My Opinion on In A Good Way: First Impressions

First and foremost, I wish you guys all a Merry Christmas! (: I hope you guys are enjoying this holiday season!

I should have gotten on this bandwagon a whole lot earlier! This drama is definitely worth all the hype that it has been receiving! Oh, I am in love! This drama is amazing and has gotten me on a fangirling level that I would have never thought I would come to. Seriously, I cannot watch an ep without squealing, oo-ing, ah-ing or have my heart flutter! I love it when I encounter a good Taiwanese drama and In A Good Way is exactly that and so so so much more. It is winning in all categories whether it be in writing, directing, cinematography, acting or chemistry. I just love how this drama comes about so naturally! I know, I know, I mention the word “naturally” a lot in my posts but so far with what I have seen coming out of this drama, this word is truly an understatement. This drama is just amazing in all aspects and by the looks of it, things are bound to grow even more amazing!

I thought IAGW would resemble Reply 1997 and while they do share some similarities, they are two completely different stories. The resemblance that they share are feelings of nostalgia and being set in a schooling environment. Other than that, the two dramas stand as something completely different from each other. Going in, it is hard not to compare IAGW with Reply 1997 but almost immediately you will realise that it is useless to do so because they are two very different dramas. IAGW doesn’t have the guessing game that Reply 1997 but instead is about how Lin Jia En (Lorene Ren) who just returned from abroad in 2005 reminisce to 1995 where that year changed her in the most unexpected way. I’m not sure how “2005” will come into play with the drama but I would like to hope that the story continues to beyond 2005.

Omgggg, Liu Shan Feng/Liu Chuan (Lego Lee)! I cannot get enough of him! I love him! I swear, I fangirl every time he appears on screen! He is intelligent, sporty, tall, handsome, sweet, kind, tentative, caring and so so so so so much more! He is the guy that everyone dreams of having and so much more. I am seriously at a loss for words to describe him! He is perfect, written way too perfectly but Lego plays him in such a down-to-earth and realistic way that Liu Chuan appears as more than just a perfectly written character. I fell for him at the VERY FIRST SIGHT and ever since then he has been capturing my heart! I have never fallen for anyone so heavily on the first sight so this goes to show just how much charisma this guy has! Those of you who are reading my The Pursuit of Happiness recaps will know that I love Huang Yi Kang (Tony Yang) but let me tell you that my love for Liu Chuan is kilometres ahead of what I have for Yi Kang. Liu Chuan is on a league of his own that no one can top, not even Lee Da Ren (Bolin Chen) from In Time With You or Yoon Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) is capable of the level that he is at! I am not kidding in saying that I am head over heels for him! He is just omg, just everything that I could ever ask for and so much more! I am so happy to have him as my Christmas present!

Okay, enough about my love for Liu Chuan, let’s actually talk about Liu Chuan as a person. He is PERFECT, my everything! I just love everything about him! He helps people in the most harmless and utter-most sincere way, whether it be strangers or friends. He is a guy who thinks about the feelings of others over the end result. He went out his way to sneak Jia En into the dorm despite knowing of the consequences that he would have to face if he got caught just goes to show the kind of guy he is. When he was confronted with the fact that he sneaked Bai Xue Fang/Bai Xue (literally Snow White) (Smile Weng) into his dorm, he didn’t immediately come to clarify her name or Jai En’s name but rather he found a way to clear both the girl’s names without harming any one in the process. During the mountain bike race, Liu Chuan was literally one step away from the finishing line but instead of crossing it and claiming victory, he turned back to help his fellow injured competitor who initiated the challenge, Zheng Ren Wei (Jay Shih). He helped Ren Wei so that they could cross the finish line together. That is what true sportsmanship is. For him the the process to the finish line is much more important than the end result.

While I might be swooning over Liu Chuan, I cannot forget the role that Jia En plays here. After not getting into any universities that she applied for, she decides to head down to Taipei to re-sit her final year. Little did she know that her decision to come to Taipei will change her life remarkably. Having been a country girl her whole life, this whole city/uni experience is all very new to her.  Furthermore, she has to learn to adapt and study all over again. She lacks confidence and is stuck in the world where she minds about how people perceive her. She needs the push for her to grow outside of her box and coming to Taipei is definitely helping her in this process.

Jia En is another one of those well-written characters, though no one is as amazing as Liu Chuan! I really like what we are seeing out of Jia En. She is well fleshed out and the more we see of her, the more that we get to follow her growth. She may be a socially inexperienced girl but as she experience what the world has to offer her, she slowly learns to adapt to this environment. The drama embarks on the adventure of “freedom” and in this freedom she finally takes her step outside of her box. She grows and blossoms into a beautiful flower that she didn’t even know that she could grow into!

It’s crazy how hard I am falling for OTP. Like how I fell for Liu Chuan, I fell for them. I don’t know what this drama is doing to me but it is definitely something serious! Liu Chuan and Jia En are still quite a far way from a romantic relationship but I definitely shipping them! Just seeing their looks to each other, hand touches and how they sit next to each other is making me all giggly! I am already loving them so much that I have no idea where it will take me when they actually get together! I really love how their relationship is progressing. It is very natural and low-key. Being low-key is what makes their relationship growth so endearing. Jia En must have some kind of luck to have met the most amazing guy on campus on her very first day in Taipei! Jia En and Liu Chuan don’t have the romantic backbone that brings numerous couples together but rather they have a sweet and innocent friendship that is slowly growing into something more as they get to know each other.

Jia En’s friendship with Ren Wei is also very beautifully written. While it is clear that she harbours deeper feelings towards him than he does for her, it is also clear that he is not her everything. Their friendship stands on the platonic level and he does genuinely care for her. If she needs him, he will be there to protect her. Ren Wei might not be the best of a friend but in the end he does care for Jia En. There might be some personal feelings in the way he chooses to care for her but he does care for her. I look forward to their relationship development but I’m iffy about seeing him fall for her! Just keep your eyes set on Bai Xue and let it be!

I just really love the friendships here! It is just so earthy and homey! I enjoy the friendship between the Three Musketeers comprising of Liu Chuan, Xie Qing Yo (Steven Sun) and Liao Ri Qi (Yao Chun Yao), especially Liu Chuan’s friendship with Qing Yo. I love how they have each other’s back and are there to support each other. It is a relationship that may appear insignificant but something that I really enjoy watching the growth of. I am glad that Ren Wei also has his group of friends called the Men of Steel consisting of Wang Jian Guo/Ah Di (Lu Zhen Xi) and Zhan Zi Xi (Zhang Shan Wei). It allows Ren Wei to being fairly matched with Liu Chuan, though Liu Chuan is clearly the winner in my eyes!

I am in love with this drama! It is truly amazing with what it has delivered! Even as I write up this post I am fangirling and swooning inside! I really look forward with what it has up its sleeve and I am sure that I will love it! If you haven’t jumped onto this bandwagon yet, I suggest you do so because this is going to be one heck of an adventure, a great one at that! Liu Chuan, I am so happy for your presence!

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12 thoughts on “My Opinion on In A Good Way: First Impressions

  • December 24, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    I’m glad someone else on my blog reader likes this series! I saw how much ockoala raved about it and started watching. love this to pieces 😀 Dislike having to wait tho T.T episodes only come out like once every week wahhhh! So used to getting treated to 3 episodes a day ~ chinese dramas lol.

    • December 24, 2013 at 2:45 pm

      Oh, I don’t like it, I love love love it!

      Ahaha, I don’t mind the wait. I can never deal with the airing of Chinese dramas! They air so fast! I still haven’t finish Lan Ling Wang yet!

      • December 24, 2013 at 3:32 pm

        Oh my bad! I MEANT LOVE 😀
        Episode 6 was the best episode so far! Gahhh. Jia En’s transformation was really pretty and Ren Wei’s magic trick was so funny. I also love the friendships and that Bai Xue isn’t shaping up to be like one of those insanely jealous/bitchy second leads haha. However I didn’t like the emphasis on Liu Chuan’s relationship with his dad for some reason… and it causing a rift in his relationship with Jia En :/ Hope they’re not going to drag on about that aspect.
        Haha I marathon my dramas so I’m not used to this way. Where are you at in LLW?

        • December 24, 2013 at 5:04 pm

          Really? That sounds interesting! I am only up to ep 4 but I am excited to see what will come!

          I have too much dramas on my hands right now to marathon! I’m up to ep 31 with LLW, still a fair way to go!

          && wishing you a very merry christmas! (:

          • December 24, 2013 at 6:00 pm

            Oops xD I thought you were at the latest ep. Hope I didn’t spoil too much!

          • December 24, 2013 at 6:48 pm

            LOL, that’s okay! I will get up to it soon! My holidays consist of drama, drama and drama!

          • December 24, 2013 at 8:17 pm

            Ahaha, that’s okay! It’s good to have someone to discuss it with! (:

  • December 24, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Aiyah!!! So glad to find another fellow IAGW addictus. Kekeke. I agree with all of your thoughts about the drama. Also, this drama made me reminisce my college years too – friendships formed, love encounters, clubs, and endless studying. Isn’t it a wonderful treat for us this Yuletide season? Btw, Merry Christmas!!!

    • December 24, 2013 at 8:18 pm

      Hehehehe! I am head over heels for it! Liu Chuan is my Christmas pressie! So glad to have found him just before Christmas, in fact I only found him just last night!

      And you too! Wishing you a very merry one! (:

  • December 25, 2013 at 1:41 am

    Yay!! So happy to have you joining the IAGW 不自由 ship~ You should really regret watching this drama so early, only at ep6 and the ep7 new video preview drive me crazy, SETTV really knows how to flame a fangirl’s heart.

    Anyways, It’s been very long since I fangirl this badly over a Taiwanese drama, the closest it got was only “addicted” to certain dramas but never like this before. The main couple of this drama is really One True Pairing, my beloved OTP T_T

    I agree with you about Liu Chuan, I actually feel like Jia En is bringing out the “imperfect” sides of him, he’s becoming less collected when it comes to Jia En since her reactions can be so unexpected at times. He’s becoming more and more affected by Jia En and I love how gradual their affection is growing for each other.

    Reply series is very different from IAGW, IAGW feels like a great college drama that have a perfect mix of friendships, slow-moving romance and character growth but Reply series feels like more romance-centric as we’re always guessing who’s the husband in the end.

    • December 25, 2013 at 11:02 am

      I’m glad to be on board! LOL, no regrets so far! I like the feeling of having to wait for the next ep because it gives me something to look forward to for that week! I still have to watch ep 6! I heard it’s good!

      Oh, same here! I am going all squealing towards this! This is so so so good! Even The Pursuit of Happiness does not match the level here!

      Yepp! He does, doesn’t he? Which is why he and Jia En are the OTP! I love how they slowly reveal themselves to each other!

      Yep, I totally agree! Reply 1997 and Reply 1994 are both college/uni dramas which are completely different to that of IAGW.


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