My Opinion on Lan Ling Wang Episodes 4-13

China’s speed of airing dramas is just too fast for me but I am slowly making my way to the finish line! Lan Ling Wang has already finished its run but I am still on on the starting end of the spectrum! I do admit that I have been taking it slow with this drama, although I did not intended for it to be this way. It just worked out to be so. Now that the drama has finished its run, it’s hard not to come in contact with spoilers flying left and right, however, I am restraining myself from reading them because I don’t want to have the fun taken away before I can witness it for myself. Though, the general vibe received from people who are way ahead of me is that LLW is amazing which is a good thing to hear. I, too, am receiving a beautiful vibe from this drama. The more that I watch of LLW, the more that I find myself really enjoying it. It just makes me really keen to catch onto the next ep! Only what stops me from doing so is time! 

These nine eps were filled with substance and oomph, really helping to establish a concrete plot movement. I really enjoyed it because it really shows Yang Xue Wu (Ariel Lin) and Lan Ling Wang (Feng Shao Feng)’s impending feelings towards each other. I loved that despite the drama being heavily based on fighting a war, the romance side does not suffer. The relationship between LLW and Xue Wu is very powerful because it emphasises on the deep connection that the two characters have even if it does so subtlety under the shadow of the political game. It shows that both LLW and Xue Wu are both people with similar views towards life; views that want justice.

I was so excited for the appearance Yuwen Yong (Daniel Chan) and I had every reason to do so. He was amazing and literally exploded my screen! He brought on a really strong atmosphere to the drama, really enforcing the idea of leadership, making Yuwen Yong really come to life. I just love the stark contrast between his leadership and LLW’s leadership. They are both leading for different reasons. YWY leads with selfishness in mind while LLW leads with righteousness. Furthermore, their leadership also reflects who they are personally. YWY wants Xue Wu because she is the “goddess girl” which will allow him to further power. However, there are signs that he wants her because he is falling for her. The effect that she has on him is quite large but that is yet to take shape.

I just want to apologise for an error on my previous post regarding LLW. I mentioned that majority of the actors dubbed their own voices, however, I soon realised that it was incorrect. Of the leads, only Ariel went back to dub her own voice. I have never heard of FSF or Daniel’s original voices before so I had nothing to compare their voices in the drama to which lead me to believe that the voices that I heard were their original voices. Majority of the voices are dubbed. The only characters whose voices were not dubbed were Ariel, Wei Qian Xiang (Han Xiao Dong) and a few side characters.

I really enjoy the drama’s serving of romantic in between the political issues. Usually I do not really like Chinese palace dramas because they are politically heavy and relationship developments really suffer. However, this drama is quite different from those that I have seen of the same genre. The politics remains central focus but the romance doesn’t stray too far away from this focus. I really enjoy the drama’s efforts of intertwining romance and politics together because this adds fragrance to the drama. It helps to soften up what would otherwise have been a heavy historically story.

Politics isn’t just occurring outside the kingdom but also within the kingdom. Yuwen Yong and even LLW’s cousin, the king’s son, Gao Wei (Zhai Tian Lin) are planting land mimes for LLW to step on. LLW knows of this and he is using this in a way that will help to benefit him in the long run. He doesn’t step on them but nor does he outright expose them. He is using these mimes to plan his next move while planning to dismiss of these minds. I just really enjoy watching him plan for his next attack. He has people targeting him from all sides so he has to be careful with his decisions.

Xue Wu and LLW’s romance is such an beautiful watch. It was love-at-first-sight for them. They immediately fell for each other and from that point on they did what they could to protect each other. She has taken on a very important place in his heart and he will do whatever to protect, no matter the cost. He really takes it to care for her well-being and really goes out of his way to make sure that she is safe. When he heard that Xue Wu was kidnapped, he immediately dashed off to rescue her, and he did so at a very high cost which he is willing to hold. LLW has also taken on a very important place in Xue Wu’s heart. She knows of his fate, so despite her love for him, she is pushing him aside because she doesn’t want his fate to be that way. You can really see the pain in her as she decides to leave him. She doesn’t want to leave him but she knows that this is the best way to protect him. Seriously, just watching the actions these two take to protect each other is heartbreaking!

I am loving George Hu as An De Wang here much better than him as Zhou Zhen in the crappy drama Love Around. Even though this was filmed over a year ago and his voice is dubbed, I still find that his acting exceeds that of LA. It doesn’t help that the storyline of LA has gone to moosh. George’s role is not really significant here but I just enjoy the chemistry that he has with FSF. Those moments are tiny and does not affect the plot in any way but it adds some bounce. George’s character here allows him to show his acting skills off. He is given room to develop and really grow, whereas in LA he was isolated in that one position. Trust me, he has grown more in these eps that he has in the entirety of LA.

I can’t wait to see what else this drama has to offer and I am sure it has a lot more to offer. I am looking forward to seeing some more romance between Xue Wu and LLW. I am really eager to see how she will be the queen in his heart and how she will help him to fight this on-going war. Oh, and I need some more of Daniel please! Some more YWY and Xue Wu moments would be great! (:

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