Tiger Cubs Episode 1 Overview

I haven’t seen such an action-packed Hong Kong drama in well, forever! There was action at every turn and path. I especially enjoyed this, this isn’t your traditional TVB drama of 60 minutes but rather a mini-movie of 90 minutes each episode. This has got to be the most epic drama. Ahahahaha, and the character development are also brilliant, though some characters kind of remind as other characters. *cough. Him Law. cough* This is just fantastic, all the action occurs in the right place. I love this! 

  • It starts off with a prologue scene with the SDU team on a mission to take down the culprit and save the victim. Their commander, Chin Hon To (Joe Ma) gives his team precise directions and they all follow it with precision taking down each culprit with precision. Then in walks a culprit holding the victim hostage with a gun pointed to his head demanding to leave. Being the eyeful commander he is, Hon To notices something in the reflection – the victim is actually the culprit and is holding a a gun to the ‘culprit’.
  • The with precision, one of the snipers, Chong Cheuk Yuen (Oscar Leung) takes down the real culprit with precision. Wow, precision to the eye!
  • Their technician So Man Keung (Mandy Wong), susses how she would want to join the assault team and be the first female member.
  • But the mission is not enough for the SDU head commander, Leung Yat Fat (Dominic Lam). Apparently, the mission took too long, they took over a minute to save all the victims.
  • Ohhhh, bromance between Hon To and Cheuk Yuen. It’s off duty and the two friends head to Hon To’s place with his parents, or rather mother, who is worried sick about her son’s dangerous mission.
  • After dinner, Hon To has long distance communication to his flight attendant girlfriend, Ding Wai Wai (Christine Kuo) who is going to fly off again. His mother then comes to talk to him telling him that Wai Wai was almost late for work waiting for him. She is also worried about his relationship with Wai Wai. He then tells her that he plans to propose to Wai Wai which seems to satisfy his mother.
  • We are then introduced to two new members – Yu Hok Lai (Him Law) and Yau Chun Hin (Vincent Wong) with the entire SDU team watching the members being admitted.
  • It’s training time and the newbies are working together as a partner. Hok Lai arrives to the destination first leaving his partner behind. (Oh, is this called team work?) Hok Lai gets scold by Hon To for leaving his partner behind. Hok Lai talks back telling him that his partner was just not as fast as him. (Oh? Is this how you put down your team members?) Hon To then asks him if this means that his partner  is not as great as him, not as fit and that he is really amazing? Ooooo, so after all these training, no one is as good as a newbie. This means more training time. So training is playing soccer? Ahahaha.
  • After training the team head to Hon To’s parent’s bar. Cheuk Yuen tells the newbies that off duty their commander is their brother. Bromanceeee!
  • Hon To and his father take a breather and meet their two officers. One of which is their neighbour who looks up to Hon To and today is his first day on duty.
  • It’s night. The first day police officer police’s buddy went on a toilet break. The first time police sees a green car parking unlawfully and decides to go ticket it. The driver comes back and tells him that he is going to leave. The officer then sees something suspicious and asks to look in the trunk. The driver the beats the crap out of the officer. The driver’s accompliance Do Tin Yu (Kenneth Ma) and his wife Yiu Mei Lin (JJ Jia) come up. Tin Yu then finishes the job off by slitting the officer’s throat. Poor officer. First day on the job and it ends this way.
  • The OCTB lead by Chong Cheuk Wah (Jessica Hsuan) investigate the crime scene. The SDU team come to visit the crime scene and Hon To and his father are saddened by the death of their neighbour. Oh, and it turns out that Cheuk Yuen and Cheuk Wah are siblings. Both very skilled siblings.
  • Afterwards, Cheuk Wah notices bloody footprints and potato pieces. Her team gather the information and deduces that the officer must have gotten killed whilst trying to write a ticket.
  • The SDU team and especially Hon To are understandably saddened by this fact. And so Hok Lai decides to not listen to his commander during training. This causes Hon To to switch him from assault to sniper much to Hok Lai’s displeasure.
  • Cheuk Wah comes home and is really tired. Cheuk Yuen is like the best brother, setting her alarm an hour late to give her more sleep. She wakes up and sees the photo of her and former fiancée. She reminisces how she was so immersed in her work that she put her fiancée behind. As a result, her fiancée got bombed in a jewellery store robbery.
  • Using the previous clues, Cheuk Wah and her subordinate, Ben Fong (Patrick Tang) lead their way to the green car and its driver. This leads to a vicious car chase. The two cars are locked in a one way path near a large mass of water. Cheuk Wah persists her driving with the green car flipping over and falling into the water.
  • The police retrieve the car and some clues but not the driver. The clues lead them to Yuen Long.
  • It’s snipping training for the newbies. Hon To challenge them to shot without the aimer. Hok Lai says that it is impossible but Hon To just proves how possible it is.
  • At Yuen Long the OCTB team enter an abandoned house and find receipts and an abandoned notebook. This leads to Cheuk Wah deducing that the culprit will rob the truck that transfers money to and from the bank. The police, SDU included, have plans to capture this gang.
  • Actually, Tin Yu’s gang goes to rob a nearby jewellery convention instead. Luckily, Cheuk Wah had her suspicions for the jewellery convention and had sent two people there. The SDU quickly arrive to help. But they can only do so much when Tin Yu holds a man hostage with explosives all around his waist which are smartphone controlled.
  • The gang gets away safely with one of their members shot in the stomach. They can’t sent the guy (the green car driver) to the hospital so Tin Yu silts him in the throat and gets his other members to dump him in the sea.
  • The body gets discovered at shore. Using her powerful knowledge and with the help from her tablet, Cheuk Wah calculates the ocean tide to find the gang’s hideout. She limits it down to three locations and they eventually find the gang hiding out at a rural neighbourhood hiding with Mei Lin’s granny.
  • The gang make a run for it and grenades are thrown. The gang split up and run.
  • One of the guys from the gang finds a child and holds it hostage. Chun Hin had the right aim to shoot the culprit but hesitates losing his chance to do so. Hok Lai really doesn’t listen. He jumps out from his position and becomes the hero, saving the child and killing the culprit. (This must be torturing for the child to witness).
  • All of the members are soon all shot. Tin Yu had the chance to leave but came back for his wife. (Nawwwws, cute!) They are soon cornered by the police and have to surrender.
  • At the interrogation, Tin Yu admits to the robbery but not the killing of the police officer. Mei Lin requests to see Cheuk Wah. She offers a deal – to switch to their side and be the witness to the murder of the police officer if they drop all charges on her.
  • Chun Hin and Hok Lai both get a scolding for not following orders.
  • Hon To and Chuek Wah meet at the Gallant Garden (where police members who are sacrificed on duty are buried) to pay their respects to the police officer.
  • There she hands Hon To the note book that he gave to the police officer. She also tells that they have put Tin Yu behind bars but not without compromise that they had no choice but to agree to.


My Opinion:

What an an packed ep! This totally went off my radar of expectations. I can safely say that this is an amazing production from TVB. This is one of the best dramas that I have seen in a while.

Everyone is so professional. This is really different from traditional police procedural dramas where the atmosphere is more humorous. Here, it is much more down to business. But it’s all good. I like this. You can also feel the liveliness here.

Hon To is a good commander who only pushes his colleagues to have the very best on his team. He challenges them with different obstacles which they might face in the real world. He is strong but here you can see his weak side for the police officer. 🙁

I love love love the bromance between Hon To and Cheuk Yuen. It isn’t your TW or K drama bromance. It’s different and it’s strong. It really feels like they are brothers. There is something about these two that connects them.

Hok Lai just rushes into things, reminding me a lot of his character in The Hippocratic Crush. Ahahahahas. And I can just see Man Keung will be a copy of Mei Suet in THC.

I like the guest appearance from Kenneth Ma. He did a great job as a villain. As for JJ Jia, I actually liked her here. And her cantonese has improved too. She actually does a better job as a villainous girl than those goodie-goodies. She was powerful and forceful here. Though when she exerts her lines, sometimes it still feels like she is just reading off a script.

It’s funny how in each TVB police procedural drama things just turn up coincidentally but how can I blame TVB? It’s drama not reality.

Tin Yu  came back for Mei Lin yet she decides to betray him? In my mind I kind of think she has a plan to save her husband.

I wonder what the next ep will tell? This ep feels open ended… Well, maybe just to me. Ahahahas.

5 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 1 Overview

  • July 14, 2012 at 8:37 pm

    I totally agree with the parallells in the characters Him Law and Mandy Wong portray in Hippocratic Crush and Tiger Cubs!! Hok Lai really reminded me of Onion!!

    • July 14, 2012 at 8:46 pm

      Yeaahhh! I mean, it’s exactly like the same, just different occupations. They should have swapped Vincent and Him’s role.

  • July 15, 2012 at 10:41 am

    I love the bromance between Chuk Yeun & Hon Tou!!!!! And I liked the scene when Hon Tou demonstrates how to shoot without the viewfinder.

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