Refresh 3+7 Episode 4 Recap

I’ve never heard Jessica speak Mandarin before so it’s quite nice to hear her do so. Her Mandarin is really nice for a native Cantonese speaker. She doesn’t have a very strong accent when she speaks Mandarin so that’s all good. It was really refreshing to see her in an emotional role where she actually opens up because in Tiger Cubs her character was very isolated. The storyline is very subtle and the themes here is really nicely in sync, and goes to show that not everything has to be worked up.

The storyline is actually very sweet. Shen Dong goes from just being there for money to becoming a friend a person who pities her in a matter for two to three days. Though, I must admit Shen Dong is like an obstacle to Yu Jing’s life but he somehow changes from an obstacle to a path. 


The alarm rings at 7’o clock. Shen Dong (Qin Hao) wakes tiredly from his sofa bed in order to turn off the alarm but instead he falls off the bed and even hurts himself. To make matters worse, when he goes to turn off the alarm it doesn’t want to turn off so he throws the clock in a fish tank which causes some power shortage. He then realises that today is Friday the 13th. He continues his day by making himself a bowl of delicious ramen. He goes to place the bowl on his makeshift table, ready to enjoy his breakfast, when the table collapses. However, luckily he manages to catch his ramen, even if it did spill a little. Ready to take his first bite but then the plaster of his ceiling falls right into his ramen. Ahhh, curse you Friday the 13th!

After making some amends with some money issue, Yu Jing (Jessica Hsuan) removes a picture of her and her husband before leaving the house.

Shen Dong sets off to make his day worthwhile only to discover his driving vehicle – his bicycle – has been tampered with. However, his is successful in gaining another bicycle so he is left with no choice but to ride in his tampered bicycle. It is never good to ride in a tampered bicycle because he can’t brake and ends up falling.

Yu Jing is waiting anxiously at the bank for her ex-husband, Zhang Zhi Ming to arrive when he calls asking her where the money is. She informs him that she is not going to give it to him unless he comes home and tells their daughter, Xiao Xue, the truth. It was him to suggested divorce yet he does not have the courage to tell their daughter.

Shen Dong comes out of convenience stall with his ramen to find a banana peel right in front of him. He kicks it away and goes to station himself by a kerb side waiting for his first job. Meanwhile, Yu Jing withdraws all of the money and gives Shen Dong his first business of the day.

Shen Dong gets down to business, scraping away the tattered wall while Yu Jing watches awkwardly with her bag of money. She recalls the night when her husband requested for divorce and how angry and saddened she was upon hearing so. After the recall, she commands Shen Dong to stop scraping because it just gives her the terrible memory. Her mother calls asking her about her situation. She assures her mother that all is fine, she will not allow Zhi Ming to come here asking for money everyday.

When she finishes talking, Shen Dong comes out of the toilet and she sprays him all over with air freshener telling him that this toilet is not of anybody’s use.

Zhi Ming calls and Yu Jing leaves to take this call, leaving her bag of money behind. Meanwhile, Shen Dong goes to open a new bucket of paint when some paint splatters on her bag. He goes to clean it when some money drops out of the bag. He goes to put back the money when she comes out and takes in the situation, mistaking the situation. She runs out of the house and calls upon the police while locking him inside. He tries to unlock the door from the inside but instead breaks the lock.

Shen Dong also takes in the situation and imagines what Yu Jing might do him. He decides her can’t let her mistake him and decides to escape the house. He tries to jump out of a window but luck has it that he can’t. So instead he makes the most of his time by taking a shower, eating and watching television. He sees a video of Yu Jing with her daughter and husband having a fun time together. He continues exploring the house and discovers her family album as well as her divorce papers.

Just then the bell rings and the police (Hu Ge) enters. The police informs Shen Dong that his “lover” has been involved in a car accident. Shen Dong goes to take his share of his payment when Xiao Xue arrives.

Yu Jing wakes and rushes home to discover her Xiao Xue not there. She runs around frantically and finally finds her Xiao Xue in the park. Xiao Xue informs her that it was Shen Dong who took her to see her last night. In a flashback, we also see that it was him who left the keys in her pocket. Xiao Xue tells her that she and uncle Shen Dong were going to finish painting the walls before welcoming her home.

Shen Dong and Yu Jing have their talk. He informs her that her money is all here, just minus $100 for his payment. He also paid for all her medical fees and tells her that she can pay him back any time.

So Xiao Xue and Shen Dong paint the wall together while Yu Jing just watches. Zhi Ming calls but she reluctantly holds onto her phone and finally answers it. Zhi Ming tells her that they need to have a good talk.


My Opinion: 

Jessica was brilliant in this role! It allowed her to express herself and show some emotion. It’s definitely not the best that I have seen her in but she handled it really well here. She was smooth playing Yu Jing. She really showed it well being the woman whose husband has just left her while also being the caring and loving mother towards Xiao Xue. It is quite contradictory how one moment she is so gentle and the next her anger shows which in every way is very right as it allows her to showcase her different way of portrayal Yu Jing.

I found flashback divorce scene wonderful on Jessica’s behalf. You could see that she was hurt and was heartbroken. She loves him but yet he is able to do such a cruel thing and just leave her after all that she has done. The smack that delivered to Zhi Ming was done with hurt, anger and pain. She still loves him and no matter how she tries to deny it or push it away, she will always love him.

Props to the little girl as Xiao Xue. The little girl is so cute and so good with her acting skills. Ahahahas! She is just so warm and bubbly! I love love love it when he first met Shen Dong and told him not to come any closer. That was just pure brilliance. Even though she is Yu Jing’s child I found that she had more chemistry with Shen Dong. They seem more connected as a father-daughter than Xiao Xue with Yu Jing as a mother-daughter. Especially the very last scene when Xiao Xue was seen painting the walls with Shen Dong, that really showcased some powerful father-daughter connection.

Although Shen Dong did not actually have a personally huge and directed influence towards Yu Jing’s life, I actually appreciated it because even with the little things that he does he is able to help her take a step in the right direction. It’s not like he is helping her to change her future or get her to realise something like the previous ep but instead his presence just manages to bring together a warmth that was previously occupied a cold destination.

Naaaaws, Hu Ge! I’m just glad to see him though I did get weird out seeing him in a different role. I mean, he was just in ep 1 helping Zhang Ying realise her full potential.

Interestingly, Yu Jing’s name was never actually mentioned…

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