SOP Queen Episode 5 Recap

I wonder what is it between the Gao brothers. I know that this is not a big plot of the drama but I want to know why they are so distant from each other. Ahahahaha, aside from that, this episode is gave the first kiss of Xiao Jie and Tang Jun! Yay! Their chemistry with each other is definitely there! (:


Zi Qi puts everything straight and solves Xiao Jie’s problem. Tang Jun watches from afar and states that it looks like she doesn’t need his protection. (Nawwwws, 🙁 That’s okay, you can come and be my prince!)


Since Xiao Jie is free from any troubles that she may have caused, now she has to go speak with the representative from Golden Age Imperial Sea Mall. Guess who might that person be? None other than Tang Jun! She has to take him around the mall (or something along that line…) and it’s a mission for two days, one night. Of course she is stunned and happy to him. She tells him since he helped her so much in London, she will be her tourist guide here. (I told you, this is fate!) Since this is his first time in Taipei (which I don’t don’t believe) he asks her to take him back to his hotel. (I’m sure he is just using this as an excuse to be with her.)

They’re in the car park and Xiao Jie is having from difficulty driving the car because she hasn’t driven for a long time. He has to give her advice on how to drive. LOLOLOL, this is hilarious!

Tang Jun was initally going to work with Zi Qi but CEO Tang tells CEO Gao that it is because she wants Tang Jun to have more of an opportunity to learn. (Oh, so this was Tang Jun’s condition.)

Xiao Jie arrives at the hotel to pick Tang Jun up safe and sound. He offers to drive instead (I’m sure it’s safer this way).

Zi Hao is unhappy that his father praised Zi Qi for his efforts. He tells Zi Qi that it doesn’t matter because Haiyue is going to belong to him anyway. Zi Qi tells him he will show dad who is the suitable successor to Haiyue Group.


Xiao Jie and Tang Jun’s interactions are just plain adorable! She takes him to the museum (or well, he takes her) and he sees a piece that he really likes. It is a red piece that gives off a deep lonely feeling.

Tian Tian comes to inform his boss that the forgot to withdraw the red wine order that his boss was going to use to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Ji Qing and quietly hopes that he can have the red wine. But Zi Qi decides to give it to the supermarket company instead (I don’t even know who is cooperating with who any more…) Tian Tian asks him if he has prepared Xiao Jie a Valentine’s Day present yet and he says that Valentine’s Day is also the opening of the supermarket… Tian Tian reminds him that it’s their first Valentine’s Day together…


Xiao Jie is at the museum learning to make glass. She is having trouble but Tang Jun encourages her and supports her. When she finally succeeds, she turns around and gives him the kiss that I bet he yearned for. Awkward…


It’s dinner and things are awkward for Xiao Jie, not for Tang Jun though, he actually smiles about it. He tells her since it was accidental she shouldn’t leave it at heart. That’s all better not and Xiao Jie is her normal self again. At this time, Zi Qi comes to visit. Zi Qi questions the type of food that they are eating. (Gosh, it’s home-made, delicious food!) She scoops Zi Qi a bowl of soup and acts tentative towards him while leaving Tang Jun out. 🙁  She then scoops him a bowl and he asks, “I also have a share?” The soup tastes a lot more delicious because she scooped it. Ahahahahs

Xiao Jie and Zi Qi are out watching the stars. She starts him why he suddenly came to find her. He starts to tell her when Tang Jun joins them. Instead he tells her that he came to show her the ‘Single Point of Happiness’ DM design. Tang Jun is tentative, she gives her some light so she can see the design better. It’s cold, and Xiao Jie shows it. At the same time the two guys take off their jacket and give it to her. 🙂 Lucky her!

It’s bed time and Zi Qi and Tang Jun are sharing the same bed (LOL, what? Ahahahahs) Tang Jun, who is not asleep, makes really loud snores which puts Zi Qi off and he goes outside for some fresh air. Xiao Jie joins him and he gives her some present as her Valentine’s Day present. He gets her lots of pretty clothes, shoes and bags. She comments that she won’t have a chance to wear these. He tells her she does, she is the company’s ambassador and his girlfriend, she is a public image now. She tells him that she can’t accept it because it’s too expensive. He tells her that it isn’t expensive, he just wants her to feel happiness. She tells him she is happy, really happy right now. Tang Jun who hears all this decides that it is better if he just watches them. She doesn’t have a present for him so she gives him a peck on the cheek instead. (Naaawwws, poor Tang Jun!) Zi Qi asks her if she thinks this is enough and she tells him to name something and he will get it for her. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything but a girlfriend who can watch the sunrise with him.


Since sunrise is a long time away, they decide to camp in Zi Qi’s car and watch the stars. She recalls her accidental kiss with Tang Jun. Then Zi Qi takes hold of her hand and tells her that he knows that they are both busy people and that they haven’t had a proper chance to date. Luckily at the company he can see her everyday. (I like the songgggg! <3) She apologises again for her mistake and he tells her not to worry about it, she gives him inspiration and he really needs her. He then kisses her on the forehead. Tang Jun continues watching her from afar and wonders what Zi Qi is going to do with her, taking her out to the car at this late in the night. She comments that that the sun is about to rise (no sweetie, it is still night) and then discovers that Zi Qi has fallen asleep. She gives him a kiss on the forehead.


Actually Tang Jun isn’t going to watch from afar any more. He makes Xiao Jie get out of the car and asks her why she isn’t asleep yet in this time of day. She tells him that it is none of his business and he offers her an apple that picked out of a tree. She asks him what he is doing at this time of the night picking apples? (LOLOLOL!) He then invites her to watch the sunrise with him (His offer is better than Zi Qi’s a lot! Go with him!) which she does because someone fell asleep on her. (Tut tut, and he invited her to watch the sunrise with yet he falls asleep). He asks her if she is disappointed. She tells him that every girl wants to watch the sunrise with their boyfriend which breaks Tang Jun’s heart. He tells her that her boyfriend is alright. Zi Qi wakes and wonders why she didn’t call him up but you know, you fell asleep and she doesn’t want to wake you. The couple then walk away to pack leaving Tang Jun to say to himself that Zi Qi really doesn’t know what he missed is so beautiful.

It’s Valentine’s Day and this means that it’s both the Department and Supermarket opening. Everyone is at the Department opening which leaves Zi Qi devastated. CEO Gao is ready to show the Tang mother and son around this carnival but Tang Jun tells his mother that he has his own personal date. Ahahahahas!


My Opinion:

I cannot stop myself from comparing Xiao Jie to her role in FTLY. They are similar in so many ways but each time I watch this the more and more she resembles Xin Yi. Really, she does. Just like when she was driving it reminded me so much of FTLY when she was in Shanghai. Yeah, there was some distinct differences, such as she was confident and actually could drive. Ahahahas, but here her personality reminds me so so so much of that of Xin Yi’s. Is it just me who sees the resemblance?

Chen Qiao En’s acting is brilliant as always. She is able to exert all the correct emotions and not only that, she does it in a way that shows that she is not just acting the character but she incorporates her own personality into the character’s. Her quirkiness and bubbliness gives the character dimension and life. Her acting is also very convincing and it allows viewers to see that she is not only an actress but to see her as Xiao Jie.

Han Zhang is amazing! I just love love love his sexy voice. Gahhhh, I can’t get enough of it. Aside of that, I think he is portraying his character quite well. He shows emotions and gives viewers feelings of what the character is like. He gives the emotions at the right time. His emotions are natural, they aren’t forced. Sometimes I feel that they are just filming him just like that. He shows who his character is.

Godfrey Gao’s acting is decent, though at times it isn’t natural. Sometimes when the emotions he shows don’t seem to flow with the scene. I think that partially this is because of his chemistry with Chen Qiao En isn’t as strong as Han Zhang’s… Ahahaha, sometimes when he is with Xiao Jie, it feels cold when it is supposed to be a warm and lively atmosphere.

I loved the scene where both of the guys when to give Xiao Jie their jacket. Lucky her! Though with Zi Qi, it seems as if he is obliged to whereas with Tang Jun it feels like he wants to. But that scene was so beautiful, ahahahaha, and when Tang Jun smiled to Zi Qi.

I kinda want to see some bromance here. Ahahahahas, I am on a bromance craving. I think Zi Qi and Tang Jun would make good friends if they weren’t fighting for the same girl. Ahahahhas.

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  • July 17, 2012 at 3:29 pm

    Thank u for doing recaps. I don’t understand Chinese so I usually watch it on viki. I’m in love with this drama, thank u so much.

    • July 17, 2012 at 4:58 pm

      No worries! Yeahh, viki is an amazing site. The segmenters and subbers are beyond amazing! <3

      Ahahahha, me too! Again, no worries!


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