My Opinion On Missing You Episode 21

Hasn’t this been a roller coaster of a ride? It started off with two children from broken families who got themselves entangled with each other. Just when they thought that they could lean on each, they are separated by a tragic incident. Not only this, they are brought to face each other again 14 years later only to have everything that happened 14 years ago resurface and be the make or break point for them. Not only this, they also have a money driven father who can do so much more damaging things all in the name of money and a psycho revenge driven guy to deal with. Plus, top of this, there are very complicated family relations!

That above is a complication summary and this interpreted on screen is a complicated mess.  This is purely because there was too much going on at once and everything managed to get themselves intertwined with each other. This is why at times the drama felt as though it wanted to head in two directions, like an unbalanced see-saw. One minute it veered towards one direction and the next it turns towards the other direction. And this isn’t a one or two time thing but rather it happens quite frequently with each ep as well as appearing on the characters, Harry in particular.

I felt as though this ep was extremely subtle compared to the previous 20. It may be the final ep but it should serve as the cooling ep, as in an ep that cools off from the complications. Instead, this ep served as a flashback towards all the things that could have never happened. This ep started off extremely slowed due to the lengthy recap and about half the ep spent with Jung Woo, Yoo Seon and Harry in a conversation that can never come to life. Then the second half was the appropriate ending for everyone. And then finally it ends with a what if should they have met differently 14 years ago.

So everyone has their desired endings so that is a plus because I love happy endings! 


My Opinion:

After investing over 25 hours into this drama, it lead to an ending that was different to anything that was foreshadow. And for this, I was glad and it was probably the only thing that worked well in this complicated mess. What I liked about the ending was that it strayed away from everything that I expected and I can’t say whether I preferred it this way or not. Though for one thing I can say that everything got the ending that they deserved so that is all good. The wedding was sweet and cute and about the sweetest thing of this drama. I am just glad that they could be together again after the tragic separation 14 years back.

Soo Yeon was the least progressive character present. She may have had to confront her fears but that did nothing to help her grow. Whether it be the 14 years ago or the years afterwards, she always had someone to lean on. During the 14 years of living a fake identity, Soo Yeon always had Harry to lean on and even as she confronts her past she has Jung Woo by her side. She hasn’t really matured as much, she is still a dependent girl and regardless of where she goes and what she does, she always has someone by her side. However, this is not really something that can be blamed on Yoon Eun Hye since she portrayed Soo Yeon with life but rather it Soo Yeon being a two dimensional character. Well, Soo Yeon as a whole isn’t a two dimensional character. Considering her circumstances and all that happened to her, there could be so much more that could have been done to bring out her character. However, the drama focused on only one side of her and chose to develop of that side thus creating a two dimensional character.

Yoochun was exceptional in portraying Jung Woo but then again his character had the most light. His character developed throughout the run of the drama and his character wasn’t a psycho freak with heavy mood swings. What I enjoyed about his character was that he was always there for Soo Yeon. it may be guilt from 14 years ago or it may just be that he only had eyes for her. I do wonder if he would have moved on if Soo Yeon never reappeared but I guess I can only wonder. But I don’t he would have because even 14 years later he was on a desperate search for her and I am sure he would have done so much more just to find her. I mean I liked his love for Soo Yeon but I just found that he was too over the top. Did he really just spent 14 years on that one case?

Harry has undoubtedly been on the biggest journey out off all the characters. It was particularly evident with his character of the shifts in paths that he went through. Initially, he prioritised Soo Yeon and with every decision that he made he always put Soo Yeon in thought. However, every since Soo Yeon met with Jung Woo, her feelings for Harry slowly diluted away and that left Harry devastated. He went from being a guy who was always supporting Soo Yeon to a guy who could sacrifice all for revenge. Of course, he was revenge driven from a very young age, all from the doing of Daddy Han, which made him cause the death of Detective Kim. Harry also went on a journey of numerous emotional changes. At times it was like he was he was a guy being torn in half with emotions going in two directions. What I see from Harry is that he is driven by his revenge plan but his emotions doesn’t match up to it. Throughout many of these eps, it is particularly evident that Harry is not sure where he wants to go himself. Harry was my favourite character of the bunch but then his character soon turned into a guy who did not know where he wanted to head and that made the already complicated storyline even more complicated.

I was never happy with the that Eun Joo played because she was a mere side character. I wanted to see more from her! Every time I saw her on screen I just wanted to push her into the central stage and give her the time and involvement that a second lead is supposed to have. Oh well, I guess it was nice to see her supportive of Jung Woo and being there for Mummy Lee.

Out of all the characters present, my most favourite would have to be Mummy Lee. She lost her daughter but she was ready to make up for it. When she discovered that Soo Yeon was alive she never pushed her to acknowledge herself but rather she was there by her side and supporting her. Despite what she did 14 years ago, she is still a loving mother. She was hurt and in that 14 years that Soo Yeon was missing, she tried to be what she should have been 14 years ago – a mother. She treated Jung Woo as her own son despite he being the one partially responsible for the loss of her daughter. She wanted to make up for everything that she wasn’t. I loved that even 14 years later, she is able to treat Soo Yeon with love and care as well as supporting her all the way.

One relationship that really caught my in throughout the drama was Jung Woo’s friendship with his hyung. That was one bromace that I loved to watch (and probably the best bromance in all k-dramas that I have seen!) as well as being a relationship that I looked forward to seeing the most. Their relationship is adorable! I love how they are able to trust and depend on each other for support. They have a mutual understanding with each other. In this ep, when Jung Woo was stuck inside that shed with Soo Yeon and Harry, hyung had full belief that Jung Woo would be able to handle everything. That there is genuine trust. I just love how these two work mates hold such a trusting relationship with each other!

Of course with all the complications of this drama, it has left many issues that were touched on but were unsolved. One of the biggest issues that surfaced time and time again was Soo Yeon being a murderer’s daughter. However, we soon find that her father wasn’t a murderer, and that’s about all that we know. It never delved on what happened and the outcome of it. There were glimpse that Soo Yeon was told that her father isn’t a murderer but her emotions and feelings towards this was not shown. I really wanted to know the background and story behind all this so I was a bit disheartened when they didn’t develop on this. Also, there was the money grabbing issue with Daddy Hang. He was money driven from the get go but was all that he did only in the name of money? He had bucket loads of money but he never used it so his money wasn’t used on luxury so it must have went elsewhere. Furthermore, is he really that money driven that he would sacrifice himself? There is just something odd about his character which was never explained to us. Could there really be such a heartless person who is able to abandon everyone surrounding him? (I mean Harry became heartless but he still cares for Soo Yeon).

Everything occurred in this drama from ep 5 onwards was due to everything that happened 14 years ago and Soo Yeon and Jung Woo’s meeting. It is because of this that they were able to walk through what happened 14 years together and it is also because of this that they were able to rekindle their love for one another. However, in this 14 years, all that Soo Yeon had was Harry and there is no doubt that they have developed a half romantic relationship with each other. I really wonder what would have happened if Soo Yeon did not meet Jung Woo again and continued her life with Harry whether it be in France or Korea. Would she have been able to develop a relationship with him? It was clear that Soo Yeon had some feelings for Harry but that slowly diluted away once she met Jung Woo again and found back her lost 14 years.

This drama can’t be considered as a good drama despite the casting because it wasn’t. It started off quite well but once the adults came in, the complications started to flow in as well. The complications were already present from the start with the doings of Daddy Han but it was when it resurfaced 14 years later that the storyline turned into a mess. Everything aside from the storyline worked well here. It had beautiful chemistry between the actors, wonderful cinematography, brilliant costumes (omg, I love Soo Yeon’s nails!) and a pretty set. However, the storyline is the foundation to the drama and if that falls, the drama will fall too.

9 thoughts on “My Opinion On Missing You Episode 21

  • January 23, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Let me state outright I’m not a fan of any actors or actresses. I’m writing out of concern that your perception of Seung Ho colours your perception of Harry/KHJ.

    Harry/KHJ had appeared gentle and caring at first towards Zoe/LSY. Don’t be fooled by this. He was actually creepier doing so because his motivation towards her was to keep her in possession using whatever means possible. Nurse and Secretary Nam were killed because Harry/KHJ feared revelation that his Mum was responsible for the collateral damage to Zoe/LSY. HJW’s step Mum was almost killed because she revealed what KHJ’s Mum had done and because she could be used to frame LSY for murder. Harry/KHJ’s intention was to cut her ties with South Korea, making it easier to take her overseas again using his lawyer. Detective Kim was murdered using the Coke can the same way Harry murdered the Borrisons in France. There was a police siren in D Kim’s car indicating that KHJ was aware Kim was a policeman. He could have released LSY, but, chose to possess her. The 2 kidnappers were hired by the Nurse and KHJ’s Mum. Harry/KHJ wanted to shut them up forever, a fact consistent with his desire and motivation to possess her. If he couldn’t have her, he would want her dead indicating that possession was his key motivation.
    About LSY:
    She had carried this ‘’I’m sorry” mentality since childhood. She was at the beginning clingy to Harry/KHJ as she had no one else to turn to. We have seen her running to Harry even when the fashion show wasn’t finished. After the rape, she had thought that everyone was ashamed of her. In her 14 years overseas, she didn’t seem to have the ability to make friends. We learned from the final episode she had faked in her 14 years that she had forgotten HJW and the torments of the past. She was a friend, an older sister and a mother substitute to Harry/KHJ. I see no evidence of romantic love with Harry. She didn’t even want to be kissed by Harry who was just a cry baby. He would say “my leg is hurting” for her to fuss over her. Harry/KHJ had kept her a psychological prisoner and had wanted her to be a ’’mushroom in the dark’’.

    Sweet childhood memories were what HJW evoked to win over adult LSY while KHJ/Harry was bent on revenge. . We have seen her eventually freed of the ”sorry” mentality as she discovered that she had been loved by Detective Kim, her Mum, Eun Joo and above all HJW. She eventually found the strength to stand up to Harry/KHJ and freed herself from being a psychological prisoner. She had a romantic longing for HJW, but she could walk away to do her things after she took a photo of HJW at work (this is different from being clingy). In the past, we were shown that she had to run to the person she was clinging to. After being framed for murder, she could still manage to laugh unlike the previous time when she was the suspect for the rapist’s murder. No growth in character? I don’t agree. I see a more matured woman and her makeshift family being liberated by true love. Harry/KHJ had no real love- only the desire to possess and control using whatever possible.

    She wouldn’t, in the warehouse at the end, fall for KHJ’s self-pity cry, “I’m hurting” as she would in the past whenever he cried out “my leg hurts”. LSY ignored him and not getting attention, he aborted shooting himself for a moment. So, he was just pretending. KHJ intended, at the warehouse, invoking LSY’s memory of the rape and abandonment to scare her into running back to him. Look at that evil smile on his face when he thought LSY was scared by the memory! It failed as LSY could see HJW’s steadfast support and love for her. Her love for HJW gave her courage to face KHJ’s pistol and courage to face the ghosts from the past. We see love prevailing over scare tactics and over a skilful deceitful psychological manipulator (controller) in this final episode.
    I owe the following comment to someone else.
    HJW took responsibility for his weakness in the past in the warehouse while KHJ took no responsibility for his actions. The latter could only cry “please feel sorry for me, I’m hurting”. Everything was everybody else’s fault. HJW and LSY could see the bigger picture and were noble enough to show forgiveness and love for others.

    Detective Kim’s daughter
    Despite brief appearances, she had an important role to play in IMY. Her presence highlighted the availability of a beautiful woman and yet HJW had LSY only on his mind. Her love and support as a member of a family and a friend served to further heal LSY. She served narrative purposes as required. The plot was complicated enough. Anymore storylines would have made the plot even more complicated. The main theme is that true love heals and wealth and ‘’love’’ premised on control and possessiveness doesn’t. There is no need for more complication, is there?

    • January 24, 2013 at 10:35 pm

      Sure, Harry had his intentions from the very start but he never intended for Soo Yeon to get involved this way. If you recall, at the very start Harry tried to send Soo Yeon back. He never wanted to hurt her but once she got involved things turned out differently than what Harry had imagined. He loved her and yes, I agree that what he did was to keep her in his possession. It is because he couldn’t have her that he did all this is order to regain her. He used her dependence to his advantage and he tried to use this to manipulate her because she had no one else who she can reply one, that is until she met her past 14 years again.

      Ever since she regained her past 14 years, she stripped her dependence on Harry and this for Harry was heartbreaking because he could see that his 14 years with her did not mean much. This hurt because he truly did love her. And it hurt him even more to know that she didn’t love him. Their relationship wasn’t exactly romantic as such but her relationship with him immediately diluted ever since she met Jung Woo again. I just think that had she not met Jung Woo, her relationship with Harry might have developed into a romantic one.

      Soo Yeon’s character didn’t have as much growth as the other characters. She was a lot like when we first met her. She may have matured but she still has all these people who she can depend on.

      As for Eun Joo, I still don’t see her importance in the drama. There isn’t much to her role but I did enjoy that she was there to help heal Soo Yeon, even if it was indirectly.

  • January 23, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    The scene, where HJW and LSY met the wheelchair bound KHJ, is pretty clever. The leaf, HJW handed over, conveyed forgiveness and HJW’s declaration of peace with KHJ while LSY showing her new social identity card signified her pride in being LSY and reminded us of her liberation from being (KHJ preferred) “a solitary mushroom in the dark” into being a person who could see snow (love) again. While conveying forgiveness, LSY showed restraint from being motherly or a subservient dog as she used to behave in front of KHJ. This is appropriate to show us and KHJ that she had grown in maturity.

  • January 23, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    the story was a mess.the actors did their best but the writers pulled down their pants and went for it.

    why have a rape scene in a story if they didn t intend to address it.
    love can t heal from that experience.that s naive and silly to think that

    • January 24, 2013 at 10:38 pm

      Ahahahas, the story was only a mess because the different complications got tied in with one another. Should there have been less complications, the story would have flowed much better.

      Actually, the rape scene was the turning point of the drama. It is what separated our characters and brought them together again. They did address this issue but not in the sense of psychological damage as such but rather it was the bonding of the two young lovers who got separated. And they had to find each other and bring back the 14 years that Soo Yeon tried to leave behind.

    • January 24, 2013 at 7:59 am

      Anything is possible in drama land. I was merely analysing the drama to show what this show is saying. Show us your analysis. Making assertions is too easy and isn’t much fun!

  • January 24, 2013 at 9:37 am

    This show is saying that love including support, acceptance from friends and loved ones can help a victim move on. Even the mother, other family members and the boy friend can be affected by the victim’s experience. Hiding behind a new identity didn’t help LSY. She was still tormented by the past in her 14 years overseas even though she was cared by Harry/KHJ whose love was premised on control and denial of the past. The cleaning Lady without support was so traumatised that she went on a killing spree. She wished she had the support of HJW who had made the life bearable for LSY’s Mum. The implication was that, without HJW’s support, LSY’s Mum could have become a serial killer too. HJW had the love of Detective Joo, Eun Joo and LSY’s Mum. Eun Joo had the support and brotherly love of HJW. HJW’s love was based on unconditional goodwill. He could have given up LSY and could have moved on with Eun Joo who was available in the same house. He had given LSY the feeling that he wasn’t ashamed of her past incident. (Adult LSY thanked him for that at the playground) He had given Harry and Zoe at the early stage opportunities to go back to France (when he thought he wasn’t as worthy as Harry). He evoked good childhood memories and attempted building new good memories to help LSY along. He took responsibility of his abandonment and learned to make himself available to the adult LSY while maintaining a respectable distance when required. LSY realised she had been loved by people she used to care about. The drama made HJW and LSY revisit the past trauma and told us that their love and courage and their new understanding triumphed over the ghosts from the past.
    This drama is from the perspective of a third world country. In the western world, real life usually involves professional intervention.

    • January 24, 2013 at 10:40 pm

      Yep, that is so true! Support was all that was needed for Soo Yeon to be able to bring back her past and face it with power.


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