My Opinion on King Flower: First Impressions

Phew! That is one heck of a title! This drama didn’t spark my interest at all and I have no idea why I decided to give it a go. But I did regardless, and it is a pretty average rom-com. Right now I am simultaneously watching two James Wen dramas – this and The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) and in terms of their genres they are quite different from each other. I am only three eps in and already I can see that KF is following the usual rom-com plot made famous by SETTV which is the contract-like relationship will is due to happen any ep now.

These first few eps were quite slow going and you really have to watch them together for the introduction to set in place. If you just take the first ep on its own as the starting point, it would be very slow going and you wouldn’t receive my from the storyline. It is only after these three eps that the storyline starts to fall in place and where things are set to take off. Now, the drama is going to really start when the transformation comes. 

Nikki Hsieh is really selling it as the buck-tooth bumpkin and the elegant princess. I really like both of these portrayals and I am having difficulties deciding which role I like better. I think I might be leaning a bit more towards her buck-tooth bumpkin portrayal but both roles are executed beautifully. She shows her versatility as well as her acting abilities. I really like that these roles are essentially the polar opposite of each other; Da Hua is rough while Liang Yan is soft. It really allows for her to shine in both directions.

I love how Da Hua is portrayed to be an innocent and naive girl despite her being 28 years of age. She has unrequited love towards her Guan Jun Ge and is not afraid to show it. She knows that she is not the prettiest person alive but she doesn’t let that get the better of her and instead she continues to follow her heart. I just like the little things she does such as taking out her minuscule savings because it really helps to carve and enhance her personality.

Chris Wu and Nikki Hsieh are firing with chemistry! They are one of the rare couples who are filled with chemistry from the very first ep. The chemistry with couples don’t usually fall in until the later half of the drama, as with Nikki and James. However, Nikki and Chris seems to light a fire whenever they are together, regardless of whether she is Da Hua or Liang Yan. They just appear outright a couple who is very much in love and they just have that sweet and breezy feeling when they are together. I really adore the way that he looks at Liang Yan, because you can see that in his eyes are filled with love for her.

However, I cannot say if I like the relationship between Terry and Liang Yan. Ever since she got engaged to him, she has stripped herself from her father’s control and is taking full control of her freedom. She appears to one of those girls who controls her husband and he appears to be one of those men who allows their wife to control them. It might be because he loves her dearly but he is too lenient with her. I would like their relationship if he took more control with their relationship. He just follows under her rules and guidance. Ahahahahas, now that their relationship is over, it will be a relationship between Terry and Da Hua!

James and Nikki on the other hand do not have the chemistry that Nikki has with Chris, though you can see that they do have a chemistry. Their chemistry just isn’t as outspoken and out there, though it is there. I like the feeling that I am getting from their relationship. Guan Jun knows that Da Hua likes him but he says that he doesn’t like her yet you can see that his feelings towards isn’t as straightforward. He is protects her and tells her that he sees her only as a little sister (which she kind of is) yet he doesn’t directly deny that he doesn’t have any feelings towards her. It might be because they are family and because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings but you can see that it is more than that.

Btw, James must be a very popular guy as he has starred as the lead each consecutive year; in 2009 he played the second male lead in My Queen, in 2010 he starred in both P.S. Man and The Fierce Wife (AKA The Shrewd Wife) as the second lead and lead respectively, in 2011 he was cast as the second male lead in Office Girls and most recently in 2012-2013, he plays the lead in King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess OR Replacement Princess OR The Adventure of King Flower). Oh, and he must have some sort of fate with Sonia Sui having starred opposite her in three dramas and one movie – The Happy Times of that Year, P.S. Man, TFW (AKA TSW), and The Fierce Wife Final Episode.

Now that they leads have got their position planted, I am waiting for the second leads to play their game. There’s going to be some love triangle square pentagon hexagon heptagon octagon (?) relationship! Already there is going to be a long of people involved with this complicated relationship, with too many people involved for me to count! What I am really curious to see is Zhao Jun Ya‘s role. His character, Qin Mo, may be Terry’s best friend and the man to perform the transformation for Da Hua, but I am hoping that there is more to him!

What SETTV manages to do well drama after drama is really develop a family behind the titular character, generally a mother behind the female lead. Already I am loving the mother-daughter and all round family relationship that the Jin family has (minus daddy Jin). Mummy Jin is hard-working and ready to support her children at whatever cost it may be. She is constantly on the lookout for them and although it has yet to appear, but I am sure she will support Da Hua’s decisions and give her the best advice she has up her sleeves. On the other hand, Daddy Jin is a lazy bum, a gambler, a troublemaker and not really a competent father. Oh, and I foresee that he is going to make more trouble!

What really caught me from the first ep is the opening theme song! It is sung by Dreamgirls (consisting of Tia Li, Puff Guo and Emily Song) and I am in love with. I have lost count of how many times I have replayed it. Also, this is my favourite song my Dreamgirls’ Breathe-Easy Diary mini-movie/drama series as well as their album Girl’s Talk. I think this song really suits the drama; it is light, fun and full of life, which totally matches our titular character of Jin Da Hua. It gives off that happy and light-hearted atmosphere which this drama is all about!  

This better get heated once transformation-fixation occurs or else I’m going to be very disappointed. Ooooo, and already I am looking forward for Liang Yan’s return! Let’s see where this drama will head!

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  • May 4, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Haha, this post has sum pretty solid information. I agree with you most of the time 😛
    Jst for randomness:
    Team Terry!!! ♥♥♥


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