The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 7 Recap

This ep marks the point for An Lei and Yi Kang to move on after their failed confessions, more so for An Lei than for Yi Kang. For 15 years, An Lei has loved Wei Ting but in the time frame of a night, she has to let go of her feelings for him. It is not something easy to do but she is learning to move on. She knows more than any one that Wei Ting will not and cannot love her the way that she loves him. This is more than enough of an indication to tell her to move on, though she is having difficulty peeling herself off from this 15 years of love. What I love about An Lei here is that while she tries to remain strong in front of the people around her. She pretends that she is alright and handling all this really well but she breaks down into tears when she is around Yi Kang. When she is with him, she is able to show him her true self and he won’t judge. He will help and support regardless of what happens. He can see through he true colours and despite that, he still remains by her side helping her to deal with her ordeal.

This ep dropped down remarkably from the intense and emotional ep 6 giving in lots of scenes of An Lei and Yi Kang to be together. However, I can’t say that I am too happy about this. I want to see more of An Lei and Yi Kang but there were some parts which felt pushed and unnatural. Ever since the start, An Lei and Yi Kang has had a very swift friendship and just when I thought that we could it slowly progress into love, the writers decide to put in some forced action. I can see where the writers are getting at but it would be better for An Lei and Yi Kang if their relationship comes naturally.

Though, in saying all this, the drama is doing a decent job in showing us the pursuit of happiness for the characters. This is something that I really appreciate because it is already halfway into the drama and this theme is progressing on really well. 

The First Day Of Having You By My Side: 

This ep starts off a bit differently to the previous eps. An Lei apologises to Wei Ting for the trouble that she has caused him. He tells her that he has caused her more trouble. She has wasted 15 years on him. She tells him that it wasn’t a waste because he was the shining star in her life. He was the one who allowed her to feel that she is worth being loved. He replies that his presence was a hindrance to her but she answers that she was the one who made the decision to keep him by her side. When Helen arrived, he entered a new page in life but she was very selfish hoping that nothing has changed.

An Lei tears up. Wei Ting tells her that during his time of stray, she made him feel at home and never lonely. She replies that it is ashame that she is not the force for him to stay. He tells her that he really really loves Helen. She answers that it seems like their best opportunity and time has really passed. Her tears grow heavier and she tells him that her love for him ends right at this moment. He will forever be her best friend. She turns and walks away balling with tears.

Yi Kang waits for An Lei as she comes sobbing to him. He takes her for a ride. Meanwhile, Helen, who happened to overhear the conversation, walks towards Wei Ting and pulls him into a hug, telling him that she knows without a doubt that he loves her. She tells him that they need not care about her father’s approval but he doesn’t her to have a fallout with her family because of him. He will work harder to earn her father’s approval.

Yi Kang takes An Lei on a very breezy ride. They spend the night at the beach. It’s morning and An Lei finally has the mood for talk. He lets her know that he was able to confess to listening Helen because of her courage. They can only move on after letting go and start anew after going through this pain. However, she hasn’t completely let go of Wei Ting just yet. He continues to comfort her telling her that she is much braver than what he thought. He tells her that for his punishment of misjudging her, he will be her electrician and plumber for two months, which earns a smile from her.

An Lei questions Yi Kang if this means that he has said good-bye to his love for Helen. He replies that he doesn’t know yet. He recalls back to the time back in New Zealand when Helen especially prepared some pig feet for him. She gave him a very sweet smile. He tells An Lei that he wants to see Helen smile but the only person who can get her to smile is Wei Ting. She questions if this means that he has decided to let go? He replies that he is fulfilling.

Wei Ting tells An Lei that he has planted some seeds but he does not know what they will blossom out to be but regardless of what they will grow out to be, he will accept it. She tells him that if it was her, she would clearly state down what she planted in each pot. He tells her that this means that there will be less expectations and surprise. She agrees but this means that you can avoid a lot of misunderstanding and disappointment. She realises that if this was the case for love, it will make things harder for one’s self. He tells her that if she can smile while accepting Helen and Wei Ting, then this is what is called fulfilment.

An Lei is watching television when Yi Kang leans in… and questions what is on her head. She gives her head velcro for him to investigate.

The door rings. Yi Kang goes to open it and there appears An Lei’s elder sister who is in Taipei for a wedding and has decided to check-up on her little sister. An Lei’s sister wonders what Yi Kang is doing at her sister’s house so late at night. He goes to reply but An Lei cuts in explaining that he is her man who she thinks she can have a future with. Both An Lei’s sister and Yi Kang are just as shocked to hear this. While An Lei’s sister was distracted, An Lei gives Yi Kang some cute hand action explaining what just happened.

An Lei pulls Yi Kang to his room and tells him to hide there. She begs for Yi Kang to help pretend that he is her boyfriend so that her sister would stop setting her up on blind dates. He can only agree to help.

Yi Kang tried his best to stay hidden in the bathroom but couldn’t hold it any more and tiptoed to the bathroom. An Lei’s sister tells An Lei that she will take care of the blind dating business. She heads to the bathroom to go to the toilet. Yi Kang moves like lightening and hid behind the shower curtains. An Lei’s sister asks An Lei if she farted and An Lei can only take the blame. An Lei’s sister questions An Lei if she and Yi Kang have seen each other each other’s naked body, been so close to the point that she can feel his breath or whether she has been so close that she has felt his body heat. Both An Lei and Yi Kang think back to the times when all of this has happened.

After An Lei’s sister leaves the bathroom, Yi Kang tiptoes back to his room while pinching his nose and diffusing the smell. This scores him a punch from An Lei.

An Lei’s sister wakes up earlier than An Lei. She hears some snoring sound coming from the other room and finds Yi Kang sleeping there. An Lei wakes and finds Yi Kang eating a very frivolous breakfast. He shows her the note that her sister left, telling her that be brave. Being loved is a lucky thing. She doesn’t have to hide the fact that she is already living with Yi Kang.

Yi Kang presents An Lei four boxes filled with a seedlings. He tells her to choose one. She recalls back to her previous conversation with him and wonders if she can still smile and face whatever comes at her.

At work, Helen asks An Lei to come out for a talk. Helen tells her that she heard her conversation with Yi Kang. She pulls An Lei into a hugged, apologises and thanks her. She asks if they can still be friends and An Lei tells her if only she wants to. Helen gives her another hug.

Wei Ting bumps into An Lei’s sister and she informs him that Yi Kang and An Lei are dating.

Jia Yi and Tiffany are waiting for An Lei to finish work so that they can go sing karaoke. Jia Yi is having some problems with her husband and refuses to return home. She suspects her husband of having an affair. As they go to leave, a masked man comes up from behind and grabs An Lei. The thief have the three ladies tied up while he takes off with some of their things.

Jia Yi and Tiffany tear up while An Lei remains strong. Jia Yi blames herself for not trusting her husband which landed them in this position. If they died here tonight, she would not be able to see her future husband nor apologise or thank her husband. Tiffany is afraid that she might not have the chance to tell Ah Tai that she loves him. Just when all hope is lost, Jia Yi’s husband comes and saves them.

When the police statements are being taken, An Lei wonders what would she want to do most and who would she want to see most if today was her last day on earth.

The four of them go to karaoke. Jia Yi and her husband have made amends. He tells her that he will never leave her alone again. Tiffany makes Jia Yi’s husband promise that he will cherish Jia Yi. Ah Tai arrives and Tiffany throws herself into his comfort. An Lei wishes to her best friends eternal happiness. She then drinks and sings alone while all her friends have someone to comfort them.

An Lei has drunk herself to the point of being so drunk that she can barely walk or stand properly. Yi Kang arrives to her rescue. Wei Ting also happened to be at the same place. He comes rushing when An Lei nearly fell. She sees him and tells him that she is happy because her best friends have found their eternal happiness. He tells Yi Kang that it is his responsibility to protect An Lei. The two men load An Lei onto Yi Kang’s motorbike.

It must be one scary ride taking a drunken passenger on your motorbike. Yi Kang was afraid that An Lei would fall off the bike so he placed her on the front with him sitting behind and supporting her. She leans back against him and tells him her mood by singing The Sum of Lonliness by Wu Wen Fang. 

Wei Ting informs Helen the news that An Lei and Yi Kang are dating.

Yi Kang and An Lei stop by some statues, at where An Lei puked. Yi Kang cleans up her mess. He sits down with her and lends her his shoulder. She asks if he thinks it is embarrassing? He answers that it is but he really likes it. It was a very real her.

An Lei then walks around the statues, staying away from Yi Kang. She comments that this must be karma for wanting to break-up Helen and Wei Ting. He tells her that’s it is okay since they didn’t succeed. She agrees that doing this isn’t and she wonders why she doesn’t give up. She wonders too. Plus, it’s not like she can win over a twenty-something year old girl; she is already 35 34.5 years old. She clarifies that she isn’t young any more.

Yi Kang doesn’t not agree to it but he tells An Lei that out of the 34.5 year old ladies that he knows, she is the cutest of them all. She calls him a liar and tells him off for coaxing women that he has no interest in. He then rattles off faults that she has.


My Opinion:

One of the first things that I noticed from this ep was that there were some odd editing. At the very end of the last ep, Wei Ting gave a crying An Lei a hug but here there was no hug. Furthermore, there were a number of scenes which felt disjointed. I found the scene where Helen went to talk it out with An Lei was very disjointed from the rest of the drama. Last week Helen appeared to be a very real character but that scene just ruined that image. It just made her seem very fake and selfish. She was considerate towards Wei Ting but not towards An Lei. She didn’t consider An Lei’s feeling and just forced An Lei to accept the fact that Wei Ting will never be hers.

Something just wasn’t quite right with this ep. It went quite haywire. The previous eps were all very solid but this just felt really out there. There was even a random robbery scene which is just very different from the impression that the drama has been leaving. I couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarity of the scene. Its only purpose was to reiterate the fact that An Lei is happy for her friends’ happiness despite being in a lonesome stage in life. This could have been done in another way that fitted with the theme of the drama.

Oh, I just found it weird how Wei Ting and Helen are accepting the fact that An Lei and Yi Kang are dating despite them having recently had a failed confession respectively. Don’t they feel that something is not right with this movement?

Yi Kang continues to be the sweet guy that he is. He is such a kind and tentative guy! He is always there for Yi Kang, helping her to heal her broken heart. An Lei is a person who has her plans set out in front of her but suddenly this plan just get washed away. She has always seen Wei Ting to be her future, her happiness and her driving force in life but now she has lost all this. Without him, she no longer knows where she wants to head with life. It is a scary ride for her to rediscover what she wants with life and it is a good thing that she has Yi Kang to accompany her on this path. This means there will be more An Lei and Yi Kang scenes which I am all in for! (:

2 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 7 Recap

  • December 7, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Hello. I’m glad to have discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading your thoughts on this episode. I agree about this one being an odd episode – I laughed at the robbery scene too, it was so sudden, so random and out of place! Everything else about this drama has been quite low key and natural so it was a bit of shock to the get such a forced scene. I wish brother wen had been introduced more naturally, not only was the scene random but it did not have much impact anyway as we haven’t really seen much of Jia yi’s husband, nor of tiffany and her boyfriend. It did feel like it was all to get to the point where ah lei was drunk so yi kang could take care of her, which does disservice to jia yi and tiffany too.

    I also found Helen a bit grating this episode, both wei ting and helen actually. I’ve never liked helen – but I found her especially annoying here. I am hopeful that episode 8 will be better and I spoiled myself slightly by looking at your recap – and am now excited for the kiss. thanks for covering the drama.

    • December 7, 2013 at 8:18 pm

      I am so glad to hear that! 🙂 Ahaha, me too! I understand what the drama is trying to do but that was really “out-there” for a drama that flows very smoothly and naturally. I dunno, but I think that the impact was for An Lei to see her biffles all leading a happy life. I did like that it allow Yi Kang to see a different side to An Lei.

      Yeahh, I’ve never really liked Helen either. She seems to nice and too angelic!


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