My Opinion on Two Fathers Episode 68-73

Finally made it to the finish line! Whoop, whoop! What can I say, I loved loved loved every minute of Two Fathers. It took me a while but at least I got there. I don’t think I have ever kept up with such a long running drama but I am glad that I decided to give into this drama because it is totally worth it! This drama is worth all the hours and effort that I put into it. I loved ever moment of it. It is such a warm and light-hearted drama to watch and moreover, it was very well written making every moment a blast to watch. I was quite eerie heading into this drama because it did not fall into a genre that I was familiar with which made me quite scared as to how the drama will play out. Two Fathers is very different to the rom-coms which I know because romance is not the main focus here, but rather the drama is about the family love in the untraditional family consisting of Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young), Wen Zhen Hua (Lin You Wei) and their daughter, Wendy (Le Le).

The biggest question of the drama which has been prevalent throughout the drama is who is the father of Wendy and it has a not-so obvious answer to it. Though, the drama was never about finding out the answer in the first and it never even stepped a foot into discovery of the answer. This is because it had no need to; the question merely served as a factor that brought the untraditional family together. I really enjoyed that Fang Jing Zhu (Megan Lai), Wu Yong Jie (Cherry Liang) and Daddy Tang/Tang Yao Qun (Zhang Guo Zhu) once asked the question but never pushed for the answer when they did not receive a solid one. Whether Zhen Hua or Xiang Xi is the father will not alter their relationship to the fathers. Even though Wendy’s name was changed from being Tang Wen Di to Wen Wen Di, there was no concrete answer that Zhen Hua is her biological father. I didn’t need an answer to it because regardless as to who is her biological father, both Zhen Hua and Xiang Xi will love her just as much. They are both her fathers and they love her very much.

What really allows this drama to stand out from any others is that it is contained in your everyday setting. There is nothing extraordinary about the plot and there certainly wasn’t anything to make you go “wow” upon reading the synopsis; it just follows the life of a family, an untraditional one at that. However, it works because it really emphasises on the relationships formed between each of the characters. It is really in-depth and these relationships are that like what one would see in the real world. There is happiness, upsets, arguments and obstacles for the characters to face and they face it will confidence and bravery. Though, above all else these relationships are formed on a very realistic manner. There wasn’t a force for it to happen, they were just built very naturally as the characters got to know each other more and more. I really appreciated this because it great reflects that of our everyday life, allowing you to really feel the emotions that each of the characters are going through.

I think that this type of growth was especially apparent between Xiang Xi and his father. The formation/re-ignition of their relationship was what really helped to further their family. I really enjoyed watching Xiang Xi and his father clear their misunderstandings between them rekindled their relationship. Interesting, their relationship wasn’t about chasing back the missing time between them but rather it was about pursuing the time ahead of them together and creating memorable memories. This is something that I really loved because it really gives you a different perspective to their relationship allowing you to see that they have a very strong bond between them. They had a misunderstanding between them but that was cleared and they did not even look back to fixing the mistake between them. What was done is the past and cannot be changed so they have to cherish what is ahead of them and they did exactly that. I really liked that Daddy Tang served as a fatherly figure in Zhen Hua’s life. He didn’t have to but he did because Zhen Hua is family to Xiang Xi which makes him family.

I enjoyed the tension with the appearance of Su Wen Wen (Pan Hui Ru) but that quickly died down. It’s not that the drama did not do a great job in developing this obstacle but it was just down-played too soon for my liking. I appreciated the fact that it really allowed for Wendy to come to accept her mother, except it was not in depth enough. Wendy accepted Wen Wen too quickly, I would have liked to see Wendy take more time to accept the fact that she is her mother. Wendy had basically already accepted that Wen Wen is her mother three eps back except that she is yet to address her as “mother”. However, majority of the different relationships were pushed aside in these last few eps to really develop one relationship, i.e. Zhen Hua and Yong Jie’s relationship, for which I am really grateful for.

Stuff you drama for not giving me a solid ending for Zhen Hua and Yong Jie! Stuff you! Why didn’t get the romantic storyline that other pairings followed? I might have appreciated the fact that not everyone has to have a romantic storyline but I out of all the couples, I was most invested into their relationship so I was disappointed that they did not officially end up together. Why? Just why? I just loved loved loved watching them and how they mutually care for each other. These last few eps was dedicated mainly to them and really took it to the next stage by expanding on their relationship. It really showed how much they cared for each other and how much they meant together. He understands her in a way that no one else does and was able to help her to realise what is it that she truly wants. Just why didn’t they end up together!? They made me shed buckets of tears here for unexplainable reasons! Zhen Hua says that he only likes her as a friend but at the last minutes of the ep, there were indications that they were more than that.  I’m not sure where their relationship ended up being as but I know with certainty that Yong Jie is more than just friends to Zhen Hua. For him to accept her as family must mean that he has some sort of romantic liking towards her (just let me think this way even if it may not be the case). Please, just let me live in my world where they are officially happily together as a couple.

Two Fathers does not really have to work in order to create a romantic relationship. This is because the build-up to these relationships are very strong. There is already a strong connection between the characters which makes transitioning to a romantic relationship very smooth. Xiang Xi and Jing Zhu barely had 8 eps dedicated to a romantic relationship but I really felt the love between them. This can all be seen due to the friendship that they firstly developed. This slowly led to them developing feelings and falling for each other. Neither Jing Zhu nor Xiang Xi had to change for one another. They accepted each other for who they are and love every aspect of each other.

I am so glad that Fang Fei Zhu (Zhang Tian Lin) and Jiang Ying Fan (Amanda Chou) finally tie up their relationship. While I liked their courtship, I just needed them to put a ring on it asap because their relationship started to grow draggy after the failed proposal. Fei Zhu just flopped on his bed thinking of ways to make it up to Ying Fan but never taking any action. Well, at least Ying Fan managed to take action and move their relationship up another level.

Two Fathers is one of those rare dramas that made great use of each and every character. Everyone was given adequate screen time to keep the plot moving and they were all given the appropriate development. Each of the characters had a reason of being their there. They weren’t written without a purpose. Every character no matter how big or small their roles had a major impact to the storyline. I also really loved the interactions between each of the characters. Those little steps that they took were big ones to push the story forward.

I really loved the character of Daddy Fang (Liao Jun) who really helped to push forward the relationships of Fei Zhu and Ying Fan as well as Jing Zhu and Xiang Xi. I just loved how he plays matchmaker and manages to embarrass his children. Everything that he did for them is because he loves them. His relationship with Jing Zhu is the best! I absolutely love their interactions. I really enjoy watching them back-talk to each other and neither giving in to each other. Their father-daughter relationship such a cute one!

I cannot get over how good this drama is! Luckily I decided to watch this! I just love it to bits and pieces! The many hours that I spent on it did not go to waste. This drama was very consistent throughout its entire run never faltering to deliver. The pacing of the relationship developments were perfect. It did not go too fast and neither was it draggy, it was just right to create some really natural feelings. I can watch this drama again and again and love it just as much if not more!


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