Love Around Episode 2 Recap

I chose the above picture to be the titular picture be I find that it’s funny how Annie Chen and George Hu they can look so sweet and full of chemistry together, yet when you actually watch them acting on-screen with each other that all that chemistry seems to have disappeared into thin air, well not actually, but most of it has dispersed elsewhere. But on the upside, they are improving compared to last ep when chemistry was rock bottom.

Watching this ep I realised that something about it seems quite toned down which I then realised is the playing of the OST. I am for one very happy about this, I mean ever since my discovery of Bii, which was when he released the album COME BACK TO Bii, I have been putting his music on non-stop replay but that does not mean I like to hear the overuse of music in a drama. Last ep there was literally one of his songs played every scene! It is so much better here now that songs aren’t being played every second, this way it helps to appropriately allow the atmosphere sink in.

This ep wasn’t leap and bounds ahead of the pilot ep but it is steadily heading upwards. I think what really helped this ep was that the plot is slowly taking shape and finally allowing the bits and pieces to settle down. What happened with last ep was that it was all over the place because the plot itself had no direction. Where the plot plans to head as of now doesn’t have much direction either but at least it is cemented which is allowing for the much-needed platform for where everything is going to jump off from. 

Zhou Zhen tries to explain to the police officer that he is innocent but the police officer tells him that all evidence is against he, they have to for Xiao Shu to wake up to gather in the vital details.

In her drunken state, Xiao Shu nods her head when asked if she knows Zhou Zhen. It is only after she pukes on him that she is able to clearly realise what has happened and refute the claims put on Zhou Zhen.

Xiao Shu goes to apologise for the trouble she has caused Zhou Zhen and he tells her not to drink so much if she is going to cause trouble. He returns her that bat but she gives it to him telling him that she already lost the person who made her do whatever to win the bat. She sincerely apologises for the trouble she has caused when his phone rings. It’s Ying Ying who tells him that their grandmother is having a heart attack and that he is go to the hospital.

Zhou Zhen is just about to leave but Xiao Shu asks him to lend her some money since she has spent it all on the dinner. He gives it to her and tells her that she doesn’t have to return it. He then goes to leave but she asks for his phone so that she will be able to contact him to return him the money since she doesn’t like to owe people. She uses his phone to call her friend, Jessica (Ginger Chen), so that her friend will be able to give her his number. He then leaves but turns back asking if she will be fine alone? She tells him that she will be okay by herself and wishes him a “Happy Birthday”. He looks at his watch and tells her that it is already over. Realising so, she tells him that she wishes that he be happier than yesterday. After he leaves she realises what past curfew she is and wonders how she is going to explain this.

Xiao Shu sneakily returns home hoping that she won’t get caught but she doesn’t make it far before her mother catches her. Mummy Liang stand sterns hearing to Xiao Shu’s explanation of coming home late but immediately softens after she hears about the emotional ride that her daughter has went through and promises to take care of the explanation to her father.

Daddy Liang appears and Mummy Liang puts her plan into action. Mummy Liang goes to whack Xiao Shu while retelling her story of why she came home late. However, Daddy Liang is not buying it leaving Xiao Shu to explain to him what happened. Tears comes out of Xiao Shu’s eyes as she goes to apologise to her father. He accepts her apology and tells her that this is not to happen again, and furthermore Jason is not worth her tears.

Daddy Zhou’s friend’s minions line the hospital, giving Daddy Zhou a very warm welcome. Daddy Zhou reiterates to his friends that he is no longer part of the mafia, he is righteous business man. Zhou Zhen arrives and together they go to visit his grandmother who is rather lively searching for her phone and does not appear to have suffered from a heart attack.

Zhou Zhen discovers the reason that his grandmother was admitted to hospital because she was playing the agitated game of mahjong enforced by Ying Ying and Daddy Zhou. The father-daughter use granny Zhou as their shield to explain to Zhou Zhen what happened. She explains that she spent all night waiting for him to return home so that she could celebrate his birthday with him, but he didn’t return home so she had to play mahjong to get her mind off it. Granny then spills that Ying Ying gave her wine once. Zhou Zhen pulls his sister to the side and berates her but she gets away when the doctor arrives stating that Granny can be discharged.

The Liang family go to visit Xiao Shu’s younger brother, Liang Zhen Kai,’s grave. There they see a bouquet of flowers already present and are not very happy about the person who brought it. Xiao Shu asks her brother if he feels annoyed about this and tells him not to enter that person’s dreams. Daddy Liang removes the flower and tears at it in anger.

Daddy Zhou is listening to Asia FM when he hears the broadcaster talking about him! Xiao Shu announces that a citizen sent in a photo of Daddy Zhou being friendly with the restaurant owner. A man made reservation for the restaurant for a month in order to propose to his girlfriend. The day before Daddy Zhou received a phone call telling him that his reservation (at the restaurant) would be cancelled because the restaurant would not be up for business, but later that day he saw the restaurant up for business and so he called the restaurant which then cancelled all previous reservations just for him. Based on this, Xiao Shu asks the viewers if they think Daddy Zhou won the A57 land square and fair or if he used some uncanny method.

Unsatisfied with what was said about him, Daddy Zhou goes the radio station under a fake name and claims that all that she said about Mr Zhou is incorrect, maybe Mr Zhou had no idea that there someone was going to propose there? He claims that she has prejudice against Mr Zhou and she replies that it is because he was once part of the mafia. The two get into a heated argument with no clear winner coming out of it. Fumed and annoyed, Daddy Zhou is determined to buy the radio station.

Xiao Shu calls Zhou Zhen asking if he is free tonight so she can treat him for dinner as to pay him back for the money he lent her but he tells her that there is no need; he will not take back his words.

Ying Ying is trying to set up her brother with her friend Pei Li. She informs him that today is Pei Li’s birthday and invites him to join in the fun.

Ying Ying is making her way to Pei Li’s birthday when a motorbike comes her way. Luckily, manager Gao Zhe Xuan (Jack Lee) saves her, but not so luckily the boss of the nearby florist accidentally spills a bucket of water on her. The boss apologises but she yells at her for being so careless. Zhe Xuan steps in and tells her that this cannot be entirely blamed on the boss. So Ying Ying pushes the fault to him, telling him that if it was not for him pulling her in circles this would not have happened and asks that he apologises. He tells her that she is at fault, because had she had not been walking and listening to music he would not have had to pull her in circles to save her being hit by the motorcycle, which on the contrary, she would be thankful for. She asks for him to apologise but he doesn’t and she vows she is going to make him regret that he did not apologise to her.

Xiao Shu is at a karaoke all by herself because all her friends bailed on her. Zhou Zhen turns up to the birthday party which happens to be at the same venue as where Xiao Shu is. Seeing her alone and singing so sadly, he goes to accompany her. He asks if she is okay and she tells him that she may appear strong on the outside but she isn’t. He tells her that she will meet a better person because she is worthy of being loved. The song I Will Be Around by Bii and Miu Zhu appears on-screen and the two sing along to it.

The two walk home together trying to search for Xiao Shu’s missing phone when a better idea comes along. She decides that her revenge on Jason last night wasn’t big enough so she goes to paint some words on his house using paint. Zhou Zhen tells her that that is not a big revenge, and proves to her how it is done by splashing the entire paint tin on the house. But then Jason returns with some really strong friends…

So Xiao Shu takes Zhou Zhen’s hand and together they run. Xiao Shu trips on a pavement but luckily Zhou Zhen catches her. Jason and his friends catch up and put up a fight. Zhou Zhen takes them all down while Xiao Shu stands on the sideline and watches. Jason holds Xiao Shu hostage (with a stone as his weapon) wanting to Zhou Zhen to beg him to let go of her.

Xiao Shu tells him to run but he stays put and drops down to his knees. He doesn’t even attempt to put up a fight when the strong friends bash him up. Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen has a mind-reading talk where one is apologising while the other is saying that there is no need to do so. Jason finally calls the party off warning Xiao Shu that there will be dire consequences should this happen again.

Zhou Zhen escorts Xiao Shu home when he discovers that his watch has broke. He uses this to tell her that sometimes you just have to let go. She tells him that all she wants to do now is lock him up in jail; he hates gangsters the most.

After he safely sees her home, he calls Fei Li for a favour.


My Opinion:

Oh, granny’s back! The last time I saw granny was in Fated To Love You and I loved her there so I am super duper glad to see her here! I don’t think I have seen a granny in any TW-dramas as lively and bubbly as here! She is one of those rare people who can sport a dominant role in idol-dramas, and this is a good thing because she will be one of those people to advise the youngsters and bringing them together. She is able to do this because she has the power to make people listen to her as well as love her!

The idol character which I am most looking forward to seeing more of is Zhe Xuan! I think he is the most intriguing character out of the bunch. I am really looking forward to his role in the drama because there is a lot out of him that, we, as viewers, are yet to see. He has a very unique personality that I am keen on seeing blossom, especially knowing that he will be paired up with Ying Ying who has the complete opposite personality to him.

Connections are starting to reveal themselves which was why this episode had such a smooth ride compared to the last. Background information are being given out to help really build on the characters. Though, currently I can only see this for Xiao Shu as it is not yet apparent for the other characters. Xiao Shu dislikes gangsters which I am sure has everything to do with her brother’s death. Now that this has been established, the drama just has to build on the background behind this and show how she has gotten such hatred towards gangsters to really create a three-dimensional character.

Woahhh, I was kind of taken back watching George here because his acting seemed to have jumped up a notch. Last ep he was reading a script while this ep he actually seems to have some emotion in his acting! Something must have changed and I can sure say that I like this type of acting much better!

I am still very annoyed with Annie and George because I just want to know where has their chemistry gone? They had a tonne of praise for their work in Love, Now but why don’t I see it here? Their acting as individual is not something that I have a problem against, but rather when they are acting together as a couple that I don’t specifically like. Something just seems to be missing from their interactions which doesn’t help to create a sense of two people coming to love each other. Ultimately this drama is about them falling in love with each other that doesn’t seem to be the case here. What I get from them right now is a feeling of long-time friends. However, what I specifically want to feel from them is strangers meeting one another, because that is what their characters are. I think they may be carrying on some of their character feelings from LN which is getting mixed up with what the feelings their characters are supposed to give off here. What I see from Annie and George is a charisma, just not the chemistry I want to see. Though they do seem to be improving with their chemistry, which it a good thing. (: Hopefully they will continue to improve and work on developing their chemistry with each other!

7 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 2 Recap

  • June 19, 2013 at 9:37 pm

    I think this is a harder role to play for both GH and AC…since they are getting into character, both broken hearted and strangers, they can’t be happy, but as they fall for each other, their chemistry on screen will improve. GH is an excellent actor. I am always surprised at how funny he is when you watch the ngs…but when Annie gets hit with the bat on the forehead and when she falls and he accidently hits her chin with his knee, THEN you see the real feelings he has for her.

      • June 22, 2013 at 8:14 am

        See, it’s real life chemistry vs reel life chemistry. Time will tell if their real friendship dampens their reel romance.

  • June 19, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    YES! What Leigh said above is completely right. As a first time GH/AC watcher Love Around has not been that interesting so far, and the only time you see actual chemistry between them is at the very end during the behind the scenes stuff when he hits her chin. At the moment it feels like the type of drama I can leave on in the background, do other stuff and only pay attention when something interesting happens. Guess I’ll continue at least for another couple of eps for GH… ><

    • June 21, 2013 at 8:04 pm

      Ahahahas, yeppps! That is what it is right now, I am watching for it to pick up!

  • June 22, 2013 at 8:11 am

    Interesting. They actually do feel like strangers to me and Annie’s character is a tad annoying, more of an irritation to George than anything. I like the friends to lovers journey most and I think this drama has a chance of making that work in ZZ’s camp. It’s pretty clear, XS is already attracted to him. But I do agree that George was great in this episode. I finally see what his intentions are regarding his character and I’m on board for that. Unfortunately, with him tempering his character, it becomes more glaring that Annie is over doing everything she does. Hopefully, this will die down once their characters become more familiar.

    Their story isn’t one I’m invested in however, because again, I don’t see why they would try to be together (it makes no rational sense). Once, she mentions hating gangsters, ZZ changed (as he should). He was lowering his guard but when she made that declaration, he realized he hadn’t met someone “new” at all. It would be wonderful if they explore this area but either way, the drama has painted itself in a corner I’m not sure they can realistically get out of, at least not for me. And don’t tell me her brother’s death had anything to do with his father or grandmother or their affiliates, cause if that’s the case (and I truly believe it may be) there’s no way, this drama can make these two love each other enough for me to want them to defy their families to be together. It’s just angst for no good reason at all.

    • June 23, 2013 at 1:45 pm

      Now this is what I want to see coming from George! I think that now that he is more into character, his portrayal of ZZ will pick up from there! (:

      Trust me, you can never find a logical plot in Taiwanese dramas. If you want to make sense of it you have to pretend that the plot is logical. I completely agree with what you said about ZZ not meeting someone “new” with XS also hating gangsters but if his love towards her is big enough the two will find a way to step over this barrier.

      Ahahahas, it possibly could be, but only time will tell. I am hoping it won’t be because their relationship will become really entangled but my gut feeling tells me that it will be so.


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