The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 2 Recap

I am quite enjoying this drama, though it is still in its introductory stages. Both the first and second eps stood as the opening to the whole drama. It brings Yi Kang and An Lei together in a very subtle way. They aren’t thrown together for the sake of creating an OTP but they are thrown together because they share a very similar story. The way that the drama has written out this to be is very well done. An Lei and Yi Kang are going through a similar stage in life and can understand what each is going through. They are both chasing for happiness but yet it is far out of reach for them. By bringing them together, it will allow them to support each other and slowly develop for one another through their similar chase in life.

The drama has made a really good start. I really love how beautifully the characters have been set-up. They are all given an extensive background, and this is especially evident wit An Lei and Yi Kang. They have reached this point in their life and have realised that all they want is happiness. Their world shatters when the discover that the person that they like do not like them. What I really enjoy about An Lei and Yi Kang is that they accept the fact that the ones who they love do not love them back, and aren’t just stuck in a hole depressed over their failed love life. They are moving on with life despite the backlash that they have been handed.The Third Day of Knowing You:

An Lei goes to tell Wei Ting about their agreement when Helen arrives breaking what she was about to say.

Yi Kang goes to pick up a necklace which he especially ordered. He checks his phone and there is still no reply from Helen. He notes that waiting is a a scary feeling. If waiting is part of the road of love, can you guarantee that the result will be a happy one?

An Lei sits herself in the bathroom and berates herself for thinking that Wei Ting would remember their agreement. Any unnatural thoughts will only hurt herself. She goes back out and faces the awkward atmosphere. Wei Ting and Helen are all cutesy with each other while An Lei drowns herself with wine. Helen throws in an In Time With You reference, asking if Wei Ting and An Lei are like Li Da Ren and Cheng You Qing because she doesn’t want to be Maggie.

An Lei absent-mindly makes herself home and doesn’t even stop to listen to what Xiao Yun has to say to her. Waking from a short nap, she heads to the bathroom and lets out her heart thinking that the one behind the showers is Xiao Yun. She sits on the toilet and strips out of her clothes, telling of how bad her day was. Those clothes were her thirtieth birthday present that “he” gave her, and at that time they were still together. Today she wore these clothes to see “him” because she thought she could find her happiness once again. She has really lost; she lost both work and love. At 35, what else can strike her down? What she needs is to accept that “he” doesn’t love her any more.

She leaves while he can finally have a sigh of relief. She returns to retrieve her phone and they both scream at the sight of each other, both scrummaging to cover themselves. He explains that Xiao Yun rented the room to him. She gets evidence after listening to the voice-mail that Xiao Yun left her. The bell rings and she goes to answer it, warning him that before all this is resolved, he is not to leave the bathroom.

Tiffany and Jia Yi has come bearing with gifts in celebration of An Lei’s successful day. Jia Yi makes a dash for the bathroom and there they find Yi Kang. Tiffany turns on the tap and it starts spewing water. Yi Kang goes to fix it and cue awkward moment with Tiffany wrapping a towel to cover his privates.

An Lei tells her friends that despite her rational head, her mind is very irrational. They comfort her telling her that it isn’t her fault. Tiffany finds the cake the Xiao Yun left her which contained a card explaining that she rented the room to Yi Kang. Yi Kang comes in explaining that he fixed the water tap. With some persuasion from Tiffany, An Lei agrees to allow Yi Kang stay for the night.

The girls go out for hot pot. Tiffany gives An Lei two choices: to start a war reclaiming her job and boyfriend or to resign. Tiffany tells that fate is unpredictable and states this by giving her a metaphor of the different degrees of boiling a taro. An Lei wonders if fate can be kept at the optimal temperature?

An Lei spends the night at Tiffany’s. Tiffany uses An Lei’s phone to invite Wei Ting out for coffee tomorrow.

Yi Kang continues to send e-mails to Helen. He wakes and finds a note from An Lei allowing him to stay for two weeks. He checks his e-mail and finally gets a reply from Helen. She tells him that she changed her number and asks to meet.

Yi Kang preps himself up to meet Helen.

An Lei tells Wei Ting that the meeting yesterday was too sudden and she forgot to remind him not to hurt Helen. He tells her that he won’t because he is earnest and tells her that she still remembers their agreement. However, he goes on to tell her that she deserves better than him; he has hurt her too much. He is grateful for being able to have her as a friend. So this time, he will not hurt Helen. And as her friend, he wants to see her with her own happiness.

Helen reminds Yi Kang of stapler of his design that he especially left for her. He asks her if she remembers the necklace with a puzzle pendant that she lost. He goes to tell her that if someone could help her solve that piece of the puzzle… She cuts him short and tells her that she has already found that person and that person is her reason for returning to Taipei. He hides the necklace that he was going to give her.

An Lei comes home to find Yi Kang drinking. She asks him that didn’t he say that he could not drink? He replies that he has no option; his condition is like her condition yesterday. He left everything to return to Taiwan all for “her” but it all did not come on time. He starts to cry and she really listens to his story. Back when they were overseas, he had the chance to confess to “her” but he was not brave enough to do so. She agrees that being a friend in from of the person that you like has the best masking effect and it is very difficult to remove this effect.

An Lei and Yi Kang releases their sullen mood over champagne. They thank each other for listening to each other’s miseries. Meanwhile Helen and Wei Ting are all cutesy with each other, teasing each other through the phone.

Yi Kang tells An Lei that he was happy seeing “her” smile but now he feels very sullen knowing that “she” is smiling for someone else. She questions how “she” can smile, isn’t she dead? He explains that he is in a situation that she is in; “she” loves someone else. He tells An Lei that he is very upset; if only he could have gave the necklace to “her” then the outcome would be very different. He drunkenly gives An Lei the necklace. She refuses to accept it but he persists and when he shows sign of puking, she reluctantly accepts it. He pukes on the way to the bathroom anyway.

Looking at the necklace causes An Lei to recall the time when Wei Ting gifted her with a necklace that he handmade.

Helen is not happy with the figures for a particular product and questions An Lei about this. An Lei explains the reasons behind this but Helen really wants this product on the market.

An Lei goes to write a letter to Chairman Shen about how she cannot stand his daughter but is stopped by handing the letter on by her colleagues. They take her out for lunch. Helen arrives but everyone departs and refuses allowing her to join them.

Simon realises that something is up with An Lei and asks if Helen has put up a game. An Lei recalls back to how she gave in to Helen’s ideas. She also imagines herself in Helen’s position and the light shining from her. Helen tells An Lei that she is so diligient because she wants to prove to her parents that it is Wei Ting who changed her. She is confused as to whether Helen is her enemy. She goes to leave and finds Helen working overtime. Once again she imagines her diligent self in Helen’s position.

An Lei returns home to find Yi Kang fixing her bedroom door. She tells him that it is best that they keep their distance.

Wei Ting finds An Lei to ask for her advice to help him purchase a necklace. He informs that he is going to meet the parents tonight.

Mummy Shen seems to like Wei Ting but Daddy Shen does not and questions whether he can give happiness to his daughter, especially with his incompetent job.

Helen tells Wei Ting not to worry about what her parents think and be himself but he tells her that if he does that he won’t be good enough for her.

An Lei almost gets off at the wrong stop but luckily Yi Kang was there to remind her.

An Lei gets a visitor – Wei Ting.


My Opinion:

It is very nice to be able to see characters like An Lei and Yi Kang because they are characters who have something to chase for in life. They aren’t asking for something that is hard out reach and there isn’t some sort of obstacles stopping them from this chase. It is just that they have yet to encounter this happiness that they are both after. I just love how they are brought together because of their common relationship misery. I just love seeing the differences and similarities between the way that they face this. They both are really keen on falling in love and having the one that they love love them back. But hey will help each other through this and by doing so they will find the happiness they are after. I am excited to see how this unfolds and how their similarities/differences will bring them to each other.

I don’t find Tony Yang and Sonia Sui striking it off at the chemistry department but they do make a very solid pairing. I am certain the chemistry will really kick it in once the drama really starts to roll but right now they are building up their characters and relationship. Tony and Sonia might not be sizzling with chemistry right now but I am really loving their interactions with each other. Both Tony and Sonia are exceptional actors and are selling it as Yi Kang and An Lei respectively. Due to this, it makes it so much easier for them to warm up to each other. You can really see that they are cosying up with each other the more you see them interact with each other. However, Yi Kang seems quite lacking in character in comparison to An Lei right now. I am just waiting for some explosive character development from him which will really move their relationship up to the next level.

The creativeness evident in this drama is one-of-a-kind; I am absolutely loving it, especially with the ITWY flair! From the random 3D words that pop up to An Lei’s imagination, they all help to portray the overall feeling across on-screen. I love this because it accentuates these feelings and gets across in ways more than one, so that it not just centred for the characters to carry across.

I am ready for the drama to really move on from this sullen stage to allow for Yi Kang and An Lei to start their chase towards each other. (:

5 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 2 Recap

  • October 24, 2013 at 1:58 am

    You’re right there hasn’t been much romantic chemistry between Tony and Sonia, but I really enjoyed all of their scenes together in episode 2! The bathroom encounter and getting drunk together were funny and you can feel they’re getting comfortable around each other already. 🙂

    I hope we get to know more about Yi Kang soon too! Why he thinks Helen is the one for him. Similarly, although they showed some flashbacks into An Lei and Wei Ting’s past, I don’t really see why she wants to get back with him?

    • October 24, 2013 at 6:28 pm

      Yep, they are really selling their characters!

      I think that’s because Wei Ting has been the only guy who has been in and out of her life. He was the only one who has made her heart jump a beat.

  • October 25, 2013 at 11:21 am

    I really like the point you made at the beginning about how Lei Lei & Yi Kang are not together just to be the OTP. I’m glad that even though we know they’re the OTP, it’s not like they are ‘fated to be together’ since ep1. It’s not like they fall in love at first sight and suddenly start having tons of shippy scenes. Their chemistry is more moderate, if you will, but I think it’s because they are not even friends yet, lol. I can’t wait to see them becoming friends and eventually the OTP! 😀

  • November 13, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Really liked that someone is recapping this. Surprise of the season for me so far. Watching the 4 ep marathon and while I wasn’t impressed at first, I looking forward to developments.

    • November 13, 2013 at 9:15 am

      Awww, no worries! But my recapping will have to go on hiatus for a while since I need to study for my exams. I heard ep 5 is really good!


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