Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 1 Recap

It’s quite refreshing to see Tiffany as the lead. I have seen enough of her being the woman who tries to “steal” the guy and now someone else is going to be after her man. She is always the one who desperately wants her man to be hers but time it is different, she is pushing away her man.

This drama follows a different chronology when compared to other dramas. The OTP are already together and are actually heading backwards with their relationship before they can head forward. Dramas usually have their turning point in the middle but the turning point is already building from the very first ep.

Ji Qing (Tiffany Hsu), a famous brand sales manager, – hmmm, where have I heard this familiar name before? Oh, SOP Queen! – is driving along listening to a radio show that she made an appearance on speaking about her views towards love and marriage. “Females are the animals towards love. I call out to all woman to be loyal to themselves, love and beauty, women who do not marry want the existence of beauty. As for men, they can only hope for the best.” 

Ji Qing arrives to her celebratory party with style, late of course but boy when she arrives does she get a big shock. “When a man truly loves a woman, he will be willing to do anything for me.”  A video plays where Fang Hao Ming (Chris Wang) proposes to her but she rejects him time and time again. He states that she once said that  if it snows in Taipei, she will have a chance to really stay by his side forever. Miracles do happen, because it suddenly starts to snow (fake snow of course).


Hao Ming makes his appearance, dressed up as a penguin and his awkwardly falls dropping a rock near Ji Qing’s feet. He picks it up and tells her that other people will not understand the significance of it but she will. A male emperor penguin will use his specially chosen rock to propose to his female half. That, is what he does. He drops to one knee, opens the rock to reveal a ring. “Right now it is snowing in Taipei. Are you willing to always to rely on me, accept this rock and create a happy family with me?” She just can’t accept it; she rejects his proposal and leaves.

Ji Qing’s best friends, Liao Yi Ren (Li Kang Yi) and Zhuang Xiao Xian (Lin Shu Yu) berates her for rejecting Hao Ming’s proposal. They have been together for eight years, he has proposed four times and she has rejected each of those proposals. She explains that when she first got together with him, she said she wasn’t going to get married and he supported her. Xiao Xian tells her that without marriage her relationship is as good as dead. She counters that marriage doesn’t mean anything. Just then Hao Ming walks in.


Hao Ming asks her if it is really that difficult to accept his proposal but she tells him that she never wanted marriage any way. It doesn’t matter who proposes to her today, she will not accept it. He thought that he held a different position in her heart but it turns out that he is the same as any other men. She reiterates that she has no confidence in marriage. He suggests that they break up since she does not consider his feelings. He repeats that after a couple has been together for a while, it is only natural for them to get married, have kids and look after each other. What are they then? She answers that they are lifelong lovers. She doesn’t get what’s so good about marriage. She strongly stands that she is not going to marry him or break up with him. He leaves her in a corner and suggest that they have a trial marriage for one month and if she can’t agree to that, then he will break up with her. He gives her seven days for her answer to this.


Ji Qing’s best friend coax her into accepting the agreement while Hao Ming is filled with confidence that he can get Ji Qing to change her mind in that one month.

Hao Ming prepares the house waiting for Ji Qing’s arrival day after day while she just busies herself with work, still unsure of her decision. It’s the last day and she is still left in a dilemma that she does not know how to solve. Hao Ming waits at her office waiting to talk to her but when she leaves, he decides against it as watches her in pain.

He arrives home and packs up everything that he has prepared for her, for them as a “wedded” couple. He wants to get married because he doesn’t want another man to take care of her. “Qing Qing, sorry. After midnight Fang Hao Ming cannot take care of you any longer; cannot give you romance, surprises, cannot piggy back you home when you cannot walk in high heels any longer, massage your legs and cannot say ‘I’ll look after you’ “.  At exactly midnight the bell rings and Qing Qing is here! She warns her that after a month if he cannot prove to her why marriage is worthwhile, he cannot force her to marry him or use break-up to blackmail her. Also, she is here to prove that as long as their hearts are together, they can be happy together regardless of marriage. He warmly welcomes her and tells her that within this one month she is his wifey.

Step 1 of war: Use up all of the man’s money. (Doesn’t seem to be working; he just signs cheque after cheque)

Step 2 of war: Take the man shopping with you. (This man enjoys shopping)

Step 3 of war: Throw bad tempers. (This man loves your tempers!)

Hao Ming’s friend, Jason, invites him for a game of tennis and he sweetly asks for Ji Qing’s permission. She uses this to advantage her by telling him that he will lose his freedom if they get married and furthermore, she will have to tend the house herself. So he decides not to play tennis, not just for today but forever. Ahhh, the things that guys can do for girls! She promises to cook him dinner.

So Hao Ming comes home to some very dry dinner and she even threw away his XO sauce. Oh, but he is not moved by her actions; he still wants wifey.


Ji Qing rings the alarm to Hao Ming’s ears at 6 in the morning telling him that Xiao Xian is leaving her dog under their care for a few days. He isn’t too keen on dogs and is allergic to them. Seeing her sick hubby, Ji Qing decides that it is better to send the dog back. Hao Ming decides that this is not going to work; he must let Ji Qing feel the happiness of a family so he decides to call on Yi Ren to leave her daughter Dou Dou with them for a few days. (Naaaws, the three are so cute! Just like a family!) Ji Qing wakes to a loving breakfast made by Hao Ming. He uses this to her advantage, telling her how nice it is to wake to your loving family.

Ji Qing thinks about how good of a guy Hao Ming is and how much he loves her but wonders if marriage will make their love become nothing. She hears some noise and goes out to find that Hao Ming has given her her own little artistic space in their room. She asks him why he is so nice to her. He answers and goes to explain why marriage is so good but she stops him and embraces him a kiss.

Ji Qing arrives to work all jolly and happy and even mentions that she is going on a date with her hubby this afternoon. Looks like she is giving into marriage but she is not going to let that happen and cancels the date.


Yi Ren call Ji Qing with trouble. Yi Ren’s ex-husband, Wang Da Shuai (Chen De Lie), is holding onto Duo Duo ready to jump down a tall building. Ji Qing convinces him off of it and immediately she makes him apologise to Yi Ren. He drops to his knees, apologises and admits that his girlfriend has hollowed him out and he can’t give her the florist that he promised during their divorce. Yi Ren is left with no choice but to sign the transfer papers.

Da Shuai and Hao Ming’s friend, Ding Sheng Hua (Alan Kuo) arrives. Da Shuai request that he give Yi Ren a job because he every dollar has been taken by his girlfriend. Ji Qing is left to wonder if this is what marriage means, even if you divorce you can’t truly be apart.

Hao Ming finds Ji Qing at the gym and decides to take her to the rooftop, the place that he goes to every time he fails at a proposal. The points to the block of building across the road and tells her that every light is represents a family. Every family has their own story adn in that story is love, hate, hope, disappointment, happiness and sadness. He knows that she has a fear of marriage because her father had an affair which caused her mother’s death and also her best friend has encountered a similar situation. He can’t assure her that their life can be perfect but as long as they love each other they can walk through even the most difficult paths with their heads held up high.


Hao Ming drops to one knee with a ring and tells her that every time he proposes he holds onto the biggest hope knowing that his happiness is going to be in her hands. He puts the ring (or, the box that contains the ring) in her hand, gets up and tells her that he is himself and she is herself and they are going to write their own story. He is going to wait until she is ready to accept the ring.

Ji Qing admits to Yi Ren that she is really happy with Hao Ming but there is not way to assure that it is not going to change. Xiao Xian has an idea; she comes in with a book called “I Rented A Lover”. Ji Qing decides that this is the only way that she can prove Hao Ming sincerity towards her. Xiao Xian goes to call her cousin to find this “rented lover”. A girl, Zhao Shan Shan (Sunny) (Albee Huang) who overheard the girls’ conversation goes to deter the “rented lover” and walks herself in as that “rented lover”. Ji Qing deems her unsuitable for the job but she insists on knowing the reason behind it. Ji Qing claims that she is too young but Sunny convinces her that she is capable of this job, and she will prove soon within three hours.

Ji Qing decides to give Sunny this chance. Sunny sees Hao Ming in the street and decides that she has to take action now. So she bumps into him and walks across a road with running traffic. Hao Ming immediately goes to save her. Suddenly she gets a call from her grandmother and she grabs him to take her to see her dying grandmother. She makes him said that he will take care of her to her dying grandmother. Cheeky Sunny records the entire conversation.


My Opinion:

Chris Wang and Tiffany Hsu make an adorable and refreshing couple together. I have been waiting to see a couple like them, a couple who fall for each other but has their distance with each other. Chris and Tiffany do have some awkwardness between them and their chemistry and interactions are not the most sizzling efforts but you can really tell that they are trying. You can really see the effort that they both put in but there is something missing to bring them together. Chris really tries to bring them closer together. When he was waiting for her arrival he was almost desperate for her to come and when she did come, it felt like a baggage come off his shoulders and he is finally able to breath with ease once again. Every time he gives her a hug or embraces her in a hug, she looks relaxed and really comfortable even if it may be awkward. They both have their ease and awkwardness which I am sure will come to work together in following eps to create only ease between them two.

Tiffany’s role is really similar to her previous roles, just that she is the “nicer” character here. She has improved over the past few roles but I do feel that she can do a whole lot more better if she can venture out into playing different characters. She has always played a strong and independent character as evident in Autumn’s Concerto and Love You (AKA Drunken To Love You) upon which she uses her career to tie her man which never works and now here she is once again a strong and independent woman. I would really love to see her as a weak character with the man being the one to strengthen her.

I have never seen Chris before nor did I even hear of him before this. Well, I did hear about him in  The Fierce Wife but I did not know that he would be such an amazing actor. He is so smooth with his lines and he can really show his emotions, I felt so bad for him when Ji Qing rejected his proposal. You can see the pain just by looking at him. He wasn’t that hurt which is expectable since she has rejected his proposal so many times but still, he was hurt by her rejection and it was written all over her face.

Hmmm, who is this Shan Shan girl? What’s her motive? Now things are getting interesting with the appearance of Sunny. Already you can tell that she is going to be a very strong character. She has the persuasion to be strong and get what she wants. She is a very secretive character though. I really do wonder what she is going to do with the recording. Ahahahahs!

This drama seems quite interesting, and I am more than ready to see what will happen next and what Sunny will do.

6 thoughts on “Love Me Or Leave Me Episode 1 Recap

  • November 29, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    Sounds pretty interesting so far. I agree it’s good to finally see Tiffany in a different type of role, but I’m not sure how long I can stand her character always testing and rejecting Chris’ character. T_T

      • November 29, 2012 at 3:01 pm

        No I didn’t even know it was already airing!! >.< Do you know how many episodes it is?

          • November 29, 2012 at 3:57 pm

            Oh that’s a pretty good length then, I might check it out :3

          • November 29, 2012 at 5:16 pm

            Ahahahas, you should! Then tell me what you think of it. (:

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