SOP Queen Episode 20 Recap

Always, always, always, Tang Jun are always that close yet that far from each other. So close, oh so close. Ahahahas, I miss their interactions!


Xiao Jie is by one side of the sea drinking beer while Tang Jun is on the other. So close, yet so far. He recalls when he was with Xiao Jie by the sea drinking beer together while Xiao Jie thinks about Jia Yi’s word about how happy Tang Jun will be so happy to see her. So she texts him wishing him all the best and how she looks forward to his performance tomorrow. He immediately brightens up with her text. He replies by sending a picture of the sea side. She matches the picture up and goes to find him.


Find him she does and a smile occurs on Tang Jun’s face. She tells him not to loose to her tomorrow and they wish each other all the best.

Both teams walk into the meeting full of professionalism, confidence and determination.


At the meeting Xiao Jie sends the team leader a text saying that they have finalised the Italy brand. Team leader asks Suo Li what chances she think they have to win? She tells him that she is confident that that their manager who not hand up a proposal without assurance. He asks her what if Xiao Jie takes all the credit for herself? She tells her that she won’t; he did put a lot of effort into this.


The meeting adorns and even the board members have decided to listen in. Xiao Jie starts off the competition mentioning that their plans comes from an idea contributed but the team leader. This time they want to break the mode of the department store’s anniversary event and recommend some famous brands into the company and make it a flagship store. They will also open an exclusive consumer advice line for their customers.  They will make this plan become SSP Week. The opposing team are shocked that they are also doing SSP Week. She explains that there will be three stages to complete the SPP plan. The first stage is preparation period. They will finish all work at hand which includes finalising the who the SSP clients are, handing out invites, talking with the brand, preparing the marketing etc. Suo Suo and Zeng Fan are saying they are stuffed; they have the same plan and they are running second. SSP also represents super, service and personal. Oh boy, Tang Jun is not happy. She hopes to make Golden Imperial Sea the best mall of Shanghai. Chu Chu’s father asks a question – their idea is good but how can they guarantee they will only need to introduce a brand from the outside to ensure that the company’s consumption will not rise? Other than the company raising their service level and guaranteeing on this shopping event they will gain the most benefit? Also, have you considered how to execute the plan? Xiao Jie tells them that they have considered his questions. Just like she said before about working with some famous brand, this will allow their company to bring out the most beneficial the biggest promotion and to match up to the brand’s products. Even Zeng shareholder has no more words to say. Tang Mi has a suspicion though – she asks her if she the disposition to work with the brand. Actually, she does.

It’s Tang Jun’s time to present now and his is not giving up so easily. Yes, their proposal might be similar to team A’s but their proposal is their whole team’s work. Before he can even present, Tang Mi cuts in and gives it to team A. Tang Mi goes to leave but Zeng shareholder tells her to how can just appoint Tang Jun as losing if he hasn’t even presented yet? Okay, so she gives him a second chance and asks him the same question that Zeng shareholder asked Xiao Jie. However, he stuggles to answer and she pronounces that their team has lost. Zeng shareholder tells her that she looks on Xiao Jie too much. Yes, team B maybe have lost, but their plan has at least 80% of team A’s and as the company’s leader, she must clearly compare the two. Oh, but she doesn’t and opts to leave.

Xiao Jie holds a meeting with her team and is determined to get down to the bottom of this. She wants to know how the team leader got the SSP Week idea. He struggles to give an answer and after an eyeing look from Suo Li he admits that he did in fact copy. Suo Li is disappointed and he explains that in society the first person who suggests the idea then they will be the winners. He explains that it doesn’t matter – they are not going to get fired. Xiao Jie is not happy. He tries to reason that it was the other team who spoke loudly about it. He doesn’t want to be a lowly supervisor – first came Tang Jun and then came Xiao Jie. He may be despicable, and if he does get fired there are many companies that want him; but what about Suo Li? If she gets fired, where can she go? He leaves to take a breather and Suo Li tries to stand up for the team leader. They also have a SOP part so they didn’t entirely copy the other team so they can’t just blame it all on the team leader. Plus, the plan contained all of their hard work.

The team leader tells Suo Li not to care about his words too much but they were his heart’s words. She embraces him in a hug.

Team B are worried what might happened to them if they get fired. However, a relaxed Tang Jun tells them that he hopes they can believe him; they are a team, it doesn’t matter what happens he will be there. From young till now what he wants, he gets. But this time it is different, it is his first time wanting success and it is also his first time wanting to protect his colleagues. He will not let them get hurt. Suo Li gives him a good luck charm.

Tang Mi calls Xiao Jie, Tang Jun and Chu Chu over to tell them that Tang Jun’s team is all fired and Xiao Jie will handle all of his work. Tang Jun opposes this; he can’t accept this result. He asks her didn’t she say she was going to make some adjustments yesterday? She tells her she did say that but now this is her final decision. He stands up to his sister asking her how can she do this. Xiao Jie stands up and reports that her team copied Tang Jun’s team’s idea so she feels that they should not be fired. Tang Mi gives her an ultimation – to fire her team or Tang Jun’s team. Xiao Jie admits that her team was wrong but she as the team manager will not betray her team. She turns to Tang Jun and apologises. Tang Jun admits that this was his team’s mistake and as the supervisor, it is his responsibility so he should be the one fired. Tang Mi gives him two choices – his whole team will be fired or everyone will be fired except his team. He tells her that he promised their mother that when he returns to Golden Imperial Sea, he won’t give up so easily but tells her that he will not give up on his team.

Xiao Jie chases after him and asks if he is really going to resign? He tells if he doesn’t his entire team will be fired. She tells him he can’t just leave like this, if he does what is going to happen to Golden Imperial Sea? She asks her if his team are really that important that can make him and make things weak between him and his sister. He tells her they are this important and if it was the other way around, she would do the same. She tells him she won’t if they really have done the wrong thing. He asks her if she thinks she has changed, she has changed to become very unfamiliar to him. She tells her that she hasn’t changed; they were originally two people from different worlds He is rich and money will automatically pop into his account but her job is her life. She tells him he has put too much personal feelings into his work. He has decided to resign – the person who has put personal feelings into their work is her. With this his leaves, leaving Xiao Jie in tears.

Chu Chu finds her father for help, her Tang Jun is getting fired. Her father tells her Tang Jun leaving is a smart choice. Nooo, she doesn’t want her Tang Jun to leave! Her father tells her that getting the proposal from paper to existence is two different matters. Although Xiao Jie has Tang Mi’s support, but if the project fails, them two will be gone. He tells her that Tang Jun is the company’s successor and that is a fact that cannot be changed.

Tang Jun’s team all plead him for help as if his pressure is not enough. He apologises for unable to protect his team but he will do his best to help them. The only thing he can do is leave with everyone.

Chu Chu and Tang Jun are wandering the mall together and she asks him what he plans to do. He says he hasn’t thought about it, he is just more worried about his team. He asks Chu Chu to help find jobs for his team which she agrees to do so. She still says that this is all Xiao Jie’s fault but he tells her not to talk about it any more, it won’t be good for the other people.

She pulls him into a good bye hug that he cannot embrace back.


My Opinion:

Naaawws, these last episodes have driven away from the Tang Jun-Xiao Jie relationship. I miss it so much! It colds me to see them so distant from each other. For what we are used to, we are used to them being together, having their cutesy interaction together and having the spark whenever they are with each other. Now, the spark has changed. It is no longer cheery and lively, but it is more cold and distant. I want to see them being all cute with each other again.

Even so, they still manage to have a spark when they are with each other (when they aren’t at work together). When the two were by the sea their look towards each other was just as it was. Intensifying and sparks everywhere! Gosssshhh, I miss this!

Where has the love been in these last eps? 🙁

Oh goshhh, it hurts so much to see Tang Jun sad. 🙁 Cheer up! Xiao Jie is always by your side.

I also feel sorry for Chu Chu. She does so much for Tang Jun yet he is far from her grip.

So close yet so far.

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