Love Around Episode 6 Recap

The best thing that happened this ep was the cameo appearance from Bii!OMG, he is so handsome and one of those rare guys who can pull off eyeliner in a way that allows him to shine even more! His appearance managed to help lift up what otherwise would have been a very dull ep. Oh, he is just so pretty to look at!

I watched this ep while simultaneously watching Awfully Lawful which is also another dull drama. (Btw, it is possible to watch two dramas at once, just in case if you are wondering.) This ep was very boring, so much so that if I had to sum it up I would tell you nothing happens, literally. This is all due to the way the plot has set out. I don’t get why the writers has decided to base each ep on one day! That really frustrates me because it is stopping the drama from building up a connective storyline. I just do not understand with where the drama wants to head; it has honestly lost its sense of direction, though it never really had one from the start.

I’m not sure whether I should continue recapping this drama any more but I definitely will continue to watch it because as the saying goes, you have to finish what you start! I’ll see where it goes while I wait for the premiere of Dragon Gate.

Xiao Shu pushes the question to the side and instead asks Zhe Xuan if he currently likes anyone. He nods his head and she immediately questions what type of girl she is but he tells her off for being nosy.

Zhou Zhen wakes up finding cute sticky notes all over his room indicating that there is a surprising waiting for him. So he heads downstairs to find that his sister and granny have something up their sleeves. Ying Ying sweetly coaxes Zhou Zhen to eat the breakfast which she personally prepared and flatters about herself with granny putting in some good words.

Zhou Zhen sits and tells Ying Ying to spill. Granny pushes her to bravely speak about her grand plans. So she tells him but he immediately denies it. She continues to persuade him, so he tells her that he will consider funding her company but first she has to hand in a proposal by the end of the day. Even Daddy Zhou sides with Zhou Zhen.

Xiao Shu heads to work and encounters Zhou Zhen waiting for the lift. He thanks her for turning him from a lion into a cat because things between him and his father is better. He also tells her that he has a appointment later and won’t be back until noon but she informs him that today is the station’s birthday and they are going to the retirement centre to celebrate, so he postpones his appointment for this event.

The lift opens but she hesitates going in recalling the romantic atmosphere between them the last time they were together. He assures her that the same thing won’t happen to them again thinking that she must be thinking about how the lift collapsed. So they step in the lift together but she isolates herself to a corner while muttering for the lift to go faster.

Xiao Shu heads to work with Zhou Zhen coming in soon afterwards. Her colleagues make a show of hinting that she and Zhou Zhen have something going on but she quickly denies this. She shows Zhou Zhen his seat and heads to start her first job of the day.

Jessica comes in and asks Xiao Shu whether she has feelings towards Zhou Zhen. Xiao Shu answers that she isn’t sure but he did do all the three steps of confession.

Zhou Zhen helps Yu Mi to carry a few boxes and sees one with his father’s name labelled on it. He learns that Xiao Shu is not just targeting his father but also other people.

The crew head to the retirement centre for the station’s birthday celebration. Amidst all the fun, Zhou Zhen spots his father and realises that chaos will result if his father sees him or knows that they are from Asia FM. So Xiao Shu decides to disguise herself so that she can speak with Daddy Zhou without her identity being revealed.

Daddy Zhou is the cook for the day so Xiao Shu disguises herself as a volunteer worker to help with the cook’s duties. She questions why he, coming from the mafia, is a cook here; could it be that he wants to change his image? He tells her that when he was in jail he was responsible for cooking here and now that he is released, he is helping his friends who are in jail to take care of their parents. When he sees the elders eat so happily, he becomes happy himself so now when he is free he would come to cook here.

Xiao Shu then goes to ask Daddy Zhou if his used some uncanny methods to score the land A57? He answers that one must be earnest in their business; he used all his familial property to bid for that land. Those who didn’t win the land were unsatisfied and so they spread rumours that he used uncanny methods to score the land.

Xiao Shu realises that Daddy Zhou is not the person she imagined him to be and they even share two bowls of coke together. Even the colleagues are surprised at the good relationship between Xiao Shu and Daddy Zhou. Zhou Zhen is also happy with this change in dynamics.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu takes a stroll. He asks her what she discovered during her talk with Daddy Zhou. She tells him that she is different from what she imagined; he is righteous, doesn’t care about how people judge him as long as what he is doing is right, cares about his family and is warm-hearted. He comments that this is good and when she looks at him he says that he observational attitude is good. She replies that she will still keep an eye on him.

Ying Ying has finally finished her proposal in half a day. So she calls up her brother right in the middle of work and he has no choice but to go meet her. He immediately throws the proposal back at her telling her that no one will look at it a second time; it is just some pictures thrown together with no sense of direction. So she sweet talks to him to which Xiao Shu sees. She is dampened by this thinking that Ying Ying must be his girlfriend.

Xiao Shu takes out her sadness by going to the Family Mart, ramping up her junk food purchase. Jessica can see through her but she replies that she isn’t sad, she just feels muffled. Jessica apologises on behalf of herself and the other colleagues, if it wasn’t because of their persistence this would not have happened. Xiao Shu tells her that it doesn’t matter; the earlier she knows about this the easier it will be for her to treat him as an ordinary friend.

Xiao Shu then goes to pick a drink when coincidentally, Zhou Zhen pops out of nowhere and picks up the exact drink as she does. He gives it to her but she doesn’t take it. Jessica pulls her away to pay. Zhou Zhen offers to pay the girls’ portion but Jessica denies the offer.

Zhe Xuan turns up for work and happens to listen into Xiao Shu’s broadcast. She mentions that she saw a comment on a fan page which she found very touching. It is a story about misunderstandings and mistakes. Mark and his friend missed out a chance to confess to each other so they can only quietly love one another. She also says that he ended the comment with a quite that she really loved: “To like or not, love or not, being able to be together or not, they are three different things.” There are times when you can misunderstand one’s feelings thinking that it is love; there are times when you cannot bear one’s love so you pretend that it isn’t serious. You may be heading in the same direction as each other but you are actually distancing yourself from each other. It is then that you realise that you are not suitable for each other. She then plays a song which Mark requested about happiness.

Zhou Zhen finds his friend Peter (Bii) to discuss some business, and they go by their old rules for this talk. The two go mountain biking; if Zhou Zhen wins then Peter’s company will have to advertise at the radio station for one year.

Zhou Zhen is ahead of Peter but falls trying to sidestep a dog. Peter catches up and seeing how desperately Zhou Zhen wants his business, he agrees to give it to him.

Meanwhile, XIao Shu and Zhe Xuan return to visit their former school. He watches her and voices that after leaving Taiwan he realises how much he longed for her. He told himself that he must work hard to be by her side again keeping her smile.

The two play rock, paper, scissors where the winner gets to take one step closer to the other. He voices that as he can get closer to her with each step, he wants to loudly tell her that… He goes to confess to her but she stops the game, frustrated having lost so many times.

They then go to sit and eat popsicles and he questions whether her dampen mood is due to Zhou Zhen. She doesn’t deny it and tells him that Zhou Zhen never even liked her and plus he already has a girlfriend. She is always misinterpreting other people’s feelings! He replies that maybe other people are covering up their feelings too well. She tells him of how much she misses the previous summers when there was no trouble to worry about and how she wishes the world never changes. He tells her that even if the world changes, he never will.

The two go to find their time capsule and read through the notes which they left. They read through the notes one by one and Xiao Shu reads out the last note which was written by Zhe Xuan. The note reads “I like you”. She questions who this girl is so he tells her that she is the one holding the paper.


My Opinion:

OMGGGG, I am still reeling from the sight of Bii. He is such a beautiful sight! Why is he so handsome for!? I really ought to see that guy some more, which will now probably lead me to constant replays of his songs!

What I’m not buying from this love story is how they fall for one another. They all just feel to have blossomed without first planting the flower, with the exception of Zhou Zhen falling for Xiao Shu. Xiao Shu just seems to have sudden accepted the fact that Zhou Zhen might like her. When she saw him with Ying Ying, she immediately soured at the sight. That portrays a completely different emotion than to previous ones. That emotion tells that she feels that way because she likes him but then based on all previous development, she has yet to reach that stage. Personally, I just found it to be quite sudden with the way that she feels about him. There hasn’t been a build up of her coming to realise her feelings, rather it is people putting it in her face that she should like him. What I would have like to see from this relationship is them progressively building feelings for each other but I guess that is not going to happen.

Zhe Xuan’s feelings for Xiao Shu is again another one of those sudden feelings. There were hints about his feelings but they weren’t solid enough to actually show that he was longing feelings for her.  With the way it is, it is more of a mutual friendship feeling. There was never a point where one could tell that he has been crushing on her for so long.

Zhou Zhen’s side of the love story is different to Xiao Shu. The plot has worked around to helping him develop his feelings for Xiao Shu. More of that is what I would like to see with the other characters. Bit by bit, with what he is doing it has demonstrated that he is slowly growing feelings for her. This is the type of progressive development that the characters should be portraying.

Despite this, I am not liking with the way that the drama is going about with this relationship. It is all quite bland and nothing happens between them to give them an aura of an interesting relationship. Though it is not just that, but also due to the pacing of the drama. I find it really unsuitable for this couple. Maybe it they quickened the pace there would be more interesting development between the two of them. Also, the rate of the drama isn’t allowing other relationships to show, namely Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan and the relationship between Daddy Zhou and Xiao Shu.

I have hoped and hoped for the drama to improve and pick up speed for weeks but it continues to let me down week after week. Will the drama be able to find its four-leaf-clover or will it continue to constantly remaining searching for this special clover?

5 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 6 Recap

  • July 18, 2013 at 2:06 am

    I think the main problem with this drama is the lack of plot that obstructs Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen’s relationship to flourish. The main premise of this drama was two people lost in love finding comfort in each other but after a few episodes there really isn’t a plot that holds this drama together! I agree with you that Annie and George are lacking in chemistry I thought I was the only one who was feeling it because on sugoideas everyone keeps enamouring over how perfect Annie and George are together.

    • July 18, 2013 at 2:07 am


    • July 19, 2013 at 10:26 am

      Yeahh, the plot was never really strong in the first place so as the drama progresses, the drama begins to fall apart.

      I honestly thought that Annie and George will strike chemistry like gold but it just didn’t turn out that way.

  • July 19, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    I fell asleep watching this episode, granted I was tired and it was late at night, but still it just shows how much Love Around is sinking at the moment. Even the sight of handsome George can’t rescue it.


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