2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Nominees

Yesterday, 27th of October, nominees of Taiwan’s annual 48th Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan’s equivalent of America’s Emmy Awards, were announced. There were some unexpected as well as some worthy nominees. Award presenters included last year’s Best Actor, Bolin Chen and Tian Xin from current airing drama/almost finishing drama, A Good Wife. The handsome Bolin was handsome like he always is, though the suit did make him older than his age. The suit is just not flattering on him and the hair, well it looks like he just got out of bed with it. His appearance is lackluster compared to his recent photoshoot for the September 2013 issue GQ. I don’t even know half the drama/drama nominees this year! Anyway, the main drama nominees this year include:

Best Television Series

  • Home 
  • Falling
  • Flavor Of Life
  • The Cursed Mere
  • An Innocent Mistake

Best Leading Actor in a Television Series

  • Vic Zhou (from Home)
  • Lin Jia Wei (from The Cursed Mere)
  • Mo Tzu Yi (from An Innocent Mistake)
  • Jag Huang/Huang Jian Wei (from Falling)
  • Long Shao Hua (from Flavor Of Life)

Best Leading Actress in a Television Series

  • Ding Ye Tiang (from My Summer Adventure)
  • Jade Chou (from Falling)
  • Lin Chen Xi (from An Innocent Mistake)
  • Miao Ke Li (from Flavor Of Life)
  • Nikki Hsieh (from Die Sterntaler)

Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series

  • Ah Xi/Chen Bo Zheng (from Sweet Sweet Bodyguard)
  • Li Li Ren (from Home)
  • Li Chen Xiang/Li Qi Xun (from The Cursed Mere)
  • Johnny Lin (from Love In The Wind)
  • Michael Zhang/Zhang Shao Huai (from Falling)

Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series

  • Albee Huang (from Love Me Or Leave Me (AKA I Rented A Lover))
  • Lv Xue Feng (from Flavor Of Life)
  • Yang Ke Fan (from Flavor Of Life)
  • Ge Li (from Home)
  • Esther Liu (from Falling)

2 thoughts on “2013 48th Golden Bell Awards Nominees

  • September 28, 2013 at 11:30 am

    That is a very interesting list of nominations. I didn’t even know about Vic Zhou’s drama “Home”. T__T I think I need to keep myself more up to speed on the current tw-dramas..

    • September 28, 2013 at 4:33 pm

      Ahahaha, well, Home is a China/Taiwan production so I am not surprised that you don’t know it. Taiwan has branched out quite a lot recently, collaborating with China for numerous productions.


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