SOP Queen Episode 13 Recap

Oh wow, this episode really gave me the run and confession that I wanted. Okay, maybe not that type of confession but it’s still a confession. And wow, doesn’t Ming Dao just have chemistry with his co-stars?


She tells him that actually the feeling of leaving is good. It’s been a long since since she could breathe freely. She tells him that she doesn’t want to continue living a fake life. They are soon bombarded by the paparazzi and she discovers that Tang Jun is actually CEO Tang’s son. She leaves saying that even he can’t be trusted.

Zi Qi returns to the hotel to find that Xiao Jie has already packed and left. Tang Jun is driving around looking for Xiao Jie and only misses her by a head. (Wrong timing.) Tang Jun goes to the hotel and Zi Qi thinks that it is Xiao Jie only to be disappointed to discover that it is Tang Jun. He asks her where she is and Zi Qi walks off asking him the same question. Tang Jun stops him in his step telling him that the person she doesn’t want to see the most right now is him. 

<– That was kind of cool. Ahahahahahs!

Zi Qi tells him that she is his fiancée, and doesn’t require his care. Tang Jun punches him and tells him that he is not worth loving her. (I wanted to see this scene and yes there was force but I didn’t feel that it was enough.) Tang Jun warns him that starting from today Xiao Jie’s things does not relate to him; he will be the one always protecting her.

Xiao Jie is alone by the sea side saying that she clearly wanted to be alone but when she is actually alone, she feels really lonely.She drinks and celebrates herself for returning back to singlehood. She goes on her Weibo and sees that many people have been saying bad things about her for dumping Zi Qi.

<– How handsome is he?

She messages Tom saying that she has decided to go to London and asks if she can rent his place…


Zi Qi is at the airport heading back to Taipei. He tells his father that the news won’t affect the contract and when he returns he will immediately head back to work. Meanwhile, Tang Jun is also at the airport heading to England. He calls Adam to inform him that he is going to England and requests for his help. The two men cross each other but do not see each other, each heading in the opposite direction.


Xiao Jie is in London heading towards her new home that is currently being furbished by Mr. Adam “Tom” to just the way she likes it with Peter Rabbit and a cream coloured curtain with fresh flowers on the windowsill. She sees her new house and greets her landlord as Mr. Tom not know that he is actually Adam.

She thanks him and he tells her that although he can’t do much for her, but at least his place and protect her. He tells her that they (him and the many Peter Rabbits) will help her to overcome this difficult time of hers. He asks her for a favour – if she feels hurt in her heart, or if she doesn’t feel like smiling, she can hid her smile; she doesn’t need to smile for him. He tells her that this is her first privilege. Her second privilege is that she can use her mood to do what she wants when she wants. For example, she doesn’t need an excuse to cry; his shoulder will always be there for her. Though he warns her that this is only temporary. He also tells her that the third privilege is that she can complain about the bad points of Gao Zi Qi all she likes. She tells him that Zi Qi doesn’t have any bad points, he is perfect. He tells that it is impossible; all men house bad points. Oh, she has got it. She tells him that his bad point is that every time she goes to his house, she won’t let her watch TV and he would even hold the remote tightly in his hands out of his reach. (LOL, she is so pure!) He happily tells that this is it and tells her that starting from this point on, all the remote in this house is hers. She can do whatever she wants – open, close, loud or quiet. He asks her if she has any other requests and she tells him she wants to eat big and party hard.

Tang Jun is in London standing outside his house that he can no longer enter. He speaks to himself apologising to Xiao Jie saying that he didn’t intentionally lie to her. It’s just that he doesn’t want her to get hurt.

Adam calls Tang Jun to inform him that Xiao Jie is satisfied with everything. It’s just that how is he going to repay his favour? He tells him didn’t he constantly stay at his place when he was younger? And now he is letting him live at his house freely. How good is that? Adam tells him that he does not want to live at his place. It’s just that this Lin Xiao Jie must be priceless to him right? He happily admits it and tells him that once everything is over he will greatly thank him.

His mother calls him, worried that he left for England because he has decided to give up on their family business. He tells her that there is a situation over here and he will explain to her when he gets back to Shanghai. She tells him that she gives him convenience and what does he put Golden Age Imperial Sea Mall as? She tells him that she thought he has matured and thought about giving him and his sister Golden Age Imperial Sea Mall but she never thought he would disappoint her again. He tells her that returning to England is for the money that he owes her. She tells him that everyone wants to be her son except him. His sister takes over the phone and deduces that he came to England for Lin Xiao Jie. He tells her that her has responsibility for Xiao Jie becoming like this and tells her that it is enough that Golden Age Imperial Sea Mall and his mother has her. Xiao Jie requires him and he requires her. Tang Mi tells him to stay in England then, just remember to call home more often because their mother is unwell. He tells her not to use this trick to lie to him so he can return to Shanghai. She tells him that he voluntary gave up everything so there is no use forcing him back. He tells her that once he solves everything, he will immediately return to Shanghai.

Their mother really isn’t feeling well. Her headaches are become more of the norm. CEO Tang asks her daughter why she agreed to Tang Jun staying in England. She tells her that there is no use forcing Tang Jun and there is only one way to get him back to Imperial Sea and that is to make him willing to.

“Tom” and Xiao Jie are having lots of fun playing video games. He then asks her if she wants to go anywhere? She tells him that when he sent her the Peter Rabbit, did they go to a lot of places? She tells him that he also said that if she came to England, he will take her to those places. Photos? She asks him if he has forgotten and he smartly revives himself saying that he didn’t. It’s just that in his original plans her plans to take her to a particular place and that they can go to those other places the day after tomorrow. He tells her that her fiancée’s vision is very bad because if it was him, no matter what she says he won’t let her go. She tells him that if she came to England earlier, none of this unhappy events would have occurred. He tells her that if she arrived in England earlier, she would have missed out on a lot of things (such as spending time with Tang Jun, ahahahahahs!) After Adam sends Xiao Jie off to bed he calls Tang Jun asking him about the photos, he never told him.

Zi Qi apologises for the mess up of his marry and promises to take full responsibilities for the company’s damage. Zi Hao proposes to sack Xiao Jie from all ambassador work which no one objects. After the dismissal of the meeting, CEO Gao asks Zi Qi if there is any news of Xiao Jie which there isn’t.

Zi Qi is back at home contemplating over the words that Tang Jun said to him and says that he doesn’t plan to give Tang Jun Xiao Jie. (Noooo, don’t make this into a love square!)

Zi Qi goes to find Jia Yi in hopes to find news of Xiao Jie. But even Jia Yi can’t get in contact with her. He asks her if Xiao Jie had any place she wanted to go and Jia Yi immediately thinks of England but comments that she won’t do such a crazy thing and leave without preparation. Zi Qi tells her that Xiao Jie is much crazier than they think; she cancelled their marriage in live TV. Ji Qing calls but he doesn’t pick up. He then asks Jia Yi if Xiao Jie has any friends in England and she tells him about Tom.


Adam takes Xiao Jie to a wonderful and beautiful historical place. He tells her a story about how a very long time ago these small composed men had to go off to war. There wives would worry and wonder each day if they would survive to live on.  Each day the wives would arrive here to look for a peaceful answer. He tells her that he brought her here to solve her troubles. He tells her of the God’s window and the saying how God closes one window but opens another. He invites her to push open the window and find her answer. She asks God why he opened her window with Zi Qi and yet closed this? She opens the window and tells him that the view is pretty ordinary. She then turns around and sees her answer which is a sing that reads ‘Tomorrow will be better’. (Ommgg, Ming Dao’s english is brilliant!)

<– Cute!

Adam invites Tang Jun over when Xiao Jie has fallen asleep. Tang Jun warns him not to court Xiao Jie. (Ahahahaahahaha!) Adam tells him that he wonders if Xiao Jie discovered something. Ever since they went to the church, she constantly wanted to hid away from him. Tang Jun tells him that he thinks that Xiao Jie has discovered his lecher side. He also warns him not to use his name to provoke Xiao Jie. Fine, he tells him he will use his own name then. He asks him what his is so afraid of; he is going to tell her sooner or later. Tang Jun explains that here is her hiding place. What if she discovers the truth and goes missing? So I guess Adam has no choice but to keep this secret. Though, Adam warns him if he continues like this he will become Gao Zi Qi number 2. Worse, what if she hits if with another guy like him? Tang Jun tells him he won’t because he already has so many girls up his sleeve.


Xiao Jie can’t sleep and asks her Peter Rabbit if her prince charming is England’s Tom. So she decides to go get a drink. LOL, wrong time yeah? Tang Jun doesn’t even have time to hid so Adam has use various methods to avoid Xiao Jie from seeing Tang Jun. Tang Jun does end up to make his escape. She sees the two glasses of water and is of course suspicious.


The next day Adam takes Xiao Jie and Peter Rabbit to all they places that Tang Jun went with Peter Rabbit with Tang Jun stalking them reminding Adam not to put his hands on Xiao Jie. LOL, but he doesn’t. Adam and Xiao Jie walk past a shop with Peter Rabbits. He asks her why the Peter Rabbits in the shop is dressed differently to hers. She explains that they are all Peter Rabbit’s friend and asks why he doesn’t know. He quickly tells her that of course he does. He then tells her that he will take her to the best ice-cream place in England. (Why do I feel that it is all going to come undone because of some ice-cream?)

Okay, maybe not. She stands in front of the ice-cream shop and reminisces her time with Tang Jun. LOL, Tang Jun gets jealous when he sees Adam holding her hand.

Adam just watches Xiao Jie eat her ice-cream. She quires why he isn’t eating and he tells her he is and takes a lick of her ice-cream. She tells him that he has eaten her germs and he tells her that is not the point. The point is that it is the feeling of kissing the girl that you like. Huh? He tells her that she clearly wants to ask him when he started liking her. He tells her that he has had many girlfriends before but she is different from the others. Since meeting her, he discovered that the only person he likes is her. He tells her that if he finds him alright they can consider taking the next step in their relationship. He doesn’t mind that she has had a fiancée before or that she has other guys by her side. She smiles and says that their progress is a bit too fast just like hers and Gao Zi Qi… He tells her that he has enough of her mentioning Gao Zi Qi on MSN. He then dives in for a kiss and the ice-cream splashes on Peter Rabbit. He throws away Peter Rabbit since it got dirty but Xiao Jie goes to retrieve it. Wow, Tang Jun’s jealousy is on fire!

He ask her why she picked it up, he can just get her a new one. She tells him that’s not the case; the rabbit is their meeting souvenir. He tells her that there is no need to be like there, there is something new everyday. She tells him he must have never been abandoned before. He tells her he has, he has just forgotten. She tells him how good her personality would be if it was like his, this way she can forget the feeling of being lied to. He tells her that they lie for one of two reason – to protect others or themselves. As long as they aren’t there to specially hurt her then some hurtless lies doesn’t really matter. (Something along this line…) Rather than thinking of being hurt, go think about the things they have done for you, minus the lies and use the legal way to determine whether you should forgive them.

She thinks about everything that Tang Jun has done for her and tells Adam that she has decided to forgive him. She tells him that if she has not met somebody else, she might consider dating him. She doesn’t want to fall in love with a person in her dreams again. She thanks him for always being there for her and showing her around. Although in the past they have never met before, but she feels that he really appears by her side. She tells him that after these few days of being with him, she discovered that he is different from what she thinks of him. Really? Where’s the difference? She tells him that he has took her to a lot of places these few days but she would always think of another person.


He tells her that he is not Tom but Adam which shocks her. She asks him where Tom is and he asks if he wants to see him which she does. He tells her he has a way to make him appear within three seconds. He goes to fake kiss her and Tang Jun comes running faster than the wind. With that, Adam leaves, leaving the OTP together.

Xiao Jie walks off and he tells her that he only wants her to be happy. Can she forgive her? She calls him a big idiot and walks off which brings a smile to his face.

Whoop, whoop, OTP!


My Opinion:

Does this mean that Tang Jun and Xiao Jie are dating!?!?!?!!? I sure hope so because this is what I look forward to. They better be together already. I mean, look at everything Tang Jun has done for her! She also finds herself falling for him. He is always on her mind, constantly. I just want them together already. Like, hold hands already!? (:

Ommmggggg, Ming Dao. Even though he and Chen Qiao En aren’t a couple but there is a huge amount of chemistry between them. Just look at his smile towards her and her reaction towards him. Their chemistry as amazing. Although I have never seen  ‘The Prince Turns Into A Frog’ from what I have heard, Ming Dao and Chen Qiao En had really good chemistry and they really carried it on to here. Here, they are first time friends but their chemistry is more like friends who have know each other for ever. There chemistry is strong and I am sure it would be stronger than Tang Jun and Xiao Jie if I wasn’t shipping them. Ahahahahahas! I really would be shipping Adam and Xiao Jie if I wasn’t shipping Tang Jun and Xiao Jie.

Yeeeps, Ming Dao is an amazing actor. He has chemistry with all of his co-stars. His friendship with Tang Jun is bromance there. Ahahahahaas! It was so cute when they both went ‘shhhh’ together. Amazing! I loved loved loved it! I really hope to see more of Ming Dao. (:

Ahahaha, Tang Jun is just hilarious! I love how he always watches out for her. Especially in London where and how he would watch her from afar. Just hilarious. Ahhhh, Tang Jun, can you get any more handsome?

Please, please, please do not change this into a love square. It is already going to be  a love triangle. That is enough already. Actually, just leave it the OTP alone. They don’t need to have other people step into their relationship.

One thing that I didn’t about this episodes was the chinese subs weren’t in sync with the actor’s voice. The subs appeared too late which annoyed me. But that’s okay. 🙂

Now I am really curious as to how this develops now. (:

16 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 13 Recap

  • July 20, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    *Happy dance* Thanks you, your recap makes my day complete hehehe. I especially love this episode because of the bromance-show both Tang Jun and Adam have cutely played. Hope we can see more of their interaction in the drama. Who can resist two handsome guys play joke with each other?

    I find the scene in the church sweet and brilliant, as Xiao Jie turn around from the window and find the writing on the wall that was read “Tom will be better” hahahaha That was because Ming Dao’s head (accidentally?) covered the “orrow” of the word “Tomorrow”.

    The ending is sooo sweet and cute, made me smiled ear to ear, felling happy for our OTP. (Tan Jun’s jealousy is soo funny to watch).

    Misscupcakees, you ought to watch Frog Prince. it’s adorably funny. Many body gags and Ming-En (Ming Dao and Qiao En) is such a lovely couple. Though I love Ming-En, I still shipping Xiao Jie and Tang Jun hehehehe…their chemistry is starting to heat up. Hope there will be more bonding time for our OTP.

    • July 20, 2012 at 10:24 pm

      No worries!
      Ahahahah, yepppps. The bromance was amazinnnng! I loved it. Me too!

      I liked the church scene too. (: Oh? I didn’t realise that. Thanks for pointing it out.

      Heheheheh, yeahhh, I loved how he tried to put a jacket on her. See how relaxed they are with each other? Ahahaha, yeahhh! His jealousy!

      Ahahahhas, I was going to but the DVD didn’t work. 🙁

      I am shhhhiiipppping Tang Jun and Xiao Jie! <3

      • July 20, 2012 at 11:27 pm

        The Frog Prince DVD didnt work? Reminded me of me buying the DVD for the 2nd time since my brother broke and ruin the 1st ones. I love the drama so much I have to have it as a collection. I lost track how many time I re-watching it.

        Anyways, thanks again for the recap. I definitely lost in translation without you. Cant wait for the next episodes. I did saw Zi Qi chasing Xiao Jie to London in the preview for next episode, and by the look of it, it seems to she ‘s a little bit swayed by him, please let me be wrong….
        But, we are not yet half of the way of the drama, so our OTP still have many chances to build up their romance (hope it’ll happen soon though).
        So, misscupcakees dont you gave up on us (SOP Queen’s Lovers) and keep recapping :D. Fighting!!

        • July 22, 2012 at 2:17 pm

          Ohhh, really? He is a very bad brother then. How can he ruin such a good drama?

          Yeahh, so far it has just been focused around Xiao Jie, Tang Jun, Zi Qi and Ji Qing. I wonder what Chu Chu has to offer here. I wonder what she will do for the power of love…

          Thank you, fighting! SOP Queen <3

  • July 21, 2012 at 12:01 am

    Can’t thank you enough my dear for the recap! This drama is sooooo addictive that I watched 9 episodes today, almost non-stop except for toilet and food break…hehehehe!! Chemistry overload for MD and QE – their unconditional real-life friendship is all it takes to make them so at ease in their interactions. I love how both of them clicked instantly (their on-screen characters) and somehow it has to be how comfortable they are in reality that they are able to bring their chemistry on-screen.

    Same sentiment like utaj, PTF is a must-watched drama – I think I must have watched it at least 8 to 10 times. I fell in love with QE’s flawless acting in that drama and it was my first T-drama. She has a very common look (not as pretty as she is in her other dramas) but she stole the show with her brilliant acting and expressive emotions. Their chemistry was absolutely awesome. Sorry for going a bit side-tracked from SOP Queen.

    Yup, MD’s english pronunciation is far better than HZ. I think ZQ will not give up XJ easily and when both of them return to Taiwan or Shanghai, the battle will begin. I am not sure of his real intention to fight over XJ – is it because of pride or he has already developed feelings for XJ?!? I think ZQ is really pissed off with the way Ms Bai is handling their “EX” status! I couldn’t understand her character – full of inconsistencies!! She started of as a likeable character but has slowly turned into a despicable monstrous.

    I am looking forward to some lovey-dovey scenes of the main couple! I must agree with you that Tang Jun’s character is growing on me – he is everyone’s perfect soulmate! Once again, QE played her role perfectly – very expressive emotions.

    • July 22, 2012 at 2:10 pm

      No worries! Ahahahaha, keep up with your marathon! (:

      Yeahh, although MD and QE don’t play a couple but their chemistry as friends is really strong; it really shows how comfortable they are around each other. (:

      Yessss, I know. Ahahahha, maybe I will watch PTF one day. Hehehhe

      MD’s english is definitely better than HZ. His english doesn’t have much of an accent whereas HZ english really carries his strong and sexy accent over. Ahahahhas.

      I just want to see more lovey-dovey scenes between the OTP. (:

  • July 21, 2012 at 7:14 am

    seriuosly u never watch PTF?? oh that is damn good series..a must watch!! go find another dvd haha :)) PTF still my all time fav till now haha

    Thanks for the nice recaps…can’t wait for viki.. i’m so in love with SOP Queen and join TJ-XJ team 😀

    btw, if you have free time.. maybe you want to translate our OTP interview..just to ship more of QE-ZH :))


    • July 21, 2012 at 8:08 am

      Hahaha…I told you so misscupcakees, you MUST go and watch Frog Prince now. 😀
      Btw, is XY’s secretary is the one who played as Qiao En’s brother in Frog Prince? I remembered how hard I laugh every time the brother makes a statement which shows how low his IQ is.

      flexi, the last time I went to Viki they only have it till the 9th (w/ no sub). Browsing on youtube, I stumbled upon “The Queen of Sop” which actually upload the show much faster than Viki.
      They have it till ep.14 now. I learned my lesson of watching the 13th w/o eng sub, and frantically refreshing misscupcakees’s blog for endless of time. Now I am gonna sit nicely for the recap THEN go watch the show.

      • July 21, 2012 at 9:42 am

        Hi Utaj! Yes, Anthony who played Tian Tian in SOPQ is the brother of Tian Yue in PTF. Gino who is also in PTF, played a similar cocky role in SOPQ – wonder why the casting director love to cast him
        in a recycled-role.

        I’ve already watched Episode 14 – the story is progressing nicely and it’s kind of like a closure for ZQ/XJ and TJ/XJ. So I am highly anticipating a new chapter of relationship development – just like what Ms Bai said, starting again as “zero”. Sorry if I have “spolied” your next viewing.

        Patiently waiting for misscupcakees recap for Ep 14.

      • July 22, 2012 at 7:59 am

        yep that is Anthony.. he was so funny there, and he was the one who gave Dang Oh name Ahahahahah.. I think we should stop talking about PTF now 😀

        utaj thanks.. yeah i know it, but i prefer to wait for the sub to get the entire story… haha actually I’m just a little sneak around here.. and I don’t really dare to read all the wonderful misscupcakees recap, just don’t want to many spoiler.. but I actually come here to know what misscupcakees and you guys opinion.. its really fun and interesting to read that..

    • July 21, 2012 at 1:47 pm

      Yeahh, I know, disappointing. 🙁 Ahahhahahahs, maybe I will watch it one day. (:

      No worries, glad you appreciate it. (:

      Ahahahah, I’m shipping Xiao Jie and Tang Jun, of course.

      Okay, if I have the time. (:

      • July 22, 2012 at 7:47 am

        haha you should really consider to watch PTF after SQ we think.. hahaha, thats not just me who love PTF
        MingEn had amazing chemistry there.. and if you knew, MingEn even didn’t like each other in that PTF day, but could deliver such high class chemistry.. Glad they are best friend now

        btw, do you guys know, SOP Queen produced by MD’s Production Company, and he specially take QE to be the lead in his first ever production. MingEn relationship in real life is so cute and so misterious
        anyway sorry to turn this to MingEn discussion ^^

        Oh ya,, if you,, or anyone have time would you help translate that Qiao En and Zhang Han Interview.. please…
        I really wanna know what they thought

        Thanks 🙂

  • July 21, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    When is the next recap???? Can’t wait. Thank you so much for this. 🙂

  • July 21, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    OMG you haven’t watched Prince turns into Frog? It was like the first ever taiwanese drama I’ve ever watched and I’ve seen it a billion times ever since!! It’s seriously amazing! You should try it out 🙂

    • July 22, 2012 at 12:28 am

      Ahahaha, yeah. Nopes. Really? I think my first was Smiling Pasta, Romantic Princess or Hana Kimi… It was one of them, I’m sure. Ahahahahs

      Maybe I will one day. (:


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