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I am lost for words as to how to describe this drama, except that I am quickly losing interest with it. The drama’s premise is really lacking which does not provide this drama with any substance. In fact, it never really started off well which all leads to this lack of foundation. The premise was never built upon, but rather the drama relied on its OTP, which frankly speaking is lacking chemistry due to this weak plot. This drama is just like wobbly jelly, ready to topple with a shake.

This drama is doing the actors no justice. I know with certainty that both Annie Chen and George Hu can do better than what they have presented here. For Love Around, a drama based on the OTP, it should allow them to shine but that is not happening. The drama has even taken up the chemistry that they two previously would have had. I just think the drama is trying too hard letting the OTP carry the show alone neglecting all other factors which build up a successful drama.

Every ep is just as bland if not more bland than the others. This is because not really happens at all. And this ep is of no exception. 

After hearing Zhe Xuan’s confession, Xiao Shu is unable to comprehend her feelings so she just walks off.

Zhou Zhen sees that his sister is really working herself to frustration so he decides to give her some hinters. She hands in her completed proposal and after looking at it he informs her that majority of it was his ideas. After some pleading and some puppy eyes, he agrees to reluctantly pass it.

Zhou Zhen tells Xiao Shu that he scored another commercial deal but he sees that she still isn’t too happy. He asks her what is wrong and she answers that she has TOM. He touches her forehead wondering if she is ill and hands her his jacket afraid that she is cold but she holds back and denies.

Jessica and Xiao Shu goes to restaurant for lunch where Xiao Shu exposed Daddy Zhou. They enter in and they happen to see that Daddy Zhou is dining with his mother. He has also fully booked out the three tables surrounding him. Xiao Shu goes up and confronts him about this asking if he could please free up these tables for other customers. He answers that he cannot because he is just doing what he wants to please himself. So she goes to snap pictures of him telling him that she is just targeting those who are being unfair. She leaves, being stand this lousy restaurant.

Xiao Shu repeats what happened at the restaurant on the radio and Daddy Zhou who was listening in realises that she is is Xiao Shu.

Zhou Zhen returns back to work and hears Xiao Shu’s broadcast and knows that this is going to require some explaining to his father.

Ying Ying goes to appoint Zhe Xuan as the accountant for her business plan. Learning that her family is her support, he denies her offer without even looking at her proposal. He goes to walk out but then she faints.

Ying Ying wakes up at the hospital and finds Zhe Xuan looking over her proposal. He tells her that her plan is quite well thought through. He apologises for looking down and not believing in her and agrees to be her accountant.

Since Xiao Shu is on her TOM, Zhou Zhen thoughtfully prepares her a warm cup of chocolate and a warm pouch. She tells him not to care so much about her because he feels sympathy for her having been broken-hearted.


Zhe Xuan calls asking Xiao Shu if she has left work yet. She answers that she is already on the bus. However, as she walks out, he sees her. So together they awkwardly wait at the bus stop. She then admits that she has been finding a way to reject him. Sadden, he tells her that for a while he will not appear in front of her.

Zhou Zhen returns home and has a talk with his father about the day’s happenings. Daddy Zhou assures him that he will not break his promise; he will not do anything to Asia FM in these three months. He reminds him that Xiao Shu isn’t just targeting him so others may also want to do something about Asia FM.

Zhe Xuan arrives to work to find a package for him. It is the special egg roll that he and Xiao Shu loves to eat, given to him from her. She tells him that she hopes his mood can be better and that he will appear in front of her soon.

Zhou Zhen is at work and finds the warm pouch in the bin, unopened. He heads to his desk when his sister arrives surprising him. He clutches his abdomen. She asks him what is wrong and she tells him that there is nothing wrong.

Zhou Zhen drags Ying Ying out to talk. She asks him for his investment. She tells him that she wants NT $50,000 and he immediately denies and walks away. She continues to throw her cutesy act when Jessica and Xiao Shu arrives to see the scene. Jessica goes to tell Zhou Zhen off but Xiao Shu pretends that it is not a big deal and walks out. That’s when the two siblings clarify that they are just siblings. Xiao Shu’s mood immediately turns for the better upon hearing so.

Ying Ying calls Zhe Xuan out to handle her money, which includes being her walking shopping holder. He manages to stop her shopping frenzy, despite her claiming that she is doing all this for her business.

Fei Fei and Jessica deliberately push Xiao Shu to go with Zhou Zhen to the primary school in the mountains to donate some CD’s. During the ride, a motorcycle rudely rides ahead of them causing her to reveal that she is so keen on fairness because her father is a policeman. He asks her if this is why she doesn’t like the mafia. He goes on to tell her that some people who are part of the mafia are trying to change themselves for the better and deserves another chance. A person cannot be judge based on black and white because what one can see might not be correct. He tells her to judge with her heart, which reminds her exactly of what Daddy Zhou told her.

To thank Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen for their donation, the kids decide to take them on a field trip. They go by the rocks and play in the water. Xiao Shu learns that Zhou Zhen never had this experience in his youth. She decides to go buy some drinks when she sees him in pain. He tells her that it is nothing but realises that it must have been a result of the fall from the bike race with Peter.

On the way to buy some drinks, one of the kids, Xiao Wei, gives Xiao Shu a fish that he caught as a present. She continues to walk when a mad driver, Zhou Sheng Min, drives past. She then hears a crash and runs back in the opposite direction. She sees that the victim is Xiao Wei. Xiao Wei lets got of a balloon which gives her visions of a yellow balloon floating away. The driver tries to drive away but she hassles him, only to be driven away with Sheng Min.

Jessica who was on the phone with Xiao Shu when the accident occurred calls to inform Zhou Zhen about what happened. Zhou Zhen informs her that Xiao Shu might have been taken away by Sheng Min.


My Opinion:

I have given up hope waiting for this drama to pick up because with the rate of where it is going, it won’t pick up not unless some miracle happens and spins this drama in the other direction. LA has lost sense of where it wants to go. I just feel like each ep is a repeat of the previous ep. Not happens, literally. Each ep tries to follow off from the previous ep but then it always comes back to retracing the same footsteps. For this drama to work, it needs obstacles that will provide some directional turning point for the drama.

The drama is also moving very slowly with is another factor as to why this drama isn’t picking up pace. Every ep I am wanting it to pick up a notch and stop moving like a snail! It really needs to work on how it arranges its times which has a big impact on the drama’s progress.

Well, at least with this ep there are hints and revelations as to why Xiao Shu is so keen on fairness. The sighting of the yellow balloon leads to to think that it has something to do with her brother’s death.

Another thing that is letting down this drama is that it doesn’t creates moment of surprise. It has numerous clichés which could be a good thing only it it helps to push the drama along. However, it doesn’t do so. The drama makes these clichés way too predictable, thus not leaving a chance of viewers to feel shock/excitement/happiness etc. It appears at the most predicable time and although it might be of something for the drama to move from, it leads to more clichés. Take the ending turn of events for example, what will that lead to? Zhou Zhen being kidnapped/held hostage with Xiao Shu and during that time the two will be able to suss out their feelings. Arghhhhhhh! The drama is not doing a very good job with these elements!

3 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 7 Recap

  • July 26, 2013 at 1:31 am

    Honestly every week I feel like they must be broadcasting a different drama in Taiwan than the one I’m watching. The ratings keep climbing while it just gets worse. Episode 7 started with this huge anti-climax the writers should’ve built upon, instead of stepping all over it with Xiao Shu just walking away. OK, so that’s not where LA was supposed to go, I accept it. But kidnapping? Really? That’s low and seriously frustrating.

    • July 26, 2013 at 7:02 pm

      Yeahh, but the ratings are only climbing steady in the 2.50 range.

      Exactly! I plot quickly died down when really it has so much potential to brighten up the drama! Oh, the ending is just so overused, and I don’t even see the drama doing something unique with it. It is just going to be the typical same old kidnapping storyline.


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