Tiger Cubs Episode 2 Overview

This was still brilliant although this episode kind of dropped from the first episode. I am sure it will be a build up to the next episode. Though I thought this ep would continue off from the last ep. The last ep was really opened and doesn’t seem to flow to this ep. There was a lot of bromance from Chun Hin and Hok Lai though, so it’s all good.

  • Training begins for the SDU team with two teams – the attacking team and sniper team.
  • Hon To volunteers Hok Lai to be the ‘victim’.
  • During the practice, Hon To gives Chun Hin the go ahead but he didn’t do so and gets a scolding from To.
  • It’s training number 2 and since Hok Lai did such a good job as the ‘victim’ he volunteers him again.
  • After practice, Hok Lai gulps down a whole bottle of water. He and Chun Hin were about to hang out but instead they get extra sniper practice because they are newbies with Cheuk Yuen supervising.
  • Hok Lai wanted to go pee but well, the target has not appeared yet so he must remain stationary. Four hours past and he still cannot go pee yet. (Man, this must hurt man!)
  • Turns out Cheuk Yuen was in control of when the target appears. (Ahahahhaa, how cheeky man!)
  • It turns out Hok Lai has made a complaint about his commander being unfair. His strong point is clearly on the attacking team yet he gets put in the sniper team.
  • Hon To gives Hok Lai two options – to undergo extra training or to leave the SDU team.
  • Hon To has plans to propose to Wai Wai but Chuek Yuen changes his plans because it is too old fashioned… (Such as vintage car to sports car
  • So Wai Wai decided not to return home and go on a holiday with her friend. (Naaaws, poor Hon To.)
  • Cheuk Wah and Ben are seeking information of dangerous terrorists coming to Hong Kong from infomats.
  • The SDU team has another challenge where they are split into two teams, sort like a survival challenge. (It’s like The Hunger Games without killings).
  • The team are taken to an island and must find survival bags with essentials and must be on the constant lookout for attackers while beating the other team (Teams A and B) to reach the destination. They have three days and two nights to get to the destination.
  • Hok Lai and Chun Hin are working together as a pair within team A. The other team get ambushed and Chun Hin was ready to jump out and help but Hok Lai pulled him back.
  • Hok Lai and Chun Hin have been walking for a while and still cannot find the survival bag. Finally, they find it with muesli bars. Hok Lai was about to eat it all but Chun Hin reminds them that they require this for three days and two nights.
  • They then go to the creek for water. Chun Hin was standing as guard but Hok Lai urges him to have a drink. They didn’t have a look out and the commanders came to attack them and then took away their survival package.
  • Chun Hin and Hok Lai come to see a survival package on top of a tree with Chuek Yuen and Kwong. Who will get the package first? It’s a race against Chuek Yuen and Hok Lai with Hok Lai coming out on first but not without some sacrifice. Hok Lai slips and Chuek Yuen goes to steady him and falls himself. (Lai, Lai, Lai. It’s always his fault. Ahahaha) Cheuk Yuen might have broken a bone and must withdraw from this challenge.
  • Chuek Yuen just has a shattered bone. Being the nice sister she is, Cheuk Wah goes to cook food for his brother though she hasn’t cooked in ages.
  • Ever since he boyfriend’s accident, she has never taken care of home, constantly immersed in work.
  • The OCTB team camp out at night waiting for the terroists by the sea but gets no luck.
  • Sum Gor (Kenny Wong) is one of the terroists heading down to Hong Kong to meet his son who is there for hospital care, though he is not a Hong Kong immigrant. He gets an alert that the police are on the campout and so they head back in the opposite direction.
  • It’s morning and the boys are out to look for ambushers to make up for their lost time. They see three ambushers and chase after them. Chun Hin advises Hok Lai that they should spend their time looking for survival bags instead but Hok Lai insists on chasing them.
  • Chun Hin finds some biscuit crumbs on the ground and have a lead.
  • They decide to part and search for the ambushers themselves while maintaining a meeting signal. I guess that wasn’t a very good idea because Chun Hin gets captured by Sum Gor. (Oh, dayum. Hok Lai’s idea are always bad. Ahahaha. Hin, you should never listen to him). Hok Lai realises that something is wrong when he signals and Chun Hin doesn’t return.
  • It turns out that Sum Gor has decided to head into the terrorist path because of need for money. (I think terroist is too harsh of a word, maybe robber would be better?)
  • Chun Hin tries to talk reason to Sum Gor but instead gets hit and held as hostage.
  • The OCTB finds that the infomat has been killed so this means the information could very well be real.
  • Everyone has arrived at the destination but Chun Hin and Hok Lai. This means there is two possibilities – they are lost or they are in danger. So now the team has another mission, to search for their missing members. (Oh, Lai, always causing trouble!)
  • To’s mum called Cheuk Yuen to come down to the bar to undergo a special mission – to eat mangos that Wai Wai brought back. Cheuk Yuen comes to save Wai Wai from getting scold from To’s mother; they can use the mangos to make new food for the bar!
  • Footprints… Hon To and the other commander, Yip Shu Fai (Savio Tsang), see footprints and detects that the two boys had their reasons for splitting up.
  • Hok Lai sees one of Sum Gor’s mate and follows him. He spots Chun Hin and the terrorists. He thinks that the terrorists are just the police members and decides to join in the game. He throws a rock and the two terrorists walk out giving Hok Lai the chance to go in and attack. It’s when he also gets tied up that he realises that they aren’t police…
  • It’s daylight. The two commanders reach the cave and sees the two hostages and Sum Gor’s friend. They make really cool hand signals and goes in to rescue the day.
  • Sum Gor returns and identifies the situation so runs. Hon To chases after him and engage in fight before Sum Gor runs to the edge of a cliff. He has the option to fight – to or jump into the sea and chooses the sea.
  • Hon To gives information to the OCTB team and yeaahh, they connect and utter the same sentence at the same time.
  • More training time for the SDU team. They are split into two teams and have to shoot numbered targets. Hok Lai gets delayed in time because the 9 target was switched to 6. Hok Lai is persistent that Hon To is targeting him but Chun Hin is much more reasonable than him.
  • Sum Gor and his mates go to rob a jewellery store. The OCTB team arrive to go attack and Wai recalls her boyfriend saying that he will always be waiting for her.
  • She then gets shot in the chest…


My Opinion:

Last ep was all about attack while this is all about training, training and more training. This isn’t to say that this isn’t epic though, it is. The trainings are all amazing. I like how Hon To does all these little tricks during training that somehow always gets on Hok Lai’s edge. Honestly, I think Hon To is a good commander training his team only to be the best of the best.

But I missed Hon To in this ep. There wasn’t as much of him in this ep. I wanted to see more of him! I want to see him in action more. I want to see more of his commander look.

Seriously, the more I watch this the more that Hok Lai reminds me of his role as Onion in The Hippocratic Crush. He is just as eager to rush into things and think that he is right with everything. And yet, everything he does leads to trouble. Ahahahaha, then this means Joe Ma is the Kenneth Ma training and changing his attitude to he occupation. Though I wouldn’t have minded to see him and Vincent have a reversal of roles. It would be refreshing to see Him in a different role.

I actually enjoy the bromance with Hok Lai and Chun Hin though the chemistry isn’t as powerful as Hon To and Cheuk Yuen’s brothership. I see Chun Hin as a weak character compared to Hok Lai. I mean he always listens to Hok Lai’s suggestions and has no objections. Hok Lai seems to be the ‘leader’ between them. Whereas with Hon To and Cheuk Yuen, their friendship seems to be even where they both have equal say. Anyway, I love the bromances here!

Where’s Man Keung in this? I can just imagine her running in and joining in training and is more than ready to be on the assault team. Ahahahahaha! I missed her in this ep. 🙁 Hopefully she will be back in the next ep.

I loooooove the music and cinematography here. There music starts and stops at the right place and they actually play the right music. It even takes a twist on the traditional TVB theme music. The cinematography is just superb. When it starts, the credits roll in movie style. Just watching the whole ep makes it seem like you are watching a movie because even the screen looks like a movie (I don’t know how to explain this…)

I was kind of disappointed that this ep didn’t continue off from the previous ep though… 🙁 The last ep was really open ended. I wanted to see what will happen to the two robbers. Now that I think about it, both robberies – this one and last ep’s one – robbed jewellery. Ahahahaaha!

I can’t wait to see the next ep! I am sure that Cheuk Wah will be alright. 100%!

6 thoughts on “Tiger Cubs Episode 2 Overview

  • July 15, 2012 at 10:43 am

    I think Chun Hin & Hok Lai are on equal levels even though Hok Lai is sort of the “leader” between the two of them. Both of them have their strengths and weaknesses that they need to work on. Hok Lai just gets all the attention since he’s a troublemaker

    • July 15, 2012 at 1:23 pm

      LOL, yeah. I guess it is because Chun Hin is more reserved and lacks self confidence whereas Hok Lai is the opposite.

        • July 15, 2012 at 9:22 pm

          I have always been a fan of Chun Hin. I can’t wait to see action from him. Hehehehe

          • July 16, 2012 at 6:29 am

            I think he’s much cooler than Hok Lai. I think we’ll get to see him in action later on!!!!!!!

          • July 16, 2012 at 10:03 am

            Ahahahahaa, I like him. He is rational unlike Hok Lai. Ahahahas, yeps action later. I read somewhere (forgot where though) that his quiet and reserved personality will make him the best sniper on the team.

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