My Opinion on Rich Man, Poor Woman

Amazing! Stunningly, remarkably, overwhelming amazing. I have never encountered a drama much like this one that could have well blew me off my seat while I sat through and watched each and every ep not wanting it to end. I only got into the bandwagon nine eps into the drama and boy am I glad that I did get on but let me tell you, the last two weeks were agony for me having to wait for the subs to come out. To all those out there who have not seen this, seriously get on board now!

This drama is just really different from anything that I have seen. It is not your typical fairytale but a real life fairytale that really could happen in real life. It has so much essence and fire that it is sizzling! Personally, if I had to sum it up, this would be a mix of a Korean, Hong Kong and Taiwan drama. According to many viewers, this drama has a touch of Korean drama essence. Now I wonder what typical Jap dramas are like. Ahahahahas. Well, I enjoy this version and it leaves me with hugggggeeeee expectations for any Jap drama now. My first dorama and it blows me away. Just amazing!

I am really amazed with how much could be packed into such a small drama. 11 eps consisting of 40 minutes each ep compared to Korean dramas which are typical 16 eps consisting of an hour each ep and Taiwan dramas which are usually 13-15 eps consisting of 70 minutes each ep. This drama is able to lift and continue to lift whereas some dramas fall after some lift. With the short time, it leaves no room for boredom; there can only be excitement.

Friendship, love, career? That all scores a big tick here!

My Opinion:



Makoto and Toru are such a wonderful OTP. I cannot get enough of them together. I longed for the last ten minutes of the last ep to last longer just so I could see more of them together. I need to see more of them together! From the get go they already had chemistry together.Just with their first eye-to-eye contact there was electricity between them. The way that she supports him regardless of his fall is so sweet and I just love to learn and see how much he has changed as a result of her existence in his life. Omggg, how sweet was his confession!? Okay, so it’s not the most romantic confession but for him to actually get the words out of his mouth, Makoto really has stolen his heart away. I love that she took initiative to admit her feelings and finally he takes the first step and kisses her. Two kisses in two minutes! No, two sizzling hot kisses in two minutes! Waiting 11 eps was worth it.

I really like that there is a sense of realism to this. It is always there, lurking about and always the end point for our characters. Our characters don’t live in a fabricated world but one where everything holds reality to it. Okay, so maybe Toru being a billionaire and an overly intelligent guy isn’t too real but that isn’t the point. They are all real in who they play. I mean, how many times in a Taiwanese or Korean drama does the guy miraculously appear when the girl finds herself in inevitable trouble? Here, the characters find themselves in a loophole with no one to save them. Instead, they have support from those around them and with that they are able to save themselves. They don’t rely on other people to save them. They are able to see reality and get back on their feet once again. I just love how this drama shows this in an enticing way to the viewers.

In terms of status, Makoto and Taru are on different sides of the spectrum but they did not let this fact get in their way of falling for each other. Makoto openly admits her feeling not allow her status to get in her way. Really, the title of this drama is very misleading. Their status has nothing to do with anything. They need each other and together they change each other. She taught him to trust others and take the first step while he taught her to persist and become stronger both mentally and physically. It is because of this that she found herself falling for him and vice versa. There was no one to intervene in their relationship. Instead, they allowed nature to take its course. She had no intention of giving up but when Toru failed to admit his feelings, well she can’t live in a relationship one-sided relationship can she? Their teachings toward each other finally made their worth when these two got together. Aside of the romance side, they taught each other how to tackle their lives. She helped him to rebuild his damaged life. She stood by him when all hope was lost. She supported him when he needed it regardless of how he treated her because she knew he needed someone to be by his side and be his pillow. He taught her to realise the potential that she holds. Together, they balance each other. It is intriguing to watch them fall for each other.

Ep 1 just blew me away. It was a stellar start to a drama, heck, any drama. It just leaves you breathless wondering how could they top off such a brilliant ep. And, well, they did. They just continue to top each ep. Actually, each ep will leave you breathless. Anyway, the first ep immediately reminded me of a Korean and Taiwanese drama because it’s makeover time! Ahhh, I just love Toru’s first impression towards her. This ep just spells the start of a happy and successful fairytale.I just love the typical drama clichés that are present in this drama but yet they aren’t so typical because they are carefully intertwined with the plot to create something extraordinary.

I really enjoyed ep 5 because he opened himself up and showed his other side. He is a guy who lets his opinions show but deeply, he hides his feelings. I was glad that he was able to open himself up to her. (: I just love when either of them falls asleep any each other’s shoulders. (:

I really like how so many elements and could be present at the one time yet work out so perfectly together not creating any clash between each of the elements. I love how Toru’s mother’s storyline played its impact here. I’m so glad that Toru got to meet his mother. Although I was a bit sad that he did not tell her that he is his son but it works out well because he doesn’t have to. He is satisfied that he got to meet her and it looks like she is content with her life. I like that he had to search for the treasure. Oh, he found but he just chose to not take it because he doesn’t need it right now. Ahahahas, interestingly, it was her who brought the love birds together. I just love that she is still able to help her son with something.

Toru’s friendship with Kosuke Ashahina is what all friendships ought to be. Well, not on Kosuke’s side but Toru’s side. Betrayal hurts, especially if it is done by your best friend. However, Toru did not let this pull him down. Instead, he used this as a driving force to stand up again. He even helped Kosuke to stand up again and he did not even once blamed him for what he did. I just love how Kosuke is indirectly one of the person to help Toru stand again. The downfall in their friendship taught Toru that there is nothing that he can’t do to stand up again. He can do and he will do it. I love that Toru did not give up on Kosuke. He even forgave what his friend did to him. I was also happy that Kosuke eventually allowed Toru to help him again. Toru did not want to lose Next Innovation, not because it made money but because it was something that he started with Kosuke. It represents their friendship and represents them.

I love the trio (yeahh, I never learnt their names…) who are in support for Toru. They are so adorable, especially the guy who Toru forgets the name of… They are so loyal towards him. I guess a job boss means good colleagues.

Well then there is Yoko who I thought didn’t play a huge role. Whether she was there or not would have not affected much of the plot. She is the unsuccessfully girl who tries to create a love relationship into a love triangle. She is just Toru’s friend and Kosuke’s sister. Really, I did not find her role amusing or having an impact for me. I’m just happy that she still gets to cook even though she is the sous chef now. Her storyline didn’t really have anywhere to go. Her like towards Toru is very weak an just non-existent. It doesn’t even appear like she likes him. He is just a breather for her. I find it kind of useless… I actually don’t get the point of her liking him… I would have like to see more of the Ashashina sibling relationship though.

Oh, you know what else I enjoyed about this drama? The way that romance isn’t an in-your-face thing for the OTP. Actually, majority of the drama wasn’t even focused on the romantic side but their lives. I love how their relationship just happens. Everything just twines together to work its way into their life to get them together. I really like that romance appears to be the secondary plot here but yet it plays a huge role to the drama. I just love the way how romance is sneakishly used. It really is something that I don’t think I have encountered in any drama before.

Surprisingly, I found the business line really compelling and interesting. I have never found any business line as interesting as this, like, ever. Ahahahahahs! I love that everything is centred around it but it is not the focal point. It holds deep meaning not just for Toru but for Kosuke and Makoto. They are all binded by Next Innovation. I love watch the OTP work together for Toru’s ambitious plans for his personal file. I am so happy that he did not give up on it. It would be ashame if he did. In many ways personal file is the starting line for everything in this drama. It is also the turning point to out OTP’s relationship.

I really liked all the characters’ acting. I found Oguri Shun as Toru remarkably into character and compelling. I like that he is a weird character with his weird personality. He shows his emotions so well that really, if this was not a drama I would think that the character really is him. I also love the quirkiness he shows. I also really like Ishihara Satomi as Makoto. She really can pull off being bubbly and having weird moods. Ahahahahs. I just love her weird mood transitions. Ahahahas. One second she can be sad and then the next she is all happy. I swear I am not lying, she looks like Janine Chang. She does, she really does; especially at the very last scene when had her hair curled. I really like her bubbliness. She can also really pull off that awkward but not awkward stature. Ahahahas. Kosuke was also another character how was really well played out. I just think all of the acting were superb, especially the OTP who have so much chemistry with each other. How doramas seem to differentiate for me is that there are a lot of guest stars which I enjoy. (:

Ommmggg, and I really love the OST. I think all the music match perfectly well in each of the scenes. They further enhance the feelings. (:

Oh, so there is a scene in the opening sequence where the OTP are back to back with each other which reminds me a lot of In Time With You. Ahahahhas!

This is definitely one of the best doramas out there and definitely my all time fave because it is the only one that I have seen. Ahahahahas. Now I have high expectations for the next dorama that I come across. Hmmm, maybe there will be a season 2 for this?

9 thoughts on “My Opinion on Rich Man, Poor Woman

  • September 22, 2012 at 1:06 am

    This is my favorite j-drama from 2012…the story, OTP and acting was superb!!! Hyuga was created for Oguri Shun, I just loved him in this character. Just watching the screencaps I go moony-eyed again….I hope you find another great dorama to watch!!!

    • September 22, 2012 at 1:12 am

      Ahahahaas, mines too! Well, it is my fave of all time. 😛

      I just love love love love the plot! It is perfect! All the characters worked well with the plot, especially Toru. I just love them all!

      Ahahahaas, after 11 eps we finally get to see them kiss. (:

      LOL, thanks! You too!

  • September 22, 2012 at 11:52 am

    I gave to agree, the best Jdrama of 2012 for me 🙂 I liked how more realistic this plot was & it didn’t get bogged down with its own premise (stupid Iki mo Dekinai Natsu). It was fresh & wonderful & the OTP was great. I like how they weren’t instantly in love & how they changed each other for the better 🙂

    • September 22, 2012 at 3:43 pm

      Ahahahas, yeahhh, I love that their love was gradual and only evolved through their thick and thins. They were in support for each other helping each other to stand and discover something new of themself. The OTP have so much chemistry! I love them so much! 😀 I really enjoyed this dorama. It is fresh and pleasing to watch. (Y)

  • October 6, 2012 at 10:10 pm

    Love your review of RMPW, love this drama!

  • December 8, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    OMG I HAD A FEELING YOU REVIEWED THIS! I just finished watching the Japanese drama Absolute Boyfriend… I really liked the main girl Rikko so I googled her, and it said that her (Saki Aibu) starred in a drama caleld R.M.P.W, so I googled the picture, and had a feeling it felt awfully familiar… figures. But anyways, I think I want to start watching this drama too! Along with Reply 1997, since it had received a good impression from you 🙂

    • December 8, 2012 at 11:46 pm

      Nawwws, I really appreciate that you value my opinion. 😀 Ahahahas, yeahh, watch it! It’s good! Plus, the eps aren’t that long, they are around 40mins each and there is only 11 eps. (:
      Tell me about your drama impressions when you watch it. (:


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