Love Around Episode 21 Recap

At long last it has finally come to an end! I have been waiting for this day for a very long time! Weeks and months actually!

This was a wasted ep with a very rushed ending. The pieces didn’t gel together and people who had hardly had any development on their relationship all of a sudden end up together. Seriously, the drama just tried to glue bits and bobs that do not match together. Well, this was not one hour of my life wasted but also 21 weeks live-watching it.

Just a word of advice, do not attempt to watch this drama if you haven’t done so already because it will do you no good.

Fei Li and Jessica flirt with each other with having lunch at the Family Mart. Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu arrive. Fei Li and Jessica quickly separate and clarify to Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu they are not dating. They pack and make their leave one after the other. Zhou Zhen tells Xiao Shu that he is going to accompany Pin Ying to visit the doctors and she is very open about it.

Xiao Shu arrives to work and sees James enjoying lunch with Pei Ni and Qian Qian like a family. Zhe Xuan arrives to take a look at her accounts. She informs him that her parents want to get a divorce but they won’t see each other so the issue of divorce can be pushed to the side. Zhe Xuan looks over at Pei Ni, Qian Qian and James speaks and Xiao Shu tells him that even though his parents divorced, that does not mean that he won’t be a good husband and father. He replies that he needs to meet that special someone first. Xiao Shu tells him that there is someone right before his eyes: Ying Ying. He should give her a chance if he also feels the same way.

After visiting the doctors with Pin Ying, Zhou Zhen informs her that he reconciled with Xiao Shu. This news dampens her mood.

Zhou Zhen goes to pick up Xiao Shu. She wonders if her mother misses her father since she misses Zhou Zhen when she has not seen him for the day. She decides that things will sort itself out when her parents meet again.

Zhou Zhen, Xiao Shu, Mummy Liang, Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying are out having a picnic. Turns out that today is Ying Ying’s birthday. Zhou Zhen, Xiao Shu and Mummy Liang deliberately go for a walk leaving Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying alone. Zhe Xuan presents Ying Ying a gift. She opens it and discovers a calculator. He tells her that he gave her this because in his eyes she is a very special girl.

Xiao Shu and Zhou Zhen deliberately walk Mummy Liang to the place where Daddy Liang is currently staying. However, despite Xiao Shu telling her mother that she knows of how much she misses her father, Mummy Liang can’t bring herself to even see Daddy Liang.

Granny Zhou thinks that the best way for Xiao Shu’s parents to reconcile is that she gets married to Zhou Zhen. Her parents will both come to the wedding and then they will have to talk to each other.

Zhou Zhen takes Xiao Shu home. She tells her mother that she is going to get married, much to the surprise of Zhou Zhen. Her mother is fully supportive of this but isn’t any more once she hears that Xiao Shu wants Daddy Liang to walk her down the aisle. Xiao Shu tells her mother that she can wait for her approval before she gets married.

When Zhou Zhen arrives home Daddy Zhou and Granny Zhou are quick to initiate a celebration for the happy news. However, Zhou Zhen is not so sure since this is only for show. Granny Zhou tells him to make this show a reality.

Daddy Zhou pays a visit to Daddy Liang. He apologises and the two make amends.

Xiao Shu continually opens up wedding things with hopes to get her mother to change her mind.

Here comes everyone’s happy ending:

James, Pei Ni and Qian Qian leave for America so that Qian Qian’s illness can be treated.

Ying Ying has matured into a diligent business lady who is sophisticated. She and Zhe Xuan start dating.

Jessica and Fei Li officially start dating but Jessica doesn’t want their relationship to be revealed.

Pin Ying’s eye surgery is successful. Xiao Shu can see that Pin Ying still has feelings for Zhou Zhen so she has a talk with her. She tells her that she is not afraid that she will take away Zhou Zhen from her because after all that she has been through with Zhou Zhen, nothing can tear them apart.

Xiao Shu continues her plan to get her mother to re-accept her father.

Pin Ying visits Zhou Zhen. All that Zhou Zhen can talk about is Xiao Shu. She then goes to meet Xiao Shu. She recalls her visit to Zhou Zhen. She sets her watch (which Zhou Zhen gave her) to tick again and tells Xiao Shu that she is ready to move on.

Mummy Liang finally gives in to allow Xiao Shu to get married the way she wants to. She phones Zhou Zhen about this good news.

Zhou Zhen officially proposes to Xiao Shu and she accepts.

Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu gets married at the church of Zhou Zhen’s hotel with both of her parents in attendance. She throws the bouquet and her mother catches it. Her parents both smile at each other. Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu ring the bell together.

“Before, the world that I know only consisted of black and white as well as mistakes. After meeting love, I realised that life does not need this but understanding and tolerance.”


My Opinion:

Well, by now you should all know my thoughts on this. And it’s has not been a very positive one. This drama is a big big big disappointment. Not only did it have Annie Chen and George Hu playing a couple, but it also followed on from its successful sister drama, Love, Now, which also starred Annie and George as the lead. Love Around was lacking in all departments regardless of which direction you look at it. The writing suffered the most. The plot made no sense and was very weak even from its infancy stages. It is supposed to be about the line that divides the black world from the white world but that was certainly what was brought on-screen. It tried to touch on this topic but I just didn’t see how. This topic was supposed to be a barrier for Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu to overcome but it quickly deviated from that and became one for the parents to overcome. I thought Zhou Zhen and Xiao Shu were the focus here?

Furthermore, a lot of the relationships were really under-developed but the drama just forcibly glued them together anyway. This is most predominantly present between Zhe Xuan and Ying Ying. Tell me, since when did they develop feelings for each other? I don’t mind dramas where the ending has a voice-over summing up each character’s ending, but if they throw in a relationship like that you would expect them to have some sort of feelings for each other for it to work.

I have said this numerous times but I just don’t see the chemistry between Annie and George. They can show their chemistry way better than this; I am certain of this. I did not see the love between them and nor did I feel their feelings for each other. I expected to see great things from them but for some reason that chemistry just never came out. I understand that their characters really limited what they could show but for them being capable actors as well as having demonstrated their chemistry in previous collaborations, this is a huge disappointment. They could have done so much more to lift up their characters and show their chemistry.

This was just a very big disappointment. I am disappointed with myself for having even picked it up! I’m just glad that it has finally ended though it was just 21 eps way too long if you ask me! Thanks to those who have been on this journey with me and endured through my pain and especially thanks to those who have given very supportive encouragement. If you have managed to stick around then I am very proud of you because it was a struggle for me to get through this! Just don’t recommend this to anyone.

I shall see you guys on my next journey! For now, please watch some good dramas! (:

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  • November 2, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    Thank you for the recaps XD. It’s been a long trip, but I’m glad we finished it (not so sure about having started it).

  • November 7, 2013 at 11:22 pm

    Congratulations!!! You deserve a medal for finishing recapping this drama!!!


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