Breath-Easy Diary Part 2 Recap: Mircowave Love (Emily Song’s Entry)

This was a sweet story! I liked this more than the previous ep as it held more of a solid plot. It was filled with magic as Emily went on a journey of finding happiness in Taipei. It was a very written and solid storyline that really allowed Emily Song to shine. It showcased her character as well and made the ep really easy to watch.

The time with Bolin Chen is not enough! He only appeared for about a minute! Ahahahas, but I guess I have to be content with that, don’t I?

Quite a few dialogues were portrayed in Korean and I appreciated that because it allows Emily to show her two different cultures. She is not shying away from her Korean heritage yet instead she allows that to develop who she is. I actually find her voice to be quite sweet when she speaks Korean! 

“The first day of travelling to Taipei”

“How are you my dearest friend? Ever since you left I decided go to your favourite city – Taipei – to note down everything that happens there and taking it as my memories of you. 

I’ve arrived. Your most yearning taste is the unimaginable image of happiness.”

“Weather: Lots of clouds

Breathing easy because love needs to be slowly microwaved to create the taste of happiness”

Once at Taipei, Emily Song meets a shop owner, Jia Lei, who informs her that this shop is his father’s spirit. However, today will be the last day before this shop closes because he doesn’t have the cooking spirit to continue his father’s spirit. She is shocked to hear this and tells him that her friend told her that she can find the taste of happiness here and that she must come and try it out.

She tells him that she will be staying in Taipei for a month and if he is willing to give this shop another chance, she will help him out. So together they work to revamp the shop and it is not long before the shop is back at full business.

One night, the two sit together is celebration of the success of the shop. He thanks her for her help because it was her who helped to revive the business. They lean in for a kiss but before it could happen, he pulls away.

“Hello my dearest friend. Wheat you said was not wrong, there really is the unimaginable image of happiness in Taipei.”

Emily’s mandarin tutor turns out to be none other than Tia Li. Tai teaches Emily that the word love in Korean is “sarang”. The word love can be both a verb and a noun. For use as a verb, it can be used in the sentence such as “I love you”.

Emily continues her exploration of Taipei while Jia Lei counts down the days left before she has to leave.

It’s the farewell party for Emily and the crew hold it at a bar where even the bartender (Bolin Chen) joins in with the celebration. Jia Lei sort of confesses his feelings towards Emily. He even does so in Korean! “My lucky lady, because of you that business for the shop was revived. I hope when you return to Korea you will forever remember all that happened here.”

Jia Lei escorts Emily to the taxi and asks if they will meet again. However, she heads off without giving him an answer.

So Jia Lei sits in sadness because Emily is gone. Though Emily quickly enlightens his mood by giving a surprise appearance.

“How are you my dearest friend? Taipei really is a happiness city.”

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My Opinion:

I wished the characters were actually given names here. It would have made the eps flow on from one another and tie them together. It should have either been use their names as the character’s names or create names for the characters. That way the eps could tie in seamlessly. It’s these little details that differentiates mirco-movies from one another and separates them out.

Someone tell me why Bolin did not play the male lead here!? I would have liked it if Bolin played the love interest for each other the girls as this would have tied in the story together. It wouldn’t seem weird because each ep is a different story so that would be a tie to bring the micro-movie together. Ahahahahaas, but I am happy that Bolin is here (: He is very hot as a bartender!

What I want to see with this micro-movie is links between each ep and something to tie it together. I want to see something bind these eps together. There doesn’t seem to be anything holding these eps together. There isn’t any connection whatsoever. They might all hold the common theme of love, but that’s about all you will get from this. As the Dreamgirls are the centre stage here, I would have liked to see some group interaction between them. They are all quite separated from each other and don’t have that strong group essence. It would have been better if they actually focused on binding the group together.

Why do I feel that Tia is given the “prominent” role among the group?  Last ep she was the one giving Puff Guo advice for her date and this ep she is  the tutor for Emily. She appears to be overshadowing her bandmates. Although it might appear that significant but I would prefer it if each of the girls were given a “fairer” role each.

I don’t really understand the presence of Puff here. Her role isn’t even given an explanation. She is simply just there for Emily’s farewell party. I guess I shall assume she is a friend then.

Emily is quite sweet and brilliant here. I really liked her portrayal of her character. She allowed both her Korean and Chinese heritage to embrace her and that made her character that much more genuine. In 9 minutes she was able to pack a punch and really brought out her character. I really like what I saw of her and I will be keeping an eye out on her in the future!

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