Love Around Episode 15 Recap

It should have concluded here at ep 15, except it didn’t.

Boringggggggggggggggg! *Yawns*

Zhe Xuan comforts a heartbroken Xiao Shu. Though, he can only pat her as she cries. He calls Daddy Liang telling him that Xiao Shu is at his house watching DVD so she will come home later than usual. Zhe Xuan even takes out their time capsule, but even that cannot cheer up Xiao Shu.

Ying Ying musters up the courage to confess to Zhe Xuan. She decides that the best way to go about this is to make a drunken confession so she can save herself from embarrassment. She rings the bell and her prior momentum immediately drops when she sees Xiao Shu.

After hearing Xiao Shu’s break-up story, Ying Ying is adamant that Zhou Zhen did not reconcile with Pei Ni. She goes to call her brother to prove this but he doesn’t pick up. Ying Ying calmly tells Xiao Shu that there must be a misunderstanding between her and Zhou Zhen but Zhe Xuan strongly states that if there is a misunderstanding, Zhou Zhen should clear it.

Zhe Xuan offers to buy Xiao Shu dinner. She declines but he tells her that ever since she was little, if her stomach was empty, her heart and head were also empty. She heads home with Zhe Xuan walking her out while Ying Ying wonders if they are really just friends.

Zhe Xuan comes back and finds Ying Ying looking through the time capsule. She asks him what is the meaning of the box and who the message “I like you” was directed to. She deduces that it the girl he likes is Xiao Shu and he admits to it. She is storms off, annoyed that he would rather be sad and silently be by Xiao Shu’s side than to make Xiao Shu unhappy.

Xiao Shu returns home and her father hands her a package that has arrived for her. As she goes to her room, he asks her if something happened today but she lies. Once insider her room, she opens her package and finds that it is photos of her and Zhou Zhen. She cries. Daddy Liang secretly watches his daughter cry.

Xiao Shu’s friends tries to cheer her up but it doesn’t work.

Zhou Zhen returns from his trip. He listens to Asia FM and hears Xiao Shu retelling the story of how a couple was about to let go of each other due to their obstacles but in the end they decided to keep hold of each other’s hand. As long as a couple has the courage to hold each other’s hand, all problems will be solved. It pains Zhou Zhen knowing what he has done to Xiao Shu.

Ying Ying has a talk to her brother about his relationship woos. She suggest that he explain and reconcile with Xiao Shu. He loves Xiao Shu so how can he bear to make her sad? However, he doesn’t take on Ying Ying’s advice.

Zhou Zhen finds Daddy Liang to tell him that he has broken up with Xiao Shu. He also offers Daddy Liang the psychologist which he requested the help of. Daddy Liang hesitantly accepts it.

Xiao Shu’s colleagues down-talks about Zhou Zhen but she continually speaks up for him. Pei Ni tells Xiao Shu that the heart tells the true feelings, not the eyes.

With that, Xiao Shu rushes to the hotel. He finds Zhou Zhen at the chapel standing by the bell that they previously rung together. She questions if his decision to break up with her is because he has hardships. He answers that he is not right for her; she has qualities of a woman and her 10 o’clock curfew is annoying. She kisses him. He questions if this is enough and goes to book a room which she does not decline. He calls her cheap for being about to sacrifice her body. She tells him that she will work hard for their love before she leaves.

Xiao Shu goes to find Daddy Zhou to have a talk, asking if he knows why Zhou Zhen broke up with her.

Zhe Xuan finds that Mummy Liang has fallen over and very tentatively helps her to treat her swollen ankle. He tells her that she can tell him anything because his lips are sealed.

Ying Ying acts out how she is going to confess to Zhe Xuan but she doesn’t like any of her ideas.

Daddy Zhou drinks, thinking over his earlier talk with Xiao Shu. She knows that Zhou Zhen must have some sort of hardship for making the decision he made. Zhou Zhen finds his father drinking quite a large stash of alcohol. Daddy Zhou tells Zhou Zhen that Xiao Shu came to find him today. He self-blames for his son’s break-up with Xiao Shu. If he was not part of the mafia, people would not look at Zhou Zhen with a coloured eye; if he did no kill Xiao Shu’s brother, it would cause his son’s break-up.

Daddy Zhou goes on to say that the killing of Xiao Shu’s brother was accidental. Daddy Zhou leapt into the middle of the road, pointed the gun at him and fired. This caused him to lose control of the car and smash into Xiao Shu’s brother.

Mummy and Daddy Liang are wrapping dumplings. Mummy Liang tells Daddy Liang of what a good kid Zhou Zhen is. He questions why she is so fond of Zhou Zhen when it was him who brought out the repercussions of her depression. He replies that Zhou Zhen is good to Xiao Shu; he shouldn’t look at Zhou Zhen with prejudice. They shouldn’t intervene with their daughter’s love life.

Zhou Zhen meets with Daddy Liang. He questions if he also wants to make it up to Mummy Liang? He knows the truth now. Daddy Liang falls, cries and apologises to his dead son.


My Opinion:

Whaaaaaaaaaaaattttt? What happened? Are we going around and around in circles? Yep, yes we are. The drama has no sense of direction and is just repeating the same storyline over and over again. Boringggggggggg! I get sleepy just watching this!

11 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 15 Recap

  • September 20, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Misscupcakees, you’re the best. I can’t bear to make myself watch the drama…but I can read your recaps with glee!

  • September 21, 2013 at 1:52 am

    I wasn’t really enjoying this much as I used to, but I was still watching (partially b/c I ran out of other shows I was watching), but I doubt I’m going to watch from now on. The preview for next week’s episode made me FURIOUS. Pei Li is coming back and ~GASP~ she’s blind! So of course Xiao Shu will see Zhou Zhen with her and think that he really did get back with his ex. I was wondering how they were going to stretch this out, but this plot development irritates me immensely. This show would have been so much stronger if it had been only 12 or 14 episodes.

    • September 21, 2013 at 5:06 pm

      Ahahaha, drop it if you can bear to finish it! I just keep going because I can’t bear to leave a drama that I started unfinished!

      Oh, I know! So they decide to kick in the ex-girlfriend storyline. Urghhhhhhhh! Really!?

      Nahhhh, even if it was 12 or 14 eps, it would have still been very weak. But it wouldn’t have dragged on so much.

  • September 23, 2013 at 5:01 pm

    i force my self to watch this, only just to have the hunky georgie on my screen. the story is a totally a big Meh indeed

    • September 23, 2013 at 5:48 pm

      Well, at least you have something to keep you in this! 😛 My strive is to finish it because it is just not me to leave a drama that I started unfinished.

      Yeppp, the storyline is a big let down! 🙁

  • September 23, 2013 at 10:11 pm

    I really wish they resolved things and ended the story on the 15th episode. I bet the succeeding episodes would be lame and predictable so much so that the drama series will end because it cannot sustain the fuzzy feel-good feeling it started with.

  • September 25, 2013 at 12:40 am

    Your recaps are like a public service! Helping those of us who can’t bear to watch it anymore to keep a tab on it. Poor George and Annie always look so tired when I see their photos, and all for what? No wonder Annie wants to take a break.

    • September 25, 2013 at 9:07 am

      Ahahahaha! Yeahh, a lot of people has dropped Love Around! Woah, even Annie is getting bored of the drama!


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