SOP Queen Episode 3 Recap

Ohhh, I see where things are going to head from here now. Ahahahhahas. Ahahahah, Chen Qiao En is always the princess in every one of her dramas. She always gets her prince charming/s.


Holding Peter Rabbit in her hands, she thinks over what Tom told her and she realises that the main point about Valentine’s Day isn’t commodity but a showcase that when people look at it they feel happiness. Happiness showcase? She suddenly gets a good idea and thanks Tom for his help. Although her problem is solved, a problem arises from Tang Jun. 

Her plan is to bring a fairytale and the products together, to create a sex appeal. Her theme is a princess who understands the meaning of Valentine’s Day giving lots of surprises to the prince, just like Snow White waiting for her prince while wearing the prince’s favourite poofy dress or like when Cinderella lost her slipper allowing the prince to think of her sexy legs. Everyone likes her plan but it is very time consuming so no one wants to help. However, one of her colleagues does stay back and give her some encouragement.

The manager is unsatisfied with the proposals and he goes outside to see Xiao Jie’s seat empty.


Of course Xiao Jie must drag her best friend to help. Xiao Jie also asks for help from her former colleagues but they all quickly scatter away but after some convincing from Jia Yi they are all willing to help.

With the help of her former colleagues her showcase quickly come together. The manager walks by asks if there department has that many people. The nice colleague that stayed back tells the manager that Xiao Jie went to ask her former colleagues for help.

Tang Jun is running around various banks but they are no help. His friend who we now know is Adam tells him don’t he ask his mother for help. Just in the nick of time, his mother calls and says that he will help him. In a few days time she will be going to Taipei to participate in the peak summit that Haiyue Department is hosting. Hearing this, he smiles and agrees to meet her in Taipei. Ahahahahahs!

It’s night time and Xiao Jie sends everybody off leaving her to finish off the finer details. Zi Qi who is driving past sees her working so diligently so goes to help her. She accepts his offer and asks him what department he is from because she always meet him when she works overtime. He tells him that it doesn’t matter what department he is from, what is important is that when she is working overtime not to create any trouble then she won’t keep on meeting him.

He asks her why she decided to use fairy tale as the them. She tells him that every girl has thought of themselves as a princess wearing a poofy dress and owning a pair of Cinderella slippers and then living a happy life with her prince. She tells him that although Valentine’s Day is a public scheme but it is because of this that we can openly spend the day with our lover. (That has hit home hard!) He tells her that he wonders why the princess always meet trouble, like Sleeping Beauty who got cursed by the witch, Snow White who got hard by the queen, like Cinderella who got mistreated by her stepmother oh, and like tonight the black-eyed princess who stayed up late to complete the showcase. She tells him that if the princesses didn’t run into trouble, how can the prince be heroic and save the princess? (Oh, good point!)


She then falls asleep and he carries her to bed. The security locks the door so Zi Qi has no choice but to go to bed too. Ahahahahas! Then next morning they wake to a crowd of picture-takers. Xiao Jie is banging on the door to be let out when she discovers that he is Gao Zi Qi. He tells her that they will discuss this matter when they are outside. Right now they (she) must be calm and the security guard will be there to let them out. He tells her that since they are inside the showcase they might as well complete the story and act as Sleeping Beauty and the prince. He then picks her up and lays her down in bed telling her to sleep more.

It’s the board meeting and Zi Hao keeps on targeting his brother. Zi Qi just came back and is already stirring up news. Zi Qi says that it was his mistake, he wanted to stay and help. Zi Hao tells him that even if it is his own little brother, he is under no exception. Their father loves Zi Qi so he lets him off but since he caused the trouble, he must fix it. He suggest that they use the incident as promotion. The CEO has decided to allow Lin Xiao Jie to be the company’s ambassador and as for Zi Qi he must be careful of his further actions. Uh-oh, big brother is not happy. Zi Hao has decided to hand Cinderella the supermarket re-opening case.

The manager calls her in and asks her about the idea of this showcase. She stumbles and tells him that she will combine the fairy tale and product component and then the theme is the princess waiting for the prince. He tells that it is too much and asks her the idea of how Sleeping Beauty in the showcase was produced. She doesn’t know how to tell him and just accepts being ambassador.

Her pictures are plastered all over the news. She tells Jia Yi that she never thought that the person who helped her to stack beer would be Gao Zi Qi, and she told him to work with her. Jia Yi tells her that this means that they spent two nights together. She tells them that they aren’t even in an ordinary friendship let alone girl-guy relationship. She sees a picture online and recalls Zi Qi asking why princesses always run into trouble.

“The thing has come upon a some accidental progress. I am but a princess but in the showcase I met a prince. I became Sleeping Beauty. This meeting has allowed me to look forward to the fairy tale Valentine’s Day. I wonder when the prince that belongs to me will appear.”

Zi Qi’s girlfriend, Bai Ji Qing (Jiang Yi) asks him what he has to explain for this incident. He tells her that it is just accidental. She understands that getting their picture taken is an accident but getting their pictures taken like this is just being lazy. She tells him that his smile is not one bit natural. So she isn’t angry after all. She tells him that the next time pictures of her being taken he can’t be angry.

So Xiao Jie is doing her as the company’s ambassador and is on a very strict vegetable diet. She then gets a request from Zi Qi to meet. He tells her that Haiyue’s Valentine’s Day event will be hosted here. That’s what the other company wants – for the company to look bad. The company (I think it’s the other company) has invited Ji Qing to attended the Valentine’s Day event.

Xiao Jie looks a poster of Ji Qing and complements how beautiful she is. Xiao Jie and Zi Qi run into Ji Qing. Ji Qing tells Xiao Jie she remembers her, the Sleeping Beauty.  Zi Qi then invites Ji Qing to be attend the Valentine’s Day event at company supermarket. She tells her that the company department invited her but it has not been confirmed yet.  She then tells her manager about it but her manager tells her that the department store offer is better.

Tang Jun has arrived in Taipei with the keyring in his hand. He asks to go to a special place.

Zi Qi is out with his girlfriend. He asks his girlfriend to come to his supermarket on that day. She tells him that she signed with the department and explains that wearing a dress is better than wearing an apron. You understand right? He asks her can’t she just make an exception for him? She tells him not to make it difficult for her. He tells her that he is always the one making an exception for her. He respects her but can’t he ever think for him? She tells him that he should know these questions will appear when he pursued her. He tells her that he will be tired too. Between them it is always him who makes an exception for her and not them both making exceptions together. She tells him if he minds so much then they should just break up. Huh? Her way of solving things? And he agrees!


My Opinion:

Oh, so now she is with her other prince charming? She is practically falling for him at first sight! Ahahahahas! Though, you can’t feel her feelings for him. I’m not sure but you can’t put the feelings there. You can’t really feel that she likes him; you can’t feel the chemistry she has with Tang Jun. With Tang Jun it is much more bubbly, lively and close. I mean it’s there. You can say that she is falling for Zi Qi but you can’t feel the chemistry.

Wow, Zi Qi, wow. I just can’t believe everything that he does for Ji Qing. He must really love her. He always makes an exception for her yet he only wants one request but she won’t do it. And she solves this issue by breaking up. Wow, just wow. Zi Qi really considers the feelings of others or well in this case Ji Qing.

Tang Jun really is falling for her. Ahahahaha, this is love at first sight. (: I can’t wait to see more of his interaction with Xiao Jie. Ahahahah, all these love at first sights.

I know who Jia Yi is! She is Ren Jia Kai’s little sister in Ring Ring Bell. I knew it! So I did see her somewhere!

2 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 3 Recap

  • July 19, 2012 at 5:24 am

    I think Zi Qi’s actually a really good person though, except his girlfriend (or shall we say ex-gf?) is just too selfish. Personally, I think he does have chemistry with Xiao Jie, but I agree with you that Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are cute together as well. Qiao En just has chemistry with all of her co-stars 🙂
    Oh, it’s my first time visiting your blog, by the way… I’ll be sure to come back soon to read your recaps!

    • July 19, 2012 at 3:51 pm

      Yeahhh, Zi Qi is a good person. He isn’t those ‘baddie’ second leads which is good.

      I guess they do have chemistry together, just not as much as Tang Jun and Xiao jie’s chemistry.

      Really? I hope you do come back. And happy reading!


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