SOP Queen Episode 14 Recap

This is alarming. I am afraid where Tang Jun is going to head from this. Once again, just the wrong timing. Time plays a really important role in this drama with everything inevitably affected by time. This episode was no exception with everything turning at the most inappropriate time.

Let’s relive the part from where Xiao Jie walks off. She walks off and he calls out to her that he only wants her to be happy. She smiles and says that he is a big idiot and he smiles hearing this. Tang Jun then follows Xiao Jie around trying put his jacket on her which she refuses. (Wow, that’s sure fun!)


Tang Jun is back at where he belongs – his home. He keeps a close watch on her. Ahahahaha, so when she exits her room to get herself a drink he quickly positions himself like her was never watching her door. Here are some awkward conversation starters: “Are you drinking water?” “Do you want to rest?” “Do you want to…watch TV together?” She agrees to the latter and he is happy with his triumphant.

He turns the TV on and it is awkward between them two because they don’t talk to each other and the show is some old, historical show. She starts the conversation by telling that right now, seeing him here, the feeling is very weird because she doesn’t know whether to call him Tang Jun or Tom. He starts to tell her the real him.  He is Tang Jun and his english name is Tom. (Making things difficult huh?) His family lives in Shanghai. He is her landlord in England and this apartment is the apartment she liked on the internet. It doesn’t matter if it is the living room, kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom, she can use any of them. He also tells her that it doesn’t matter what requests she has he, as her landlord will satisfy them. She tells him that she came to England to hid from something and now she met him here which tells her that she needs to think about reality and how to walk her future path. He suggests that she can study but she tells him she can’t because for the WIP event she owes $1,000,000. (Don’t worry. Tang Jun or Zi Qi will solve this.) He tells her that he can solve this but she tells him she doesn’t like owing people money. He tells her not to rush it, she can first find a place to stay and oh, she doesn’t need to worry about the rent. She tells him that she will consider it.

Suddenly, Adam appears and asks what she is considering? Proposal? LOL! She replies that they are considering whether she should stay in England or return to Taiwan. Bromance between the two guys as Tang Jun tries to rid him.


Xiao Jie returns to her room and calls a very worried Jia Yi, who is worried why her husband is taking so long to throw the rubbish out. Jie Yi scolds her friend for not telling her her whereabouts and  also tells her that Zi Qi came to her place numerous times asking for her. She asks her what the matter with her and Zi Qi and she explains that it is very complicated. She makes her promise not to tell Zi Qi that she is in England which she agrees to. (Well, she kind of told already…) Xiao Jie tells Jia Yi send the ‘studying abroad’ money to her. She tells him that she will send her the address later… (Uh-oh!)

<– Isn’t he a gentleman?

Just then Zi Qi comes to ask for Xiao Jie. Since she has not gotten in contact with Xiao Jie he is about to leave just when Jia Yi’s stomach starts to hurt. Of course as any person would do, he helps her. She tells him to call Xiao Ma for her and while doing so, he sees that she has been in contact with Xiao Jie. He also sees Xiao Jie’s address, 122 Marylebone High Street, London. After sending Jia Yi to the hospital he immediately heads to London.


Xiao Jie and Tang Jun are out grocery shopping together. (How cute! So couple like!) She tells him in order to thank him for letting her stay in England for free for so long, she is going to cook him her ultimate dinner. He tastes the food and comments that it has mummy’s flavour and she tells him that someone once said this, reminding her when Zi Qi said it. But that aside, Xiao Jie and Tang Jun are like hubby and wifey! He asks her what she is making and she tells him a birthday cake because tomorrow there will be an entirely new and single Lin Xiao Jie. She wants to forget all about the unhappy past and start anew.


Tang Jun then leaves the house while Zi Qi arrives. Zi Qi rings the bell and Xiao Jie comes out to see no one. She smiles as she looks in the opposite direction but her smiles drops as she turns around and sees Zi Qi. He grabs her and tells her that he has finally found her. He explains that he knows she doesn’t want to see him but if it is because of this and he silently leaves, and don’t even have the courage to apologise to her, then he can’t forgive himself. She tells him to let go but he tells her that if he lets go, she will leave him. He apologises and asks for her forgiveness. She asks him if it is because he wants to feel better about himself that’s why he came to find her. He doesn’t answer and that is her answer there. She tells him that his is still that selfish. He admits that he is self but tells her that other than apologising, he also came here to hope that she would give her another chance.

She tells him that thinking about it, she doesn’t understand him. She doesn’t even have enough time to consider if he is the happiness that she wants. Because he always appears suddenly so she can’t determine what is real and what is fake and just accepts him. (Ummm, sorry to interrupt, but I think your cake is burning! Ahahahahhas!) He tells her that the past doesn’t matter; he will make everything become real. He asks to start their relationship again. (So you can really just throw Ji Qing out?)

Tang Jun has gone to buy some flowers. He requests for a bunch of roses but the florist tells him that everyone thinks the red rose represents enthusiastic love but the pink rose better expresses him love. The florist tells him that when she was young, her love gave her a rose just like that and he became her one and only. So he takes the pink rose and the florist wishes him luck telling him that ‘she’ will become his one and only. He walks cheerfully home singing.

Xiao Jie tells Zi Qi if he only wants to make up for his former mistakes then there is really no need. She tells him that she is really happy right now. He tells her that in the past it was her waiting for him now he will be in Taiwan for her with open arms. She tells him when he was apologising before, she already forgave him.


Tang Jun’s cheery mood ends there as he sees Zi Qi and Xiao Jie embrace in a hug. He tells himself not to be a fool any more, the girl in front of his eyes clearly never loved him. He walks back the opposite way with the rose.

Zi Qi tells her that since her temper is cooled, is she willing to return to Taiwan with him? She tells him she won’t and doesn’t want him to misunderstand. She likes her current situation and she does want one of those attention grabbing relationships, she just wants a simple life, alone. She tells him that loving him is too difficult but he tells her that being loved by her is a happy thing. It’s a pity that he didn’t cherish her. She tells him that it is the past and ask that they stop at where they can give each other a beautiful memory, this is the best break up. He tells her that he respects her thinking and they part. Just as she leaves, she tells him not to be concerned about her any more.

At this time, Tang Mi calls Tang Jun to inform him that their mother has fainted and is in emergency right now, though they are unsure of the reason. He screams at his sister for letting their mother work this hard when she is unwell. She tells him that the person who is making their mother worry is him, not her. Since he has decided to give up everything, she is just telling him out of politeness. He thinks about his mother’s words of how she is worried about giving him the company in this state that he is in.


Xiao Jie is at home waiting for Tang Jun while Zi Qi is at his hotel thinking. Tang Jun arrives home empty handed and devastated. She asks him where the thing is but he lies saying the market had already closed. She tells him that it’s okay and he should eat but he walks off saying that his mother is sick and he has to return to Shanghai. She asks if she could help but he coldly tells her no need. She might have to stay in England alone for a while. She tells him that CEO Tang’s stuff is more important and any way here doesn’t require him. He gives her a fake smile before heading off.

Tang Jun arrives back in Shanghai to find out that his mother is not in immediate danger but the doctors still has no way find out the reason. Has no way? Tang Jun takes out his furiousness on the doctor. The doctor calmly tells him that it seems though Ms. Tang is over tired or that she had a sudden agitation to her mood. He really takes it out on the doctor when the doctor can’t tell him when his mother is going to wake up. He asks his unconscious mother if she is angry with him.


Tang Jun goes to find a document and accidentally finds his mother’s diary. In the diary she says that she dreamt about little Tang Jun again. The past Tang Jun really likes to stick around her. He would want to go play but his mother would be busy. He would tell his mother that he hates department stores because they stole her away. When he grows up to become boss, he would still his mother back. She writes that she believes Tang Jun will come back to the day of becoming boss. This dream doesn’t not have a meaning, it reminded her that this dream can already become real. She can already imagine Tang Jun wearing a suit, sitting in the CEO office. It’s just that Tang Jun hasn’t grown up. Youngsters like to play. When he grows up, he will return. At that time, I can have time to rest.

He tells his sister that he wants to return to Golden Age Imperial Sea Mall. She asks him if he thinks he can return any time. When she allowed him to return to the company, he doesn’t return. For that girl, he made their mother sick. Now he wants to return? She asks him if he thinks returning he will still have a position. What, one word of return and he can take the company? He tells her that he doesn’t want to take the company, he just wants to do something for the family. She asks him where was he when they needed him, what does he put her and mum as? She tells him that he is irresponsible and isn’t worth taking the company. He tells her that he doesn’t want anything, he just wants to keep his promise to their mother.


My Opinion:

Ahahahaha, how cute does Tang Jun and Xiao Jie look together!? They were so cute together going grocery shopping. They look like a loving couple. It was even more cute when he was cooking for him. They looked liked hubby and wifey. Ahahaha, their chemistry is so there! They just connect at ever stage. I want to see more cuteness from them! Need I say more about what I want from the OTP?

I wouldn’t mind more bromance either. Adam and Tang Jun are hitting it on the bromance scale. Adam just makes everything a lot of light hearted. Ahahhaa, I really like this bromance!

Naaaws, Jia Yi! She just can’t lie. Ahahahhas, when she went to lie, she just didn’t want to. And congratulations to Zi Qi for being a gentleman. (:

I liked the break up scene. This shows that Zi Qi does have a deep feeling for Xiao Jie but it’s not love. He cares for her and wants to repent for what he has done but he can give her love. They have a deep connection, they really do and it’s a complicated on. As Zi Qi admits that he is wrong, it showed all over his face. Ommggg, just spectacular acting from Chen Qiao En. As she was talking to Zi Qi, tears started clouding her eyes. It was so real and moving. She just wants to live a happy and simple life. She doesn’t want to be hurt again. And yes, I felt pain here as the two parted. Zi Qi did not want to let her go like this.

Nooooooo! Wrong timing! Maybe if Tang Jun walked slower, have wouldn’t have seen Xiao Jie hugging Zi Qi and maybe he wouldn’t have been heartbroken. If Zi Qi arrived later or never arrived, things wouldn’t have been this way. In life, there are many ‘ifs’ but what can we do about it? It is there so the drama can progress.

I thought Tang Jun had a good relationship with his sister. I guess not very good then. Or maybe she just wants the company for herself…

Anyway, where’s Chu Chu? I want to see her actually as second lead. I want to see her. (:

10 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 14 Recap

  • July 22, 2012 at 3:08 am

    Finally Xiao Jie and Zi Qi can have a clean breakup. I guess in this episode and next one or two episode we will see them starting their new chapter in life.

    • July 22, 2012 at 1:52 pm

      I enjoyed their break up. It was clean, smooth and moving. They needed this break up to remind them of reality. They do need a new chapter in life.

  • July 22, 2012 at 3:52 am

    I really liked the clean breakup, I have a girl crush on Xiao Jie!!!! Joe Chen acting was great in the scene… Tang Jun has stole my heart!!!

    • July 22, 2012 at 1:57 pm

      The break up scene was clean and moving. CQE is just brilliant as an actress. She acted brilliantly there. (:

      Ahaha, poor Tang Jun but he needed to witness that in order to move on.

  • July 22, 2012 at 4:51 am

    I don’t know why but I have a feeling that xiao ma cheated on jia yi or something because he was so sus in ep 14 when he disappeared!! I ship jia yi with tian tian (zi qi’s assistant)

  • July 22, 2012 at 4:53 am

    Wow. So fast. I can barely keep up! Thank you so much for these 🙂

  • July 28, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    All the scenes in London from ep 7 were so sweet and happy. It really made me smiled and giggled while watching. But everything was shattered upon the appearance of Zi Qi… If Tang Jun stood there for a little more… he could have seen that it was over between them… Another ‘if’~ Now they are separated again~ 😐

    • July 29, 2012 at 2:46 pm

      Just, if, if only, just so close. Everything just shattered by wrong timing. Ahahahaha, considering the way Tang Jun is, I would have loved to see him run up and pry Xiao Jie away from Zi Qi,


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