The Pursuit of Happiness Episode 9 Recap

Yi Kang has fallen for An Lei hard and fast! He is such a lovely and sweet guy! The little things that he does for her such as waiting for her to finish work, taking her home and playing along with her story is enough to show the position that she has in his heart. He likes her but he isn’t ready to confess to her yet, not that he doesn’t want to but he is afraid that upon doing so this might change their relationship in a way where they can’t even be friends any more. He also knows that she still hasn’t completely moved on from Wei Ting yet. He doesn’t want to be the rebound guy and neither does he want to force his feelings on her. He wants her to truly love him for who he is and not because she has to. He wants to win her heart fair and square which would mean that they have the same feelings for each other. He has so that he wants to say to her but he keeps them all bottled up inside himself because he knows that An Lei isn’t ready to handle it yet. Always thinking of her before himself, I say that he is a keeper!

I loved that this ep didn’t involve any complications as such. There was no Wei Ting and no Helen; it was just An Lei and Yi Kang. It was really nice to be able to see them in a relationship progressing on their own terms. An Lei’s parents might have interfered but they didn’t intervene as such; they just helped to push forth An Lei and Yi Kang’s relationship. Well, someone needed to give their relationship a helping hand! I really enjoyed watch that family outing. It was so sweet and at the same time it deepened Yi Kang and An Lei’s relationship. 

The Thirty-sixth Day Of Having You By My Side: 

Obviously An Lei pulls away from the kiss, realising that he is Yi Kang. She tells him to not think anything about it. She reiterates their relationship as housemates and colleagues. He thinks about how at that moment, he wants to take down her mood for memory.

Since An Lei has conquered her fear of heights, Yi Kang takes a picture of her. But really, this is just evidence to show that what just happened is real, except he wonders apart from this what else can he prove?

An Lei has returned from some event and is super hungry. Her colleagues offer her a collection of junk food but Simon declines them on her behalf since they are unhealthy. Yi Kang offers her his lunch consisting of a sandwich, milk and an apple which Simon gives the tick of approval to.

It’s late with only Yi Kang and An Lei working overtime. She complains that she forgot to order for express delivery so he tells her that he will remind her tomorrow. She tells him to stop leaving when she does and to stop being so nice to her since this will create misunderstandings. This also includes not coming to her aid even when she is superduper hungry. She tells him that when they bump into each other at work, they are not to give each other greetings but a cold smile. Oh, his attempt at the cold smile is so cute!

An Lei packs her stuff preparing to go home while he works overtime. They are like a married couple! He reminds her to pick up the dry cleaning and get him dinner. As she goes to leave, she turns back and tells him that their conversation just before must not occur in front of other people. She tells him to delete everything between them that will make people misunderstand. He knows that some things just cannot be deleted and he recalls all the moments that has shaped up his relationship with An Lei. He looks at her photo and wonders what she is thinking about.

Yi Kang arrives home and finds his dinner on the table. He also finds a sticky note from An Lei telling him to eat more vegetables as this is good for him. An Lei and her biffles are having some catch-up time in her room.

Curious as to what can make An Lei laugh so happily, Yi Kang eavesdrops on their conversation. Jia Yi and Tiffany speak about the happiness of being pampered by their other half and tease An Lei for having Yi Kang to pamper her. Yi Kang hears his name and wonders what about him could they possibly talking about. He turns to go to his room but tells himself that if he wants to know, then he should confront them. By confrontation this means standing outside An Lei’s room and eavesdropping.

The girls speak in Korean about some Korean drama. Yi Kang doesn’t understand the conversation and wonders how he is going to know what An Lei thinks if he doesn’t understand what she is saying. The girls go to watch the k-drama.

An Lei opens the door and is surprised to see Yi Kang standing there. She asks if he just returned home and he plays along with the story. So he releases that she was speaking in Korean.

Yi Kang and An Lei exit the ferris wheel. He kisses her and she doesn’t resist. He tells her that he finally understands what she is saying in some foreign language. She tells him that she doesn’t understand him in another foreign language. Yi Kang wakes up and realises that this was all a dream. Someone is deeply in love! He even dreams about her! He questions his dreamy self why he kissed her.

Yi Kang goes out to the living room to find An Lei watching some k-drama and joins her. He questions who the guy on-screen is and she is surprised that he doesn’t know. The guy is the famous “Che Da Shu” who everyone knows of (uhh, I don’t!). She comments that if a person like the guy on-screen confessed to her, she would immediately agree to it. So this causes her to ask if “Che Da Shu” and Wei Ting both appeared in front of her, who would she pick? She doesn’t answer and he takes this to mean that she can actually fair without Wei Ting. She then asks him if he had a choice between Helen and… “you” (said Yi Kang), who would you pick. She answers her own question saying that he would obviously pick Helen. Please, he is over Helen already! Do you not see that!? He mutters that he didn’t even answer yet.

Yi Kang shifts to sit next to An Lei. He goes to eat her unfinished bread but she immediately snatches it from him saying that it will make people misunderstand. He argues that it is a waste if she throws it out and even offers to buy her a new one but she isn’t giving in. Her phone rings scaring both of them. It’s her sister who is calling.

An Lei and Yi Kang immediately rush to the hospital to find her parents on the verge of a divorce. The children separate the parents leaving Yi Kang to comfort Mummy Ji. Mummy Ji immediately brightens up knowing that Yi Kang is her future son-in-law. She pushes him to the corner to admit that he likes An Lei. She tells him to take good care of her daughter and he promises that he will take good care of An Lei.

An Lei manages to catch that part of the conversation and pulls Yi Kang out for a talk. An Lei questions Yi Kang why he said what he said. He replies that Mummy Ji was on tears and he didn’t want to provoke her mother. She asks what are they going to do if Mummy Ji believes that this is all true? He tells her that when she finds her Mr. Right, she can tell Mummy Ji that she dumped him. The children decide that it will be best for the parents if they have a family outing, to which Yi Kang is invited to.

Mummy Ji is clearly favouring her future son-in-law.

The family decide to take pictures at a “LOVE” sign, with Yi Kang and An Lei being the “E”. Mummy and Daddy Ji have their usual bickering. Yi Kang asks An Lei is she is worried about them but she is not one bit worried. She tells him that they have always been like this and that she envies her mother for marry a guy like her father. He asks her why she likes Wei Ting if she set her Mr. Right to qualities like her father? She tells him that those are two completely different things and cannot be compared together. He comments that her personality is like her mothers and she calls him off for talking bad about her mother. The two bicker when An Lei’s sister arrives and pulls them over for some drinks.

Mummy Ji and Daddy Ji bicker over coffee, which is actually pretty cute.

An Lei and Yi Kang have a heart-to-heart talk. She asks him if he meets girl of his dreams and they grow old together, who would he rather leave the world first? Without thinking, he answers she would rather she leave first because if she remained in this world alone, she would be very sad. She tells him that through these past days, she discovered that she is understanding him more and more. He actually isn’t as foolish as he looks and has a lot of thoughts different to what other people think. He tells her that in the future she will see more of a different side to him but she reminds him that they are only fake bf/gf, furthermore, they will be breaking up very soon.

An Lei tells Yi Kang that they need to break-up soon before her parents find out that they cannot get married. She gives him an anecdote of when she last broke up with Wei Ting, her parent’s disappointment was much greater than hers and she definitely does not want to see her parents like that again. So for the next two days, he needs to pretend to be her boyfriend in front of her parents. He need not worry because they are going to break-up soon. She thanks him and tells him that she is certain that they are going to be good friends for like.

Mummy and Daddy Ji decide that they are not going to go home tonight. They will be spending it at a near-by hotel. The whole family makes it that An Lei and Yi Kang are to share the same room.

An Lei and Yi Kang sit on opposite sides of the bed and there is awkwardness between them as they decide how they should sleep. Yi Kang speaks first telling her that it will be alright that they share a bedroom. She debunks this telling him that it will be shameful for them if rumours arise. He replies that that they both have a clear conscience. Their concern is to make her parents happy.

Yi Kang tells her that they should just lie down and sleep. She’s worried that he might do things to her while she is sleeping. LOL. He tells her that he will sleep on the floor but she is uncomfortable with him being in the room so he decides to sleep in the lobby.

Yi Kang wonders why despite how frustrated he is, she won’t let him sleep in the room? Why is he putting on this act with An Lei? Why does feel more and more like her boyfriend in this act?

An Lei isn’t having an easy time falling asleep. She questions herself if she was being too harsh to Yi Kang. Her mother pays her a visit and wonders why Yi Kang is sleeping in the lobby. An Lei explains that a lot happened today and he just wanted to have some alone time. She tells her mother to rest assure. Her mother tells her that she can’t rest assure. She hasn’t seen any intimacy such as hugging, kissing or holding hands between them. She tells An Lei if she wants her to feel assured, then she has to show that she and Yi Kang are getting along well.

So An Lei heads to the lobby and “patches things up” with Yi Kang. Mummy quietly watches the couple. An Lei takes Yi Kang’s hand and invites him back to the room telling him that they will decide what to do back in the room. Mummy indicates that she wants to see a hug and that’s what they do.

An Lei pulls Yi Kang into a hug while he just stands there. She asks if it is difficult to hug her. He replies that it isn’t and embraces her in the hug. She embraces the hug too. Mummy approves. An Lei’s sister and her hubby spots them hugging and takes picture evidence of it. Yi Kang asks what he should take this hug as? An Lei tells him to take it as doing a favour for her. He asks if he can kiss her and pretend that it was all nothing. She gives him a whack on the back. He tells him that he was only joking and assures her that he won’t take advantage of her.

An Lei goes to get another blanket. Yi Kang wonders he is doing this and tells himself that since they are going to break-up, he shouldn’t invest himself so much into this relationship. So he leaves An Lei a message telling her that he went back to Taipei with the excuse that there was a work emergency.

At breakfast the family wonders if An Lei and Yi Kang are alright. An Lei assures them that they are. Mummy wonders if Yi Kang will call. Her phone rings and its Yi Kang calling, apologising for leaving so suddenly. Mummy passes the phone to An Lei. She tells him that she thought their future conversations would be through texts. He explains that he did so because he thought that she would be embarrassed. He points out that she should change her tone so she sweetly tells him that they will speak when she returns to Taipei.

Mummy and Daddy decide that when Xiao Yun and Xiao Kai return from their honeymoon, they are to live at their place. An Lei protests but to no avail. She’s had enough and asks them why they always have to invade with her life. Why must she date? Why must she marry? Being alone is good too! Mummy and Daddy tells her that they want to know that she has someone take care of her. They are afraid that she has been hurt too deeply by Wei Ting. They just want her to be happy.

An Lei asks if they are okay if the person that she marries is not Yi Kang? Mummy asks what’s not good about Yi Kang. An Lei answers that there is nothing not good about him. Daddy advises her that if Yi Kang is not the one, she should tell him and not play with his feelings.

Yi Kang is out shopping for groceries. He picks up some carrots but places it back when he remembers An Lei’s dislike towards carrots. Jia Yi’s hubby, Wen Ge, bumps into Yi Kang and asks why he is taking so long to decide whether he wants the carrots or not. He replies that he isn’t buying it for himself and Wen Ge realises that he is buying it for An Lei. Yi Kang takes a look over at Wen Ge’s trolley and sees that he has been doing some shopping for the wife. Wen Ge tells him that he may be willing to do the shopping for the girl now, but in the future even if he is not willing, he will still have to do the shopping for the girl. He will realise all this once he gets married. The guys exchange numbers and plan a guy’s date, along with Ah Tai.

Yi Kang makes himself some instant noodles An Lei’s way.

Yi Kang is out dining with Helen. She asks if he likes An Lei and he admits with confidence that he does.


My Opinion:

Ever since the near-kiss on the ferris wheel, An Lei has been trying to keep her distance around Yi Kang. I guess her uncomfortable-ness around him is a good sign because this just goes to show that she sees him more than just a friend. Well, at least this is the vibe that I am getting. She doesn’t want to be around him because she doesn’t know what this will turn them into. She knows that Yi Kang will never take advantage of her but she still kicked him out of the room because this will change their relationship indefinitely. She doesn’t want to hurt him nor does she want to hurt her relationship with him which is why she chooses to keep him in the friend-zone (for now) so that she won’t lose him.

I got excited for the wrong reasons. Well, the kiss did occur but it was only in his dreams! I wanted to see a real kiss! But I am excited for the next ep because a real kiss will occur! Yay! At least this ep made up for the fake kiss with a real and genuine hug. That is one of the most fulfilling and warm hugs that I have seen in a very long time from two people who are not yet gf/bf. Yi Kang embraced her, filling that hug with warmth, love and happiness. I loved her embrace to the hug. It, like the hug, was very warm and fulfilling. She embraced it because Yi Kang allowed her to do so. It was just him as him and she was able to have that feeling because his gave it to her, something that Wei Ting never gave her.

This drama is purely a love story without any backing themes to it yet I invest into it week after week because I enjoy its premise. This plot has long been overused but it works for this drama because it is more than just a love story. It is about two people going along their path of happiness after going through heartbreaks. That adds to the story because it gives heart to all of this, allowing us to see the difficulties that they have to go through to reach this happiness. There is still a very long path ahead for Yi Kang and An Lei before they reach their happiness and I am happy enough to follow along with it!

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