Love Around Episode 13 Recap

I am getting worried. There isn’t much news on the follow-up drama, in fact the follow-up drama hasn’t even been announced! Also, I have been hearing that this drama has been extended to 20 eps… I gravely hope that this is not the case because this drama is going to be more draggy and long-winded that what it already is!

Hug, hug, hug. That is the only thing that Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu can do to convey their relationship.

So the drama decides to result to some refutable traumatic past that is somehow supposed to lift this drama up, except it isn’t working that way. Furthermore, now the drama seems to have shifted focus; instead of focusing on the OTP, it is now focusing on the parents. Just where is the mindset of this drama? Please, Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen, just elope and never come back. Just elope and live your happy life together. This will be the best for the drama. 

Daddy Zhou apologises to his son for his past doings which has created problems for his relationship with Xiao Shu. Zhou Zhen tells his father that he doesn’t owe him anything; meeting Xiao Shu and falling in love with her is fate. However, Daddy Zhou reminds him that what Daddy Liang said is very clear. Zhou Zhen reiterates that he won’t give up on Xiao Shu; he will work hard to earn her parents’ forgiveness.

Zhe Xuan arrives at the radio station. Seeing Xiao Shu’s sullen mood, he asks if she has gotten into an argument with Zhou Zhen. She shakes her head and tells him about her worries of her mother. He offers visit her mother after work.

Ying Ying calls Zhe Xuan request that he come to her shop ASAP. She noses around when he tells her that he is going to go to Xiao Shu’s house for dinner later. She tells him that she will wait until he finishes.

Zhou Zhen arrives to pick Xiao Shu up from work but she tells him that she is not finished yet. He pulls her into a hug. She questions if there is something wrong at work and he answers that there is.

Zhou Zhen sends Xiao Shu home. She invites him for dinner but he declines. Daddy Liang returns from a short grocery trip. Zhou Zhen says that he is about to leave. Suddenly, Zhe Xuan questions if they can smell something burning causing the whole group to rush to the Liang house.

Xiao Shu finds her mother in her room crying, leaving the cooking unattended. She helps her mother up. Mummy Liang puts on a brave face seeing Zhou Zhen. Luckily, Zhe Xuan’s presence helped to break up the tight atmosphere. The family decides to have pizza for the night while Daddy Liang formally tells Zhou Zhen that he can leave.

Xiao Shu walks Zhou Zhen to his car. When they go to part their ways, she gives him a back hug, telling him that she is very worried that her mother. her mother once got depression due to her brother’s passing and she is afraid that it might come back. Zhou Zhen returns the hug and tells her that he will return the strength that she gave him today. He assures her that her mother will be fine. She asks him to promise that he will never leave her and he agrees.

Dinner is quite sullen at the Liang household, though it perks up when Mummy Liang catches Zhe Xuan on the phone with Ying Ying. She tries to set them up.

Ying Ying deliberately waits for Zhe Xuan. She even brings along midnight snacks. She tells her that her urgent problem is that all the account files have disappeared and she has no backup. He tells her that they have to redo it, which she is happy to hear. They go to his house. She prepares the midnight snack and dreams about kissing him when he informs her that he has recovered the files.

Seeing her grandson’s frustrations, Granny goes to open him up. She tells him that there are a lot of difficulties to overcome in life but as long as he keeps persisting, he will be able to overcome them. He must first let the other party to see his intentions before they can understand him.

Mummy Liang asks her husband why he isn’t attending his friends reunion. Is it because he is worried about her? She tells him that she is fine and pushes him to go. She enters into Xiao Shu’s room and discovers that she has left her phone behind. She looks at her photos with Zhou Zhen. Zhou Zhen looked for some holidays for Xiao Shu’s parents to go to. He calls her but Mummy Liang picks up. She invites him over to send the phone to Xiao Shu.

Zhou Zhen apologises to Mummy Liang but she tells him that it is not his fault. She tells him that despite her husband’s objections, he must persist on with his relationship with Xiao Shu. She knows that his feelings for Xiao Shu are genuine. She decides to go with him to deliver the phone to Xiao Shu. However, he psychologically can’t step out of the house. Just then, Daddy Liang returns and this gives him even more reason to dislike Zhou Zhen.

Fei Li personally goes to give the phone to Xiao Shu and also tells her that Zhou Zhen can’t pick her up tonight.

Zhou Zhen goes to the batting field to release his emotions.

At dinner, Xiao Shu realises that there something wrong with her mother. Her father cooked dinner and when she invites her mother to take a trip for her birthday, she declines, not wanting to exit the house. Daddy Liang tells her not to worry too much; he is going to take Mummy Liang to see the doctors tomorrow.

Xiao Shu heads downstairs to meet Zhou Zhen. She hugs him, thanking him for the strength that he has given her. She asks him to take her away from this cruel world. He tells her that they can elope which she replies is a good idea.


My Opinion: 

Not the parents. The drama has locked itself to a dead end with nowhere else to go but this way. The focus is supposed to be on Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen’s relationship except this focus is no longer the focus. It just makes their relationship appear like it is the stepping stone for Mummy Liang to open up her heart, thus making Mummy Liang the focus of the drama. This isn’t good for the drama because it only lengthens the ever-so long-winded relationship between Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen by creating unnecessary sub-plots. The plot is just very weak. The wind can literally blow it away. It tries numerous time to concrete itself but fails each time and this is just another of its fails.

I am having trouble coming to terms with Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan’s relationship. They’re relationship just lacks the feeling of a relationship. It is really bland and has no character to it. For one thing they aren’t moving and for another they don’t have any chemistry. Furthermore, I think Ying Ying’s whole unrequited love for him is just OTT. Now she is assuming the role of “girlfriend” despite not being so. She constantly demands that he come over and she does so in an overbearing way. She makes it appear like they are an item. Their relationship just never had room for growth and remains that way. It is come about out of no where.

The second leads cannot even be considered as second leads here. Their presence is useless and the drama could have done without it. They aren’t even there to break up tension between the OTP. I honestly cannot determine the purpose that they serve.

I think even the plot is impacting on Annie Chen and George Hu‘s acting skills. It is limiting them, not allowing them to show their full potential. In fact, I think it has actually made them fall back with their skills. The scene where Xiao Shu hugged Zhou Zhen telling him about her worries was just a big failure. There was no emotion about it either visually or vocally. I felt nothing from her, it was just like she was reading her lines. George isn’t doing any better. You can definitely see that he is trying to accompany to the atmosphere except it doesn’t work because there is no emotion for him to show. Zhou Zhen is a very stiff character and his relationship with Xiao Shu has not softened him. Where has the chemistry between this couple gone?

Urghhhhhhh, this drama is just not working in any way for me. Though you probably already know my thoughts since I criticise it week after week.

5 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 13 Recap

  • September 4, 2013 at 8:24 pm

    I have no motivation to continue after missing the last couple of eps. But the news is saying they’ll wrap up filming in what… October? 20 eps could be true. ><

    • September 4, 2013 at 8:49 pm

      Ahahaha, LOL, this drama is just so boring!
      I know! I am so shocked! I hope that this is not the case! I just want it to end!

  • September 8, 2013 at 12:30 am

    I love reading your recaps. I got bored of watching it so I just come here to read your recaps and then decide whether the episode is worth watching or not. I think your recaps are more entertaining than the actual drama 🙂

    • September 9, 2013 at 12:26 pm

      Ahahaha! Thank you! I guess it is not just me who find the drama boring then! (:

  • March 19, 2014 at 7:04 am

    I have to agree with you. The episodes slowed down so much that I want to give it up, but I also have to see it till the end. What bugs me the most is how they are keeping it a secret from her. She also has a right to know since she was also affected by the accident.

    Thanks for the recap! They keep me informed as I skip more throughout the drama.


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