Love Around Episode 19 Recap

The follow-up drama has been confirmed but it is in its infancy stages so not much is known about it yet but that means Love Around is coming to an end! I have been waiting for this day for weeks upon weeks. LA has been been confirmed to end at 21 eps but that is 21 eps too long if you ask me! The sooner this end the better that it will be. Love Around has been dragging around for way too long. The storyline has no direction and has reached a deep hole where it cannot pick itself up from except the drama continues to play off this by dragging it on. And this is done by repeating the same scenes again except in a different environment. Ratings have been dropping with this ep reaching the the lowest it has been throughout its run of 1.58. I guess it isn’t just me who is disappointed with this drama.

Watching this ep was very painful. Urghh, and it was one ep spent on the whole issue with Daddy Liang feeling guilt for what he did. Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu are back together again like there has never been any barriers which they had to cross. Urghhh! And can the Zhou siblings please have a relationship without the interference from the older generations? Well, I think I already answered my own question. The answer is no. 

Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen accompany Mummy Liang for grocery shopping. Zhou Zhen has dinner with the Liang family, though Daddy Liang is obviously not happy about it. Mummy Liang is supportive of her daughter dating Zhou Zhen and says that most important thing for two people being together is to mutually care for each other, directing this to Daddy Liang. Daddy Liang lets them know that it was Zhou Zhen who found the psychologist for Mummy Liang. They take some pictures.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu go to print out the pictures and discover that Daddy Liang isn’t smiling in any of the pictures.

Zhe Xuan goes to visit Ying Ying’s shop and discovers that she is still there. He is impressed by her change. He drops her home. Granny Zhou and Daddy Zhou happen to see this and this obviously triggers some thought. They interrogate him and Granny Zhou tries to set him up with her granddaughter.

Mummy Liang wonders if accepting Zhou Zhen means that she has wronged Xiao Kai. Accepting him means that she is accepting Daddy Zhou which means that she is accepting the killer of him. Daddy Liang tells her that she is overthinking it.

Zhou Zhen has a Skype chat with Xiao Shu but closes it as his granny walks in.

Xiao Shu finds her father sitting alone contemplating. He apologises; he has wronged them. She tells him not to speak of it any more; just don’t let Mummy Liang get hurt again. She tells him that she knows all. He tells her how selfish he is for hiding this fact. She comforts him telling him that he only did this because he wanted to protect her mother. She tells him that she will keep this secret for him.

Xiao Shu comes down for breakfast but her father is not home. Mummy Liang tells her that he has gone out for exercising and Xiao Shu finds it weird that he has turned off his phone.

Zhou Zhen comes to drive Xiao Shu to work. He explains to her the situation with Pin Ying. Xiao Shu has no problem with him taking care of Pin Ying. Meanwhile, Mummy Liang calls her husband but no one picks up.

Fei Li manages to ask Jessica out on a “date”. Useless relationship progress. And where has Pei Ni gone? Useless characters.

Mummy Liang calls Xiao Shu and lets her know that she can’t find Daddy Liang. Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen return home to comfort Mummy Liang.

Granny Zhou plays cupid and sets up Ying Ying and Zhe Xuan.

Zhe Xuan arrives to Xiao Shu’s place and wants to help look for Daddy Liang but Mummy Liang tells him not to because he needs rest.

Xiao Shu sends Zhe Xuan off and tells him the truth that her father was the one who caused her brother’s death.


My Opinion:

Need I say more? I guess not. I am sure you all understand how I feel about this by now. Urgh! BORINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

2 thoughts on “Love Around Episode 19 Recap

  • December 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm

    Sorry but ur opinion abt d show sucks. I like dt show becos it is not melodramatic and if u ask me a bit more realistic dt most of the melodramas we have been watching dis past year. The drama shows u ppl wu love each other with a rather realistic problem nt writer imagined problem only

    • December 9, 2013 at 9:18 pm

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I personally did not like the drama and you are more than welcome to enjoy the drama.


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