My Opinion on The Fierce Wife

Woahhh, I’m speechless. And I have never been this way for a drama in… well, forever. I loved this drama, it was beautifully executed. This drama really moved me in so many ways, and it really worked to get me emotionally attached. Heck, I managed to pour out tears for six eps in a row – at least – and for a drama to do that is just unbelievable. It has broken some kind of record in my drama books! I loved that this drama is realistic and really pulled on the relationships present which is what really gels this drama together from start to finish. I really worked my emotions in this; I was happy, I felt hatred, sympathy, sorrow, heartbroken and all sorts. If there is any drama which can work my emotions like this drama did, then it really is top to nothing! Just heads up, this is quite a long post (because I have a lot to say), probably seems all over the place and a bit over repetitive because this is just how my emotions are having finished the drama! :L 

It didn’t let me down once, and with each ep, the momentum continued to build. Each ep made me eager to see what what more could happen and by the end of each ep I was in all sorts of emotion. Initially I held high anticipation to see the fallout of An Zhen and Rui Fan’s marriage as well as An Zhen’s development with Tian Wei, however, as the drama progressed my anticipation died down – not because I wasn’t into the drama any more but because I no longer cared about what took place (make any sense?) , I just wanted to see An Zhen happy, confident and ready to take the new step in her life. What made this drama really powerful to watch is An Zhen – she lead the drama and she transformed from a mere housewife to a strong career woman with a new outlook towards life.

Let me get this out first and foremost – An Zhen better choose Tian Wei in the movie or else I’m going to be very disappointed! Sure, like I previously mentioned, I didn’t care who she ended up with but if the movie is going to provide a closure I want her to end up with Tian Wei. I’ll admit I have second lead syndrome here but that aside, Rui Fan doesn’t deserve An Zhen. He left all responsibility that he had towards her and Meng Meng to be with Wei En, neglected An Zhen, lied to her and most importantly he broke her heart. He may have come to realisation as to who he really is and who he really loves but in the process he hurt An Zhen deeply, and that will forever leave a scar with her – a scar that will never entirely heal. During their ten years of marriage Rui Fan buried himself from her and never got to understand her but with Tian Wei he showed An Zhen who he really is, he understands her and he helped her to reveal her true self. There is no denial that Rui Fan did love An Zhen but if he was fully devoted to her he would not have hidden himself and would have been honest with her. I just hope that whoever An Zhen chooses in the movie will make her happy.

It quite easy to push the blame of the fallout of the marriage to Wei En but it wasn’t exactly her fault. She took numerous wrong turns but Rui Fan and An Zhen were also the causes of Wei En’s turns. At the start I blamed Wei En for leading Rui Fan on; she knew that he is her brother-in-law, the husband of her beloved and kind cousin who has a family yet she still pursued a relationship with him. All she did was follow her heart (even if it did lead her in the wrong direction . However, it was also largely Rui Fan’s fault because he was a married man yet he allowed himself to lead Wei En on. He chose to allow this to happen; he chose to let her behave the way she did; he didn’t tell her to move or to stop this before their relationship began. Instead he chose to lead himself on despite knowing that what he was doing was wrong. Lastly, An Zhen, who I deeply feel for in this drama, didn’t understand her husband enough which allowed him to have a change of heart. Each of them helped to the ignite of the flame and it was through this flame that they got to discover who they really are as a person.

What this drama worked exceptionally well on was the background story and development for the characters. I really dare to say that the characters were near perfection. They were shaped to the millimetre and each held a very juicy story about them. It was these stories that helped to build the characters and created who they are as a person. What I absolutely loved about this was that this story helped to paint a picture as to what they want in life which lead to them behaving the way they this. There was Wei En who came from a broken family, Rui Fan who hide his past self from his life with An Zhen, An Zhen who was one-dimensional and had no idea where she wanted to go with her life and Tian Wei who, because of this father, was cautious with who he fell in love with. These stories were what lead them to discover who they really are as a person and thus why the cascade of events happened.

The plot developed very nicely and it does make me wonder what is going to happen to Wei En’s child. I wonder if that will bring on some complication in the movie but I guess I can only wait and see! This drama worked by ruining a happy family and by doing so it evokes a lot of emotions from viewers as well and drawing them to view the story which is what makes it so intriguing to watch!

An Zhen has travelled a lot since previous days. She proved so much when she told Rui Fan that they cannot start over. I think that at that time she knew that Rui Fan betrayed her, she was already building herself to be a stronger woman. She still loved him but that love diluted as he broke her heart. She pretended that their marriage was perfectly fine because she was not ready to move on yet and also for the sake of Meng Meng. It still took her a lot of courage to tell Rui Fan that there is no going back for them and I think that was the pivital point to the entire drama because she is finally able to move on with her life confidently.

Oh An Zhen! Easily my favourite character of them all. I loved her transformation, and not just because she dressed herself up better but because you could really see her mental transformation. She is no longer that shallow and weak girl but instead she is stronger than ever and filled with confidence with every step that she takes. I am glad that the fallout of the marriage actually transformed her for the better because previously she locked herself in her tiny family and didn’t allow for herself to grow. It was constantly her husband or her daughter and never once herself. I am glad that she was able to discover who she really is and because of this it made her and even better person. I think Sonia Sui”s was spot on, she was shone playing the housewife and also spot on playing a strong and confident woman. I loved that Sonia was able to show the transformation with An Zhen, and she did so in a way that was believable.

Rui Fan, Rui Fan, Rui Fan, what has gotten into your mind that could allow you give up everything to be with Wei En? I didn’t hate nor did I sympathise for him because all he did was follow his heart and he broke An Zhen’s in the process. He was just searching for himself and in fact he would have been in pain should have remained by An Zhen’s side and not being his true self. There is no denial that Rui Fan was a bastard of a husband, and every time he turned behind An Zhen and wronged her, I wanted to kick, punch and bash him up. However, I soon came to realise that I didn’t hate him for what he did because all he did was search for his missing self. I didn’t like what he did to An Zhen but it would have been better than living through a lie should they continue their marriage.

James Wen was impeccable in his performace and I think what contributed to his performance was that he played the titular but non-heroic character. In a general drama setting, the titular male lead plays the hero and the titular female lead plays the heroine. Here, the rule books have been rewritten. I loved every ounce of James’ performance and he did so in a realistic and genuine way. He really made me despise him for what he did as well as feel for his reasons for doing so.

I don’t exactly think that Wei En was the best written character but she was the one who brought the story together. She played the antagonist and the one who was wild with emotions and this is exactly what made me hate her. Yes, like An Zhen mentioned the word hate is very strong, but Wei En was so strongly written that I had no other choice but to hate her. She was the interloper, the one who ruined An Zhen and Rui Fan’s happy life; she was the one who continually claimed that she would not hurt An Zhen yet she kept pursing her relationship with Rui Fan and she had childish behaviours, always wanting more and more after she received one thing. Everything she did made me hate her – I hated her for who she is and for hurting An Zhen. I have nothing than to praise the scriptwriters for the creation for such a character that would allow me to give so much hatred.

The character of Wei En was written from strongly that there were moments in which it made me hate Amanda Zhu as well. I enjoyed Amanda’s stable performance but I honestly think that the character of Wei En overshadows Amanda’s acting skills. I think it was her character who allowed for such a wonderful performance which I am glad to see (: I’m glad that Wei En got a satisfactory ending; like Rui Fan she was able to see through her hidden self and she realised that who she has to give her love to. Though I do wonder what the complications will be if Rui Fan ever finds out of the baby (maybe it will be a Autmn’s Concerto (AKA Next Stop, Happiness) or Sunny Happiness story?).

I liked Tian Wei because he was the one supporting An Zhen through her deep fall but I couldn’t really find myself coming to love him as a character. He lacked the deep background story that the other characters had and he didn’t have as much screentime as I would have liked to see. I found his love towards An Zhen questionable (though I think he deserves An Zhen as he will truly love her) but again that comes down to time. I am really hoping that Chris Wang and Sonia will be able to build a strong chemistry in the movie.

Surprisingly, I found myself liking Ai Lin, in fact I think she would be one of my favourite characters out of everyone. I initially disliked her because of her way of handling things and how she had high and great expectations but I came to like her after learning about her background and seeing her change for the greater good. I loved that she is able to stand strong regardless of whatever hits her, and furthermore I am glad that she became friends with An Zhen and even stood up for her. Ai Lin never once struck me as weak and I like that about her; she will not allow herself to fall down.

Rui Xuan and Kang De were the one couple which I found myself absolutely loving. They are perfect for each other and they helped the story to flow. They provided the “back-up” and friendly support for both An Zhen and Rui Fan respectively as well as providing the comedic relief to the deep drama. I just love their sudden burst of humor to the serious scenes which makes me believe that they are such a compatiable couple! I also love the change that An Zhen and Rui Fan’s relationship brought about to their relationship. I was touched when Kang De promised Rui Fan that he won’t let her get hurt again, because he learnt to love her without hurting her.

Although the focal relationship is based on An Zhen-Wei En-Rui Fan, it never once neglected the role that the other characters played in this love triangle. I loved Rui Fan’s support for An Zhen despite Rui Fan being her brother and I loved how Kang De helped Rui Fan and tried to open him up. There was Mummy Xie who who gave valuable advice to her daughter and Daddy Wen who stood up for An Zhen. Lastly, there was Ai Lin who helped An Zhen become a stronger woman.

What I think lacked with the development of Tian Wei and An Zhen’s relationship is that he came a bit late in the game and didn’t put up a fight. He was there supporting her and helping her but he didn’t actively pursue nor did he show obvious signs of falling for he before he admitted it. Sure, by helping her it showed that to him she is more than just a friend but because he didn’t pursue her until about the last ep, their relationship didn’t have the room to develop and create a firing chemistry. I am looking forward to their development in the movie though (:

I loved this drama and I think it is a really good watch. It is one of those rare ones that would leave you speechless, emotional and very proud of everything that An Zhen has overcome. As with all dramas, this one also has some very unrealistic scenes but that aside it is one of the realist dramas that I have seen. It really hits home that relationships can that a wrong turn and crack because not all relationships go on a smooth sailing ride after the OTP gets together. Watching this I feel like I have been on a roller coaster! This drama will really get you all pumped up!

4 thoughts on “My Opinion on The Fierce Wife

  • April 19, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Now you are making me want to watch this T_T

    I have to say, Sonia Sui’s brilliant acting in this drama made me respect her a lot. There are so many tw-dramas with just mediocre actors/actresses that seeing Sonia Sui’s awesome acting was really refreshing. I wish there were more tw-dramas like this!

    • April 19, 2013 at 10:10 am

      Ahahahas! You should watch it! It’s very good!
      Yeppp, her acting is superb! She is amazing in her portrayal of An Zhen.
      I really enjoyed this different and deep drama (: It was really refreshing to watch and also very emotional!

  • May 28, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Thanks for the commentary misscupcakes. The drama you write about is the one I saw. The Fierce Wife was deeply emotional due to the great characters and plot development. And Ah Zhen was an incredible character and incredibly acted. The series was an emotional ride which I have never experienced. SUPERB !!!

    • May 29, 2014 at 2:54 pm

      No worries! (: I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.

      That was an amazing drama. I am so glad that you enjoyed the drama.


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