Love Around Episode 3 Recap

Moving on is something that must have proved difficult for our OTP but they have learnt to move on. It may be a slow and gradual process but with each other by their side they healing their broken hearts and helping one another to come out of this stronger than before. Moving on is proving advantageous for the drama rating (ratings continues to rise, though not by much), plot, and character development wise because once the initial phase of the OTP getting to know each other has cemented, it allows for the other phases to flow on smoothly. This in turn helps two create a drama where everything is going to flow, and the direction they want to head which is up.

Admittedly, I was not so happy with the way the drama started out but I am glad that it is gradually improving with each ep.  Step by step, ep by ep, I am following the OTP as they make their progression to falling for one another, and so I watch as the character development fall in play. I love that all this is taking a successive progress where they all follow along one another. It takes one thing for the OTP to fall for each other but it takes another for them to build a foundationally strong platform! 

Zhou Zhen arrives on scene to find Jason in a very deep hole. He reiterates to Fei Li that he only told him to bring Jason here and that this might have been OTT. Nonetheless, he goes to warn Jason not to touch even a strand a Xiao Shu’s hair and that what happened tonight will stay between them only. Jason, who is terrified out of his pants, agrees to Zhou Zhen’s conditions.

Zhou Zhen is driving home when he gets a message from Xiao Xia concerned about his injury.

The next day Xiao Shu leaves home to head to work. Outside she sees Jason who brings across a completely contrary attitude compared to last night. He apologises for what happened last night and promises to never appear in her life ever again. He leaves and doesn’t even turn back when he calls his name.

Xiao Shu is busy at work searching for the exact model of Zhou Zhen’s watch which she broke. Meanwhile, Xiao Shu’s colleague, Zhan Mu Shu (MC40) is hosting a show and pretending to be a caller calling in. She finds the watch and hurriedly heads off.

Zhou Zhen inspects the hotel and tells Fei Li that since the hotel business is back on track it is time for them to prepare for the next bidding site. He sends Fei Li off work with the excuse that he wants to stay back to look at some company documents when Xiao Shu calls him out.

Xiao Shu takes Zhou Zhen to see the unbroken version of his watch. She tells her that she wants to buy it back for him but he reiterates that there is no need. However, she drags him inside the store anyway. The sales assistant recognises Zhou Zhen, looks at Xiao Shu thinking that she is Zhou Zhen’s grilfriend and asks if she liked the watch which Zhou Zhen gave. Xiao Shu plays along with the situation but Zhou Zhen doesn’t and admits that he broke up with his girlfriend.

Zhou Zhen sends Xiao Shu home, telling her that after he does so he will return to work. She asks him what his profession is and when he tells her that he is a specialised general manager she comments that his job must be really busy. He tells her that it is okay, because now that he has more time to spare, he can spend it on work. She tells him that since he won’t allow her to repay his watch, she will compensate it another way – giving him invaluable time by helping him (them) to make the most out of their singlehood.

First stop is lunch. Xiao Shu takes Zhou Zhen to a restaurant but tells him to go in first since she has to pick a call from her mummy. There he encounters his ex-girlfriend. Seeing him, she links arm with her senior (Tom Price), telling Zhou Zhen that he is her current boyfriend. Zhou Zhen does only what one can do by wishing them all the best.

Ex-girlfriend goes to leave while Xiao Shu goes to enter, however, the door won’t budge because both reached the door at the exact moment. Eventually Xiao Shu moves aside making way for her.

Xiao Shu questions Zhou Zhen why his mind is not at heart. He answers that he just met his ex-girlfriend who looks very happy with her current boyfriend. She questions if he is okay and he tells her he is; he has let his ex-girlfriend go already. She tells him letting go is one thing while moving on is another. He explains that he is just moving very slowly.


Meanwhile, Zhou Zhen’s ex-girlfriend looks into the restaurant at Zhou Zhen happily spending time with Xiao Shu, obviously having not let go of him yet despite the one calling on the break up.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu get themselves ‘single rings’ and then Xiao Shu takes them off to a dating agency. They go to sign up and from her form he learns that she works at Asia FM as a DJ. He realises that she was the one who was supporting him and thanks her for her encouragement.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu finish filling in their registration form and hands it to the assistant who reads out that Zhou Zhen likes  baseball. Hearing so, Xiao Shu immediately starts up a conversation asking him if he has ever watched a live baseball game. He replies that he hasn’t so she invites him to one, tonight. The assistant mentions that it looks like the two has a date already, though the immediately and reply in unison that this is not a date.

Xiao Shu teaches Zhou Zhen how to truly enjoy a baseball game, and that is to make some noise. The baseballer hits the baseball sending it soaring across the crowd. Xiao Shu goes to attempt to catch it but slips. Luckily Zhou Zhen saves her and even helps her to catch the baseball.

The game has ended and the two go to part ways. Xiao Shu tells Zhou Zhen that Jason came to find her today to apologise. He tells her that Jason has probably thought it through and realised his mistakes. He offers to take her home but she declines it because since they are single now, they have to get used to the habit of not taking and not being taken home. So the two head in opposite directions but Xiao Shu turns back telling Zhou Zhen that walking it slow is okay as long as the direction is correct.

Asia FM receive faxes that commericals at the station will be cancelled due to those companies changing plans.

Zhe Xuan arrives at a cafe and orders an egg wrap with peanut butter, double cheese, pepper and not chilli. Xiao Shu arrives at the cafe huffing and puffing, placing the exact order. Zhe Xuan watches as Xiao Shu uses tomato sauce to draw a smiley face on her egg wrap, making him recall when he was little and having lunch with Xiao Shu. He was sad because his parents fought. Her mother brought them egg wrap with peanut butter and she drew him a smiley face using tomato sauce on a slice of cheese, telling him that after he eats the happy egg wrap he will be happy.

Wanting to make sure that Xiao Shu is the Xiao Shu, he calls the cafe asking for Xiao Shu. Xiao Shu goes to answer the phone and that assures him that she is indeed the Xiao Shu from his childhood. Afterwards he stares at Xiao Shu giving her the creeps causing her to abandon her lunch.

She leaves, runs and hide making sure the creepo is not following her. Then she turns around and there he is. After dropping from hints, she remembers that he is Zhe Xuan and they reunite.

Xiao Shu takes Zhe Xuan to visit her parents. He tells them that he moved with his father to America after graduating from primary school and now he is back working as an accountant. Daddy Liang mentions to Xiao Shu that she can hire Zhe Xuan to handle the station’s finance matters. Taken back, he asks which which station is willing to use her. Mummy Liang explains to him that Xiao Shu’s radio station was opened with Daddy Liang’s retirement funds and their house’s mortgage. He jokingly tells them that he is not cheap causing the mother-daughter to kick him out of the house. He tells them that he is joking and they can open the price.

Xiao Shu takes Zhe Xuan to the station when he questions why her brother isn’t here today. She solemnly answers that he is dead.

Ying Ying fantasies of her plan to mock Zhe Xuan. She plans to get her friend, Pei Li (Yu Jue Ru) to push him over, causing him to lose his glasses and hugging her for support. Then she can scream out that he is a pervert leading him to get dragged away by security guards. She puts her grand plan into action but unfortunately it does not go according to plan. Pei Li slips, causing her to push the wrong person who ends up pulling down Ying Ying’s skirt. Ying Ying just stands and screams that she will never be able to face upper class society again so Zhe Xuan does what she should have done and helps her to pull up her skirt.

Xiao Shu arrives at work and is shown the faxes of three companies cancelling commercials at the station. A man arrives wanting to speak with Xiao Shu.

The man working for Bi Company offers Xiao Shu the opportunity to make her dream of turning the station into a public broadcaster a success. He tells her that he wants to purchase the station but in doing so, her position as director of the station will have to downgrade to station manager. She asks for more time to think this over.

At dinner, Xiao Shu is not her usual self obviously thinking about her current life crisis. However, she cannot tell her parents as she does not want them to worry so she calls Zhou Zhen out to talk it out.

Learning that the station signed a contract with the commercial companies and that there is a termination fee, plus the fact that a company wants to buy the station immediately, Zhou Zhen suggests to her that things are not as simple as it appears to be. He promises to help her figure this out.

Xiao Shu advertises on the station asking people to advertise there. Zhou Zhen laughs, noting that this method is not going to bring in the advertisers.

Zhe Xuan breaks it to Xiao Shu that the station has at most three months before the station will have to close.


My Opinion:

If there was anything about this ep was that it was very slow-paced but I actually and surprisingly found myself really enjoying this. I liked it because it was finally seeing the OTP able to move on from their exes once and for all, cutting off ties between them and not being sullen over their break-up. It is not just that, but because this makes the OTP stronger and more mature. They have learnt from each other that it is to love someone and to be loved. Together, they have defined what love is and how they should approach it. They are helping each other to plant the seed, nurture it and allowing it to blossom.

There are dramas which make me fall head over heels for the OTP from the first ep, dramas which make me root for secondary leads, dramas which give me second lead syndrome and dramas which gives me none of this. And this drama falls in that latter category. I didn’t except myself to fall head over heels for the OTP but I wanted to, but yet that did not happen. I can’t say that I don’t like them, because I do but there is just something that is stopping me from shipping them. I just can’t, at least not yet. In fact, I am not even sure whether I want them to be together, but I have no choice here than to want so. You see, Annie Chen and George Hu‘s chemistry is just not nearly there for me. It definitely has improved since ep 1 but it’s not strong enough. Hopefully when the fall in love with each other my mind will change. (:

However, their character development has improved quite beautifully. This is how I want it to head off! I need to see their characters grow with personality! Background for them has already been built and now it is continuing to build off from there to create a liable relationship for the two. This ep worked wonders in doing so, because we are still at the introduction of the drama so I really want to see the foundation before the conflicts kick into play. The characters are still in a state of getting to know each other and they have befriended each other in the process. Their friendship progressed as a result of both having lonely hearts. These similarities helps to bring them together, and because they have this similarity it helps to bridge them together and subsequently create a smooth development.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some bromance! For those who know me I am always up for seeing bromance regardless of what drama it is because it is nice for guys to be able to have someone to confide in. Girls usually have a lot of people around them who they can confide in while guys are usually closed in. So bromance is always a plus for me! And I am hoping that more will come because I am liking Fei Li and Zhou Zhen’s friendship. I need to see more Fei Li-Zhou Zhen moments! That is what I am currently shipping!

Zhe Xuan is keeping me on my feet. He is an interesting character and now that his background story has been revealed it makes me wonder what he has in store and what he will do! The little details to his life really helps to build up my curiosity towards him. Seeing him at the cafe neatly arranging the tableware and hearing his past is something which I am eager to see how it will impact on his character!

This ep concludes the OTP getting to know each other, because next ep it is time for their lives to get entangled! Let’s see where the drama heads off from there, especially how the whole “gangster” issue will affect the OTP!

2 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 3 Recap

  • June 28, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    I agree with you on how Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu is progressing so far, they haven’t got to the stage where I can start shipping them. But George and Annie, I’m loving their interactions in the ‘behind the scenes’ part more and more. I guess that is a problem I hope this drama can overcome as the episodes go on. It has been such a fan service to reunite George/Annie so soon that anyone who is ‘new’ to this couple, can’t seem to understand why they are so popular if looking at “Love Around” on its own.

    • July 1, 2013 at 9:13 am

      I completely agree with everything you said! For me having only seen them together in this drama, I seriously do not see any hype to them. Hopefully hey will prove me wrong as the drama progresses.

      Oh, the BTS is a completely different story. They are like two completely different person there! Their interaction there is what I would like to see in the drama itself.


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