Love Around Episode 16 Recap

Throwing in useless relationship lines, useless characters and bringing the ex-girlfriend back is how SETTV is going to fill up the remaining five eps. Great, now isn’t this going to be a boring drama? Who am I kidding. From the very start it was going to be a boring drama! Really, when a drama has to result to using these tactics, the drama has lost of direction and substance. Actually, the drama had lost all that a LONG LONG LONG time ago and is now resulting to boring and repetitive storylines which does nothing to keep the plot moving forward. Urghhh, I am just so tired and annoyed with the direction of where LA is heading. Where has all the writers gone? Did they just all ditch their job? 

Zhou Zhen tells Daddy Liang that he knows the whole story; no one did it on purpose. He tells him that Mummy Liang shouldn’t have to bear this pain and asks that he bring Mummy Liang to see the doctor he recommended.

Ying Ying arrives at the radio station to get an update on Xiao Shu’s life. She tells Xiao Shu to keep persisting. Furthermore, she will help her to achieve a happy ending with her brother because she is going to confess to Zhe Xuan.

James asks Pei Ni out on a date numerous times but gets rejected each time. She finally gives in and tells him to accompany her to settle a matter and then they can eat dinner.

Pei Ni rushes home to her daughter with James rushing behind her. So now he sees the reason why she rejected his solicitation. She explains that she is a single mother and her eight-year-old daughter, Qian Qian, has metachromatic leukdystrophy (MLD). This is why she does not have any extra time to spend on anything else.

Zhou Zhen secretly watches Xiao Shu head home. She texts him to rest earlier. He then reads through the other messages that she sent earlier. He goes to delete them but decides against it. She texts him again telling him to allow her to do the courting this time. Daddy Liang watches from afar as Zhou Zhen drives away.

Daddy Liang looks at the card of the psychologist Zhou Zhen recommended and thinks about how he just wants the best for Xiao Shu and Mummy Liang. He also thinks back to how he lead to the death of his own son and how this has affected his wife. He sits by his sleeping wife and berates himself for being a weak husband and father for being unable speak of the truth.

Xiao Shu goes to the hotel to give Zhou Zhen some of her mother’s fish soup. She doesn’t believe about him wanting to break-up with her. After Xiao Shu leaves, Zhou Zhen sits alone and thinks about how hard it is for him to leave her.

Ying Ying goes to confess to Zhe Xuan but gets rejected. He explains that just hasn’t quite given up on Xiao Shu yet; he needs more time. So she cries. And returns back to the shop to cry some more. Pei Li comforts her, telling her that at least Zhe Xuan didn’t lie to and isn’t taking her as a replacement for Xiao Shu. After Pei Li’s wise words, she is determined to keep fighting.

Xiao Shu arrives to work and James explains to his colleagues about Pei Ni’s situation. He likes her so he is going to unconditionally accept everything about her. They decide to help Pei Ni out the best that they can.

Fei Li arrives at the station to return Xiao Shu the soup bowl but Jessica thinks he is here to ask her out. As he leaves, he wonders if Jessica has feelings for him.

Zhe Xuan arrives outside Ying Ying’s shop wondering how he should face her after rejecting her. She arrives from behind and taps him on the shoulder. She tells him that being rejected isn’t some kind of end-of-the-world problem; they are still friends. She invites him to go to the library with him, to which he does not object.

Ying Ying wants to research on how to manage a store. Zhe Xuan questions why she is doing this. She replies that she needs a distraction after having a setback in her love life. Ying Ying is trying her best not to fall asleep from reading. Obviously she is just using “research” as an excuse to spend time with Zhe Xuan. She even gets caught with trying to read a book that is upside down.

Granny is missing Xiao Shu so she goes to see Xiao Shu. She even helps Xiao Shu with her plan to see Zhou Zhen.

Zhou Zhen is having lunch with Pei Ni and her daughter when he sees Chen Pin Ying, his ex-girlfriend, has gone blind. He immediately goes to offer to help her but she declines his help. He sees that she is wearing the couple watch which she smashed in the first ep. He gets a call from Fei Li telling him that there is a VIP guest who wants to lodge a complaint and demands to see the manager.

Turns out the VIP guest is Xiao Shu. She snaps a picture of him and sends it to Granny. Zhou Zhen tries his best to distant from her. He learns from Fei Li that this was staged by Granny.

Granny is happen with the deed that she is doing. Her son tells her not to interfere with Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship but she counters that not caring is also a type of caring. She wasn’t interferring with their relationship, she was only giving Xiao Shu a push. However, in the end, it all boils down to faith. The young lovers shouldn’t have to suffer the elders’ mistakes.


My Opinion:

So what’s going on? I seriously cannot stand to watch how draggy Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship has become any more. Ep after ep, we see them still in love with each other but there are reasons that are stopping them from loving one another. I just see the same thing happen over and over again. Their relationship is a game of tug-of-war with Zhou Zhen pushing Xiao Shu away while she tries to pull him towards her. Except, this isn’t a very interesting game to watch.

The ex-girlfriend returns. What, is the drama going to use this to make Xiao Shu jealous and think that this is the reason why Zhou Zhen left her?

Now I don’t even understand this whole “black-and-white” issue. Clearly Daddy Liang is the one in the wrong here yet he goes to screw up his daughter’s happiness just because he doesn’t want reminiscence of the tragic accident. The whole time, Daddy Liang was seen as the “good guy” but now all of a sudden everything turns over. Just what the heck is going on?

Urghhh, I also do not like Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan’s relationship, though if I had to compare it, it is definitely standing better than Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu’s relationship, but not by much. The biggest flaw for me is that I don’t see that Ying Ying has developed any feelings for Zhe Xuan yet she is “in love” with him. She never had any feelings for him but then suddenly she finds that she has fallen for him. What is it that she likes about him? Why does she like him? I am sure she can’t even answer these questions herself.

There is a lot of pointless relationships being played upon here. Most of these are late arrivals or were just being touched upon. These relationships serve no purpose and are just merely here to fill time. The whole story regarding Pei Li is what really bothers me because I do not even understand for her character’s position in the drama. So why are they create some romance line for her? Don’t even get me started on Jessica and Fei Li because their relationship is useless.

Four more weeks till it all ends guys! Four long weeks! I am so ready for this end! Just a word of advice to everyone, drop this drama if you haven’t already (unless you are like me and you have to finish dramas that you start) or don’t even consider touching this drama. Or else you will be in frustration like me.

2 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 16 Recap

  • September 26, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Hi, I did drop this a few weeks back but there is nothing on right now that catches my fancy so I went back and I think despite my frustration I still would like to finish it. I even went back to watch Inborn Pair which I liked so much and Substitute Princess. Anyway, thanks for the recap. Am a fan of Annie and George but my first loves in TWdramas are the 2 Chris’s WU and Wang. God Bless

    • September 26, 2013 at 5:51 pm

      Yeah, I’m only in this so I can finish it. My motivation is to finish what I started.

      Ahahaha, yes, King Flower (AKA Substitute Princess)! Chris Wu <3 <3 <3!

      And to you too! (:


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