SOP Queen Episode 23 Recap

Yay, yay, yay! More Tang Jun-Xiao Jie spark! This time there really is! Now they are back on line! How cute are they? Ahahaha, now this is where I think the office politics really is working into their relationship. (:


Xiao Jie holds a meeting to solve the SSP Week problem. Tang Jun suggests that they look at this from another different point-of-view. Since they have no idea to regulate the price and amount to provide for their needed products, they could postpone the time to release their products while also allowing their customers to satisfy their order. Suo Li compares this to online auction. Yep, Tang Jun tells her this is called ‘advanced order’. So in a similar fashion, the insufficient stock is their disadvantage and what they have to do is change it to become their advantage. On the surface, it is a pre-order for the next half a year of skin care products but really it is a unhurried process. Zeng Fan mentions that first order and then receive product will allow customers to receive the special anniversary service. Furthermore, this is the newest skin care product so they will certainly be satisfied. Xiao Jie likes this and decides to target their SSP and WIP customers to snatch over the pyramid group. This way, it will be profitable the company. However, one thing bad about the pyramid group is that will blindly go and chase after the trendiest and current brands so their homes will have some boutique and single branded products. Zeng Fan says that since they have money to sweep products, then why don’t they invite some designers for a collocation? Xiao Jie says that they can provide the SSP clients the SSP service such as inviting some hair dressers and modelling designers to help them choose the right skin care products for them. They could even provide them with site service events. So work is under way for this new project. Xiao Jie directs every one their jobs and and this project to Tang Jun with the team leader to especially help him. 


Chu Chu comes to find Tang Jun so they can eat together. But before he leaves, he asks the advisor of this project for permission. Ahahahahas! She tells him that it is alright, he can send it in tomorrow. Chu Chu is more eager to drag Tang Jun out. Nawws, our project advisor is jealous!


Customers are happy with the new project which makes Tang Jun and Xiao Jie share a cute interaction upon hearing the good news.


It’s late at night and there is only Xiao Jie and Tang Jun left. Before they can even share their cute interactions, Chu Chu arrives by Tang Jun’s side so Xiao Jie decides to leave. Though, just before she leaves she and Tang Jun share a backward glance at each other.

Chu Chu mentions that Xiao Jie’s mood must not be good due to all the work issues and Gao Zi Qi. Gao Zi Qi? She shows him a magazine which could explain Xiao Jie’s hot and cold mood. It’s of Ji Qing and Zi Qi together. Chu Chu reminds him that Xiao Jie did say she came  here for Zi Qi.  She tells him that she doesn’t want him to be another of Xaio Jie’s toys.

Suo Suo shows her colleagues an interview manager Lin in which she says buyers want to buy and sellers want to sell – this is what all stores can offer. But clients want to be able to choose the sales which is something that not all stores can offer. What they [the company] pursue is not that consumers purchase lots but that they purchase right. The colleagues are respecting Xiao Jie more and more now.

Tang Mi praises Xiao Jie for her abilities in front of Chu Chu making Chu Chu feel unworthy. Looks like Chu Chu isn’t the only one unhappy of Xiao Jie’s ability. Her father isn’t either.


Xiao Jie and Tang Jun goes to supervise an on site service with Mrs. Ye. While they wait, they sit in the living room a metre apart. When Xiao Jie sees the magazine, she is fuming exclaims how Zi Qi and Ji Qing can be just and honourable about it? He tells her that he never thought she still cared so much for Zi Qi. Zi Qi? What Zi Qi? She tells them that they are already over. He tells her didn’t she tell him that she came here for Zi Qi, that and also the magazine cover? She explains that her misunderstood. She came here to return the money to Zi Qi and her reason for fuming is because of the animal abuse news. LOL! He asks her she can’t just be here to repay her debt right? She tells him that she is here to see if she can help him where needs be. He was her lucky star and now it’s her turn to be his. This earns her a big smile.

Mrs. Ye is overly impressed with her transformation and has decided to give them all her unsuitable bags and clothing which Tang Jun and Xiao Jie decide to run a charity event on.


Tang Jun invites Xiao Jie to visit his mother with him. He tells his mother the good news about the anniversary event. It is the combined efforts of him, Xiao Jie and his sister. He tells his mother that when she is better, he will tell Uncle Zhao to get their favourite ice-cream cake to celebrate for him. He recalls the little him waiting obediently to show his mother his report. Even in her busy schedule she would make time to have a celebration party for him. He wants to share his good mood with her. He promises that he and his sister will protect Golden Imperial Sea. Xiao Jie gives him reassuring pat on.

Xiao Jie tells him not to worry too much; his mother will be fine. She suggests that they go to Waitan to take a stroll around tomorrow to cheer up his mood. He gives her a look which I predict is a yes and then walks off.

Xiao Jie gets some deliveries – one is for wishing the company that their cooperation will go smoothly and the other two are Mrs. Ye’s bags and clothings. Tang Jun and Xiao Jie happily gives some away to their colleagues which they happily accept.

Chu Chu invites Tang Jun for a celebration dinner which he turns down bring a small smile to Xiao Jie’s face. The three gossip girls see this situation and mention that Xiao Jie is turning defeat into victory.

A frustrated Chu Chu rocks up by her father’s side, angry that Xiao Jie could think of a way to solve the problem. And now, Xiao Jie and Tang Jun are closer together. Her father tells her that Xiao Jie does have a few tricks up her sleeve but he does have a way to kick her out of the company. He tells her that if it isn’t Xiao Jie leaving the company then it is Tang Jun voluntarily returning to her side. Voluntarily return to her side aye?

It is Tang Jun and Xiao Jie’s nth at Waitan again. He tells her that every time they have problems they will always go here which she agrees to. She tells him that she actually likes here – every time when she encounters unhappy scenarios she will come here. She tells him that in the past when she encountered problems she could return home but right now she doesn’t even have a home to return to. Actually, at the press conference when Gao Zi Qi confessed to her she should have thought breaking up would end up like this. To accumulate these life experiences, it requires some fees but this lesson is too expensive. He tells her that she doesn’t actually have to be this hard on herself. She tells him that she knows that he wants to help her but he doesn’t have to be this nice to her. Everyone wants to find someone they can rely on so they don’t have to be so hard on themselves but one day if your supporter falls, leaves or disappear, you will have to rely on yourself to stand back up. She tells him that she cherishes this moment and really likes her current life including him.


He tells her that in the past of his life, he could live through it very happily and freely because he was without troubles but ever since she appeared he became very unhappy. Because of her he became responsible in his work. Because of her he changed his life goal. Because of her he can do anything. He tells her that he has discovered that he has started to rely on her. He goes to kiss her but wow, phones ring at the most appropriate times!

It’s his sister wanting to see him and Xiao Jie immediately. Tang Mi questions them about the deliveries. They open it and it’s not friendly. It’s blackmail money with a letter that says that Xiao Jie, by means of threatening other companies to received  extra commission. Xiao Jie tells her that she didn’t do this. Tang Mi tells her that even if she believes her, how will the rest of the company? Tang Jun says that this is strange. If it is to gain sudden huge profits she wouldn’t have to use this method. Tang Mi says that everything is in front of her eyes. She believes her but what can she do? Xiao Jie says she has no way to explain right now but she can ask the companies themselves. Tang Mi reminds her that it is an anonymous letter. Oh, so Xiao Jie decides to resolve this by resigning but before she resigns, she will get to the bottom of this. Tang Mi tells her she won’t tell anyone but what she should do now get sick leave to allow her to clear her guilt. She leaves while Tang Jun assures his sister that Xiao Jie is innocent.

Uncle Zeng calls Tang Mi to ask her what she is going to do about this because all the board members have gotten the blackmail too. I think she has her suspect!

Tang Jun arrives to work and sees Xiao Jie’s desk empty. Meanwhile, Suo Li’s other half has switched to another department without saying a thing leaving her in a sad state. Tang Jun is ready to hunt down this suspect!


My Opinion:

Noooooooooooooo, noooooo, nooooooooooo! No, no, no! Ommmgggggg, why does the phone always ring at the most inappropriate times!? It’s so close, so close, so closeeee! They were just a few centimetres from kissing. Arrrghhh, so close! And they were both willing to have that kiss. Stupid phone! Timing just sucks!

How cute are Xiao Jie’s reactions!? Ahahhahaha, I love her jealous face! LOLOLOL!

And how cute were Tang Jun and Xiao Jie when he gave her the peace sign? Ahahaah, they were adorable! Her smile to him was so sweet and his smile to her was just as sweet. Even metres apart they can still have cute interactions with each other. Their interactions are so cute! They don’t even require words to communicate. It is just there with the look on their faces. Seriously, how many couples can do this?

I am starting to get annoyed with Chu Chu now! She is a whiny girl. Oh, daddy this, daddy that! I like her as an actress, but really as a character she really needs to learn to chase after what she wants with her own hands. Even if she does gets Tang Jun, not saying that she does, but even if she does, she does not deserve it. Hmmmm, I wonder what big changing thing she will do for love.

Tang Jun and Xiao Jie’s face just says all. Ahahahaha, and when they are just with each other, it says even more! I am just loving them more and more. But I do miss their past reactions. What happened!? I want to see more of them!

2 thoughts on “SOP Queen Episode 23 Recap

  • July 26, 2012 at 4:19 am

    That phone! I want to smash it when it rang! So close…but I am really glad that they finally resolve their misunderstanding. Yay ^^ For that I forgive the phone. But then, don’t you think Tang Jun’s confession is so bittersweet yet beautiful? He is practically saying that he is suffering but in the end he still love her. It really shows that his love is not an easy one.

    The way I see Chuchu….she is just one pampered lady. Sheltered one in addition seeing how she sometimes seems oblivious what his father done.

    • July 26, 2012 at 3:52 pm

      Ahahahaha, I know! It was such a mood killer! I still won’t forgive it though… LOL, coming from Tang Jun, that is a beautiful confession! His love for her is so meaningful and intense. (:

      Chu Chu just relies on others too much… Her father is her shield. She uses him to hide from herself. She can’t show who she really is.


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