The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 4 Recap

I think this is going to have to be my last recap for a while at least. Busy busy RL means that I will not have that much time to devote to writing recaps. Though, rest assure, things will be back up to speed once my holidays kicks around! (: Yay! But for now, RL is my focus. I’ve got to study, study, study! Then I can drama, drama, drama! However, you can all talk to me through twitter @misscupcakees. (: Look forward to seeing you all there!

Things are finally moving up now! I am really enjoying this drama. With each ep, there are more and more chemistry between Sonia Sui and Tony Yang. Their chemistry isn’t there yet but it just builds with each ep. I actually really enjoying seeing this growth because it allows you to actually witness two people coming to love each other. But it is not just because of this, they are just very comfortable with each other which makes their relationship a sweet one to watch.

I felt like this ep is starting to pick up pace. The introductory parts are finally over and now An Lei and Yi Kang can really allow themselves to fall for each other. This drama is based on finding happiness and at last An Lei and Yi Kang has moved past from just lamenting over their failure love lives. They have actually taken the initiative to take the first step into finding their happiness. Furthermore, now there is more development between An Lei and Yi Kang which is what I was most excited to see. They are what makes this drama so the more of them the better! This drama is growing more and more enjoyable with subsequent eps and for this ep ratings cracked through 1 which is quite an achievement. If it continues this way it shall break 2 very soon.

I am really enjoying the subtleness of this drama. There isn’t anything that happens too suddenly but at the same time what happens isn’t unexpected. There also isn’t anything about it that makes you anticipate for the next ep. Rather, it is just a nice weekly dose of drama to get home to. You don’t have to think much because the characters does the thinking for you. You unleash themselves and you get to be their to see this happen. I don’t know, but The Pursuit of Happiness is a drama that doesn’t need attachment. You only have to watch and everything will fall into place. And this is why this drama is such a good watch for me.

Come On! Ally! The First Day:

Yi Kang is at Tiffany’s spa resort having a nice resort. He is enjoying he peace and thinks about how if the person accompanying by his side is not the one he loves then he would rather stay alone. An Lei is also thinking about her peace but lately someone has been disturbing this peace and wonders if she perhaps doesn’t enjoy her peace as much?

Tiffany and Jia Yi set An Lei with men who fit her criteria but she doesn’t bat them an eye. Jia Yi tells her that since she only has eyes for Wei Ting then she should take up Tiffany’s advice. She just tells them that as long as when she grows old she won’t be alone in her family portrait then all is okay. They tells her not to worry; she won’t be alone because no matter what they will always be her family.

Wei Ting goes to pick up Helen and takes her on board as the very first passenger to his new car that he bought. The two are all cutesy with each other and he promises to be her personal driver. She marks the passenger seat as her by smothering her scent all over it.

Wei Ting wants to go on a date but Helen declines because An Lei has taken two sick days off even though she doesn’t seem sick leaving her with a pile of work to get through. She tells him not to forget take care of his best friend now that he has a girlfriend.

So Wei Ting purposely goes to check up on An Lei. He waits for her to arrive home. When she does, he leans in…to check her temperature. He confirms that she is not sick but smelling of alcohol. She admits that she isn’t sick; it is only an excuse. He understands that it is because of Helen and tells her that she doesn’t have to explain. He goes on to tell her that she is one of the most important people in her life.

Wei Ting offers to take An Lei for a ride in his new car as his first friend. She is shocked about this move. He explains that since he has decided to settle down, after getting a house he needs a car. She sits on the passenger seat and senses Helen’s perfume. She asks him if he is sure that she is his first passenger. He replies that she is his first passenger as a friend. On this, she tells him that she has a lot of work to do and is not up for the trip any more.

An Lei returns home and find sketches of naked people as well as voice recording of some uncanny sounds. Her thinking obviously runs wild. She confronts Yi Kang about this asking him if he has accepted a porno job? He laughs and replies that he is. He tells her that they are lacking a female lead and asks if she is interested. Her jaw just drops. He laughs it off and explains that this is for the job he accepted at Tiffany’s spa resort and that the recording were what he recorded during a treatment visit. She asks him if he is really going to accept the job? He tells her that he probably will since has has yet to find a job and a home. She replies that it is ashame; if he had accepted Helen’s offer then this would not be a problem. He asks her why she wants him to work a company that she is about to quit?

An Lei musters up the courage and tells him once and for all. She wants to be a lion but she is only a weak antelope. He doesn’t understand. She explains that this means he is her enemy. If only he had successfully pursued Helen then she would have lived happily ever after with Wei Ting. His is not happy that she is blaming him for her own unhappiness. However, she counters that she is only encouraging him so that he can fix this mistake. This way he will be able to help as well as help himself. She is about to tell him about her grand plan when she receives a call from work telling her that their proposal is to be changed.

It’s nearing the launch of the new product but Helen has scraped all ideas and came up with something new. Her colleagues are unhappy with the sudden change but An Lei soundly says that they should go with what their manager suggested. Simon points out that they don’t have a designer on their team but An Lei has a person in mind.

An Lei invites Yi Kang out for lunch. He makes her buy lunch as well as meet her in the shoddy and hideous apartment.

He tries to gain her sympathy to not kick him out by pinpointing how crap this apartment is but he has no choice but to move since his landlord is shooing him out. Meanwhile she tries to warm him up to accept her offer to work at her company but he shoots it down. He points out that she is going to resign soon but she counters that if he comes to the company she might change her mind about resigning. She will clear out a spare bedroom for him. Furthermore, if they join forces to work together, they will both be able to chase after their happiness, and this opportunity will increase the chances that he gets to see Helen.

He tells her that he never knew that she was such a person; one who cannot face reality. He ends if telling her that he cannot agree with her ways. Oh! She tells him that she doesn’t need his agreement and warns him not to coming crying to her saying that he regrets all this when he sees Helen and Wei Ting walking down the aisle together. She insults him that he is not worth Helen. He shows her the exit. She continues to insult him and the house before she leaves.

The biffles go for a tango class. Tiffany successfully scores a date with her dance instructor while Jia Yi has plans with her husband. An Lei on the other hand, only has her empty house as her date. So her best friends surprises her by pushing their dates away to accompany her. Awwww!

An Lei goes home to find the necklace from Wei Ting that she thrown out on the table, courtesy of Yi Kang. She confronts him about this and he tells her that he thought that she mistakenly threw it out. He tells her that he is going to move out on the weekends so he won’t butt himself in her affairs any more. LOL, the two then get into a fight. Can these two ever have a normal conversation? She calls him weak while he tells her that this is better than using uncanny methods.

An Lei looks at her reflection and wonders if this is really bad? However her reflection tells her otherwise; whether she is a bad woman or not is not the question. The important thing is not to die alone. She completely agrees with her reflection.

An Lei tells Helen that the person she invited can’t come. Simon then comes with news that the lecturer for the day of the event has dropped out and it is just too short of a notice to hire anyone else.

An Lei solves the problem but persuading Wei Ting to take on the job, telling him that Helen probably had him in mind while writing up the proposal. Furthermore, he will be doing Helen a favour. (So, what exactly is Wei Ting’s job?)

An Lei is out having a foot massage with Jia Yi. Jia Yi wonders how luring Wei Ting to work for his girlfriend will help her get him? She replies that this will allow Wei Ting know that she could accomplish something that his girlfriend couldn’t.

Helen invites Yi Kang out for drinks. She brings along a love charm which he personally made and gave her. She tells him that it must have worked because she met Wei Ting soon afterwards. Yi Kang thinks about how he made an identical one for himself which is filled with secrets that he wants to tell her. She tells him that she wants to buy this idea. The product that she wants to launch, Love Plus, is based on travel. She explains that travellers loves to buy charms because in it contains happiness. Furthermore, she not only wants to purchase his idea but she also wants his help.

After a few pleas, Yi Kang agrees to her offer. He wonders why he decided to stay far away from her yet he agreed to her request.

Yi Kang gets to work right away. An Lei returns home unhappy that her expensive sushi was unable to persuade him yet Helen’s drink was able to do so. He claims that he merely just wants to do Helen a favour but An Lei tells him that they are both heading in the same direction. Using The Wizard Of Oz for an analogy, he tells her that the characters were going in the same direction but wanted different things. And that is the difference between them; she wants Wei Ting but he only wants Helen’s happiness.

Helen invites Wei Ting out to thank him for accepting the job. She tells him that she is jealous that An Lei is able to accomplish what she couldn’t. He admits that he and An Lei are so close because An Lei was his ex-girlfriend. She doesn’t get mad and instead tells him that she knew since their first meeting. He asked her why didn’t she ask him about it and she tells him that he didn’t tell her so that means that she doesn’t need to know about it. He starts to explain that he didn’t mean it that way but she cuts him short and speaks in English telling him that he is very open and honest. So if she is selfish then this means that she does not deserve to be loved. He then speaks in English and they have their flirts with each other.

The whole team listen ask Yi Kang shows them his designs. They all approve of it and even An Lei likes his designs.

Work gets under way. Yi Kang and An Lei occasionally steal glances at each other. Awwww! Yi Kang hasn’t moved out yet so I am assuming that he has become An Lei’s permanent housemate. Meanwhile, Yi Kang’s seedlings are growing!

An Lei goes to check up on Yi kang the day before the launch. She is extremely tired as she hasn’t slept for days for this launch. He goes to give her some worthy advice but she doesn’t hear of it. Instead she tells him that his product is worth a pass mark and he is very delighted to hear of this. She tells him that she still has to return to the venue and he comments that she must really love her work so it must have been impulsiveness about quitting.

An Lei reminds Yi Kang about his mention of The Wizard Of Oz and how the characters were all different. He apologises, telling her that everyone has a different attitude when facing love so he has no right to criticise her. He teases her calling her “Little Auntie” and putting on his sweet face. She just gives him and look which says she has forgiven him.

An Lei goes to check on the goods when she falls down the stairs.

An Lei is at the hospital and gets lots of visitors since Yi Kang altered them all. She insists on going back to work but everyone tells her to just rest. She has no choice but to listen to her superior.

An Lei is at home  watching TV. She has sent away her friends and wonders what is left to do now that she has no work? She’s hungry and goes to make food, except her fridge is bare save for two limes and a can of something. She lies on her bed and laments about eating her dog. Her dog is so cute! Then Yi Kang comes delivering with food.

He very sweetly helps her to wipe her lips and scoop out soup since her arm is injured. She asks him why he thought of buying her food. He replies that when he went to buy a midnight snack, he thought of someone who’s probably also hungry. He asks if she is still mad since she has not accepted his apology? He tells her that their two weeks as housemates (only!? Well, that was a very fast project!) has created some veer happy moments. Even though they were initially at odds against each other but he still thanks her for letting him stay.

He apologises again for judging her since only she would know of how much Wei Ting means to her. He encourages to let Wei Ting know of her intentions so that she won’t have regrets. Even after failure one must continue to move on. He tells her that no matter what she must not forget what she is worth. She sneers and tells him that he has only know her for two weeks. He tells her that he can really read people and she gets him to tell her what type of person she is. He tells her that on the outside she has a prickly shell but on the inside she is actually very soft, like tofu. She thinks one way but acts in another. She replies that this in an incorrect description. To prove his correctness, her tells her that her eyes says all but her mouth speaks in another direction.

She questions what should she do if she is really such a person. He tells her that she needs to find a person where she can be herself in front of him. (Well, I guess the person is sitting right beside her). He isn’t sure if Wei Ting is this person but he is sure that she will be able to find the one for her. He tells her to sleep early since he will be taking her to the check-up tomorrow.

The next day An Lei notes that sometimes the synonyms for “peace” is known as ease of mind. However, the former her has yet to perceive this type of ease of mind.


My Opinion:

I enjoyed this episode way better than the previous three. I just feel that this ep was pumped full of substance. It really emphasised on the different views towards love that An Lei and Yi Kang have. They both want to find love but they view this in a very different way. An Lei wants Wei Ting for her own happiness while Yi Kang just wants to see Helen happy. They each have a different approach towards happiness but in the end they want a happiness that will make them happy. Yi Kang is happy if Helen is happy but An Lei wants Wei Ting to be happy. This can be seen as a selfish endeavour act by both depending on which side you look at it but this is only because the ones they love do not love them back. Only if two people mutually love each other will that not be a selfish act.

I am really enjoying the growth between Yi Kang and An Lei. I actually find their bickering amusing to watch. This is because this shows of them growing closer to one another. They are starting to understand each other and in doing so they will be slowly finding themselves falling for each other. It’s cute to see how Yi Kang always gets An Lei mad, which shows that he understands her.

One of my favourite aspects from the ep was when Yi Kang asked for An Lei’s forgiveness (twice). I just found that it was very heart-warming to see him acknowledge that he wronged her. He sincerely apologised for having no right to critique her and he even put on his innocent face! Afterwards, he even bought her food and wiped her lips for her and thanked her for letting him stay here. They have their heart-to-heart talk and they come to a mutual understanding with each other. Yi Kang is just so sweet; An Lei would be crazy not to realise that he is the one for her!

Helen and Wei Ting are the people who tries to get on your nerves, excepts they don’t. Just seeing them act all nicely and thoughtfully makes them want to get on my nerves but because of this they just don’t. You know that feeling? They have no intentions of harming the OTP (hopefully) but they are the reason why An Lei and Yi Kang are on a pursuit of happiness. I want to see some Helen and Wei Ting have some tension rather than them just being all cute with each other.

Aside from romance, another type of relationship that I love to watch is friendship. A strong friendship can really help to push forward the lead to allow them to reach their full potential. Tiffany and Jia Yi aren’t just bystanders watching An Lei but instead they are there for her when she needs it. They give her their support, encouragement and advice. I think this close bond between the ladies is what makes their relationship so fun to watch. I just love watching their mutual support for each other. Tiffany and Jia Yi even purposely pushed away their dates in order to accompany An Lei. That’s what true friends are all about! I just hope that we get to see An Lei show her support to her besties.

From what I see with this drama, it has a long way to go before the OTP actually gets together. I am more keen on seeing them grow to understand as each other than just seeing them paired up together, because in the end it is watching them chase for their own happiness that makes their characters so endearing to watch.

4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 4 Recap

  • November 8, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    I totally agree! I really enjoy watching them bicker and fight, and how it’s Yi Kang that surrenders first and admits to being wrong. That subtle show of understanding without dressing his character up to be something ‘too great’ if that’s the way to describe it, makes him feel a little more real.

    • November 9, 2013 at 9:44 pm

      I know! He is such a cutie! Yepp, I totally agree! I just like that we get to see him grow and understand An Lei.

      • November 9, 2013 at 11:41 pm

        Haha I think Tony Yang is going to kill me with his cuteness, he’s so innocent it’s hard not to find him endearing.

        I’m glad we’re getting to see all of their thought processes, it actually helps them make sense, even a character like Hai Lun.

        • November 10, 2013 at 10:49 am

          Yepp! Isn’t he just! LOL, in ep 2 or 3, when Tiffany asked him to enter her name on his phone as sex-sex-sex, he just gave her a poker face!

          Me too! I really like that this helps to bring our OTP closer together.


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