To The Beautiful You Episode 5 Recap

Now that Tae Joon knows that Jae Hee is a girl, things are getting heated up. ūüėČ There is some progress here, though I feel that the feelings is still quite similar to how Tae Joon treated Jae Hee at the pension… And it looks like Jae Hee did not come here for nothing, Tae Joon is going to jump again! Though, this ep does feel quite similar to the last… However, the preview will leave you wanting more!


Jae Hee wearily makes her leave while Tae Joon contemplates as he sees the glow bracelet. He then turns on his laptop and sees a video addressed to Mr. Holten, the coach whom Manager Jang wanted to train Tae Joon.

In the video she explains about her hard time in America. She was bullied at school by the other students for being “different” from them. So she gave up and locked herself at home, wanting to quit school altogether, because she wanted to be like them but there is no such thing that would allow that to happen.

“An ugly duckling don’t turn into a beautiful swan in a heartbeat. Because in reality, miracles don’t really happen.”

Or maybe, they do, because at this time in her life, she saw Tae Joon soaring high into the sky saying that “A miracle is another name of an effort.” So she bought her¬†confidence¬†back up and joined the track and faced the world again. Miracles really do happen and she started to believe in them again. She requests Coach Holten to help Tae Joon fly again.

She is not off yet. She asks Lettuce if coming here was a mistake but recalls all the sacrifice (and Tae Joon) and comes to the conclusion that it is no mistake.

Tae Joon has a lot of reminiscing after watching the video. He recalls how he gave her the courage and how she wants to give him the courage back just as he has given it to her and everything that she has done for him. So he runs and grabs her wrist telling her not to go. She still has to see him jump again.

Meanwhile, Eun Gyul is really starting to question his sexuality. He even goes as far as asking Hyun Jae if he has ever had the feeling of wanting to kiss a guy… But he stops there and manages to shake it off as nothing while Hyun Jae goes back to his exercising not before he covers himself up. LOL.

Tae Joon is back in his dorm and goes to open the bathroom door but immediately pulls it shut as he hears Jae Hee showering.  He then has a moment where he recalls the time when he walked into her wrapped in a towel.

Jae Hee sure takes her time in the bathroom and smiles to her mirror self knowing that Tae Joon is going to jump again.

It’s morning and Tae Joon is already out on his¬†regime¬†to jump again. After some running he lies on the grass and takes out his mother’s ring asking her to watch over him. He then makes his first practise jump, set at 240cm (which is well above his personal best), which he fails to do so. So he gets up and makes another jump.

Jae Hee goes to the bathroom and finds that the lock has been fixed. Yay! Eun Gyul and Seung Ri come knocking at the door with urgent needs but it looks like they will have to find other alternatives which might include a rubbish bin for Eun Gyul.

Jae Hee and Eun Gyul are walking to class when a sunbae knocks Jae Hee into Eun Gyul’s arms.

Hyun Jae arrives at the gym, pleasantly unhappy to see Tae Joon there. He demands that he leave but Tae Joon is not giving in adn the two even manages to get into a little fight but that is stopped by the intervention of Coach Baek. Coach Baek explains to Tae Joon that he can’t just come and go as he pleases and tells him to go. He leaves, though chuffed at this.

Jae Hee and Eun Gyul are making their way to feed Lettuce when Daniel oppa calls though she doesn’t pick up. Almost immediately, Eun Gyul gets a call from Red Radish which he hangs up on too. He explains that this is like a game of tug-of-war which he is playing “hard to get”. She tells him that if the rope snaps, he will regret it. He asks her that she doesn’t know much about girls does she which she replies she does, to some extent. Looks like Eun Gyul is not believing this when he lets out some laugh.


Isn’t manager Jang surprised to see Tae Joon? He tells her that he wants to get back into high jumping again though she is not keen on the idea. He is different now and might not be as good at the past him. But he tells her that he wants to jump and that should be good enough of a reason. She asks him if he has spoken to his father about this which clearly he hasn’t because the father-son are not on good terms. She does give him another chance and tells him to do better than last time.

Han Na superhumanly sneaks her way into Tae Joon’s dorm. She decides to place a photo of herself on his desk where she spots the glow bracelet (it doesn’t glow any more) and comments that it is childish.

Jae Hee walks in, shocked to see Han Na here. Han Na mentions about her stolen uniform which Jae Hee starts getting defensive at and starts to indirectly plead her situation. Han Na then decides to take a nap on her oppa’s bed. Everything seems to be going fine until Jae Hee spots her bad with Han Na’s uniform dangling off from her bunk so she goes to push it away from sight. Of course Han Na is thinking what the heck is she doing? So, Jae Hee screams out the word “cockroach” which causes Han Na jump hug herself to Jae Hee screaming in tremendous fear.

Later that day she goes to sneak the uniform back into Han Na’s car. She goes to make her way back to her dorm when her Daniel oppa calls which she once again does not pick up. Instead, she finds him right in front of her. ¬†He wants to transfer her immediately. So he goes to ask the dean who is supervising some students picking up rubbish. Daniel explains that Jae Hee is his sister who is disguised as a boy and he would like to transfer her out of here. How convenient, the dean (neither does the boys) doesn’t seem to understand what Daniel just said. Jae Hee brushes it off as nothing important and leads Daniel away.

Jae Hee explains that she can’t leave yet because Tae Joon is going to jump again. He¬†counteracts¬†her saying that she was the one who said he was¬†suffering¬†from Ipswich Syndrome. While they are arguing, some sunbaes walk by wondering they are talking about because the conversation is in English. Just then, Dr. Jang walks by and Jae Hee drags Daniel over for an explanation.

Seung Ri is at the cafeteria with Young Man and Chul Soo who are arguing about Jae Hee’s brilliant English. But that is not the main point, the topic up for discussion today is the track and field competition at their school and Seung Ri wants everyone to participate.

Jae Hee has a tiny favour for Dr. Jang who agrees to help out. Dr. Jang is not very efficient in getting straight to the point. He spends his time making nonsense side talk, just anything that does not have to do with Jae Hee.

Eun Gyul finally meets Red Radish and they sure have a lot of catching up to do! He still struggles to believe that she is a musician so she proves it to him by playing her violin out in public which attracts quite a crowd. This earns Eun Gyul at big goofy adorable smile.

Jae Hee finds out that Tae Joon was not allowed back into the athletic team and that he is miserable (and cleaning the gym) which makes Jae Hee miserable. So she decides to lighten the atmosphere by giving him a mini surprise party when he comes home. She presents him a sneaker cake but he tells her not to overdo it and walks away. She then falls flat, landing face first into the cake. Ahahahas. Feeling bad for her, he accepts the cake and makes a wish on a broken sneaker. She manages to sneak some icing one his face. Oh, this calls for a cake fight! So he starts chasing her around the room with the cake.

Eun Gyul is waiting at the bus stand with her. He offers to carry her violin but she declines telling him that she feels weird to see guys carry girl’s bags. Just before she hops on the bus she corrects one of his post updates to let him know that she follows him. Eun Gyul is surprised that even she as a little girl can grow up to be a woman.


Dr. Jang decides to take Daniel to the bar where they process their discussion. Dr. Jang tells him that he has never thought of it from his sister’s perspective. Has he ever thought about what made Jae Hee do what she did, coming here in a country with no one she knows and entering a male school? Has he ever thought why Jae Hee felt like she had no other choice? It appears that Daniel does not believes in his sister. Daniel asks him if he believes in Jae Hee. Dr. Jang tells him that even if he does not believe in Jae Hee, he should at least.


It’s morning and Jae Hee finds Tae Joon’s necklace (the one with the ring) in the bathroom. Tae Joon comes in and takes it off her without saying a word. Jae Hee and Tae Joon are walking to school together and she asks him about the necklace that he wears everyday. He explains that it is his mother’s. He then recalls his sick mother giving him the ring telling him to wear it in her place. Tae Joon walks ahead of her when Daniel appears right in front of Jae Hee.


Daniel sure has thought things over. He tells her that she can watch Tae Joon jump but there is one condition – she must leave with him after she watches the finals.

Jae Hee is at her locker to find that her clothes are dripping wet.

Jae Hee is attempting to carry a bag of heavy soccer balls when Tae Joon comes to her aide. He questions her why she is not in her sports uniform. She tells him that someone drenched her clothes. He grows worried but she tells him to forget it and changes the topic instead. She is going to buy him a coke for helping him.

It’s soccer practice and Jong Min is a very good cheerleader, having food and drink sources ready for Eun Gyul. He gives him a pack of delicious Ferro Rocher.

Jae Hee is doing the laundry and picks up one of Tae Joon’s shirts which she goes to hug. Tae Joon then walks in asking if it stinks. She immediately drops the shirt and tells him that she is doing the laundry.


Red Radish texts Eun Gyul inviting him out to a movie. He doesn’t reply and instead goes through his photos of Jae Hee. Jae Hee appears, shocking him and asking if he is watching porn. LOL! Anyway, as they are waiting for the laundry to turn, Jae Hee asks him how would he feel if he pretended to live in a girls’ dorm. A girls’ dorm? He imagines himself as a girl which is pretty adorable. (: He tells her that it would be pretty fun but there is the problem of getting caught. She then asks him about how his date went. He happilt smiles and says it went well.¬†He then shares her his Ferro Rocher which jealous Jong Min sees.

It is a special day of Tae Joon today. Jae Hee knows that her days here with Tae Joon is limited and goes to make the most out of it. She sees that Tae Joon is all prepped up today but asks him anyway to stay with her for no special reason. He tells her not to wait for him because he will be late today. She is¬†undoubtedly¬†devastated. Tae Joon makes his way to his father’s place for his mother’s deasth memorial where he has a moment where he thinks she is still here with him.


This must be the first father-son reunion in a long while. They have a lot of food for dinner. Maybe it isn’t a reunion after all. His father brings up the topic of his return to high jump which Tae Joon does not want to discuss so he gets up to leave. He then asks his son if he still blames him for his mother’s death? Han Na arrives with a basket of flowers before we can even hear the answer. Han Na tells him that he fights with his father every time they meet.

Eun Gyul comes knocking at Jae Hee’s door asking to borrow some toothpaste and mentions that Tae Joon is not here because today is his mother’s death anniversary. She then gets a text from Tae Joon asking to meet at the swimming pool. She immediately makes her way there. Eun Gyul senses something strange when he sees Tae Joon heading back to the dorm. He tells him about the pool story. Tae Joon recalls how someone drenched her clothes. Uh-oh! The two guys make a run in the opposite direction.

Someone waves Jae Hee to the diving area. Jae Hee who thinks that that person is Tae Joon so she does so. She heads up there to see that there is actually no one there but a sticky note that says “Don’t joke around”. Just then someone pushes her off into the water.

Tae Joon and Eun Gyul arrive just as the person leaves. Both guys jump into the pool to save Jae Hee and while doing so, Tae Joon drops his necklace. They pull her out of the pool but she isn’t breathing. Eun Gyul goes to do CPR but he hesitates because his feelings conflict this life and death situation which means Tae Joon does it instead. Eun Gyul watches with jealously. Ahahahahs. Jae Hee wakes and the first face she sees is Tae Joon’s.

Eun Gyul wants to stop this prankster before things get any more worse. Jae Hee just says that she accidentally slipped too. Eun Gyul heads back to his room leaving Jae Hee and Tae Joon alone. She asks him about his necklace which he does a quick search for but it is no where to be found. He tells her that it is fine but really, it is not. Eun Gyul is still frustrated with his hesitation.

The next morning Jae Hee is out at the pool bright and early to look for his necklace. Tae Joon wakes and goes to find her and tells her that she is stupid. She tells him that it is important to him. They sit by the pool and she apologises. He tells her that it is not her fault.

Tae Joon is in the gym setting up his high jump when Coach Baek arrives telling him he shouldn’t be here. Tae Joon tells him he wants to jump again because he has found his reason to jump again. Coach Baek gives him a chance – he has to win the qualifying round next week and then maybe he will consider to let him back in. Jae Hee goes to deliver him some food but does not disturb him as she watches him practice so diligently.

It’s the competition tomorrow so she pre-packs her luggage and sees a pair of her shoes which she recalls her running win.

She sees Eun Gyul and gives him a hug which leaves him in awe.


Tae Joon finds some red shoelaces and a note from Jae Hee that reads:

I am going to go back to America. There is a chance that I might be able to see your competition because of my flight. Those were the very first shoes laces that I wore for my first and and last track competition. My hard work probably wouldn’t compare to yours, but I will share some with you. Take care.

Daniel comes to pick her up.


My Opinion:

I really feel that this ep is too similar to the last. I thought that since Tae Joon found out that Jae Hee is a girl, the feelings would be out there and maybe Tae Joon would view Jae Hee differently but nope, he sees her very much like how he saw her the last ep. I just think the problem here is that Min Ho has shown very one dimensional emotions for these two most important scenes. I would have wanted Tae Joon to, I don’t know, be more protective of her like Yi Quan was to Rui Xi in the Taiwan version. There is just something missing here with how he treats her.

Maybe it’s me or… Ahahahahahas, I just feel that the plot is kind of puzzled and confused itself. Actually, I think it is just me. But I think that the pension line was used too soon and it just kind of ruined the timing of the plot. I think that Tae Joon should not have been that protective of her during the pension because it just appears that he knows that she is a girl but he found out during later on. The plot would flow more better if the pension scene was used later on.

Okay, so who is this bully? Is it Jong Min? I don’t think so. I just have this feeling. Ahahahahs! Poor Jae Hee. She gets bullied back in America and now here too?

Hmmmm, I really wonder how Tae Joon’s mother and father would impact on him. They play a much intense and bigger role than in the Taiwan version. They really help to shape Tae Joon whereas in the Taiwan version, Yi Quan was just personalised in his inner circle of life. I think that his mother has a much bigger impact on his high jumping career than what appears to be. I think that it is more than just the injury that caused Tae Joon to not jump. Ahahahhas, but these are just my random thoughts.

Wow, that is big! Her reason for coming is amazing, all the courage she brought on herself to stand up again. I love how he is her shining star. I love how he gave her the courage to stand up and now it is her turn to give him the courage to fly again. Part of me kind of thinks that he is jumping again because he does not want to disappoint her.

I actually really like Daniel as a brother. (: He is protective of Jae Hee. I just hope he will let Jae Hee stay.

Ommmggg, my Eun Gyul. He is my most favourite character here! I just love him. His character is so well written and he does a splendid portrayal of him. I do feel for him though, questioning his own self. I wonder how things would be if he played Tae Joon instead. I mean, I would still love him. (: This guy is just cute, cute, cute! I just want to pinch his cheeks every time he smiles!

I am so ready for next ep already! It looks exciting and we finally get to see Jae Hee with her long hair again, in present time! Maybe some big change?

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