SOP Queen Episode 22 Recap

The Tang Jun-Xiao Jie chemistry is back! Or well, the tang Jun chemistry to Xiao Jie. Ahahahahaha, I am so glad to see him happy and smiling again. Even his voice sounds more happy! Ahahahaha, how cute is he!? Yay, Xiao Jie gives Tang Jun a voluntary kiss. (:

The board members have a meeting about the company’s current problem. Tang Mi assures them that she has already found a solution to this. The board members give her three days to solve this or else the entire planning team will be fired. Tang Mi accepts this and would even give out her CEO position if she can not solve this problem.

Tang Mi is frustrated, with just three days to solve this will she be able to fix this problem? She tells Xiao Jie to contact all stores and use the original price to purchase all of their make-up products to replace their missing products. Xiao Jie tells her that this would mean that they pay for all they sell making no profits. Tang Mi tells her that the company’s reputation is worth much more than that. Golden Imperial Sea is her mother’s baby and she will definitely not give up her CEO position. Tang Mi says that she will take responsibility for any financial loss, she will not allow Golden Imperial Sea to lose even a dollar! She makes Xiao Jie promise that she won’t tell anyone, especially Chu Chu.

Suo Li and the team leader overhears some workers saying that the SSP Week is a bad idea, and how this is affecting them. Suo Li is unhappy but the team leader tries to reassure her that everything will be fine.

Chu Chu confronts her father if this was all his doing. He tells her that this is his plan of attack. Even she is unhappy about this plan. He tells her that whe takes the position of CEO, the first thing he will do is to restore the lack of supplies within twenty four hours and the second thing he will do is allow Tang Jun to return to the company. This immediately brings a smile to her face. He tells her to invite Tang Jun for dinner and she immediately goes to make a call.

The development team are busily calling away with no such luck. To make matters worse, the company’s products will arrive in ten days and they have been continuously getting customer complaints.

Tang Jun is at Chu Chu’s place for dinner. Her father mentions that ever since young, Chu Chu likes to stick with Tang Jun and even said she will be his bride when she grows up. He remembers that they both participated a wedding together. She wore a pretty dress and thought of herself as Tang Jun’s wife even telling people that they were getting married. He wonders why she would still remember this and she tells her that this is an important event in her life because she got married, to him!

Xiao Jie is wandering the streets and recalls Tang Jun’s words to her saying that they [the colleagues] are important to him and he believes that she will do the same thing if she was in his position. She finds herself at a Japanese restaurant and sees a couple there reminding her of the time with Tang Jun.

Chu Chu’s father tells Tang Jun that he hopes that he can be his son-in-law. He also asks him what he plans to do in the worst case scenario if his mother does not wake up. He says that he has confidence she will wake up. Uncle Zeng then asks him so what if his mother wakes up; she will see him kicked out of the company by his own sister. He tells him that he feels that this is unfair to him. Both him and his sister are both the company’s successor, how can she just kick him out? Tang Jun says that his sister is that handling matters fairly. Uncle Zeng says that he supports family the most and hopes that in the future he can become family with him.

Xiao Jie is at the restaurant alone and is once again reminded of the time with Tang Jun. Now it’s her turn to ask him to pay for her food using the same techniques that he used but he strongly tells her that he is busy right now. However, she decides to trust him.

Tang Jun is driving alone and recalls his uncle’s words about how this is unfair towards him. Suddenly, he gets a call from Xiao Jie but doesn’t even stop to pick it up.

Each of the customers leave one by one until it is closing time and there is just Xiao Jie left still waiting for Tang Jun. Maybe her wait wasn’t fruitless after all. He comes and tells her that he thought she forgot her purse. She drunkly says that he has fallen into her plan. The worker asks her he bring his friend away and he replies that she is not his friend. Your ex-girlfriend? Drunk Xiao Jie makes a hassle complaining that she doesn’t want to go to work, it is nonsense. He tells her that he thought she was happy. She tells him that it isn’t because he is not there. She and the company both require him. She asks him how could he just leave his sister with the problem to deal with. He says that they forced him; he couldn’t just leave his team. Oh, so he could leave her and his sister? She mentions that two days ago, his sister fainted which gets his attention. Does he not care that she, his sister and the company has difficulties? She admits that it wasn’t honourable for her team to copy his idea but at least it can to life. As long as you want to accomplish something, there is nothing stopping you. She tells him what he has to do right now is not hide but to return to Golden Imperial Sea and take up his responsibilities. He asks what she wants him to do, first she got him fired and now she wants him back in the company. She tells him she wants him to return to the company and defeat this war with everybody. This way, his mother will be happy know that he didn’t give up the company and is protecting it.

He tells her that he will consider it when she kisses him taking this as a yes before falling asleep. He touches his cheek and says that this is not fair and goes to give her hand a kiss to even things out.

It’s morning and Tang Jun touches the cheek that Xiao Jie kissed recalling when she got so drunk and didn’t even know how she got back to the hotel when she was in Shanghai for the first time. She is drunk and is certainly not going to remember the kiss she gave him last night. I guess she does remember because she calls him and gives him half an hour to get to work. Oh no, he will not cooperate with her. He calls his sister and asks for what time the meeting is.

Tang Jun is driving to work and recalls his sister telling him that he overestimates himself and the company does not require him. He also recalls his mother’s worries about handing him the company and how he voluntarily gave up the company. He even recalls how the young him promises to steal his mother back from the company. He calls Tang Mi and tells her that something came up so he won’t be going to the meeting. (What, are the two siblings friends again?)

He drives off to his destination recalling how Xiao Jie made him promise her to return to Golden Imperial Sea to work with everyone to defeat this war together and how he also wants to fight side by side with her, how his promised to protect his team and how his team all needs his help, when Suo Suo gave him the good luck charm and how Xiao Jie told him that his mother would not want to see him give up. Tang Jun arrives to work happy to see Suo Suo and Suo Li.

Xiao Jie has decided to hold a meeting told determine how to fix the company’s current issue. Team A is happy to see team B back. With Tang Jun back, he immediately gets to work determined to fix this problem effectively handing out work to his colleagues. The team leader is relieved that Tang Jun doesn’t blame him.


Tang Jun goes to his desk to find a cup of Jiang Huo tea with a note from Xiao Jie that reads:

“Welcome Mr. Peter Rabbit to returning to Golden Imperial Sea. For the following days please work hard.  Oh, this cup of Jiang Huo tea is for you in case you have another nose bleed.”

Chu Chu is disappointed that he didn’t tell her about his return to the company. However, she is happy with his (and his team)’s return because the plan is alive again. Tang Jun tells her he is curious as to how such a serious problem could have occurred. She can only look at him with a seldom face.

Tang Mi gives Xiao Jie a lecture asking her why she re-hired people who have been fired. Xiao Jie tells her that with their current people, there is no way to fix the problem so she went ahead to hire them to fix the company of its woes. Xiao Jie tells her that using the original price to buy and sell the product might place the company at goodwill in front of the board members but it will intangibily increase the other companies’ sales achievement. To the CEO the most important matter is the company’s goodwill but to her it is the company’s profits. For this she can bow down to Tang Jun and his team requesting them back because she believes they can help the company overcome this difficult time. Tang Mi asks her how she can be sure that her decision won’t lose the development department’s face. Xiao Jie tells her that Tang Jun once said that every investment has its hazards but if for this hazard you don’t invest, then it is better not to do business. She tells her that as the project’s manager, she will put herself on the line. She will make the SSP plan perfect and receive the board member’s agreement. She asks Tang Mi she wouldn’t want the board members to take over her position right? She tells Tang Mi that if she was alone she won’t have the confidence but she has the entire team so her confidence is there. Tang Mi gives her the go ahead but if there are any problems she must first contact her.


My Opinion:

Xiao Jie makes it very difficult to tell whether she still likes Tang Jun. Okay, well in context she does still love Tang Jun but just the way she shows it is different from how she did show it. Here, she feels distant from Tang Jun. I miss the familiarity that they used to share where they could be so free and comfortable around each other. I think that ever since she moved to Shanghai she has changed so much. She is more determined now to focus on her work. Everything to her is work, work and more work. At the Japanese restaurant where she kissed Tang Jun, it is very difficult to determine whether she did because she likes him or because she is using his feelings to coax him back into the company. I want to better that it is the first point but the way she shows it feels more like the latter.

Ohhhh, the Tang Jun spark is back! Ahahahahaha! He is just so cute! It’s the former Tang Jun again! He still has a soft heart for her despite trying to be rock hard. Ahahahaha, how cute was he when Xiao Jie kissed her? He was probably like, “I’ll never wash my cheek again!” Despite everything, he still likes her. He is just so adorable!

I am still in two feet with Tang Mi. Is she trying to help Tang Jun and the company or not? I’m not sure. This will just continue to bug me. Ahahahaha. But really, Duo Ruo Xi is doing a good job portraying this character. She is a mysterious character. I really can’t tell whether is she trying to help the company or herself. Why, the question is why she doesn’t want Tang Jun in the company.

Chu Chu is growing more and more jealous as she sees Tang Jun doing more for Xiao Jie. Ahahahahas, she has something up her sleeve. She wants Tang Jun and she is not going to give up that easily.

Tang Jun and Chu Chu’s friendship is more one sided with Chu Chu putting in more and more effort. Tang Jun doesn’t seem to have much chemistry with her…

2 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 22 Recap

  • July 26, 2012 at 3:57 am

    At this stage, I guess Xiao Jie unconsciously like Tang Jun already but she think she see him as just a good friend. The way she see it is she goes to Shanghai to help Tang Jun since Tang Jun helps her alot before. I don’t think she kiss Tang Jun just to coax him to come back into the company though. First, she is drunk and I don’t think drunk people can strategize well….more likely they do what they unconsciously feel. Importantly it’s just not Xiao Jie to use that kind of trickery.

    And yes! That spark. I miss it a lot 🙂

    About Tang Mi, I think she is just a loving but tough sister to Tang Jun. She loves Tang Jun but think he is not good enough currently. His track records indeed are not that good with all the mess he did. hahahaha…So she want him to toughen up by putting strong opposition to him (though sometimes it’s a bit extreme) Just like Xiao Jie said in ep 20, he put too much feeling into his job. But we can see that she silently care for Tang Jun though. Remember when she ask uncle to take care of Tang Jun?

    • July 26, 2012 at 3:43 pm

      Yeahhh, she does unconsciously like him. And I do agree that she came to the company because she feels like she owes Tang Jun.

      Ahahhaha, I don’t know. She does a lot of things when she is drunk!

      I do think that Tang Mi wants to help her brother but then again her actions are kind of misleading. Ahahahahha!


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