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HOMG, what has Office Girls made of me!? I spent three days marathoning through it and everyday the first thing that came to mind was to drama, drama, drama! This is what a brilliant drama does to me! It is without a doubt that I loved this drama, and I loved it from head to toe! This is a rarity for me because there aren’t that many dramas that can get me to love it that way. Oh, I love it so much that words cannot even comprehend my love for it! This has certainly got to be one of the best TW drama I have seen in a while, and it is certainly the best that I have seen this year even though it wasn’t released this year. At 25 eps, this is quite a long-running once-a-week TW idol drama (when it was live-airing) but I really could have done with a few more eps featuring scenes of Alice Ke and Roy Qiu. But that’s just me, some people felt that the extension made the drama Really, I can just watch those two hours on end!

There were three main reasons why this drama worked so well – a) stellar chemistry between the OTP, b) well written plot and c) each of the characters were well developed. Together, each of these reasons created a drama that left me wanting more and more. Everything worked so well together – in fact they complemented each other – to bring the drama to brilliance. It really shone through and is certainly at the top rank for dramas to watch.

Where do I begin with the OTP!? The answer is that I have no idea where to begin! I just loved watching them together! Even right now as I am writing up this post I am longing to see them together again! Watching Xing Ren and Zi Qi fall in love never felt forced. It just felt so naturally for them to become acquainted with each other. From their very first meeting to them dating and finally to their happy ending, all of which occurred without leaving you having to confirm the stage relationship. It just happened and that was just accepted to be the case.

I really enjoyed watching Xing Ren and Zi Qi’s development. There was not a time where I did not enjoy their presence. I loved every moment and every kiss, hug and hand-hold etc. that they shared became a precious treasure. Even the secret kisses they gave each other were of important value. What I found myself really loving about their relationship is that it just happened, neither party was putting in more effort in pursuing the other one, they just naturally came to the same conclusion that they love each other. I loved that the way they fell for each other was very subtle, it wasn’t a big OMG moment which is quite evident between other OTP’s and nor did it make me squeal but rather, it made me smile with joy at how they just came to be.

The way they came to be gf/bf was probably one of the best part of their relationship development. They never admitted that they were at that stage but they were definitely passed the “just friends” stage. They cared for one another and did things for one another which is definitely out of the “just friends” category. I really loved watching this stage because they were at a time where their feelings were definitely telling something about how they feel about one another. This stage was crucial to their relationship because it shows just how much they have come to view each other. They played the role of gf/bf but they technically weren’t at that stage, yet on the inside they had already reached that stage. They just needed confirmation that they were so, which arose when Zi Qi confessed to her. The confession was enough for their relationship to officially take off. That confession was not perfection but it was in every way perfect towards their relationship; all that really matter was that it officially bridge their relationship status. I found it very sweet how he gave her the broccoli bouquet and the scratchie because these are two things which are significant to them.

Xing Ren and Zi Qi are just so cute to watch! It is watching the little things that they do for each other which makes their relationship so interesting to watch. Even though they were both poor, that was not an issue for them. They still managed to bring a lot of cutesy when they are with each other. The way that she got him to eat broccoli is something really important to them, because it signifies the way that they have changed for each other. I absolutely adore their use of plushies to communicate to one another. It is just so sweet and so them!

A lot of TW dramas tend to drop halfway in and considering that this is 25 eps, it was more than likely for it to grow draggy. However, counter to all this it never felt that way even once. The plot was neatly structured and fresh. Sure, it rich guy-poor girl love story except it wasn’t like that. It was more about two ordinary people falling in love. Zi Qi wasn’t rich when he fell in love with Xing Ren; he was an ordinary white collar worker just like her. Honestly, a few eps into the drama and I had almost forgotten that Zi Qi is the successor to the shopping mall. There wasn’t the whole fiasco of family issues halting the two from falling in love (until the latter part which was after the two had already fallen for each other). It was just them falling in love with one another, and this was what made this drama so good to watch. There wasn’t anything stopping these two from falling in love with each other which is evident in a lot of dramas. It was quite a smooth-sailing ride for them two.

At the halfway point I honestly thought that OG would start heading downhill but it proved me wrong and continued to rise. Complications arose but all this lead to Zi Qi and Xing Ren becoming a stronger couple. The complications provided an obstacle for the OTP to cross and they managed to do so. Even as Zi Qi’s identity was revealed, it only helped to reinforce the feelings they had for each other. None of the complications could weaken Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s love for each other, it only helped to strengthen their love for one another.

Xing Ren is such down-to-earth and I loved that she stayed true to herself even upon discovering who Zi Qi really is. She loved him because he was Zi Qi. There was no other reason why she loved him. Despite her financial situation, she still remained true and honest. When she broke the wine she took it on herself and took up the responsibility for it. When her colleagues offered her money she outright denied it. She doesn’t want to burden other people and even in times of need she would not request the help of others. She would take it all on herself and walk through this herself. Even when she met Zi Qi, she wouldn’t burden him. But he was there to support and help her. He helped her through these tough situations and stood by her side every step of they way.

Can Zi Qi grow any more lovable? Yes, yes he can. Oh Zi Qi, I love you. Every girl needs a man like you. Since meeting Xing Ren he has changed a lot, he has learnt what it means to love and what it means to be loved. He loved her for who she is and did all that he could to protect her. He has grown into a better man because of her. I loved that she has changed his outlook towards life. No longer is succeeding the company of importance to him, it is the people around him who he loves that means the world to him. He fought a battle for her, a battle that was well worth it.

I loathed Kai Er so much! She may have had a tragic upbringing but that does not count for the actions that she has done. She claims that she loved Zi Qi but was that ever so? She got close with him because she discovered what his identity is and the actions that she took was because she was jealous that Zi Qi loves Xing Ren. I just hate her for everything that she did to harm Xing Ren and Zi Qi. She may have repented in the end but that still does no rid my hatred towards her. I was able to have this hatred towards her because Kai Er was a very well written character. Tai Li”s portrayal of Kai Er was not all that flattering but the way that Kai Er was developed really managed to give the character life. I loved that Tia Li ended up with Paul Hsu‘s character in both OG and Miss Rose. They do make a very beautiful looking couple. (:

This year must be the James Wen year for me, because this is the fourth drama/movie (The Fierce Wife, The Fierce Wife: Final Episode, King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess OR Replacement Princess OR The Adventure of King Flower) and Office Girls) that I have seen of him and in each he was either the leading man or second leading man. However, sadly in all of them I never shipped him with the leading lady, and in at least two of the four dramas/movies that I saw him in, his character was really underused. He character here falls into that category. While Cheng Feng played a role in evoking jealousy for Zi Qi, other than that his involvement in the plot was useless. There was his whole PB counter drama but that was quickly extinguished. Cheng Feng was second lead and he disappeared for at least a good half of the drama. Well, I couldn’t care less because it is Zi Qi and Xing Ren who I care about. Ahahaha, it’s funny how James’ character ended up with Janel Tsai”s character when they played a pair of broken lovers in TFW.

Patrick Li‘s role was definitely more of a second lead than James’ role. I really enjoyed his performance. He was definitely the resident clown. His character managed to lighten up some of the serious scenes and gave it some much needed humour. I loved his tantrums and his way of taking charge. He may seem like a tough manager but really at heart he is a very kind and caring manager. Le Tong’s bromance with Zi Qi was a relationship which I unexpectedly grew to love. I just never saw it but when it came about I found myself really enjoying it.

I had the OST long before I actually saw OG but I didn’t really like it. However, upon watching OG my taste has changed and I have come to love the OST. It is funny what dramas can do to you isn’t it? The OST is amazing. I especially love the instrumentals, plus they are something that I have never seen in any OST before. The instrumentals are actually accompaniments to the titular songs. I found his to be rather interesting and very creative which makes me love it even more!

Having watched MR first, I knew that the office politics would not have been as intense as MR, and I am glad for this. I am glad that the office issues did not hinder Zi Qi and Xing Ren’s relationship, but rather it provided a platform for them to grow with one another. It allowed them to see each other day and night and gave them the opportunity to spend more time with one another. Plus, they taking working to a whole new level with their ridiculous but sweet flirting.

It took me quite a long time to write up this review because I couldn’t help but rewatch scenes of Zi Qi and Xing Ren all over again. Like I said, I can seriously watch these two forever! I just love them! Just watching Zi Qi and Xing Ren was perfect for me. I never required to see a kiss from them, but I am glad that they delivered one gracing, hot kiss for me to bare them goodbye. That kiss just seals the brilliance that this drama has been. It was a sweet drama that I would re-watch any day!

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