My Opinion:

I thought Joanne would be a moderate actress but it is actually better than I expected. Though I am sure acting opposite Vanness he has managed to bring out some out her outer ego. Her acting is actually pretty good. Her emotions are there. You can feel her felings though it is not there yet.

I like Vanness. Ahahahaha, I still think his best role was in Autumn’s Concerto though I may be biased because that is one of my favourite dramas ever. Hehehehee.

Wow, I really didn’t expect it. He actually went to steal the auction piece to save Xi Ping. That is when you know you have found warmth in someone. I think Mr. Chocolate sees the Hong family as a family as warmth and when you compare it to his, you would much rather want to be in the Hong family.

Why did Xi En tell her senior who she is. Isn’t she afraid people will notice she is a girl? And she even brought her friend over, which if Mr. Chocolate came home would know that she is a girl.

Shi Jia is his mother right!? Now I want to find out why she left him and never came back but just sends him a card every birthday. I am so curious now!

I am still loving the family connection. It’s very warm. 🙂

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  • July 24, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    yaah im right…the LADY was his m0ther..wEw!..


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