Breath-Easy Diary Part 3 Recap: Dying For Love (Tia Li’s Entry)

Oh Bolin Chen! I am going to miss seeing you! I really need to see him in a drama ASAP! Ahahaahhas! But it has been wonderful watching him here and he was exceptional in his roles. Though I like him as the coy and sneaky one the most!

I enjoyed the re-telling of each ep and how it all appears to collect together the events of that entry. I really like the concept! I also enjoyed how there is a song for each ep, and song seems to match very well with each ep!

This ep is quite different from the previous two. The previous two were more upbeat whereas this one isn’t so, and instead is not about finding love but about getting over past love. This ep touches more on the sorrow side of love and how to face love after it becomes the down fall of you. 

Tia Li stands up, stretches her arms out wide, hops on tip-toes, closes her eyes and starts spinning. She subconsciously comments that when she has insomnia she can only spin continuously to allow all of her crowded thoughts to disappear; to allow her to temporarily forget him. Pushing away pushes away her insomnia, however she must hear his voice before she can fall asleep.

“Weather: Rainy

Breathing easy because after crying for a while, I will wake from pain.”

It’s Valentine’s Day at 11:00am and Tia is changing a light bulb. At 2:00pm, she is moving boxes up the stairs. At 3:00pm, she is exercising. At 5:00pm, she is comforting her friend who has just been dumped. At 7:00pm, she is coming home from grocery shopping and receives a text from her friend Luo Ying Lun asking if she needs someone to spend this day with.

Tia returns home and subconsciously reminds herself that she can do this because after six hours this special day will be over. However, at 10:30pm, once she cooks herself dinner and begins to eat, she looks at the polaroid camera camera and breaks down with tears.

It brings back the memories of her time with her boyfriend who passed away. Even as she begins to fall into her spinning routine, she can’t shake those memories out of her mind. Memories keep flashing back at her, including the time when her boyfriend left at letter telling her to forget about him and chase after her own happiness after he dies.

After she assembles herself together, she realises that she can’t continue living like this so she leaves the house and head down to a pub called “Black Valentine’s Day”.

There she meets a bartender (Bolin Chen) who helps to unlock her heart. She tells him that she is usually the one comforting her friends and has no one to open up her heart to. He advises her to accept new opportunities since her memories are so painful. She asks if she is worthy of new love since she is locked in her memories.

She gets a message from Ying Lun telling her that he hopes to see her before in the hour before Valentine’s ends. While she contemplates about this, he deals a deck of cards and tells her to let fate decide; go meet him if she picks out a black ace. She closes her eyes and picks out a black ace! He push her to go meet him and tells her to come back next time with someone by her side.

After Tia leaves, the bartender reveals that his entire deck of cards is actually all black aces! Ahhh, cheeky!

“Weather: Sunny

Breathing easy because hugging the person you love, you start to love yourself.”

Tia goes to meet her friends, Emily Song and Puff Guo instead. She messages Ying Lun telling him to wait give her some time to face love again.

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My Opinion:

Why did Bolin reprise his role as a bartender here and not in the first ep? I am so frustated by this! There should at least be some consistency with each ep, and especially with Bolin’s character. I would have preferred it if he played the same role as a bartender across all three eps, not have him play the same role across two eps and not the other! Either have him play the same character across the three eps or different characters!

What this micro-movie is missing is consistency. Nothing stays across the three eps; not Bolin’s character, not the plot and certainly not the theme of each ep. The first ep was about finding first love; the second was about find happiness in a foreign place and finally this final one was about getting over her previous love. I guess on a broader scale, the theme that these eps have in common is finding love. However, I just felt that these eps could have done so much better to actually pull the three eps together.

This ep was definitely not my favourite. I just felt that the plot was far weaker when compared to the others. I think it would have worked out much better should the time timing had been longer but it was just too short to completely tell the story. In this short amount of time, it kind of felt rushed and there were many scenes that would have made more sense if it was told over a longer period of time. You have to watch at least twice to fully understand what is going on.

I have mentioned in the previous two recaps that the girls do not gel together and it remains true even to this ep. I really want to see as a group binding together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a story based on them, but I want to see them interact and bond. You actually get to see more of their chemistry in the actual MV’s than in this micro-movie.

This micro-movie is not bad but I would have wanted to see more interactions between the girls considering this is for promoting their mini album. Other than that I was glad to see Bolin! (:

2 thoughts on “Breath-Easy Diary Part 3 Recap: Dying For Love (Tia Li’s Entry)

  • April 3, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    As someone who has only heard of dreamgirls before this i thought the mini movies were neither here nor there. They were too short to have any substantial plot, but they are not really MVs either since it didn’t really showcase their music. From reading the news I thought Bolin was the lead in all 3 films, sadly not true! Too bad he’s not filming dramas atm, we will have to live with mini films.

    • April 3, 2013 at 2:48 pm

      Yeahhh, I don’t think I heard of the Dreamgirls before this micro-movie either! Ahahahahas! Yeahh, they were but they were straight to the point. You should watch the MV’s for each of songs as the MV incorporates scenes from the micro-movie itself. Ahahahhaa, that probably doesn’t make any sense!

      Yeahhh, trues! Or just re-watch his dramas!


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