The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 8 Recap

Oh, goodies! This ep has redeemed itself back up from the previous ep! I liked this ep for more reasons than just the near kiss. While last ep felt quite disjointed, this one managed to gel all the pieces together. I am so glad it managed do so, because it is really working to maintaining a pacing, though I would love to see some lift with the drama. This drama is doing a really good job is execution as well as delivering across its atmosphere to viewers and it retains this with each ep which is an excellent thing.

It might seem that An Lei’s case of moving on is getting draggy but I love that it doesn’t appear that way. If this occurred in a different drama, it definitely would be draggy but in this drama it is not just a plot device, it is also the force to growth of the OTP. As such, the interactions between her and Yi Kang through this helps them to grow and understand each other. It brings out the real them and the more of them that we get to see, the less that this appears draggy. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if they kept with this for a few episodes longer because Lei Lei needs more time in order to move on.

The preview left me so excited! There is a kiss coming up! I can’t wait! An Lei and Yi Kang have come so far in their relationship, well, not their relationship, but they have come so far in letting go and learning to love again. It is the steps that they have taken to move on that makes their relationship so endearing. They have been through a lot, including a number of setbacks, to bring them to where they are and it just watching how they slowly overcome the obstacles that are before them that brings me to love them.

The Ninth Day Of Having You By My Side: 

It’s morning. Yi Kang is already awake when An Lei wakes. She apologises for her mistake but he tells her that he is very luck to have seen a different side of her. She recalls what happened last night and shakes off the embarrassment that it was, claiming that she will never drink as much any more. She complains that she has to go work soon but her head hurts so he offers to help her take a day off.

Some teenage school students laugh at Yi Kang and An Lei for sleeping the night out on the streets. Yi Kang just shoulders it off while An Lei is embarrassed from it. She helps Yi Kang up and they head home.

The crew, minus An Lei, have a meeting. After the meeting, Helen makes excuse to talk to Yi Kang so she can discover more of his relationship with An Lei. She comments that he really takes care of An Lei and asks if An Lei would take care of him if he was feeling unwell. He answers that he isn’t so sure; she doesn’t have that care and love within her. Though, he admits that ever since he moved in, she is much more caring towards him. Helen questions if this means he is very happy right now but he doesn’t know how to answer her question. She tells him that she is going to invite An Lei so that they can have dinner tonight.

An Lei gets a call from Tiffany who takes her out for some relaxation. The biffles head to a hot spring. Tiffany tells An Lei that she thinks that Wei Ting still cares for her so she should make good use of jealousy to win him back. An Lei calls this off as sophistry. The girls then wonder if Yi Kang could be An Lei’s Mr. Right, but she tells them that this is impossible. Jia Yi tells Tiffany that back when she was not held in a relationship, she could use whatever opportunities to get her guys but now things are different since she has Ah Tai.

Tiffany uses her experiences to make Ah Tai jealous to tell An Lei that jealousy is the best aphrodisiac. Only under a man’s jealousy will one be able to find the evidence of love. Jia Yi asks Tiffany if Ah Tai has ever asked her about her previous relationships. An Lei tells her that there is nothing to ask about; real men should tolerate a woman’s past. The girls go on the push An Lei, wondering whether if she has a chance with Yi Kang, or maybe she can use Yi Kang to make Wei Ting jealous. An Lei’s phone rings and its Helen inviting her out for dinner.

Helen, Wei Ting, An Lei and Yi Kang are out for dinner. Helen tells them to try out the dish which contains some very delicious carrots. Wei Ting tells her that An Lei doesn’t eat carrots but Yi Kang tells them that she does now after some sneaky work of his. Helen comments that Yi Kang is very tentative. He especially took a day off on her behalf. Yi Kang replies that its nothing since she probably doesn’t have the energy to go to work after what happened yesterday night. Helen and Wei Ting wonders what happened last night.

Yi Kang goes to explain that they slept on the streets but An Lei interrupts and tells them that they slept on the sofa and floor. Wei Ting questions if this means that one slept on the sofa and one slept on the floor. An Lei answers that this is correct but Yi Kang blurts that he slept in his room…on the floor. Helen comments that An Lei must be really lucky to have Yi Kang as a boyfriend. An Lei explains that they are in a period of understanding each other. The waiter arrives but An Lei has trouble choosing what to order. Yi Kang orders her a dish to her taste.

On the ride home, Helen tells Wei Ting that she feels guilt for stealing him off of An Lei. Wei Ting assures her that she is just over-thinking it. She tells him that the reason why An Lei cannot accept Yi Kang is because An Lei still has him in her mind. He tries to assure himself that An Lei has let this all go.

An Lei and Yi Kang are walking home. She explains she said what she said because she didn’t want sympathy for not having a boyfriend. Furthermore, he is not the type that he likes. He questions what is the type that he likes? She replies that he likes girls like Helen who are naive, romantic, effortless and young. He tells her that these do fit his condition, but they don’t have to be young. Just when they are about to enter the building to their house, Wei Ting asks An Lei out for a talk.

Wei Ting and An Lei enjoy some ice-cream outside 7-11. He hands her his handkerchief for her to wipe off mouth. He tells her that she doesn’t seem like she is in love. She replies that he need not worry. He tells her that the last time that they broke up, he wondered whether he should stay out of her life completely. But regardless of where in the world he is, he just wants to let her know how he is fairing. He knows that he is selfish, but seeing Yi Kang and her, he knows that if he continues to hold on, she might lose Yi Kang as well.

An Lei starts to tear up but hides it. She tells him that she will be happy for him to see but he tells her that being happy is not for him to see but really be happy. He tells her that if she is not happy, he won’t be happy either. She gives him a hug and tells her that she will be happy.

An Lei walks home and really tears up.

On her return home, Yi Kang tells her to call him if she needs anything.

An Lei questions how hard it is to forget a person and wonders if she will finally be at peace after tonight. Meanwhile, Yi Kang wonders if the reason that he doesn’t feel at peace is because of “her”.

The next day, An Lei takes the bus to work while Yi Kang rides his motorcycle. He stops next to An Lei and invites her to ride with him but she declines. He wants to ask a range of everyday questions such as what does she whether she wants to know what is for dinner and whether they want to do something on the weekend together but can’t bring himself to do so. These seemingly normal questions feels like questions between a pair of lovers.

One of the colleagues push an explicit film for Yi Kang to watch. He has no choice but to accept it and tries to hide this from An Lei.

Yi Kang and An Lei are taking down the clothes. He asks her if she remembers the question she asked herself while she was drunk. She forgets so he reminds her that she asked herself if she still loves Wei Ting and whether she wants anything from him. She replies that she doesn’t want anything from him. He questions if this means that if Wei Ting were to appear now, her heart won’t skip a beat. She admits that she still hasn’t fully let go of him yet. Maybe this is because she wants to find herself.

An Lei laments in her room wondering what to do with the handkerchief.

Yi Kang has brought cupcakes for the crew on behalf of An Lei. They speak about how they think that Simon has eyes for Yi Kang. Simon arrives and Helen arrives soon afterwards. Yi Kang goes to help An Lei. The colleagues speak about how An Lei has become really sweet in recent time which causes Helen to indirectly reveal An Lei and Yi Kang’s girlfriend/boyfriend relationship.

Helen sets it up for An Lei and Yi Kang to work together on the DM. Simon requests to help out with the DM too. Helen also asks Simon to hand An Lei an envelope.

An Lei and Yi Kang are working on the DM alone when Simon arrives. Simon requests the help of Yi Kang to show the models how they should pose. Yi Kang recalls what his colleagues said about Simon has eyes for him.

Simon asks Yi Kang if he and An Lei are a couple. Yi Kang replies that they aren’t. Simon tells him to just admit it. He leans in close to Yi Kang and tells him to look at him in the eyes while saying so. An Lei walks in and helps to relieve the atmosphere between Yi Kang and Simon.

Simon hands An Lei the envelope before he heads off. An Lei opens it and discovers two tickets for a ferris wheel ride. She wonders what she is going to do with two tickets.

An Lei and Yi Kang have a very delicious instant noodle dinner, courtesy of An Lei. They drop into a casual conversation. He tells her that it having romance makes life interesting. She thinks about it and agrees or else she would not linger onto a hopeless love for 15 years. He tells her that he thinks that this is actually very romantic. He also tells her to find someone to ride the ferris wheel with her as this might be the beginning of a new relationship.

Helen and Wei Ting are having dinner. She informs him that she gave their ferris wheel tickets to An Lei because she wants to see An Lei find her happiness.

An Lei recalls back to the time when she made Wei Ting ride the ferris wheel and take pictures of the view for her because she was afraid of heights. She looks at the wall of postcards that Wei Ting has sent her when Yi Kang comes in with her clothes. She gets embarrassed as these are her underwear and tells him that she can take them down herself. While she packs away her clothes, Yi Kang asks her if these postcards are from Wei Ting. She tells her that they are and comments how Wei Ting has went to a lot of places and done a lot of things in place of her. She asks him to ride the ferris wheel with her and he tells her that he will under the condition that she will not think of Wei Ting while riding the ferris wheel. This way she will be able to truly experience happiness.

Yi Kang leaves. An Lei painfully and tearfully removes each and everyone of the postcards so that she can start to forget about Wei Ting and move on.

It’s the day of riding the ferris wheel! An Lei is standing underneath the ferris wheel but doesn’t move. Yi Kang extends his arm and An Lei takes it while thinking about how some people say that the best method to forget about one relationship is to invest in another.

Yi Kang has successfully lead An Lei onto the ferris wheel but she is afraid to open her eyes. He turns her to the side and gets her to open her eyes and look at him. He asks if she can feel the warmth of the sun on her. He tells her to imagine that she is on green grass with wind blowing by with the sounds of birds and children flying kites. She does just that, and in her imagination Yi Kang is by her side. He tells her that the houses looks like building blocks that they played with when they were younger. He also tells her that the young them were very happy and were without trouble on their mind.

An Lei is able to look outside without fear. He tells her that she isn’t afraid of heights; she was just scared of her own thoughts.

Yi Kang leans in for a kiss. Their nose touch but drama leaves me hanging short of the kiss!


My Opinion: 

Oh don’t leave me hanging! I can’t stand the wait! Don’t tease me with that kiss! Just kiss already! But I somehow have a feeling that they won’t kiss. It’s drama, but that’s okay because next ep there is a guarantee that there will be a kiss! Despite leaving with this near-kiss, I really loved watching this ferris wheel ride. It was perfect in all aspects and even this near-kiss came at the appropriate moment. It didn’t get me cringing or squealing for it to happen (I want it to happen now that it left me hanging) because it just felt very natural and as it should be. I just really love this about them. They just make me want to see more of them without having to physically pull me into shipping them. They very easily created a friendship and fell into a smooth rhythmic relationship and even as they fall for each other, there isn’t anything surprising about it because the lead-up to it is very swift. They don’t need people to set them up or push them together. They just have to be themselves and they can do exactly just that around each other. They don’t have to pretend and they can speak their heart out knowing that neither will judge. They are very comfortable around each other and this is part of the reason as to why watching them is such a breeze. Now it is just a matter of watching them enter the gf/bf stage which is what we have been witnessing right from the very start.

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  • December 5, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    You’re so fast O__O you caught up on your recaps so quickly!

          • December 6, 2013 at 6:06 am

            I will in about a week. >___< I must restrain myself from watching dramas until then. Augh!!!!!!!! How did you do it!?!?!?

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            Good luck on your exams! They are life-changing exams! 😛

            Ahahahaha, I didn’t exactly stop all dramaing… I just made my exams my priority. Just see dramas as your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You are currently walking this rainbow and will reach your gold after exams!

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            The walk isn’t as pretty as a rainbow, darn it! But so true about dramas being the pot of gold. I’m so restless to get back to watching POH hehehe.

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            Ahahaha, on the bright side you have drama to look forward to! (: Study hard and ace all your exams! Then drama! There are some TPOH eye candy for you!

  • December 6, 2013 at 12:15 pm

    I completely agree with your comments on this drama! Love Sonia and Tony’s subtle and emotive acting. And the evolving sexual tension actually seems real and smooth, unlike other dramas (like 就是要你爱上我…) where either my awkward sensor blares non-stop or I’m like ARGH JUST DO IT ALREADY. Here, Sonia and Tony just holding each other’s gaze for a second longer than necessary makes me hold my breath. Cannot wait for Ep 9 JUST A FEW MORE HOURS!!!

    • December 7, 2013 at 6:58 pm

      I really love this comfortability and ease that is present between Sonia and Antony’s acting! It makes watching the progress of their character’s relationship really interesting because it seems so real! I love their gazes with each other! I also love seeing how An Lei and Yi Kang are able to show to each other their true self.


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