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So it goes exactly where one thought it would go, though it is not doing any help to moving along the storyline. This only continues to drag out the story making it even less interesting to the viewer’s eyes. The parents come in play with them holding a tension gripping history that is bound to have a major turning influence on Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu. Well, that’s what it should be like on screen. However, that is just paper talk; that is not what got transferred on-screen. This whole line about how the parents’ history is just the “black-and-white” background to the drama but it is not going to help develop the storyline in another other way. Whether this factor is present or not, it does not affect the drama. You literally do not have to watch the drama to know what is happening. From the very start I knew that this was where the drama will head, and that is not fun for any drama. Yep, that is how substance-lacking it is. Ep by ep, my interest for this drama just continues to drown further and further. It is amazing just how deeply boring this drama can go, which is very very deep. This ep was just like a repetition of the previous eps, and it was a big stretch to even make the episode fill 70 minutes!

Zhou Zhen asks Daddy Liang for some time; he will try his best to make him accept him. Xiao Shu arrives, breaking off the tension between her father and boyfriend. Zhou Zhen takes Xiao Shu to work.

Fei Li is waiting for Jessica. He tells her that he punched up the guy who insisted that he does not know her. She is shocked upon hearing this. He reveals that he was only joking causing her to indirectly admit that the “matchmaker candy” wasn’t for him. He tells her that he sincerely wants to make up for it. Much to her frustration she just can’t seem to remove this bug off her! Luckily, Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu arrive just in time to rescue her.

Ying Ying comes down for breakfast and informs her father and granny that Zhou Zhen appeared gloomy after having dinner with Xiao Shu’s parents last night. So Daddy Zhou goes to call up the station under an anonymous name to invite Xiao Shu for dinner. She agrees but has great difficulty dealing with this suddenness.

Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen go present shopping, at which she has a nervous breakdown. Her mother messages her informing her that she and her father will be going out tonight and won’t be home until 11. Xiao Shu suddenly gets an idea of what present to buy.

Zhe Xuan gives Ying Ying her invoice. She decides to take him out for lunch with her money. He gets a call from a client and agrees to go. However, she doesn’t want him to go so she pretends to feel unwell causing him to stay and leave behind his rare client. She realises that she may have fallen for him. He very tentatively takes care of her buy feeding her spoonfuls of cake.

Zhou Zhen takes Xiao Shu home. Granny directs him to give Xiao Shu a tour of the house. He takes her to his room. He teaches her how to play the guitar. It is getting hot in the room. Turns out that it was Granny’s doing as she wants them to get a move on and great some great-grand-children for her. Despite Granny’s doings, Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship is not moving on that fast.

Xiao Shu helps Daddy Zhou to prepare marinated pig feet for dinner.

A customer asks Ying Ying if Zhe Xuan has a girlfriend. She answers yes and goes on to describe the qualities of the girlfriend, which are qualities of herself.

Ying Ying arrives home and asks her father if he can cook marinated pig feet if she brings home a boyfriend? This causes her father and brother to start interrogating her on who this man might be. She clarifies that this is only speaking of an “if” scenario. Daddy Zhou asks Xiao Shu how dinner was when Zhou Zhen went over. Despite her positive answer, Daddy Zhou sees from Zhou Zhen’s face that it was not all that positive.

After dinner Xiao Shu takes the Zhou family out to the night market as her meeting present to them. They have a lot of fun and Granny even managed to empty out an entire claw machine. Xiao Shu sees a balloon flying away causing her to recall some scenes.

Zhou Zhen takes Xiao Shu home since her curfew is nearing. She protests that she can stay longer since her parents are out today. He insists since he wants to respect his parents. Daddy and Mummy Liang are already back before 11, waiting out to see whether Zhou Zhen will bring Xiao Shu back before curfew. At 9:56pm, they see Zhou Zhen bring Xiao Shu home. Xiao Shu invites Zhou Zhen up for tea. Though once he walks her up, he leaves right at the door because he wants to respect her parents. He heads back down but doesn’t leave. Daddy and Mummy Liang asks him why isn’t he leaving and he replies that because they aren’t home yet, he is afraid that she won’t be safe home alone.

Mummy Liang is fully content with her daughter dating Zhou Zhen. Zhou Zhen’s respect has managed to change Daddy Liang’s views a bit. Daddy Liang tells Xiao Shu to find a time to set up a meeting with Zhou Zhen’s father.

Zhou Zhen and his father have a man-to-man chat. He reveals of Daddy Liang’s disapproval towards his relationship with Xiao Shu. He requests to meet with the Liang parents.

Xiao Shu gives Zhou Zhen a Skype call. He immediately rushes out of the shower just to answer her call. She tells him and about how her parents want a meeting and he also tells her that his father wants a meeting. The two have difficulty cutting off the call.

The Liang parents and Daddy Zhou finally meet. The meeting doesn’t go well. It immediately strikes up some the tedious relationship between the two families. Mummy Liang recalls how Daddy Zhou caused the tragic death of her son. The Liang parents excuses to leave. They assure Xiao Shu that all is okay and send her off to work.

However, all is not okay. Mummy Liang cries in her husband’s arms why is it like this? It was so hard for her to walk out of that nightmare. Why does Zhou Zhen have to be Zhou Da Kuan’s son?

Daddy Zhou takes Zhou Zhen to see the history behind the two family’s relationship. He takes Zhou Zhen to visit the grave of Xiao Shu’s younger brother, Liang Zheng Kai. He explains that he was behind the death of Zheng Kai. Fourteen years ago he was trying to flee from the police and when he was driving her accidentally killed Zheng Kai. Also, the police who was trying to catch him was Daddy Liang.

Daddy Liang arrives and tells Daddy Zhou that he has no right to stand in front of his son. He recalls how Mummy Liang also committed suicide due to the loss of Zheng Kai and how Xiao Shu fell sick for a month and suffered memory loss due to witnessing the death of her brother. He requests that Zhou Zhen leave Xiao Shu.


My Opinion:

I honestly do not know how the drama can keep going. It just repeats again and again parts from previous eps. There is nothing new that happens because everything is just of cut-and-paste from previous eps. How many times have we seen Zhou Zhen say that he is not going to give up and these family dinners? Once is enough but anything more than that, especially on consecutive episodes on the same scenario is just an overboard. It just makes the entire ep feel like a copy of the previous ep, and that much more boring to watch.

In understand the fact of the parents’ historical relationship but this is not doing the drama any favours. Furthermore, there wasn’t a feeling of anticipation for this despite actually knowing that it was going to come. It is supposed to create tension between Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship but instead of doing so, it is just helping to drag on Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship which has already been dragged on long enough. This obstacle has been introduced quite late in the drama so that the obstacle that it should have created has been overshadowed. This is not an obstacle for Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen to have to cross because they already have a strong relationship. The build-up to Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen’s relationship was weak so this would have been utilised much better back then.

Someone has ought to give Ying Ying some behavioural lessons. Does she not understand the importance of work nor the manner of keeping a client waiting? Clearly not. She has barely grasped on the knowledge of handling money as she is a girl who thinks money comes from a money tree. Her shop comes from money from her family and she even asks for them to do business at her shop. Urghhhh. Some needs to teach her that not everyone lives spoilt like her.

Zzzzz…., watching this drama makes me tired. I am so ready for it to end. Hopefully it ends at the suggested 15 eps.

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