My Opinion On Missing You Episode 5

Now this is the ep that I had been waiting for. I waited over four eps for this one to come and I am ever glad it did. The more that I watched the teenagers, the more that I felt that it was dragging on and on and this made me lose faith that the adults were ever going to appear. Then I regained all of my previously lost hope when I saw the appearance of adult Han Jung Woo (Park Yoochun). Yay! Now this is what I am looking forward to watch, not that I did not enjoy the teenagers’ scenes because I loved it. Actually, I would have been content to just have the teenagers lead the entire drama but then the appearance of adult Hyung Joon (Yoo Seung Ho) quickly reversed my way of thinking. Seriously, how can you not melt just seeing him?

This ep was slow-paced and there wasn’t much that you would not expect to see. Then again, what would you expect? It was an ending to the teenagers’ lives as well as being the introduction to the adults’ lives. The real beginning is going to start after this ep where everything has settled and found their place. 


My Opinion:

The teenagers laid the foundation and building blocks for the storyline and now it is where the real beginning is. Even this ep, with the appearance of the adults, create a basis for the adults to jump off from. It is starting here where everything will develop. This ep with the adults was essentially an introduction to their life following the grand event that happened to each of these people when they were 15(ish). We are informed of how each of them has dealt with the situation and moved on and also shows what a drastic change that they have all went through. As well as being an introduction to the adult’s lives, it is also the conclusion to the teenager’s lives. Actually, I was all for the conclusion but not Detective Kim’s death. I was not expecting that and I am still frustrated over his death. Why, why kill him? Him of all people, the one who was doing something right and had persistence. Him and Jung Woo would have made a brilliant team. Hyung Woo just indirectly killed the wrong person and Soo Yeon is going to be in for a huge shock.

Now that childhood is gone, it bears me the question why young Soo Yeon did not choose to return back home? Is it because of the “murderer’s daughter” reputation? Is it because she doesn’t know how to face anyone any more after what happened to her? Or is it because of Jung Woo? I am sure it is all of the above but what I really want to get at is why she could just agree to run away with Hyung Jun.

I have always wondered why father doesn’t like Jung Woo, and here it is revealed that he is not really his child. At least I think that is what he means when his father said that he should have never raised him as his own child. So who knows and I wonder how this will play out in the future because there is no show as to what his current relationship with his father is. I mean, I know that they aren’t on good terms but what does he think of his father as? Did Jung Woo just decided to run away from home?

I was actually quite worried about Eun Hye and Seung Ho’s chemistry because of their age difference. But when I watched them together, I realised that I have nothing to worry about. They clicked with each other simultaneously. It somehow felt right to see them together. It is because they had the chemistry for this to work. When they are together, it feels really comfortable for me to see them together and you can see that they are comfortable together.

I think Jung Woo is the only one who has grown up to parallel his younger self. He hasn’t gone through a dramatic transformation as Soo Yeon or Hyung Joon. He is just that more persistent to find Soo Yeon; he still yearns for her. I find Yoochun to be great transition from Jin Goo but then again, that’s because their roles are very alike. Jin Goo was great as young Jung Woo and Yoochun comes off amazingly well as grown up Jung Woo. I am just waiting to see how he is going to perform when he rediscovers Soo Yeon.

Soo Yeon has grown up to be a much stronger woman that what she was. That’s because she has Hyung Joon by her side to help her stand up stronger and her life has gone through a significant change. If it wasn’t because of Hyung Joon she would not have been able to be where she is right now. She needs Hyung Joon; she depends on him. After all that she has been through, I do not blame her for the lack of independence. She has to rely on him and but I hope that when she meets Jung Woo again she will be able to grow to become an independent woman. She says that she has erased her past memories but regardless of how much she tries she will never be able to get rid of it. This is what makes her dependent on Hyung Joon. When he is around her past memories is gone but when she is alone all that comes back to her. When she chants her “come, not come” it shows how much she misses Jung Woo.

We can see that Hyung Joon has grown up to be a strong young man due to two reasons – 1. He was scarred when he was younger with both his complex family relationship and his mother’s death and 2. He has to protect Soo Yeon. He is one sweet man who really shows how protective he is of Soo Yeon. He is always by her side and does everything for her benefit. When he told her to go back to France it was because he did not want her to get hurt a second time. I do wonder if Hyung Joon made use of that money since his is a rich business man now.

You know, I thought this drama was going to be tears all round but I was glad to see some smiles from both young and adult Jung Woo. Really, these two lads have quite a smile and are both so freakin’ adorable! Though not as adorable as adult Hyung Joon’s smile! I swear, I melt every time he smiles! I have melted ever since I saw him in God of Study (AKA Master of Study) and I will continue to melt each time I see him.

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